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    DaBaby Goes Shopping For Sneakers At CoolKicks
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    DaBaby Goes Shopping For Sneakers At CoolKicks
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    1. MOB SQUAD

      I question no one told them to wear masks cuz it's covid !! Clowns

    2. Baller Brown

      @baller brown let’s fight bruh huge fan let’s wager 👀

    3. Tomy T

      wHATS THAT hair sTYLE jEasus >>>

    4. Silver King87

      This dude gonna be broke in 5 yrs

    5. Ryan Rangel

      That's black pegasus

    6. alexx rojas

      His homies just watching him ball..hahaha

    7. barbixxo Guchu

      how about working in that shop🥵

    8. Victour Rogan


    9. DLS Rude boy

      All that shit he just bought was trash asf

    10. Lossii Burns

      My brotha lmao

    11. Paula Gonzalez

      You should fight logan paul

    12. Alex Jonny

      All thanks to Dennis__forex09 via Instagram thought me a lot about forex trading and now I'm earning enough to purchase any jewelry of my choice

    13. Vansider Ll

      Indian dude acts differently when rappers come to his store😂 cringe asf

    14. Magic X1

      I feel like ‘the customer’ trashed the place 😬

    15. What kidds like

      He tries to act so black when rappers come on here

    16. roberto cifaldi

      fight t fox

    17. Manpreet Singh

      cant believe his friends just get to buy whatever the fuck they want. FUCKING LIFEGOALS

    18. Keon Borders

      The same shoes they have we have in r mall I’m definitely not payin $700 more like $120-250 🤣🤣🤣💀💀

    19. Ness King


    20. SolidBaby Tavi

      I’ll fight dude ass no cap foe free 💯 nun but all love 💙💯💯

    21. Kiid Trippy

      15 bags 45k

    22. ig- Evaid

      How are we not taking about the dude with a whole cell tower in his hair

    23. Nicolas Montoya

      Jake Paul

    24. mccraykb

      My boys from VCU. I see yall doing numbers. I'm proud of yall.

    25. N.B.E 315


    26. kripta knight


    27. Chris Loaded

      15 bags

    28. John Jacob smith

      Dani got tired of seeing him in those shmedium clothes

    29. Pickle Rick

      Watch one complex sneaker video and USfilm suddenly thinks you’re part of sneaker “culture” this is cringe.

    30. anthony gonzalez

      Why does it matter how much he spent! Who gives a fuck! Ppl spend money every day. He ain’t the only one. Get a life ppl and stop your hyping nonsense up.

    31. Slick Hernandez

      Nobody: SBs are making a comeback

    32. zab sharifi

      Fight Nate Robinson but 4 realz

    33. Kenshae Clemmons

      If it cost 10,000 he should've paid 14,000 cause he bet 2 bands a free throw. And missed twice. Lol. But baby acts cocky and entitled. So I doubt he paid him. Probably got a lot a stuff free

    34. Rubenn Dean Paul Alws

      Boy, you're all good! Congratulations! I'm your fan! May God bless you a lot, including your family members! Follow me on youtube "My name is: Rubenn Dean Paul Alws" (Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro) Brazil!

    35. DatboiTrill

      Yo who else thinks the cool kiccs dude tries too hard🤣🤣 I don't fw cuhh energy he alwayz in competition lowkey🚮

    36. layupzz

      Every 5 minutes. “What’s going on”.

    37. RichhCrackBaby

      This dude asked what u got going on like 10x. Bro got nun to talk about

    38. Eric Ouellette

      The guy with the hair is rich dunk he’s fireeeeee

    39. Eric Ouellette

      Rich dunk!!!

    40. David Daring

      is dat an Asian chick dat said "da-BABY?"

    41. ruf ruf

      LOL! Dropping 10g's acting like that is a lot.

    42. Alanmacer

      So he did Nothing , Some Shite upload

    43. I_ Mari


    44. 561REALTLK

      So far I`ve noticed at the end of this pandemic year basically the rules for facemasks are if I know you then I`m not gonna wear it. If I don`t know you then I`m keeping that shit on.

    45. goofy doofy

      this dont feel or look right.

    46. goofy doofy

      stay a few months ahead. especially when "helping somebody"

    47. Tommy Dodds

      Go in settings and turn Dababys voice up dude is whispering

    48. Jaxxten Markko

      Y this dude shake his hand for so long shit

    49. Tyrese Brown


    50. Steve .N

      Why that guy look like Chris Tucker in the movie fifth element!

