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    We went to twitch gaming streamers and donated a lot of money in various ways. A lot of the streamers we picked are Fortnite streamers. featuring @FaZe Nikan @TeaWap . This is part of my ongoing Fortnite Donating To Twitch Streamers series.
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    Published on 25 days ago


    1. FaZe Jarvis

      Support my channel by playing Mobile Legends: Adventure: bit.ly/MLAxFaZeJarvis Use my code: 69NHGN2223W for an exclusive bonus

      1. Chanler Schumacher

        Try minecraft

      2. MaD aZaP

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      3. Jesse Pineda Varela


      4. Eggify

        @Combi gaming lmao, im a og for mobile legends, i use to play it with my dad with every time i had free time lol

      5. Combi gaming

        Thats not EVEN the real MOBILE LEGENDS Lol


      Me: *gets auto clicker*

    3. Jellyfan

      Bro I was eating cookies while watching this lol

    4. Mr.GG-RAFF


    5. Lorenzo Romero


    6. Omar Sindy

      Legends never die they become a part of you

    7. Warturtle Watches

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    8. linglancegaming

      Fun fact: mobile legends adventure is not only one app there actually a bigger app than mobile legends adventure it's there app name mobile legends

      1. linglancegaming

        Sorry bad English

    9. Angel Herrera

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    10. me no

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    11. HypeBoys

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    12. Dylan Hilton

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    14. Sebastian Battle

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    15. isiaah bruney

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    16. Cheese squad

      For iq question 10 the thing is he can't be your dad if he was born today and so he would not be your dad. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

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    18. Cake Yt

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    23. Bullenwille

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    24. Clazpi's Babe

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    25. Deshawn Anderson

      Knock Off Mr. Beast lol

    26. Yvng_Moe

      that one guy sounded like he had atune when he was like yoeeeeeeeeeeee no wayy dude lol

    27. cdkroi bruh

      40 cps drag clicking germans: **allow us to introduce ourselves**

    28. Righteous Turtle


    29. Laiyemo Boys

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    30. Tyler Orlando

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    31. Ghosty.y.

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    32. massachusetts418

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    33. Xalvion

      That was legendary lmao 🤣🤣

    34. Haroon Ali

      Un ban jarvis from fortnite

    35. takeaway

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    36. MetaKnight X6


    37. Tim Zeller

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    38. Prestarno 345

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    39. NotLucas

      2.7million people did not get a cookie

    40. Luke Tan

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    41. Jace Love

      Why did u use hacks

    42. D Bagzz


    43. coolduders

      not to be mean BUT HIS NOSE IS SO BIG

    44. Soul Sniper

      me: Jarvis: todays spon... me: SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP!!!!!!!!!

    45. FF-Gamer Afraz

      Jarvis:Every cookie you click you get 10 cents MrBeast:Every cookie you click you get 10 dollars

    46. Itz Snipez

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    47. Itz Snipez

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      1. cat

        @Mr Hamster did you know he didn't sub to you

      2. dead channel

        Lmao I love how most of you guys believe this isn't a bot 💀

      3. Nickiller


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    49. Evan Shorr

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    50. Brayden Riness

      this is the game you rely on when you get banned on fortnite:

    51. Øyvind Melkevik

      next video can teeqo speak swidish and i coming from norway


      Play mobile legend 🥰

    53. WassupJuega TTV

      May 27 is my birthday :)

    54. sufi miah

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    55. british person

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    57. Sezor

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    60. Johnxthxn_YT

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    61. ClearlyMJ IsTheCoolest

      3:40 No. I won’t.

    62. Rawand King

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    65. handsomelybook90 youtube

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    66. Brothers World

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    67. DRAKEIY 68

      Mobile Legends Bang Bang version is better than the adventure 1

    68. Jodie Mallory


    69. Fishy fishy 1234

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    70. Dere Woods

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    71. Yxxii Greens

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    72. Lunfr

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    73. Walnut

      i would have dominated cuz i can butterfly 20 - 25 cps

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    75. fgteev fan

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    76. John Lenihan

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    79. Lazer Lando

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    80. Jan Miro

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    81. Bree Bass

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    82. Udeza

      Just get a macro on ur mouse lol

    83. Tuff Muscles


    84. Jimmy Choo

      Bro he was supposed to donate 8000 dollars because you need to decide 16000 by 2 and that equal 8000

    85. Mel T


    86. Fire Ghost

      Imagine if the streamer used an autoclicker...

    87. Twants TVX

      Bro you are the new mrbeast💪😯

    88. koNo • 234 years ago•

      Jarvis thank u for helping chossymk his one of my fav youtubers/streamer

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    90. the gamer fjmc93

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    91. ふたClumsyKitten

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    92. Ange BB

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    94. Kiel Powell-Haddon

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    99. Kimberlys Journey

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