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  1. Angellric

    I would have helped this man, no doubt in my mind.

  2. Maple's World

    Honestly ppl need to stop doing the blame game. You have the right to protest but why would u enter a building that was entered in a bad way or that your not supposed to enter. Like that old saying gos that we all learned when we were 2, if your friend jumps off a bridge would you do it too ?

  3. Wallie Goolsby

    No excuses for entering the Capital. Insurrection is a crime and she should pay the price. She is an adult and is not taking responsibility for her actions and feels she doses not deserve punishment.

  4. Jeremiah Green

    If someone tells you to jump of a bridge will you jump smh. Sounds like jail time to me trump dint give a damn about you. Now you must suffer the consequences!

  5. Overlander Gaming


  6. Jeffrey Johnson

    Nice great people

  7. Geebroni

    Jenna is such a "Snowflake".

  8. Karma B. Swift

    Shouldn’t anyone charged with a felony in this riot be also charged with felonious murder? Thought that’s how the whole committing a felony worked.....you then are responsible for any death or assualt etc that happened in concurrence with your felony you were committing. Charge these people just like any other felony situation 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. C J

    Hopefully she gets full term

  10. C J

    Is she republican or democrat

  11. Franco Moyano

    Can we all take a moment and applaud the doll for sacrificing itself during all those tests.

  12. Heidi Henkel

    YOU are ALWAYS responsible for what YOU do. It doesn't matter who told you to.

  13. Tranja Vanadbia


  14. MsK_byTheWay

    I am so embarrassed to be a Texan!

  15. Tranja Vanadbia


  16. CB.Author Lydia Green

    They deserve to go to jail and not be allowed to vote ever again

  17. Phoelxx

    Your president told you a lot of lies.

  18. James Buckey

    1:35 "Auto makers have agreed to put auto braking technology in almost all new cars by 2022" So they can increase the price? It seems foolish to implement tech that is only 10% effective under the best circumstances.

  19. Kirsten

    Lol, the very small amount of election fraud that actually happened was by Trumptards

  20. sotospt52

    So all these shitty adds showing cars stopping just in time are showing the 10% of the cases.... tell me one reason why these companies should not be sued

  21. Martin Ford

    NO, SH*T, HEY lazy New Americans, pay attention and off your phone when driving!!!!!

  22. Priscilla Venegas

    RIP thank you for your service 💕

  23. Josey Wales

    Whilst you are in jail, Trump will be playing golf in Florida. Feel duped yet?

  24. Zilla TheZalo

    The German people were just listening to Hitler..they still got sent to jail...sooooooo...

  25. Alvaro Maravillas

    Yes you do deserve jail time mama

  26. Bugsy Jo

    Slaps on the wrist for all of these people

  27. Skip Bo

    I love how we're all acting like she had an ak-47 and was shooting her way into the Capitol. Relax everybody. Remember by the end of the day it is still We the People. Who here hasn't thrown at least one french fry during a food fight? Most of these charges aren't even going to stick. They're misdemeanors anyway and you don't go to federal prison for a misdemeanor. They're just trying to scare them into never standing up to their government again and to remember the government has full control over us, expects us to be peaceful & will use lethal force AND the full arm of the Justice System to shut us down. Get what I'm saying? so everyone just relax. let gov't & media have their "how dare you" moment but let's leave it at that.

  28. Cj

    Faux Patriots should be aware...trump only likes those that didnt get captured. Fat orange Daddy doesn't love you anymore if you did.

  29. Natasha Tomlinson

    If Trump asked you to jump off a building would you do it ? You bear 100% responsibility for this. You should spend at least a year in prison just to make you realize that one fact.

  30. S AVANT

    Do I feel like a criminal for breaking & entering a highly restricted building? Entitlement at its finest. Imagine a POC saying that lol.

  31. Logical Realistic

    Maybe she'd pay Trump for Presidential Pardon 😁

  32. itweety21

    LMAO 😂 " i never when in or pee on it " yeah B we got everything on 📷 "Fuck"

  33. Keith Wilson

    Virtue signaling crap.

  34. kitsuthreads

    Is Trumpism considered a cult?

  35. Jax

    Lady people are dead nobody is gonna shed a tear when those bars slam behind you. You really have to work hard to make it to this level of dumb.

  36. Serena Robak

    Law and Order???

  37. Colville Tribe

    Can the cop that got killed get a pardon from death smh entitled peace of 💩


    Arrest her.. privilege or stupidity does not overrule law

  39. maggie spillane

    Lock her up

  40. Miles Glenn

    Democrats know what to do with power and republicans will just take it

  41. P L

    Ur a grown woman and u are confused about wrong it’s wrong and there’s consequences? My dear u are about to find out . Or u can always ask

  42. randal gibbons

    I had that happen to me but on a much smaller scale. My account got linked to a local car dealership. I checked my account one day to find I had a balance of just over $50,000.00

  43. Justice Justice

    She said that she did nothing wrong. Why innocent people need pardon, ONLY GUILTIES do?

