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  1. Darragh Memes

    Lucas out of stranger things would be a good miles for a real life spider verse

  2. dylan Lussier

    Did anybody see slimer at 2:15

  3. Bryan

    Still remember my excitement for this movie, will never forgive Sony for canceling TASM

  4. Vinny C.

    If people don't realize: The girls in the first craft, were actually in HIGH SCHOOL. But they were being played by actors in their 20's. Which was not uncommon back in the day. These are actual teenagers. You idiots.

  5. rose wauford

    why is everyone hating!?!? I’m excited!! :)

  6. wehtawnikrap

    Bunch of n00b hunters facing off 3 or 4 (I'm guessing) hunts in one movie that may take 1.5-2hrs to watch? That is a race against time.

  7. Brandon L


  8. sissy girl

    Dan aykroyd and bill murray life time heroes of ghostbusters back in my teenage years , it's about time for the younger generation will understand the 80s are the best times of our lives without the coronavirus.


      I am 12 and I love older movie for example Star Wars, Indiana jones, ghost busters, Jurassic park, horror in the 80 and meny more my Nan shows me. And I like many newer movies like the mcu and other movies. But for many of the remakes they kinda mess them up but it is still fun to watch as a fan

  9. Haley Alexis

    Nothing cute about witches ..satan is evil..witches do child sacrifices yall wake up 🙄

  10. Demond Goshea

    This movie is so bad man it really makes me mad

  11. Haley Alexis

    This is so demonic.. JESUS IS KING

  12. Loretta 253

    Sony: "Hey can I copy your work?" Disney: "yeah sure, but change it a bit so you dont look like you copied me" Sony:

  13. KrazyGibraham's World

    Not for kids because it has Bad words

  14. TheOnlineGam4r

    Who's here for ps4 spiderman miles moral game hahahhaa

  15. D3sIIgn1r_

    "Guy kills house robber" His friends: *Suprised pikachu face*

  16. HardBoy Wan

    May I have TASM3?

  17. greypimps chass

    nope no good no good

  18. Parker Lovett

    Gosh I was on edge the whole time like “I’ve seen this scene before but oh my gosh!! Is he gonna kiss her??? 😍😍😍”

  19. GD Alexxiz34

    Funny how the ghosts from 30 years ago look better than these

  20. RIch

    Why does Tom Hanks hair look like it came off the Michael Myers mask in this movie? Wtf?!

  21. l JK l

    I will not watch it.

  22. Wikardo Kado

    I really miss the girls wearing gothic. But this is look like Disney gone so witchy. Ugh! If Sabrina starring there, it all make sense.

  23. Scott Summers

    The OG and Revival Kim's.

  24. Vadelia Belmonte

    This is a bad movie... Beyonce just please stick to singing. You really want to see a psycho... See the movie Fatal Attraction. With Glen close and Michael Douglas. That movie had me on the edge of my seat.

  25. Dunn-Right Productions

    October 23rd: *happens* The movie “Connected”: *isnt in theaters due to pandemic

  26. Jeopardy Jeopardy.

    Great time for it to come out

  27. Leh ARAGAO

    I love CC and Niles together!!! They are much funny! I think was wonderful returned with the Nanny!!

  28. No Name

    can we get a real director to make this movie instead of this hack and his wife?

  29. My Views

    Best ever spider man movie I've have ever seen.still don't get why people love spider man homecoming.

  30. Dinesh Singh

    They haven't aged much.

  31. josef saint

    "we are the weirdos, mister" No. No, you are clearly not.

  32. Oyabungaijin

    What better way to take a pile of crap and turn it into a river of diarrhea

  33. Gofuc Yourself

    they coulda remade this in such a better way...

  34. HardBoy Wan

    Best Spidy, where is TASM3 ?

  35. Retler Junior

    Eita poxa pareceu a espada do deus da guerra...filmaço!

  36. Richard Bertalmio

    Who else teared up when they heard the ecto 1 siren?! WE GOT ONEEEE!!!!!

  37. Yellie Belle

    I honestly think the movie will be better than the trailer and lots of folks will be pleasantly surprised. I'm in. 😁

  38. Uriel Belman

    What song is that saying how how how?

  39. Thomas Lang

    This is what it should have been, a continuation, not a dam reeboot

  40. Adarius Crawford

    Starting to get ghost reacon flashbacks

  41. Ashraid713

    Dont know why eggplant is in the loser lounge...

