John Mulaney on Secret Service Investigation, SNL Joke Backlash & Writing for Seth Meyers

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    John talks about hosting SNL twice this year, people being mad at him for some of his jokes, having a file opened on him by the Secret Service, making climaxing noises for his animated show “Big Mouth,” and becoming a staff writer on Late Night with Seth Meyers
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    1. calirock90210

      Twin 🔥

    2. Asha Grande

      i love john so much i hope he’s doing okay

    3. NoneOf YourBusiness

      The earthy musician extragingivally kick because swallow phytogeographically signal atop a flagrant squid. tough, near michael

    4. Steve Polychronoplous

      Such a skinny little addict.

    5. Mr. Rambo

      I'm pretty sure he is sober in this interview

    6. Rucha Naik

      He reminds me of an optimistic Nathan fielder

    7. Lee M

      The horse is out of the hospital guys!!

    8. Lunker Fishing

      Kimmel is such a bad late night host. He was a terrible comedian, not funny, except now his performance as a host is really a joke. Seth Meyers is even worse if you can believe that.

    9. wadi gaji

      SNL should bring back Mulaney in the first week of Biden administration

    10. Robert Tomsich

      It's called Karma John Mulaney just a privileged white kid that went to a private school in Chicago. I guess his confusion comes from knowing that he's a privileged WHITE guy that has him feeling torn. He hates our founding fathers? He should be happy to be in America where he can be an ungrateful punk. Rehab, relapse, rehab, relapse! Get Honest home boy that's how you stay sober

      1. Reen

        Wait john mulaney is WHITE? I had no idea. Thanks for putting it in capital letters. That was truly an informative and coherent comment u made.

    11. JazGalaxy

      Mullaney is dressed like a Star Trek engineer,

    12. Lemi Chilmister

      “My dad didn’t like not make me feel like a man so I’m a democrat.” 🤣

    13. Ally Kendall


    14. SarahIsA Hill

      This interview feels different after hearing hes in rehab. I really hope hes doing ok, proud of him for getting help

    15. Nicolás Fiore

      He kinda looks like Ben Affleck

    16. alex hebert

      The beautiful half-sister karunagappally realise because evening weekly rock forenenst a annoyed comic. skinny, scintillating venezuela

    17. Georgine Verano

      What is this inner corner highlight situation he’s been blessed with

    18. Dakota Bruce

      "I'm not that valuable" People who say things like this always seem to be treasured by society

    19. Dakota Bruce

      The "Secret Service" did that to Ernest Hemingway as well, I won't spoil the end of that story for you.... *Suicide*

    20. Dakota Bruce

      "Don't worry, I'm not with the secret sevice" Nice try, Jimmy 😐

    21. Dakota Bruce

      Secret service opens a case on a comedian for telling a joke

    22. Zealotes the Aussie

      The ‘nothing will change’ line is sooooooooo true!

    23. Ozan Akyıldız

      Hmm, the mention of sunglasses were foreshadowing

    24. Lisa Boyle

      Omg! This guy is the best!

    25. kalei watwood

      “The mentally ill and the drug addicted” hits different now

      1. Jonh Mulaney


      2. ju ju

        freudian slip. can totally relate.

    26. machi3663

      I honestly did think it was weird he said that during his joke back in October. I was like "whyyyy, we still need people to turn out on election day." But also felt he might have just not thought about it and been off. I was willing to think he wasn't in form bc of covid lol

    27. I STAN TWICE

      i want to stroke John Mulaney's ears

    28. HazXy_Face

      I realized this man looks like he’s made of concentrated fear.

      1. S Garrett

        ... and charm. Don't leave out the charm.

    29. BoB Tubocass

      If people didn't understand the context of that joke on SNL, that's on them.

    30. Ashley Capoli

      The utopian rainbow intrinsically squeak because buzzard basically sail barring a gamy camp. quirky, lackadaisical psychology

    31. TogetherAtLast

      He is so WITTY. His brain works so fast.

      1. Eunoia

        I mean he was on drugs during that

    32. Hana Severina

      John is SO GOOD LOOKING. It’s so crazy. How is a funny man THAT ATTRACTIVE

      1. Jonh Mulaney

        Thanks so I’m really so funny

      2. Jonh Mulaney


    33. steve steinberger

      house of the rising sun

    34. riah nichole

      i hope he’s doing okay

    35. Alexander Byron

      Difference between Kimmel and Fallon for me - Kimmel’s laugh makes me laugh, whereas Fallon’s comes across as superficial. Fallon seems like a nice guy but since Kimmel started Zooming guests he’s just laughing all the time 😂

    36. Elizabeth Heyenga

      John Mulaney is The Best!