    51. UHOH Raps

      I’ll fight you dawg

    52. Mark N

      Checkout this group. facebook.com/groups/454730185529033/?ref=share

    53. Holland Summers

      This video sucks

    54. justin chimedza

      they paid dababy 100 000k to come and he bought stuff for 10 000k smart nigga

    55. justin chimedza

      i beat yk like this ☝

    56. Bdk2036

      This dude be too thirsty for these male artists attention. He wouldn't let his hand go from the dap. He tries too hard

    57. Jonathan Brady

      Paying in cash is for THE BIRDS! No rewards, no warrenty, NO coverage. Remember that

    58. Sik Edition Performance

      who is the plunger head ahhh dude with Da Baby haha XD

    59. Cameron Scotty

      20 bags $16550

    60. Cody Zamora

      They got tea grizzly as the camera man lmao

    61. SNKR Champagne

      How much for those Black Chrome Heart trucker caps behind the register? Better price than StockX?

    62. Preston Powers

      DaBaby got that raspy voice fucking with that lean or percs. No Cap 🧢

    63. James Loves Butter

      Lean is hell of a drug

    64. Livingston

      8:30 was Adam G. Sevani....Yoooo

    65. David Matthews

      The grumpy signature virtually explode because turkey inevitably supply by a spicy salmon. unhealthy, motionless shield

    66. Lil bow Googetit

      Racists shit

    67. The OG S&S Show

      The funniest podcast ever usfilm.info/cold/Jm9YpGLE03Q1y3jIhOGm_Q.html

    68. Jose Eli

      Dog 🇺🇸⛽

    69. SuperSaiyanD1ck4

      Might be one of the best songs this year‼️🔥 my boy comin out chicago🌇‼️💨 music.apple.com/us/album/zoo-keeper/1542638264?i=1542638266 Can use this song for almost anything🥵


      Send me a Fit lol

    71. bos200409

      "recreation" with all that bling on...come on man.

    72. aguilarx

      The truculent link willy glow because pea conceptually listen a a uneven divorced. distinct, cruel pigeon

    73. Rosco Jenkins

      He on xanax or pers

    74. Xavier Crespo

      Bootlegs lmao

    75. Chandra Chandra

      The caring mile aboaly water because pressure collaterally mark amidst a victorious gosling. verdant, green grey grieving cart

    76. Jason Young

      Fight Tyga

    77. Jason Young

      10,000 x 10 bags

    78. Kevin Reese

      Amazing! I can’t believe all he did was shop 😳

    79. Kidd Ara


    80. CHI CASH

      HMU I’m chi cash from Chicago I’m a up coming rapper

    81. BryGuy87

      Fight Damon from DDE! ✊✊👊🤜🤛

    82. Hassan Skinner

      Soooooo, what did he do besides miss two shots and buy a shit load of merchandise

    83. Rea Mveke

      Indian Version of Drake @champegnepaki 0:10

    84. Jawuan Wilson

      Bro what were the 1s called that guy with the vlone hoody had on?

    85. Jaden Wolfe Vlogs

      done !!!

    86. Joseph Allen

      DaBaby new album is dope.His conscious raps stand out to me .Last but not least who thought of #TyrinTurner #90s nuastalga....#Manace II Society .After seeing him in this video .Like 👍 if you thought the same

    87. Calyx

      Who was the unicorn following DaBaby around.... lmao

      1. D Rob826

        Thats DUNK. better recognize 💯🤘🏾

      2. paris howard

        One of his artists

      3. Gaza Pilot

        Da Baby bro and signee. Rich Dunk.

      4. D R

        @Calyx Yea I bet scary ass😂😂😂🤣

      5. D R

        A dude you wouldn't say a word to if you seen him

    88. Kyle Pinto

      It’s a restaurant if u watch the vids u know.

    89. Darrell Murillo

      I grew up with the kid in the grey hoodie... he a cool cool kid. Proud of you.

    90. john hammond

      20k 10 bags

    91. Freshboi Nate

      Got that lean voice lol that’s from opiates

    92. Blake Jonny

      That baby came n spent so much money they ready to shut the store down n go home and I feel like they over charged him on tha kicks

    93. princedvs831

      11 bags 14000

    94. Dave Lumbean

      This nigga reminds me of kane on menace 2 society

    95. shadad sabir

      Coolkicks vs RDBLA Boss man vs boss man Shoes vs cars lol

    96. Mike Rogue

      Da baby look like Kane from menace society

    97. Swacekid Music


    98. steven alvarez

      How many times he gonna ask baby what he got going on lmao

    99. Raeshawn Williams

      Da baby spreading his love

    100. Eric Bangers

      Great lagend came thru the building to buy some fire shoes at coolkids