  42. audrey beuter


  43. Batman1234

    The movie looks like shit right from the beginning

  44. Random Idiot

    So I’m guessing the trailer is dropping on either January or February

  45. Adrian Jones

    How to make an action movie by Paul ws anderson: Put my wife with no context in The movie A lot of flashy flashes Guns Something roaring in the screen being an ahole And forget All the history of the source

  46. The Action Brothers

    I’m going To See It TODAY!! On October 23th 2020 At AMC Freehold 14.

  47. Adrian Jones

    This is trash that's it

  48. fluky prism5

    it seems they got the weapons right but what im worried are the monsters are there gonna just 2 dragons like i saw a rathlos and diablos or there is gonna be more coming and istg if narigante is the final boss for the movie i would have no words it should be the xenojiva

  49. Kamal Alemam

    Awesome 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  50. dannyU2g

    its funny cuz it actually is a shitty movie lmao

  51. Paolo Mabalo

    Yeah, like two oversized flaming daggers made of bones could kill a massive dragon.

  52. Montse Ventura Guzmán

    Black magic by little mix be like

  53. The YeetMaester

    1:36 trailer came out last year and that's still true

  54. Dax Diaz

    *what the heck*

  55. Super Retro guy

    This looks nothing like a ghostbusters movie

  56. GinkgoPete

    Sony Pictures making a terrible movie? I am so shocked!!!

  57. PhyKoha

    Tom is way too good at hiding his accent, i was honestly surprised when I heard his real voice.

  58. Gaming Giraffe

    why am i the only one thats excited

  59. neil johnson

    Sony are dicks get this made already

  60. Gabriel Urbano

    Why does this movie trailer has so many dislikes ? ps:I really don't know

  61. Pedro Souza

    It’s like final destination with extra steps.

  62. Gertz TV

    I can’t wait to see this movie 13 years ago!

  63. Silent Anonymous

    Ayye, good movie, I already kno

  64. MMSTHfanatic

    0:29 um why didn't the final movie have this music during that specific moment? Sounded much better. Also yeah this movie was pretty amazing (not as good as spider-man 3 though haha)

  65. James the Cringe

    Why make a video game movie if you’re just going to do your own thing with it? Why not just make your own movie? I haven’t seen the Resident Evil movies, but my friend who is a long time fan despises them because the director is more concerned with paying homage to his wife, than Resident Evil. So why did he make Resident Evil and not just zombie movie? I bet since it’s the same director this will be the same. I don’t understand it. We don’t want to see the director’s original character wife doing stuff, we want to see the characters we know and love from the games! The only reason it’s military going into the MH universe is so they have an excuse to dump exposition so the audience who hasn’t played the game can understand what’s happening. Prove me wrong. Cuz now the military people can be like “What’s that?” And someone can explain it to them and the audience.

  66. Jono Peters

    2:09 Anyone else see that Spiderman poster. That's Andrew Garfield Spiderman, and MCU Vulture probably talking about the sinister six at the end? Spider verse anyone?

  67. Andres Ferrer Bravo

    Even rathalos is doing a hero landing nowadays...

  68. Daniel Alvarez

    Look im not a monster hunter players but, why american army? It was too hard to make a new character that already live in the monster hunter world?

  69. Iggy Wrexham

    This does not excite me if im honest

  70. ねフゕDead Barbie

    "2020 can't get any worse," Sony: *hold my corona*

  71. Javier Isaac :D

    Y el pukeipukei ?

  72. venuk kulatunge

    This movie is dumb but if you've got the time it's certainly not boring, one of those movies a 12yr old would love but it is quite stupid.

  73. god dam

    My that was shite !


    this movie has a big cult fallowing and i don't think this movie well make the fan base happy but piss them off and that's who wpuld watch this so hollywood failed big time.


    The first movie had some pretty girls into goth and witch craft and the actress were all very good. this dumpster fire, looks rely bad and has none of the look and feel of the first one, the casting just likes like sjw's on crack and all not good looking girls. were is the gothic look and culture ? these girls should be into some pretty dark stuff and into dark music, rock or metal. i think it's clear this movie is just quick cash grab and was only done for money and profe hollywood has no more talent .

  76. Luhan Wolf

    Can someone tell me the title of the song?

  77. FreshyBoi

    GhostBuster Karen edition

  78. Yuvraj Bisht 9619

    can someone tell me the sound effect of violin in 1:08

  79. Anirudh Handa

    We want andrew and Tobey in Spiderman 3 in MCU please

  80. Acnimation

    In Recommend 2020?