Zero Point Story Trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5


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    The Zero Point is exposed, but no one escapes the Loop, not on your watch.
    The hunt is on in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5: Zero Point. Join Agent Jones as he enlists the greatest Hunters across Realities like The Mandalorian to stop others from escaping the Loop. Battle for honor in an ancient arena, take on bounties from new characters and try out new Exotic weapons that pack a punch. Your targets are waiting. Join the Hunt.
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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    1. PMV LaserDank

      If you guys didn’t know Coral Castle is gone 1:10

    2. remyb19

      Imagine having a custom background where you could customise it in the lobby!

    3. Art Cakiqi

      Ain't jonsey in agency and the hole he went through I think is where the device was

    4. Landon Jansen

      Fortnight needs to get rid of sweaty sands and replace it with the OG tilted, but make it to where there is a huge bubble around it. Then once you go in their are of weapons like pumps, double pump, deagle stuff like that, but when you leave the circle the weapons that you got will automatically turn into the closest form of a weapon that is in the current state of fortnight.

    5. Malek Aoun

      Epic I know Midas is alive I saw him in the black panther trailer

    6. Jack Debole

      i love it use code nickeh30 in the shop

    7. Aiden Ellis

      Please L take the L in the Fortnite item shop

    8. Isiah Plumlee

      Fortnite pls add the chapter two season 2 characters back me and my best friend cried about all the memories we had in chapter two season 2 so please Im begging you pls read this

    9. Yoel Soto

      give us more refund tickets

    10. Fortnite Player

      My account got banned why did he

      1. Fortnite Player

        I lie

    11. Alexander Roque

      Epic I am deleting it

    12. Alexander Roque

      You take all my bars

    13. Alexander Roque

      I hate you

    14. Crankz_YT

      Season 6: Jonesy likes your cut g

    15. Aaron Knowles

      Please god free skin in the battle pass

    16. Benett Márkus

      Pls fornite season 1 pppplllllssßs

    17. REE EE

      Please bring fortnite on iOS

    18. Victor Rasmussen


    19. Jesse Page

      Who ever want to add me on my epic here it is DragonSTJess

    20. Jesse Page

      When the zero point says I'm going make another black whole for another 2 days

    21. Jesse Page

      What's going to happen to the zero point

    22. Jesse Page

      The visitor let me make everyone to escape from the loop

    23. Victor Rostkowski

      pleas get vending mashins back

    24. Dudk.Minemator

      no, the last thing we need is doctor who as playable char. in fortnite and human dalek or supreme dalek as boss

    25. Theodore Pingleton

      Pause the trailer at the beginning and look at the pictures

    26. Shu Kurenai

      Everyone if you completed the storm the agency challenges then you have agent Jones's backbling

    27. jullianbenavides matias


    28. Fearless Elite

      0:26 agency Like if you miss agency

    29. Eustathios Papaioannou

      Is the lever shotgun

    30. Eustathios Papaioannou

      I am bad why is to game the new shotgun

    31. Daniel Alcalá

      Fornite please so the pink Bear is not human and i sped more Money on your Game

    32. Макар MAKARPYNZAR

      Разработчики фортнайт Добавьте пожалуйста новую Land Cruiser макароны им не буду анимация когда буду подтверждать там буду Новый режим подозревается полтава-2 игру камни просто строиться нам надо бегать по блокам играть друзьями и в этом Ну кто Выполни задания можно получить бесплатно скин хищника бесплатно получил скин хищника и ничего получить новый скин робота монстра выглядывать два новых хинато вода кишечник и буду И добавить немного большую Как называются макару пынзару когда это тебе всё добавить в игру Пожалуйста сделайте так то кто будет скачивать Ну кого не рискнул Мирный Games она скачать Просто потом заходит на ссылку на fortnite нажимает на фортепиано скачивается fortnite на улицу быстро обновление работники fortnite и кто буду заходить в игру и сразу буду ему даваться 1000 баксов когда это всё Сделайте пожалуйста скачайте мне фонарик есть да

