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  1. totally shway

    16:50 I can't express how much I love the way they bounce off one another here.

  2. madi legg

    makeup challenge where you use one finger to apply a full face

  3. Pavi Thra

    Ohhh my god ❤️ cool ❤️

  4. Sreya S

    Came seeing demi 😍

  5. •Sydney Cederberg•

    “Let’s optimus prime-“ IM DEADDDD

  6. Destiny Lopez

    I'm getting kid makeup I will put your name in there

  7. Ja Tran

    The fact the Selena stopped everything she was doing when Nikki was venting . Yes girl that’s a friend you need

  8. Ja Tran

    Omg she looks like back in Wizards of Waverly places !

  9. Faith Coxon

    yesss totally do a play together i love among us

  10. Alex

    I would love to see more makeup tutorials!! I feel like I haven't seen an actual tutorial in a hot minute haha. SO excited to see any video you put out tho! xxx

  11. Lauren Sloan

    You are amazing

  12. Carrot Car

    Omg the collab we never knew we needed

  13. Ben Strange


  14. Aly Lash

    I loooooove this lip combo but i cant afford those products🥺🥺are there any drugstore dupes for this lip combo???

  15. Tierra Collier

    2020 go away! Been the worse year ever...

  16. Ana Pontes

    duivel looks gorgeous on you @abeatrizpontes

  17. random person


  18. smile93able

    I am amazed!! I wish you would’ve made a video of you taking all of this off!

  19. Taylor Watson

    i love her teeth!

  20. Carrot Car

    How u remember ? Smart big brain good memory

  21. Kayla

    Does anyone know what brush she used to cut the lid?

  22. Adrienne Farrell

    You know its gettin serious when you take the off your earrings 😅 The highlights gave the flat red great dimension, never doubted it for a second.

  23. Gloria Reyes

    What's that lips?

  24. Shannon Paige

    "Maddie Ziegler no...." 😆

  25. Monalisa Martinez

    You slayed this look! 🔥🔥

  26. Dadymar Nazareth

    Dutch word of the day: “duivel” ig: Dadymarc

  27. Veronica Kost

    I need more of these !!!!!

  28. ItzzAlexx _

    Me:-puts concealer under eyes since i didnt sleep that night- My mum:"your wearing so much makeup.... who ur bf. Ur such a girly girl" Me- Bold of u to think I'm straight and a girl mum

  29. RubyRoseRivers

    Crystal Elizabeth Methyd

  30. Peaches Builds

    omg gemme the language

  31. Melanie Berry

    Makes sense. You’re a big man!!

  32. Declan Doyle

    Declanmakeup ,duivel and i play among us all the timeeee!!! I love you nikkie

  33. Ellie B

    Next u should do an among us themed makeup look!!!!! Like if u agree ⬇️❤️💜💛🖤🤍🧡💚🤎💙💗

  34. ayjia autry

    Duivel!! @ayjiaautry ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Israel Jimenez

    You name could be Chilli Limón

  36. Juanita M

    I Think u did sooo well ❤️❤️

  37. singularity cosmology

    Hi Nikki! I'm currently struggling with my transition from male to female, I live in a part of Ireland where it's very hard for me to be accepted by my family, friends and people I know around me! After watching your video, you inspired me to never give up on myself and it's lit a fire in me to keep going and be who I really am! Thank you for you opening up and sharing your story! You have given me motivation and confidence to continue my journey ❤️

  38. Orosmira Alegria

    Hi Nikkie i love you

  39. Chloe

    This was such a breath of fresh air. Just so much genuine positivity towards each other. I loved this

  40. Laila Mughal

    It’s just amazing and so freaking creative.. you go girl I am always following you , you are just amazing and inspirations to all of new ladies out there ...keep it up

  41. Austin Lord

    Amazing DUIVEL look! I would love to win your makeup palette! - @lord_makes_art

  42. e d i t s

    i'm south African and i understand almost everything because it is kind of the same as afrikaans

  43. Jazmine Valadez

    How to do your makeup in 6 minutes: 1. Mascara ........done

  44. stephanie carrozzino

    lady gaga est trop belle

  45. Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson

    finally after 3 attempts I suceeded into recreating this look :) thank you!!!

  46. Bonnie McGee

    bonnie_mcgee_7. You are the most gorgeous duivel we have ever seen. 😍😍😍

  47. Sara Qureshi

    It would've been a fun Halloweek 2020 idea if she recreated this (in her studio, of course 😂)

  48. Isabela Figueiroa

    Dutch word: “duivel” @figueiroa_isa

  49. khaoula tube

    No fooking way