  44. Jim Selfridge

    A pardon for being stupid

  45. russell stone

    "DC" is a foreign city state to the American union states. People need to understand that their national government was sold to foreigners in 1789. The capitol of the states of the union is in Philadelphia. Wake up people. You are NOT US citizens.

  46. Jim Warden

    Lock him up.

  47. フィリップ

    To jest polak sądząc po nazwisku i po imieniu

  48. J Downs

    Guess you guys will have time in jail to read your Bibles and study it.I pray the spirit of true discernment will come over you and you all will see who and what you truly followed. Because the man you followed is nothing like Jesus that's been a lie for 5 years!!!

  49. NoobMaster 69

    fuck pedestrians car goes brum brum

  50. Patty Cakes

    Wonder if she can broadcast from her jail cell.

  51. young timer

    Funny, I thought she claimed not to have entered the building. Yeah, that’s not gonna work, especially maskless.

  52. J Downs

    Lies like there leader Furher Trump

  53. the wolfy gamer 115

    Wanna know something. I own a very big company. That’s why I keep my mouth out of politics. Politics is good for a vote but I’m putting food on peoples tables. I don’t have time for grown men’s popularity contests. You think any of these people are gonna lower my state revenue tax? Nope... if I’m paying tens of thousands into the system I want my employees to get healthcare for free. That’s it. I’m already paying for taxes and trump and all those grown pageant ladies aren’t giving up on the handouts anytime soon. I just want healthcare so I can see my employees directly benefit from the money I’m already paying.

  54. Dani Mooti

    These backwards states has more terrorist than the Middle East. WTH is going on in these GOP states. Edited part- one woman stole Nancy’s computer and tried to sell it to the Russians. Do you still believe these people stand for the USA.

  55. Diane Brazil

    These fools all thought they had the right to storm the Capitol. Now they're finding out what their rights really are and aren't and how they've just lost some for trying to destroy everyone else's. Boo effing hoo.

  56. S M

    Why was she released, she has committed a crime. Good luck on getting a pardon from you dear leader.

  57. kathy hickey

    Those involved,, you will face justice. this is not politics, its anarchy. Shame on you!

  58. Linoge Z

    Jezus christ so many captain obviouses in the comment section

  59. Dillards Shopper

    Lock her up!!!! Lock her up!!!

  60. P L

    Didn’t ur mother teach you to stay away from people that’s gonna drag you to the wrong pathway? DONT DO THE CRIME IF U CANT DO THE TIME

  61. Logan Knightly

    Wow congratulations Aaron!

  62. Robin Stover

    Foolish lemming who got brainwashed by Trump.

  63. the wolfy gamer 115

    I remember my first private plane trip to a protest. Are these the same people that claim billionaires control the world. Protesting from a private plane? Lol. Good grief.

  64. David Wiles

    Interesting to find out what one of the two political parties she was "assisting"... Would be very amusing of it was for the reTRUMPlicans.

  65. Dietmar Wohlleben

    This is an totally unimportant one-off. Moreover, in Texas, where Trump won with +631,221 votes anyway! Thousands experts & investigators in the last 10 weeks intensively searched for alleged election fraud. But not a single relevant case of fraud has been found! Even Trump´s own "National Security Group" PLUS all (!) Republican election directors PLUS Attorney General Barr explained: "NO EVIDENCE" for relevant fraud!

  66. Robert Panek

    I think these cars do it on purpose... For shits'n'giggles.

  67. Mason Torgerson

    Now I'd like to see a non minority do that

  68. Arlene Augusta Hair

    Girl STFU already! Stop talking! Ugh! Don’t talk to ANYONE! She is going to go straight up the river in a boat without a paddle with a hole in it. A big hole and sinking really fast. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  69. Rythoid

    Having them is lot better than not having them. My English suck I can't write what I want to say YwY

  70. B Johnson

    She said she did nothing wrong, but apologizes and begs for a pardon....treasonous traitor.

  71. vava coulter

    You Should Of Thought about It Long And Hard Before you went in Trump Don't care about You !! He Only Cares about Himself !!

  72. Johan Smallberries

    I’m sure trump is just diligently working away in his last few days issuing pardons for all his “specials”. He’s a stand up dude that never leaves a debt unpaid.

  73. Chubbi

    Give her 30 years

  74. Gavin Brando

    She's too unintelligent to be ashamed .... wow!

  75. Анаит Караханян

    Ерани эс тесаранн адрбеджанум у туркиаум линер,дранц лезунерн кмтнер камагнерн,у шат еркар жаманак мез чеин иши

  76. Jeffery E Doherty

    Actions have consequences.

  77. Jerry Bear

    ""unsubstantiated claims""

  78. Iy Dominic

    You don’t protest inside the Rotanda fool

  79. A Bit Of A Pickel

    Thats why you.... pay attention while driving. You piece of bacon

  80. Blue Cobalt

    All of these cars are Teslas..