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  1. dolita windo

    I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved

  2. Lishani De Silva

    Kai said "teaser" thats overrated I'ma do a "mood sampler" instead thats KING ENERGY right there people!

  3. dksxoxo


  4. Joha Insfrán

    (♡ω♡ ) ~♪

  5. Raísa


    1. brokenmedley

      there will be an mv teaser later

    2. dolita windo

      wn ya po sacala completa :D

  6. novi tri


  7. Jeesa 18

    Yo pensando que era el mv 🤡

    1. Jeesa 18

      Eso me pasa por no leer

  8. Jessica Rey-Hipolito

    DAY -5 TO MMMH

  9. Cha Mie

    I want to experience watching him peperfomed live, the feeling that he just sings for you and I will watch him with all my heart. It's nice to hear his angelic voice very lovely. Dream unlikely to happen. Missin him like crazy.

  10. don clower

    Let's see 10 millions views.

  11. hafiz Kurnia rabbani

    apa ini woyyyy!!! kaiiiii kerenn sangatt

  12. 월드스타최수빈

    찬열이랑 종대는 인간적으로 빠져야 되지않냐..?

  13. Cha Mie

    His soft and lovely voice is no one can ignore. So much missin him.

  14. Nalisa Stania

    Woyyy asli gk sabar bangettt pen liat MV nya

  15. Cha Mie

    Missin you like crazy CottonMyeon. Yeh that's right I made in you.

  16. Melvin 17


  17. Jeanieinabottle

    Ahhh wtflalandjddhak


    #Happybirthdaychanyeol #XiuminWelcomeback

  19. c a m i l a ewe

    Míralo naa'mas es perfecto

  20. hantokkii


  21. kai chi

    لا استطيع الانتظار كل يوم تيزر يقتلني

  22. exolita lizeh

    Can Kai ... I don't know, STOP ATTACKING ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Neo Chosenone

    Jongin ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Ayşegül Nuray


  25. bckyg


  26. Springchang Bee

    aku kangen sehun:)

  27. Noor No No

    نظرات كاي تقتل لو يبوع لي هيج انجلط مين حس انو بيكي زعلان

    1. Noor No No

      اكسوالز لي الابد

  28. Noor No No

    اوبا كاي يجنننننن اني فعلان احبك واني من اكبر معجباته امنيتي اشوفة بالوقع بليزززز ادعو لي دعاء اربعين شخص مستجاب

    1. Noor No No

      احبكم اكسو

  29. OOH. SH

    당신은 나를 위해 모든것보다 더 중요한이에요

  30. OOH. SH

    언 제나 행복하길 바래요

  31. OOH. SH

    This song is really good

  32. OOH. SH

    역시 최고이다

  33. OOH. SH

    노레 듣고 있으면 마음이 편해져요 :)

  34. OOH. SH

    테어나줘서 고맙고 너의 팬인 게 너무 자랑 스러워.

  35. OOH. SH

    You are our Angel

  36. OOH. SH

    Remember that you should always smile

  37. chogiwolf 18

    the past week has been pretty tough. i've been convincing myself i'm fine tho, and i told everyone i was good. today i burst into tears twice and immediately forced myself to stop. it's almost 6am and i've just been stressing all night, on the verge of a breakdown. i told everyone i'd sleep early for once to once again fail them (my health has been a big issue lately and thats what made me cry today too). even just seeing my youtube recommendations was freaking me out and had me so stressed. i was going through my youtube history to try and find a song to calm myself down, and i saw all the live sessions of suho's self-portrait album. the second i saw this song (my fav) i clicked and ohmygod it feels like someone just took 10kg's worth of burden off my shoulders. just hearing a calming song sang in his angelic voice, with the amazing and talented band performing instantly calmed me down. i'm still scared for the day ahead but this makes me feel better. nothing can ever replace how the exo members make me feel. just hearing Suho immediately makes me think of comfort and feeling safe. god bless these people for making such amazing music that helps so so many people so much. to anyone else who's struggling, this'll eventually pass too. the exo-eri fam have got your back :)


    This album is about his body not his song 😁😁

  39. Assyifa Almayzarani

    Kesini abis 90s love

  40. Sehun Future

    U did well ^-^

  41. Sehun Future

    Proud of u babbies 🖤

  42. Lorraine 787

    I can't believe almost 5k people disliked it!

