Is It Love At First Sight For Clare & Dale? | The Bachelorette

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    Former Pro Football Receiver Dale definitely makes a lasting impression on Clare. Was it love at first sight? Did she just meet her future husband?
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    Season: 16 Episode: 1
    Bachelorette: Clare Crawley
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    Published on 18 days ago


    1. patience mpirirwe

      Dale looks like one of the guys from Empire

    2. Melissa G

      My vote for blake moynes!!!!

    3. Mikkel Hansen

      Yea Clara is insane.

    4. Candy Smith

      Yea she had a sneak peak of all the guys before the show,,, social media no doubt,,, Dale was a front runner for sure ,,I believe in love at first sight and I think it s Awesome,, if You are that blessed to find true love ,, everyone deserves a chance ,, but when you know ,,you jus know!

    5. NAE615

      Run girl!!

    6. Jane Grey

      And, then, there are the times when the right woman meets the right man, and it does work. True love at first sight does exist and happen, maybe not often, but it does happen. I hope Dale is everything Clare wants and needs him to be, but also hope the same for Dale about Clare.

    7. Eva Oliveira

      Anyone that thinks Clare and dale are really in love is mentally ill. Better check your understanding of the word love and get yourselves a therapist. Adults should be mature enough to know that love is not just an emotion. That sort of thinking is the reason that our divorce rates are so high. “I’m attracted to you today and have butterflies so I love you and then tomorrow when my emotions change and the butterflies are gone I want to divorce you.” It’s actual insanity.

    8. Mr. Bossman

      Guess what everybody, Claire is 39!!! Lolllll

    9. S Dwyer

      Clare is literally the worst, most self centered Bachelorette in history. Lost so much respect for her.....

    10. pepperr

      Guys, I think she’s 39

    11. & i

      Her eyes .she looks crazy Sorry I just said it

    12. Latoya M.

      Did she met a karmic?

    13. Emperor Tachyon

      clare is discounted merchandise. dale and the other guys can do much better.

    14. Jim Johnson

      This show is for idiots. Turn your tv off and pick up a book!

    15. Nura Rich

      He looks like a good guy

    16. Lilly Alberts

      She just got blown off her shoes by a man that was polite with subtle charm and she thinks it’s her husband I- sis

      1. Drezaro M

        She got swept off her feet after that hug

    17. Jane LeRoux

      Clare is in love with good looking.

    18. World Wide2

      “Uhhmmm you know there’s more to come” 😂😂

    19. Eve Hawa Sinare

      She should get to know him first before saying so. Feel she is too fast.

    20. Storm

      One thing I know for sure ..if you’re 39 and need the bachelorette tv show to get a husband then you’re probably going to end up disappointed.

    21. fra setch

      It's a great segment. Truly a natural moment for her. Nice to watch.

    22. BB

      I mean she's saying 'I know what I wanting every sentence. I mean girl , I don't think we ever know what we want. We just set a goal in life or a vision and just go for it. That doesn't mean there won't be change of plans and alterations along the way. She has fixed her mind too much on an unrealistic expectation that she thinks she'll get in just one person. I feel like marriage is also a lot more about mutual understanding and making small little affordable sacrifices ( not in a bad way ) for each other. She needs to loosen up ,big time

    23. Zayno Lcri

      But I felt bad for the rest of the guys.

    24. Mahnoor Nadeem

      Dale is so good looking anyway and so hot !! He is such a sweetheart, I think Claire and dale would be good couple!!

    25. JennFlProfile Updated


    26. stacy watts

      full movie

    27. Luc Bordage

      She is being played on her season so far. She falls way too fast for these dudes on all her apperances over the years, so why would this time around be any different. Not surprised at what is happening. I hope Tayshia is more cautious with her picks when she takes over this season. There are a few good guys there but Many Players as well. Good luck to her.

    28. Priscilla Venegas

      Omg dale is the one 🥺🥺

    29. n300zx931

      Old undesirable woman trying to be the prize to some high end men. Awesome show lol

    30. ghhh 90

      Well seems like 39 isn't enough she still needs time to grow up , 31 year old Chad will never settle with 39 years old walking red flag , it's been two and half decade since she lost her virginity

    31. C C


    32. Jab 0311

      Dale is gonna hit it and quit it. Old hag

    33. Bruce Elliott

      She looks old. Gross.

    34. Bodega

      She could be his mom

    35. Nora Stack

      She’s literally a Disney Princess 😂

    36. Zack Abdul

      Why’s so dramatic 😂😂😂😂

    37. maryam mure

      This show is being focused on dale more and more. It's like okay claire just pick him now. And the show is over. Lol

    38. maryam mure

      I too got this feeling she was gonna fall for Dale as soon as I saw him step out of the limo. I was like yup this guy she's gonna be in love with. And damn I was right. Lol

    39. Stephanie Lapena

      Beautiful presence and smile...wish he was the bachelor haha

    40. FFD Farmerproperties

      Run Dale run, this will give you fame. Clare is single for a reason. Control freak, insecure....nobody wants to spend time with me🥶😷

    41. khanhduchan dungngouyen


    42. Gregory Cleary

      Chri was trying to warn her. it looked like. Clare is a disappointment she saw there profiles, Saw a NFL ex NFL PLAYER. I would say its more of a Infatuation. She might not be playing with a full deck.