    33. Andrewman725

      i think we should be able to create our own fortnite map but it is not the real fornite map i think we just create it for fun and yeah

    34. MR animations

      Epic games can you please give me the ikonic and scenario I got the Samsung a +10s but the ikonic was not at the vbucks place my epic is PANDAA TW

    35. royale man Ducky

      ahoj epic prosím pošlite mi na môj mail ten verifikačný kód moc vás o to prosím lebo som do vašej hry dal už cez 300 eur a za moju trpezlivosť by som ocenil prepáčenie

    36. luka rendula

      epic games please remove aim assist

    37. Madison Loubser

      Fix the fricking lever action shotgun it’s over powerd and does to much damame

    38. Jay Kent

      Please have the event last a little longer just for eight more minutes where are you win this skin please🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😭😭😭🥺🥺

    39. Lootlama1

      0:00 pictures of stuff important to jonsey 0:17 jonsey’s rift gun used to teleport 0:27 picture on the wall might be imagine order HQ and might come to the game 0:28 that picture of a ghost logo on mug the imagine order is working with ghost 0:45 looks like it might be underwater there is bubbles in the background 0:49 material like Kevin the cube used to seal bridge 1:04 paused the portal came from under ground the zero point is confusing

    40. Kannon Mcguirk

      Bring back combat pls

    41. alex777

      hello fornite can you give us the grefg dance at least please

      1. LD Scandic

        No it's coming into the item shop and u gotta buy it.

    42. elijahwyatt

      Fortnite do a good season next season

    43. Marcelo Lopes

      Actually the mandalorians music theme is from IG-11

    44. Jason Risner

      I love your updates when you pulled of galctus event I just love it

    45. alex gonzalez

      every bounty hunter agent jones found so far: BP skins:Mando,Resse,Mancake,Mave,Kondor,Lexa,Menace Item Shop skins:Kratos,Master Cheif,Daryl Dixon,Michonne Upcoming skins:Laura Croft

    46. Ben Zou

      Wheres coral castle

    47. try Alex

      Fortnite plz in sezon 6 og mapa seazon 1-5😭😭😭

    48. Darkened Night

      Fortnite, please bring back Kevin😢


      When the fortnite come in the App Store☹️

    50. SaTox YT

      J'ai acheter le club fortnite et j'ai que 1000 vbuck et on m'a pas rembourser les 950 du pass ☹

    51. emmetsdotcom pe

      I think the seven is not happy

    52. Ryan Evans

      Man this is so stupid the reason the game is dying and continues to is because it changes too much like honestly take the map of chapter 2 s 3 and then get like s9 map like jeezus

    53. Mohamed Hamad Al Mahmeed

      Bring Travis Scott I didn’t have enough bucks but now I do please


      Pls do ruby in item shop pls🥺🥺

    55. gg ff

      فرتني احله لعبه

    56. loud youd

      Do a skin for x2twins PlzPlzPlzPlz

    57. Kourtney Villela

      Epic there is a bug that wen me and my friend we want to play dous and it sends us to creative

    58. Sulema Aguilar

      Epic games why don’t you put fortnite in the AppStore so we can play

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      Jugué la partida aquí ando viendo cómo cómo está todo bien ya

    60. Tropical dizzy

      Fortnite can you sent my v bucks but is not working my epic is Tropical_Dizzy

    61. Christèle Lyengo

      ramez calls jonsy

    62. Savage LLama 44

      You should make a season based off red dead redemption 2 and have the tier 100 Arthurs horse

    63. RSN_ ry

      Me and my friend really like hide and seek we are really good at it and we want a hide and seek underwater labs tournament PLZ.