  43. Lorraine 787

    Ooh! That beginning had a GD vibe... I'm digging it!

  44. FAN BOY عبود


  45. Fabiana Jakeline Aranibar Torelly

    wn ya po sacala completa :D

  46. THE KING CHEN is back .

    Why they are just leaving their bands and coming here to say (no exo)?

    1. Arik Arik

      What do you mean?

  47. soriha hashemi

    You are my heart

  48. Maria Eduarda Castro Carvalho

    Nossaaaaaaaaaa ameiiiiiiii💓💓💓

  49. Laila Ch

    Preorder his album wtf

  50. soriha hashemi

    I miss you 😭😭😭😭😭i so miss you


    Ok but kai is literally a god 😼❤️

  52. Chloe Rose

    Can't wait!!

  53. lullaby EXO

    تكفون الي تحتي يفشلون وهم جالسين يذكرون اسامي غير فرق هل هم شايفينا تهديد لهم؟؟؟

  54. King BTS


    1. THE KING CHEN is back .

      ........ Just back to your band we don't care

  55. Nanda Eka putri

    nah kan bener itu kai yg ada di mv nya aespa

  56. Natie T

    AAAAAAAHHHHHH HE LOOKS AMAZING! I cant wait to see him shine uwu

  57. King BTS


    1. Baeklemek en D.Ogrusu 4

      Stop it anti why are here ? Because Bts is not good as Exo ? So you are jealous

    2. rosé is rosé


  58. King BTS


  59. King BTS


  60. King BTS


  61. King BTS


  62. Angel Brito

    It's confirmed yall, this track is called Amnesia !

    1. Angel Brito

      @Arik Arik yes ! Few days ago, one of the exols shazamed this and it showed "amnesia" and today all the songs are revealed and there's a track called amnesia

    2. Arik Arik


  63. Rosiana Araújo


    1. THE KING CHEN is back .

      .............. Okay so back to them what are you doing here You distort their reputation

  64. 딸기exo


  65. Nomel Alyssa


  66. Kim Nouda

    كانك جني يمه

    1. الجنيه نفس

      عفوا انا الجني:')

  67. Rohdotul Mawarda

    Good boy

  68. aya K

    very beautiful and wonderful ~ ♡

  69. Begum •

    Turk|sh EXO-L

  70. Begum •

    AY Çok az kaldııı

  71. Mishell Grey

    On me is art

    1. rosé is rosé

      I agree with u

  72. doksuwu


  73. Ami B

    So the song in this video is called AMNESIA ✨

  74. Butterfly ji

    tomorrow Kai MV teaser are y'all ready? let's support him❤

  75. Byun Baekhyun

    SHoPee Dua BeLaS Dua BeLaSಥ‿ಥ

  76. sehunum daa sehunum

    Sehun allah belamı versin sana köpek gibi aşığım♡ Turkish exol

  77. Aprilia Yolanda

    Piyak udah besar

  78. Dio Brando

    Капец, жду. Мне понравился минус, заебабельный.

  79. Elizabeth Ioana McNamara

    Honey voice, Magic voice, nice voice and the most beautiful voice in the world! Exo_L trust you for ever chanyeoliiii Thanks for being together. Park Chanyeol , your creativity, your art is changing the world. .. Thank u a lot for your talent... for sharing your thoughts... PLEASE SUPPORT PARK CHANYEOL <3

  80. Sanaa Qawasmeh

    سيهون انت رائع احب كل ما تفعله