Minecraft is love. Minecraft is life.
Crazy Craft 3.0, Shadowcraft, Minecraft, Mini-games, Minecraft mods \u0026 Random indie games!
I'm Let's Play Gamer called Lizzie!
I love cats and anything cute :3

P.S. Sorry I don't have an upload schedule! I try to post frequently but I've found that the best videos are made when I'm inspired and motivated. Trying to stick to a schedule drains away all the spontaneity and excitement from making videos. I still want to keep this as fun as possible for me so hopefully it's more fun for you to watch too!

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  1. Simply.Gaming

    joel wouldn’t be happy you had a pet chicken 🤣🤣

  2. staci thornton

    Lizzie: pineapple is so cute right there🍍 me: eating an pineapple 🍍

  3. EmilyK 15

    Why did you move?????????

  4. Roxie Minecraft

    Lizzie: *opens lucky block* Lizzie again: Aww its a baby me🥰 Yammy, Stacey,Joey:aww Lizzie:can I kill it Joey:YAAA

  5. Roxie Minecraft

    Joey: ⭐️Wow⭐️ villagers can trade Lizzie:yeah WAIT what Someone:JOEY!

  6. Minecraft Addiction

    Your a wizard Lizzie!!!

  7. Amy Abigail H

    I love your videos they just make my day better 🥰😋

  8. Totally-Not -Amanda

    I have the willing to do this for some reason ;-;

  9. Randy Raiford

    I didn’t know her name until 2020 but I have watched her for like three or four years I am in fact I finally started watching videos of where there’s obstacle courses and you have to find the head and I actually that’s where I found out that her name is Lizzie cute mean by the way

  10. Alex_and_snowglobe

    um i watched this like 10 times and there was no food like i saw it too

  11. Just Me Girl

    I’m the biggest fan of LDSHADOWLADY! We are the the LD TEAM!!!!!

  12. faren cloud

    history is repeating itself. the crazy craft war looks like the dream smp disc war or the war of L’manburg...

  13. Jo Szram

    of course i love this

  14. Binxy G

    Lizzy nether wart sould be at the FRONT of the fortess!

  15. Sad is my DAD

    Does anyone know what shader pack they’re using for this series? I’m in love with it so it would be really helpful if anyone who knows could let me know as well!!!<3

  16. Sad is my DAD

    Does anyone know what shader pack she uses in X-Life 2.0? Please answer meh!!

  17. Gacha_Boba 20

    What’s that mine craft world?

  18. Angelina Yu

    N o s t a l g i a

  19. Bella Rohr

    I love your videos so much they make my day 😊

  20. squirrel fam


  21. Afrah Al-ali

    Happy birthday🎂

  22. livy

    very good names 1. Jeremy 2. Lizzy 3. Dotty 4. Jeremy 2 5. LDshadow lady

  23. Lᴜɪsa Lᴜɪsa

    Stacy its cute c:

  24. Naila Kolagad

    Lizzie: "Forgets her beautiful black and boring yellow chocobos" Me: "Crying" How could you?"

    1. Naila Kolagad

      Whooops, remembers them

  25. Melissa Wells

    Blond hair can be:lily

  26. Cameron Rice

    Bam bam

  27. Melissa Wells

    LDshadowlady: talking talking Chat:yammy_oxox burnt in lava

  28. Lyla the Kitty Cat

    nananananananana goatman

  29. Layla Woodward

    Lizzie: that's all mermaid ones The mermaid sloth: what abt me😭😭😭

  30. Jhuna Reddy


  31. Freda Tracy

    Hey AES Mantell bye-bye

  32. Freda Tracy

    I was there on time now to get a know it

  33. Freda Tracy

    Aes banter

  34. Freda Tracy

    Hey AES Punto I like that

  35. Kaila Knapp

    When Joel is getting the flower tied on Ollie is just standing there staring

  36. Aysha Abbas


  37. Ella Fletcher

    When she realised that she was almost out and played the music 😭

  38. Heidi Kure

    Hello LDShadowLady! I love you,re vidio,s!

  39. Stuti shenoy

    This dimension is amazing

  40. Animegirl! 234

    Ilysmmmm lizzieeee

  41. Emma Mentzer


  42. Mochu Pinkears

    its "je ne sais PAS" not "quoi" but wtvr lol

  43. Bad_Angelツ

    “Can I have nuggies” Me: Nu they are all mine >:3

  44. Freda Tracy


  45. Layla Woodward

    This is the 20th time I watched this series from Lizzie and scott

  46. Andrea Soever


  47. Lyla the Kitty Cat

    You're a wizard, Lizzie!

  48. Abigail Middleton

    I had a hamster it was old and died I have one now who is orange and white

  49. Kim Vervloet

    im a crazy cute player :)

  50. Claire Parkin

    That draw is amazing

  51. 「Zoë」

    Lizzie: was ist das Me: omg yes yes (6:38)

  52. Sadie Lakeside

    when she needed an emerald there were some emeralds in the end and she left them

  53. KatduGers

    Loved it!

  54. Nick Davies

    I don't think the ugly waistland doest deserve a nice house

  55. Abigail Middleton


  56. Sarah Zayed

    im a cute builder but i build nothing

  57. Alexa Arias

    Is it just me or once youtubers played among us it just got popular like it started 3 years ago I think?

  58. Annya Czarene

    Can u make horses like unicorns kuzz they mach the chicens

  59. Najya ELKATIB

    I am such a big fan and I just wanted to say that how do I get your Minecraft

  60. Nathaniel Matthews


  61. Keshwani Family

    um you have the cow pet that fills your bucket with milk

  62. Rumaisha Sha

    You never see that but i have seen Zombies on my dreams and my mom is die and my dad and my two sister and my pet i hate that dream

  63. Meghna Nair

    You forgot to build the wishing well

  64. Tafadzwa Musiyiwa

    My name is emmanuel

  65. Kiran Chugh

    I like the rainbow one

  66. Kenya Taylor

    Happy birthday🎉🥳🥳

  67. Lara Kerkez Bubalo

    Great work Lizzie!!

  68. Rumaisha Sha

    Wait what

  69. •Grape_TwT•

    ik im late make 200 days with netherite and beacons

  70. Layla-Rose Jelleyman

    I build the cute ones

  71. Trinity Boardman


  72. Nusaybah Khan

    Iron golems are white and im not that late to this vid im just rewatching it

  73. Heidi Kure

    Hi LDShadowLady! I love you,re vids!

  74. Alan Jewer

    Feed the prince diamond blocks

  75. Eva Williams

    13:15 for anyone this was annoying here you go Wiggle wiggle

    1. Eva Williams

      16:18 this as well XD wiggle wiggle

  76. Delores5881515 4LITTLEgirls

    red stone and cute xD

  77. GalliSunflower

    Please do this again

  78. Leanne Sampson

    If you look at the time 3:21 the sheep went upstairs and then jump off the roof

  79. The AlexPlayz

    Every time someone does a prank Lizzie is always the first one to find it before the actual victim

  80. Binxy G

    Lizzy dies 1st eposode how from a spider she is like a pro to me!