    64. Solange Bombardieri

      Sério mesmo eu tenho

    65. Gamingpro9513

      Please make a hockey skin

    66. Sorya Alam

      Season 5 is cool butta the season 6 is return the mecha

    67. mark kahn

      Pin this or ur game is dog water

    68. TomBrawl Stars

      Czy fortnite będzie na telefonie na Huawei 5 praca z serwisem komentarz ale teraz jadę po prostu

    69. Oa Av

      aii game fortnite

    70. John Paul Boquecosa

      Zero Point: Why am I out again? I'm still tired yo know.🤣

    71. its ya boi

      You should so add a setting to change the sounds to Modern & Original. Also, a setting to set the graphics to Modern & Original!!!

    72. Brayan Gomez

      Yo fix your dmubass game im quitting the game for good this game just took all my money 💰

    73. Ronaoro Zoro

      0:25 IO guards running 0:21 the woman is saying do not draw attention of the seven... theye the battlepass skins 7 mandolorain 1 reese 2 mancake 3 mave 4 kondor 5 lexa 6 menace 7

      1. Faded Stormz

        Sorry but the seven are actually a group of people from space who caused the end event and there main goal was to stabilise the zero point. The 3 known members are the Visitor, The scientist and the paradigm

    74. Saiidh Arenas

      En el mapa de the gref pueden arreglar los saltos

    75. Youjustgotrickrolled

      Anyone think the season isn’t as good as it could have been

      1. Youjustgotrickrolled

        @Yolkyostritch169 because I can

      2. Yolkyostritch169

        And why do you think that?

    76. Kara Lewis

      Fortnite can you bring back pumpernickel like if you guys agree

    77. Extreme player !

      Tell us about predator

    78. Godzilla_Gaming 890

      Hey Fortnite can you add the floor is lava LTM please

      1. Godzilla_Gaming 890


      2. Godzilla_Gaming 890

        But I’m not gonna be able to play tomorrow I will be at school

      3. Sofia

        Good news for you. Tommorow there is a tournament. (14th January). That's the game mode, the floor is lava. And you can also earn the grefg skin if you place high enough. But im Just saying there are going to be sweats entering.

    79. Gage Kemp

      "Do not draw attention of the seven." Jonesy: I'm gonna oofing do it again

    80. Ghetto

      Bruh make this season shorter

    81. Max Sbrana

      Oggi c' era un aggiornamento su fortnite e avevo fatto l'aggiornamento ma però c'era scritto i server non rispondo

    82. King Poo

      Epic you are the best I just really want a day where w all go back to season 1

    83. Rudra Parmar

      Fortnite I accidentally bought Victoria saint skin I accidentally I had 2300 vbucks and now 1100 I did not mean to pls refund of my account VIC Wolfz pls help me out

    84. Shade actual


    85. ŁäįŁäį Ñö gåńg báńgįńg

      Can you bring back the pumps

    86. ROCKET Leave scamm catchers


    87. pro Adam

      Chapter 2 season 7 all season returned Starting 10th Feb 2021

      1. Yemmy

        @pro Adam😂

      2. pro Adam

        Final season choose any season

      3. pro Adam

        Chapter 3 season 3 master chief return

      4. pro Adam

        Chapter 3 season 2 what a normal day

      5. pro Adam

        Chapter 3 season 1 Adams legend and midus return

    88. Matthew Tallon

      Hey epic! I have a awesome idea! why not merge some Large parts and pois of different season maps! From Matthew Tallon

    89. Mustafa Hussein

      Hi fortnite you are the best game in the world thank you for every givt

    90. Brody Villanueva

      Pls add a pokimane skin

    91. speed the hedchog

      Is the zero point the orbe

    92. pills MILKY

      We need pumps

    93. SP LighT

      Free Jarvis

    94. Daniel Martin

      0:21 she said don’t drop it to the seven but there is 7 visitors

      1. Gage Kemp


    95. Donna Reed

      my youtube is cooper reed

    96. Donna Reed

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    97. Donna Reed

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    98. Donna Reed

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    100. Donna Reed

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