Savannah Dexter - I Don't Open Up (Official Music Video)

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    Savannah Dexter - I Don't Open Up (Official Music Video)
    Mako Music Group
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    Full Scope Cinema
    Produced By: David Ray, Wee Wee
    Mixed by: Brinson Swann
    Mastered by: EARGAWD
    Written By: Savannah Dexter
    #SavannahDexter​​ #DontOpenUp #Savages​​

    Published on Month ago



      I have learned the ones closest to you will do you the dirtiest. People will stab you in the back while they smile in your face. Real ones are hard to come by. This song is personal for me. And my last name is Dexter, so I thought this visual was fitting.🩸🔪

      1. Ryan Teneyck

        I think I speak for all of us when I say your an amazing person and we all got your back love you keep up the amazing work

      2. Nichole Ashford

        Sexy talk !!! 100% J's

      3. Nichole Ashford


      4. Jonathon Mason

        These people i was driving them where they needed cause they dont have liscenses or a car... I miss two times of not taking them somwhere and then they tell me to F##K OFF.🙄

      5. Ken Heimbach Jr

        @Savannah Dexter you are an amazing woman with incredible talent you can do anything from hard shit, rap, and slow meaningful music which in my opinion is hard to come by you got all round talent you can do pretty much the whole range of spectrum amd your videos for the songs are perfect amd amazing as well! Keep pushin on and keep up the hard work and dont worry bout what other people say bout you the better ya are the more shit they talk thars how you know your makin it! You keep doin what your doin and you got a long bright future in the making comin! We all love your music so keep doin you girl!

    2. EpicFoxGaming

      I love the "Dexter" reference! XD

    3. jennifer Davis

      Exactly ive had ppl do me wrong my entire life including my parents. Moved out at 16 n been taking care of myself from then. Females who claim to be ur friend but screw ur man behind ur back to being homeless from 2019-2020 n back on my feet myself

    4. Jordan Hartman

      She isabsolutely amazing for doing what she does fr i wish i could just somewhat compare to her man it would be heaven

    5. Michael Joseph

      Like your music

    6. Iowa Sunshine

      I love the Dexter reference!!! Made me giggle! 😍

    7. TR

      I hope they picked up whatever it was she threw in the ocean lol

    8. Shannon Heil

      I can so relate to this song.. gotta watch who you trust

      1. Luis Moreno

        Yes you don't know who fake or who real with you

    9. S J

      Savannah be levelling it!

    10. Lauren Hoffman

      Fuck Fake Friends!!! 🖕❤ LOVE!!!

    11. Ashlyne Bu

      LOVE this song ❤️❤️

    12. Paul Allen

      Great song so many people get hurt,broken and scarred for life put that metal barrier up around that heart and then Don't Open Up!!

    13. One Love

      This is a fuckin anthem 🔥 Am I the only one that changes I don’t open up to Bitch I don’t give a fuck? 😂

    14. Destany Melton

      Savannah I love and if they dollnt they are crazy

    15. Pork Lamp

      I should be able to upvote this multiple times

    16. Ken Heimbach Jr

      @Savannah Dexter you are amazing girl

    17. M You wish

      Best in a long time, looks and vocals! Bitch you got this!

    18. Can You Spot Me

      Fire 🔥 Azz Tune ✔💕

    19. Melissa Pontremoli


    20. Eric Raleeh

      I found tom macdonald and nova rockafeller a few months ago and now I have found savannah dexter finally music is lit again and ill never listen to mainstream music again

    21. Kevin Mckinney

      You should be treated like a queen!!

    22. Corrupted Nova

      Bruh...the Dexter reference is too perfect

    23. Stacie Spain

      I learned young to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, they will smile in your face while they stab you in your back while saying bless your heart and wishing you well. Your song is on the point you know it

    24. Matthew Lewis

      Favourite series 👌

    25. Joshua Walls


    26. Joshua Walls

      # Savage

    27. kayla hassell

      I relate to this song so much. Making me wanna send this to my ex bet friend since she thinks after all this time that I never knew the dirt she said behind my back while we were BFF/Sisters

    28. Nick GoGetta

      Hella Whack No ⛽⛽⛽

    29. Guillermo Guerrero

      She looking mean in the cover

    30. James Chapman

      That video was weird af 💯

    31. Jevon Kfm

      Yoooooooo this is smarrrrt!

