Just a little brown girl with big dreams.

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  1. Ink Bendy Gaming

    1:46 *meow*

  2. Alice Angel

    Liza: little brown girl is ouutttt Me: Where's the little brown girl all I see is a fabulous queen who is absolutely amazing and deserves sooo much credit for her work. Also me: Hi Liza you mean so much to me I'm a big fan and I've been a fan for 5 years you got me through middle school and more. I love your videos so much thank you for making me smile never lose what makes you well you. The little brown girl is now The fabulous brown queen. I still love your puns and your jokes I've make some puns but they never seemed to be that funny. I love you Liza stay the queen you are and shine as bright as the stars.

  3. FieryKK Shim

    When she literally said cut to commercial, a commercial literally came up.

  4. Paisley Starman

    0:33 who else um.....you know🤣 👇

  5. Anna Barrett

    Let’s see how many people is watching dis in November 2020?🧡

  6. harshiita

    I bursted laughing when she said NIMBUS 5000....HOW does she makes this up... Its amazing

  7. Simone the Real Deal

    IM SO PROUD OF YOU LIZAAAA this is huge and you're incredible!!! It took a lot of strength to do what you did and I couldn't be happier for you that you did it because you are a radiant beam of f*cking SUNSHINE!!!!!!!! #selfcare for the win always baby

  8. lavender_cupcake

    Will, the upside down really changed u 😳

  9. TLbeanies

    “I’m sSsSsSsSsS” -Liza Koshy

  10. Danika Thabonathan

    17:33 ....My birthday is on September first...SO COME ON GUYS LETS CELEBRATE NEW YEARS ON SEPTEMBER 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS

  11. Sheispeace 09


  12. Virgo

    Y'all comments distracting me .. Staaaaapphh!

  13. m a c c y

    My face watching this: 👁W👁

  14. Natalia Soule

    I love this!!

  15. ツSøƒt_Atlanticツ

    Epic voice crack at 1:03

  16. Trevor Nelson

    This makes me feel so skewed with Noah like 😓

  17. sos wa

    Man How much did he pay you ? 🧐 I think she is much more richer after this video

  18. sos wa

    Girl she came back for money 💔🙄

  19. Robloxvibesxx VibesXx

    6:10 has the music in brent music in it and dances

  20. EdBlox


  21. EdBlox


  22. Breonna Paul

    Proud of you and how far you’ve come in.

  23. kelly danckwerts

    Yoooooo y'all been DELETING those comments hahha

  24. Khaila Orvis

    Trisha Paytis is calling you out on tik tok she says that you abandoned this channel and only came back to promote something for money, I commented” Trisha literally lies on camera and Liza was promoting her own makeup and skincare line” by the way it’s not your business

  25. FireFrenzieFire

    Anyone else watch the progression of Jet's sleeve from black to orange? XD

  26. Piper Kitty

    My stupid azz is this fake or real

  27. Tiara liz

    Try 2x speed...

  28. Cherry gacha Berry

    I love *HeLgA*

  29. -Freja-

    Gurrrlll I'm so happy for you! congrats you deserve it <3<3

  30. Anh Thu

    Guys she's just trying out new things and experiences herself. Let her be!! When I saw the beginning I kinda sad when it is about promoting her line BUT until the very end I see her happy smile and it is pure joy, she is still the Liza we know, just give her time and space to do whatever she wants. I believe she will be back with tons of other cool stuffs <3 LOVE U LIZA btw I freaking love the mask set sooo cool !!!!

  31. Wiz Fasial

    U suck, if davids vlogs cut you out, i would watch all of them

  32. Our World

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dyiiiiiiiiiiing

  33. Depi 010

    2:00 WHAT SONG IS THAT??

  34. TheRandomDinoLover

    i hate my short boring hair that is why im growing my hair

  35. Pringle Kids

    Yo all these people are WAYYYYY TOO SENSITIVE if they’re getting offended. As A POC yes people have been racist to me. ALL THE TIME. Liza was the one who made me feel better after school when I’d get made fun of and called “Andrea the Spic”. Her jokes are funny and not racist in any way to me. She’s made jokes about Hispanics and they’re not mean lol y’all need to stop WHININGGGGG

  36. Gelly Roll

    Lisa when she hears a ghost: WHERE YOU CUTE IN YOUR PAST LIFE???

  37. Amelie Maes

    "A collar for a dollar"

  38. IX7

    Truly the finest woman to ever walk this earth!

  39. Abril Carrillo

    When I saw the name Anthony Ramos my first thought was HAMILTON

  40. WAZALSKY O assustador

    Are you trying to sell me that ? 😂

  41. Tim Johnson


  42. Ajša Zejnilović


  43. Shania Victory

    Omg, I wanna try it products soooo bad,I love it 👍👍💟💟💟

  44. Rocio Maltez

    dam now thats what i call a flex

  45. weird genes

    is it just me or does anyone else hear her say a curse word and go O.o LIZA but then remember shes an adult who can say that...

  46. Cherry gacha Berry

    Me crys at last christmas ending Lizza crys at snow white

  47. abrham D.

    I guess now we know why you didn't uploaded them

  48. Nanie Kujane

    who is watching this in 2020

  49. ks murthy

    0:34 i think smelled her mouth 😂😂😂😂😂

  50. xiaonian dong


  51. Nayab Wazir

    Her:(just looking at her wrist). Also her:ONE PM??

  52. Paddington Bear

    To those people who believed she went to target 2-3 times, stop reading

  53. Mohamed Hussein

    I came from tiktok 😂

  54. sadly alisa

    not y'all thinking anthony and liza are actually dating-

  55. Sharee Palmore

    Just gonna get some this water taste just like cake🤣

  56. isabella Gibson

    i love your videos

  57. Ghina Shunnaq

    You see that ”S” in Sup, this S is a start of a ✨Superstar✨

  58. Princess Hanah OCAMPO


  59. Ghina Shunnaq


  60. niya's world

    I know I'm not the only one shipping Jordan Fisher and Liza together

  61. Mir Kim

    It's could bark not splinters

  62. Mir Kim

    This is so funny🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  63. Kenzie R

    Though she was finna talk about her and David she waisted me time but ion care I love ha 😝

  64. Bxnny

    I just realized this was posted on my b day also whos here in 2020?

  65. alohallie

    2:10 yall came here for this

  66. Eveline Jaquier

    Is it Liza or Lisa?

  67. David Diaz

    I FULLY support this. Proud of you girl!

  68. Cierra Downing

    we've missed you babes :,)

  69. Janesis Fernandes

    you're the best

  70. Janesis Fernandes

    ahhh I love this!

  71. Lankybox Boxy & Foxy

    Add a public comment... Ok this was random

  72. jimins little pinky

    Shes never not gonna be funny

  73. Lirra Nation

    It’s 2020 and she is still as funny as she was 4 years ago

  74. Hanfiyah Akhtar

    Oh my gosh that poor cake

  75. Malin Greaney-Stasiak

    Those boots Dr. Martens because I have a pair that have flippable sequins

  76. Xx Void

    why do I look for David here

  77. Ai Chan


  78. kennaena


  79. Reece Washington