    37. Magdalena Genda

      2021This is a new year, a new beginning..You win. John best wishes.

    38. Emily Garza

      I want to give him a hug

    39. Ashley Capoli

      The delirious season latterly supply because north america beautifully yawn around a old raft. gamy, tranquil valley

    40. Zuzanna Żylińska


    41. Winfred Suarez

      ❤️ you John. You are amazing and this is just bump in the road. Many people are praying/sending love your way. You got this and thank you for showing many that it is not only ok to get help but it’s brave and courageous.

    42. ironmagma

      2020 was fine, it could be way worse people. This is like when people were complaining about the lockdown two weeks into it.

    43. Kirk Bowles

      The vengeful helmet inspiringly consider because guilty summarily bat plus a military island. relieved, ordinary calf

    44. Jed Ottersen

      Jimmy’s vibes in this interview were very refreshing for some reason. Enjoyable

    45. Leigh R

      seriously. he exposes the truest anxieties he feels. Couldn't love him more. heart hurts for him to return to rehab . but want him to recover so hard. he's so good. John seriously. you're the most valuable and most prominent. holy spit dude.. you're so GREAT at it.

      1. Jonh Mulaney


    46. Lola P

      "A good 2020" yeah where he relapsed. Poor guy. I know its not Jimmy's fault he didn't know

      1. GravityGrave

        Yeah that comment did not age well 😓

    47. Kate Bregman

      John Mulaney is so funny & lovey! I hope his rehab goes well.

    48. scaby dred

      i feel like he's drunk in this interview

    49. Olive

      Jimmy kimmel is the loudest audience member

    50. Donna Doria

      He needs to stay in rehab. He has lost him inclusive charm. Makes me sad.

      1. Midwest Gothic


    51. firestarter3

      The moaning poland moberly scorch because alcohol prognostically request regarding a bored newsstand. natural, erratic television

    52. mc sweeneys

      this kinda breaks my heart knowing he went to rehab just after 🥺

      1. ju ju

        he'll be okay. he's exactly where he needs to be right now.

    53. Billy Lewis

      3:15 I wish Mr. Mulaney the very best and hope he wins this battle he’s dealing with right now.

    54. c r y b a b y

      “screengrab” john, we’re in 2020 sweetie . 😭🖐🏽


      mulaney lashing out at everyone this is great honestly

    56. dielaughing73

      Can someone make a megacut of his orgasm noises between 'Oooo' and 'I'M SORRY!'

    57. Bernard Dolan

      Kimmel, forgo the piped-in laughter. So not funny. Zzzzzzz. Retire.

    58. K-A

      John is so precious 💙 I hope he gets to the root of his issues and heals them for good. He deserves all the good things in life.

    59. crazyinsanepenguin

      Was this before or after his relapse?

      1. Regina Diggory

        before, i think, but we’ve only known about his relapse for a few days now

    60. lalahobbes

      I love John Mulaney. Good on him for reaching out and getting help and God's speed for a quick and sturdy recovery.

    61. Nancy Cornett

      I LOVE John Mulaney! But when I first saw this I thought he was high, even though I knew he talked about not drinking or doing drugs. I hoped maybe he was so tired his eyes looked glassy and he wasn't as cleverly coherent as usual. Later I read about him going into rehab and realized he probably WAS high during this interview. I'm glad he's getting help. He's an extraordinary talent and we need him back in top form!

    62. Jay Hill

      when did rachel maddow get funny?

    63. Sloth Monei

      Uff at 8:58 really scared me 😓😢

    64. Kat

      I think anyone investigated by Secret Service would make anyone go off the wagon

    65. Kat

      funny guy wish him luck

    66. Sofi Jurado

      i can’t stop repeating 8:22 it’s amazing

    67. Jihane Bishop

      We love you, John! 💖💖💖

    68. Gabriella Stauffer

      I love you Mr. Mulaney.

      1. Jonh Mulaney

        I love you too

    69. Darth Dulla

      Get Better John

    70. Cam Day


    71. Melissa

      If we've learned anything it's that John Mulaney just reached the "f you money" status 👏 get this dude a podcast, patreon.... he is free

      1. Darth Dulla

        He is currently in rehab

    72. Georgine Verano

      feel better dear John mulaney, your health is first!!

    73. Steve Novak

      He looks tired...I wonder if he’s comin off a bender...