    43. Girl Indian

      When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

    44. stephanie prempeh

      I will be like Claire setting my eyes on such a cute guy😍🥰

    45. Jude Sansing

      I’m dale but you have to call me dragon

    46. Mandee Roberts

      She’s a Pisces lol

    47. Javier Becerra

      This lady is a crazy person good luck!

    48. Ines Nieves

      And that’s why she’s single. Looks mean NADA

    49. Princess Lollypop

      How quickly did she leave the show for him

    50. SC W

      Rumor is she had researched him prior. However, go get yours Girl! I am not mad at you! 😂

    51. Dean Caleb

      Can someone fact check Y----- whatever his name story is

    52. mjac28

      I really like her but she seems immature for her age and if you keep striking out with guys you need to take a reality check and become self aware

    53. Sal Geuv

      She needs to SLOOOOOW way down....this guy is younger and probably not having the same feelings as she is...everyone has experienced love at first sight for the most part....and we all know how hard we can get hurt because of it. She needs to stay opened minded. Remember...most men never mature....guy may be hot on the outside...but wait until you hear how he is after a few days....etc.....Some men never mature...regardless of age.

    54. dolita windo

      If I was a betting man, I'd say she'll be single by end of 2021. Based on the track record of the show.

    55. Risper omongina

      I mean their babies would be beautiful I can just imagine that 😍💖🤷‍♀️

    56. Carrol Whyte

      Did not get to see the first episode, because my tv is not loading ABC, don't know if it's a internet connection problem. I cannot access it on USfilm, and not even watch it live online.

    57. Bradley Hutchison for real, you have a very bad taste for men, a ex arrogant footBall player...

      1. dolita windo

        39 and still single, no offense Clare, I love you. So, I don't think she knows. This was the cutie she was hanging with this summer.

    58. Don't Tell The Bride

      We can see wedding bells for sure!

    59. Losana Gavidi

      Team Dale😍

    60. Tom Dooley

      piano music

    61. Laura Ellen

      Am I the only person who's watched this multiple times, because it gives you goosebumps? This may be the best scene to every be filmed in Bachelorette history. How cool is it that we get to see real sparks like this? I am so happy for them both, and hope they can make it last!

    62. Ross Best


    63. Ross Best

      5seconds meet?

    64. Sherry Islam

      Handsome man good luck lady. You are beautiful.

    65. Selene Ch

      I thought by now she should be wiser and she goes: I just met my husband! Girl, it’s not that you’re 39, the first encounters are always just hormones! You actually have to meet and talk to them, so you can realize if they are douchbags or not... 🙄

    66. Danielle Newland

      I am completely in agreement with Clare’s Choice. Why? 90% of bachelors and bachelorettes who have seen this to the end have ended up unmarried and heartbroken. Maybe if they had cut the ‘journey’ short and invested in ONE person it would have been different. She obviously knew of him before, and she got to know him during filming, and that was enough for her.

    67. Bcdf 1930

      Chris 's smile:)

    68. lisa marie mc

      she looks so much older than him

    69. mikea hiooi

      and critical of every little thing.. like dang can people be positive for once sheesh

    70. Clancey Moreino


    71. Lia 1

      It's physical atraction what she felt. I really hope she takes time to get to know them.

    72. Lala Llama

      39 and still single, no offense Clare, I love you. So, I don't think she knows. This was the cutie she was hanging with this summer.

    73. Lisa Young

      Good luck!! Too soon....

      1. mikea hiooi


    74. JustBee

      0:005 Dale is shaking. He couldnt even button his jacket. He is blown away too

      1. SONIA Yoyse

        Yesssss I saw that He was nervous That's why

    75. Sarah Mulugeta

      Bruhh it aint fair

    76. misuyy fong

      Anybody would fall for Dale he's beyond handsome and intelligent, beautiful smile😁

    77. lyavu ramoga

      Wow.... i felt that about a guy but i screwed it up.. uugggh Clare i hope you and Dale are still together if so don't screw it up . He seems like a keeper .

      1. mnika voli

        Watching this made me cry. I know the exact feeling she’s talking about ❤️

    78. andrea jones

      Anybody would fall for Dale he's beyond handsome and intelligent, beautiful smile😁

      1. mnika voli

        Makes sense he was the last one out of the limo but he was shown as in between when the show aired that is why you Chris after her statement.

    79. Pumla

      She looks way younger than 39 though ...

      1. Digital Taye

        @Charlie 60s ???😨😨

      2. Charlie

        Only in her face bc that’s where she can get botox but her arms look like she’s 60

      3. Jab 0311

        Makeup does wonders

      4. heyam m

        She looks goooooood regardless

      5. Kita Boo

        @Bodega exactly lol

    80. JenP W

      Her voice went 8 octaves higher

      1. misuyy fong

        Well, they will be a “Notebook” couple...or she is a little cra cra. Time will tell.