    32. Kimberly Cleesat

      He took me to down so bad Thank u for STRENGH to dump him at dumster

    33. johnhoe79

      I can relate people are trash especially family #selfrelient

    34. Greg Hunt

      That’s so true fake people that say are your friends but when it comes down to they stab you in back.

    35. Allie Mcilvain

      Got this song on repeat love this song

    36. Brandon Eddy

      One of the most Awesome songs in the world.

    37. Joslyn Mcarthur

      Yes girl this song is straight it

    38. Chris Salas

      This started out dark hahaha

    39. David Peters

      Been done dirtiest n stabbed in the back by family more then my own friends. #savages

    40. Justin Glover

      Nice. It takes a few seconds, than bam. The choice of a "Dexter" style killing as the theme. Makes sense for S. Dexter's music.

    41. Kirsten B

      It was a Saturday, I went from listening to Bhad Bhabie, Lady XO, then first time hearing a song called single Af by Foushee. Then The song Can't Never Could w/ Jellyroll came on. Then from there I was hooked. Your killin it Mamie. Shout out from the pan-handle of Florida, Okaloosa County 850! -Xo Kay Bee ♥️

    42. Aron Touchet

      I’ve been working a lot I haven’t been keeping up with nothing lately but I got some time now so please drop some more videos.

    43. Aron Touchet

      Yeah. really living up to Your name lol in this video I like all your videos but this one it’s a Master piece.

    44. Aron Touchet

      Hey I just wanted to ask you do you write your own lyrics no disrespect I’m just asking because you really got something going here no shit keep it up nothing but love for you no joke.

    45. Aron Touchet

      There you go spit that I like this I just remembered about the Dexter show on TV and your last name is Dexter that’s wild it’s cool though.

    46. Bigg Ant Taylor

      This shit 🔥 I can't wait to pay you to hope on a feature on a song of mine one day.

    47. Brandi Hickman

      This is DEEP and so damn true...CURRENT MOOD.. This is the SHIT

    48. James Scarboro

      I've never had a favorite song by a female artist till this.. Definitely better than any other female and most dudes right now. Killed it, and gorgeous af

    49. Undead Freak420

      SAVS A SAVAGE!!!

    50. Megan Powers

      I've had this on repeat all day for days now. 🔥🔥🔥

    51. William

      Most are snakes but you killed it as usual

    52. William Egan

      This is why you don't ever piss off a virgo.

    53. x mopsy

      Please please please do a Song with skittz kraven!!!!

    54. james ables

      describes my life i hardly open up to people

    55. Stephanie Daly

      Love this. Yes i see how my friends so called stabbed me in the back an i dont open up either. Keepp it up Savannah Dexter love ur music number 1 fan.

    56. Brooklyn and Bailey Mcknight

      I never knew who she is and when I went and listened to this I said hell yeah I am about to start listening to her stuff its fire

      1. Brooklyn and Bailey Mcknight

        @Sophia Moyers I know I love her

      2. Sophia Moyers

        You should her music is amazing

    57. Shannon Swiech

      Jeez the way this video is going Savannah's a lesbian

    58. Laura Lynn Turner

      I love this song

    59. Jon B

      I hope those were garbage bags full of styrofoam...😂

    60. Akylah Reynolds II

      It would make me soooooooo happy I would prolly scream if you did

    61. Akylah Reynolds II

      Heyyyy love ur music pls say hi

    62. T.H. White

      Bring more pride to the south. It isn't about competing in a flooded "rap" market. Own your Hyperborean heritage. You have royal blood in your veins. Go there, be controversial.

    63. canal falando sobre a vida

      Beautful bithes brasil love

    64. Dusty Henderson

      Queen of the underground without a doubt!