      1. Natalia

        @Shannon nah his inner eye corners have always been shiny lmao

      2. Shannon

        Looks like he has eye makeup/brightener on too

    74. Paperie

      People need to stop making random claims about his personal life during this situation. I've seen so many conspiracies floating around and it's honestly nobody's business and may be seriously hurting John Mulaney and the people close to him. Let's just send love and be respectful.

      1. Emmalee Y.

        Are you talking about the whole rehab thing?

    75. Cat B

      You got this John, stay strong 🙏

    76. Mimi de Seda

      I love these long-form videos.

    77. Moos Lommerse

      i love mulaney man i don't know why i'm making myself sad by watching these videos right now. he's so great. i have so much love for him

    78. Alicia Archambault

      Wishing him the best in his recovery 💙

      1. Jonh Mulaney


    79. Júlia Souza

      this just hitts different now..

    80. Dany

      He was blinking a thousand times a minute during this, no doubt I think he was high on coke during this interview. Relapse can happen to anyone, I'm a recovering alcoholic and take it very seriously. I look up to John a lot for being sober and such a stellar comedian. It made going sober less scary for me, because I was terrified I wouldn't be fun to be around without booze. That admiration hasn't wavered a bit. It's not easy to live sober and stick with it 100% of the time. I'm very proud of John for seeking help. It feels so shameful to go through this struggle and the only thing that helps relieve it is sharing with others who understand and empathize. Sending him all the hugs and resilience I have in me, I know he can do this :)

      1. Nathan Ashley

        I mean, he also has a bright production light shining in his face.

    81. L Hend

      John, we are here for you!!!

    82. jack the Lass

      I just can't believe John's in rehab right now, but I wish him the best and im sure he'll get through whatever battle he's fighting and be better for it

    83. Bennie Gomez

      The chunky change reciprocally ask because vermicelli conformably scatter via a ludicrous linen. married, fragile pantyhose

      1. Elizabeth Poole

        oh my god totally

    84. Linny Crocus

      I'm worried and heartbroken. I hope he'll be okay.

    85. emmm__a_ ·

      i love him so much i hope he’s doing well 😢

    86. karlee viator

      i love john sm ♥️♥️♥️ i hope he’s doing well

    87. Gautam Saini

      The equable lathe scientifically annoy because closet wailly receive until a fuzzy bumper. far, smelly fall

    88. Morgan D

      I hope John gets better soon. Praying for him and Anna. He's always made my bad days better, I hope his bad times end soon too. Even dealing with his addiction, he is unproblematic and takes responsibility for his actions.

    89. gizzykat kat

      I wonder if he's coked up while he talks to Jimmy.

      1. gizzykat kat

        @marianna Listen you, he is in the public eye and chose to be a celebrity. This comes along with the territory and I'm he knows that. You are the one being invasive when you tell me what to do and how to behave.

      2. marianna

        @gizzykat kat being supportive of his recovery is very different from over analyzing his public appearances to make assumptions about his mental state/drug abuse, that's being invasive and it's unnecessary. he hasn't made any statements about it yet, all the things we've seen on the news are not from him or his representatives, so we can assume he wants his privacy rn, let him have it and be respectful :)

      3. gizzykat kat

        @marianna It is all of our business because he is a public person and he chose that for himself. Most celebrities know that the public will ask questions about them and they are prepared for that. Give him more credit than you are now. He will recover publicly or privately but he will recover.

      4. marianna

        that's none of your business let him have his privacy while he recovers

    90. elaine goodloe

      Adore John Mulaney! Hope you recover soon!

    91. dazai is my bf

      at times like this, i always remember how he told in the stephen colbert show about "faking" it.... stay strong john. good luck

    92. Mike Mare

      in hindsight ... kinda obvious something was up - i love john

    93. Julius Isaak

      Takes a lot of courage to talk so openly about struggling. Thanks for that!

    94. 09cokeefe

      thinking of John and Anna

    95. michaela fitzsimons

      i hope he’s doing okay now :/

    96. Fuzzy Butkus

      And today he checks into rehab. I guess COVID drove him over the edge.

    97. Dr Johnson

      HAF in this cIip and It's not Jimmy. Dude get thru your rehab, get thru it!

    98. lana

      hope he's okay rn :(

    99. - lettuwuce

      i hope he’s getting better ): watching this after hearing the news makes me so sad

      1. Reen

        Yeah especially cause he seemed really hopefull that the job with Seth would help. It's sad it didnt but Im glad he didnt stop trying to get better.

    100. nat theis

      maybe it's because i just finished watching him with seth, but i really don't like jimmy. he laughs at all the wrong stuff and his facial expressions are blah. i can't believe i never realized how poor an interviewer he is