    81. Katlong Dushu

      I still think she should have seen the whole season through, that's what she signed up for, she is not the first bachelorette to have feelings for someone very fast like that but they still saw their season through.

    82. zuygj bnsv

      this is why i love women, only they can express with such clarity how they fallen for someone.

      1. n nn

        lmao please dont group us all in with this silly mess

    83. Chidera ann ugwu

      You can obviously see that it's love at first sight. Am so so happy for Clare. I wish her all the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏

    84. Did Jen

      *scrub nfl receiver

    85. Virginia Marcy

      You go get him girl and don't let anything or anyone stand in your way

      1. zuygj bnsv

        The way Clare says “Comon over.”🤣😂 To be frank..Dale is so cute!!🌺

    86. Brook Wagner

      Its sad for the haterz who are so closed of that u couldnt see or feel the depth of their connection. People are clowning her bcuz it was only 12 days. I met my husband in the most random way. We were wing man and woman for my room mate and his buddy. I new after 8 days. We have been together 19yrs. SO, IT HAPPENS PEOPLE. I wish everybody could experience that in their life time.

    87. Brook Wagner


      1. Pixie Living

        Yes mine too! So romantic

    88. Silvana Esqueda

      Is a good feeling. I hope the both get alone . I wish her the best ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    89. Lo Lo

      She’s taking a 50/50 gamble behaving this way it’s very risky and naive but so romantic it could really happen for her especially in this type of setting where hopefully the guys are looking for love and a wife. Shes def throwing herself at Dale it’s gonna be interesting to watch how he handles it. She’s going to be crushed and forever changed if it doesn’t. Rooting for her 💕

    90. tea and read

      This made me cry 😭 I know what she’s feeling. My ex and I went to the same high school and he was dating someone the entire time, best friends with my sister, and yet I don’t ever remember meeting him. He moved away after high school to SC and a few years later when I graduated, my family and I just so happened to be moving to the same state! I am a loner, so When we moved there I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t care to make any either. But anyway one day on the 4th of July, my sister thought it would be a great idea to go to Myrtle beach for the 4th, so we could watch the fireworks in the beach. It was about a 3 hour drive and All she talked about was this friend she wanted to meet up with, I had no idea who she was talking about, who “he” was. I was just doing for the fireworks and food lol. Fast forward to the point I’m trying to get to... It’s night time as this point and as we were sitting down finishing up our food, my sister gets a text from her friend that he was there waiting outside. So she’s like “awesome, come on you guys I want you to meet my friend”. We walk outside and she’s giving him and his sister, and her boyfriend all hugs. As soon as I saw him, I experienced that SAME feeling Clare is taking about. Everything went dark around us 💔 I didn’t notice my sister, I didn’t notice his sister or her boyfriend, or the people walking the streets around us. I can’t describe what I felt, but it was an instantaneous attraction that I never felt before. I want to say it was love at first sight. I’m 26, engaged and have 2 beautiful children but I never felt that feeling before, or after him. After we were introduced by my sister and we both said our quick “hello”s, he and his group walked off and said he will meet us at the beach. I immediately told my sister “I like him.... no, like.. I reeeally like him.” She told me he just ended his relationship with the girl he was dating in high school all those years ago and she will talk to him for me. When she talked to him that night, Apparently he liked me too. We ended up dating and I never lost that spark. He was the love of my life 💕 He was my first everything and I believe that caused our relationship to end, but he told me he wanted to give it another shot in a few years once I experienced life a little more. But we both ended up not speaking for 5 years. Both got engaged, with children. About 2 months before he passed away, he reached out to me. But never got to really speak. He passed away this year in May

    91. Hleziphi Dhlamini

      Makes sense he was the last one out of the limo but he was shown as in between when the show aired that is why you Chris after her statement.

    92. Adamapp24

      To old ....all the contestants younger than her no offense

    93. KarlaElaine100

      Well, they will be a “Notebook” couple...or she is a little cra cra. Time will tell.

    94. Cesar Fadul

      Creepy Romantic

    95. Sultan Mohammed

      Why did Clara leave

    96. woiour loin

      I’m so happy for Clare. She deserves it. I hope it works out for her.

    97. pomminnie

      One question: why this dress?

    98. M C

      Claire looks like she’s more into him than he’s into her! I hope this works but I have the feeling that it’s not going to work! Just being realistic.

      1. Luc Bordage


    99. My Chanel

      It’s whatever! I don’t believe in love at first sight. But I hope the best for them.🤩😎😊

    100. Tyler

      I have the same effect on women. They can't breathe when in my presence. But that might be because I don't use deodorant.

      1. Alfio Coco


      2. Ifyouwantoreplyjustclickthethreedotstotheside

        I already like you!!!!

      3. Andrew Ness

        Tyler Durden

      4. Onyeka Onyebuchukwu

        U are the goat 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

      5. Eva Oliveira

        Best comment ever 😂🤣