    65. Jennifer Lambert

      Wow 👏👏👏👏👏☺️ go girl!!!!!!!!🤭

    66. Reactor XXL

      time to chop-chop

    67. T H 3

      Good song

    68. Dexter James

      My first name is Dexter n ur right love this song



    70. Reese Riding

      She fye fr no kap i just started to hear about her 2 or last month seen all the vids n features she definitely ain't playing no games bros 😂💪💯

    71. Coca-Cola Coca-Cola

      I don't open up Cuz all these crazy thoughts Always head me feeling crazy as fuck Decided i don't care About to open up Change the world with my words No longer fuck with negativity Focusing on a legitimate way to put a million in a suitcase Like here mom #formymomma

    72. Darby Groce

      Is this all she knows how to sing about..she can sing but damn sing about something different

    73. Thirsty4Freedom

      Just stumbled on this SD. Listened to her other stuff. She isn't all that. Her flow is one two step. She can't sell the bad girl act very well either. There are so many better girls who flow tight. She ain't it. It's like they put a hot chick up and said go. Shit I can rap better than her. Anyways thumbs down on this one. Also if you like her, good for you. Don't flood my comments with distasteful comments. You like her I ain't trying to change your mind. Don't mean I can't say I don't like her and share my thoughts. ✌

    74. Virginia Stilwill

      Man this song makes me want to finally say what I wanna say to my ex beat friend of 28 years!!

    75. :I-AM:Doug E Hi Kamala


    76. Lexi Schaffert

      I have always been in love with dexter. My favorite show ever. This video just made my whole night girl kill it😉

    77. Mooker1 USA

      I know people are evil! I know people like drama because they are miserable. But this video is not for young girls. I understand the words. But these young girls have enough problems than you put this out. You could of made something positive out of this. We aren’t victims here. It’s our story, it makes us who we are. It’s just upsetting you would put this out for this younger generation. The problem with our Country is entitlement! These young girls need to see things much bigger than this.

    78. Mooker1 USA

      Your best friend can be your worst enemy!

    79. TheElderSithGBC


    80. Apryl C

      Anyone know where I could buy this album at

    81. Rose Price

      🔥🔥🔥 facts!

    82. BRIAN O'connor

      Love this! Lots of raw real truth 💯

    83. McNewbs

      I'm watching a reaction video.... 5 minutes later USfilm recommends some Dexter ass shit. I'm not upset. Thank you algorithm.

    84. Heather Fry

      Definitely one of my favorites by sav

    85. Hunter Reusser

      Keep making great music Ms Dexter this marine will keep listening

    86. Laura Nyiri

      she killin’ every other female in her lane #AnotherBanger 💯❤️

    87. sandi esparza

      My new fav !! You did that🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

    88. Jeff Phelps

      This song give's me movie trailer vibe's i love it . You rock Savannah

    89. Triton88keyz

      I know she gotta nice juicy cat 🐱

    90. Samantha DePalma

      probably one of the best visuals to go with a song ive ever seen to really make you feel the lyrics....its perfect i especially love the classic body parts in garbage bags boutta be thrown in the water scenes.....nailed it girly💙💙💯

    91. Christina T.

      Yaaaaassssss giiiiirrrrrllllll get it!!!! LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE the video ❤️❤️

    92. Kevin Thomas

      So gorgeous of a voice. And damn this girl is pretty hot. Js

    93. Cassandra Swisher

      It's fitting and I feel you with the lyrics girl, I really do. The videos a strong one

    94. Scott F

      Dexter Morgan homage???

    95. Spiner man


    96. Donnie Y.


    97. Joey Freeland

      I love your music and your so freaking gorgeous.. I want you and Tom Macdonald to collab

    98. Germality

      cool song, terrible video. is this a new Saw movie? geeze

    99. Stacy Bridgeford

      She reminds me of Tierra from the Bachelor lmao. Beautiful but very immature for her age. Always having a problem with someone. She brags about not getting along with any other girls. Grow up.

    100. Cslim Robinson

      💯💰🔥🔥🔥 Let’s Work