DON'T WAKE SHE-HULK... or ELSE! (Fortnite Challenge)

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    Jennifer Walters is a pretty easy going lady... until you make her angry! You wouldn't like her when she's angry. Iron Man, Maya, and Tek will know this all to well by the end of this game. In it, they will have to make it around the board while answering Ms. Walters's questions and being careful not to wake She-Hulk! Who will win? A superhero? or one of the two super fans Maya or Tek?
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Muhammad Rassya

      Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah

    2. Justin Thomas

      ive never cheated in my life and gotten cought- Iron man 2020

    3. Elmira Tirado

      lol i love it

    4. M A


    5. M A


    6. Morgan Cansler


    7. Christina Hernandez

      She hulk beast related iton man umm normal sounds to me beauty and the beast reverse

    8. Rafy Playz

      Wth she hulk iron man did not hack omg

    9. Abigail Kornock


    10. Rami Haj

      Yeah e got the feaver

    11. Ember Flame 3:16

      wait... three sixes... THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Seyed Zeynab Amani


    13. Madi The Gamer


    14. Joe Lesi


    15. Jennifer Rubi

      Rupublick Okay 👍🏻

    16. James Bowthorpe

      It ain’t satisfying

    17. Timothy Scott

      Ssniper wolf was maya

    18. Keenan Rickard


    19. Royal Milx


    20. LazerBeam

      The devil 666

    21. Ruthanna Ruffer

      i go with iron man cherry

    22. Ethan Mcdonald


    23. Erin King

      these days lol

    24. Carlo Matteo Garganera

      I live your videos is so cool

    25. Jeremiah Thomas

      OMG Iron man played as meowslces in the season 2 chapter 2 so cool and a little sad

    26. David Lepoidevin


    27. Imogen Mackenzie

      Nice video

    28. soma somah


    29. tres

      your the best

    30. Tiffany Mathews

      and yes i am a kid

    31. Tiffany Mathews

      i was your 6 sub

    32. Abood alzhrany


    33. Andrew Vandermark

      She Hulk

    34. Andrew Vandermark

      Hi NewScapePro

    35. Lwhittingham LJames

      I hate gilactis

    36. Denise Boyd

      I watch the video that you made this in love with it so much I wanna go out of skin

    37. Nour Maz

      I LOVE ITS

    38. Hamdan Rahman

      yay red team is gona win

    39. Sharon Wheaton

      What the fudge up bro

    40. Whitney Ann

      ive played this before

    41. Jake Bridges


    42. Chrissean Watson

      Please thank you Watch your videos all the time watching videos all the time

    43. Jack Hartman

      Sounds like the game sorry

    44. mig gaming

      ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dammmmmmmmmmmmm sheeeeeeeeeeeee hulkkkkkkkkkkkk innnnnnn loveeeeeeeeeeee withhhhhhhhhhhhhh tonnnnynnynynynynynyn

    45. Foster Machenheimer

      plese can you make you make a dont wake iron man or else

    46. Jae Park

      When iron man wins and they all talk to him look at she hulk

    47. Andre Ribeiro

      18:13 she hulk: I really like the ucollayli Me: uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh... Other viewers : why

    48. Kalvin Elcock


    49. Kalvin Elcock

      She hulk was dome

    50. Izzy.Bizzyy

      When iron man wins and they all talk to him look at she hulk

    51. Fizzah Murtaza

      19:26 when tek said thors crazy Ironman pulled his boom bow out to kill him

    52. ArmandoPlayz

      Iron man Sounds like Meowscles but in robotic

    53. Irene Rangel


    54. gamer girl girls can play video games to boys

      I am new but your vids are cool I like tham

    55. arm


    56. Erica Plourde

      I like she-hulk she is so funny

    57. Owen Ferro


    58. Lisa Berreth

      I just got rainbow shehulk

    59. Samantha Bigham

      Did you guys make game toons

    60. Chris-Lyn Stroh

      No one cares that I like iron man

    61. Maurice Camak Jr.

      She hulk just keep killing iron man for nothing

    62. Allie Alto


    63. Awesomenieem 2009

      I really wanna see Meowscles and Jen in another minigame together

    64. Veronica Santiago


    65. Veronica Santiago

      Because that's his dad

    66. Veronica Santiago

      Can you but julie and midas love

    67. Gacha Roses

      iron man always wins 😂

    68. kaitlyn Sims


    69. Galactic Foxes


    70. ayaankindle ayaan

      Your vs are good 👍

    71. Cooper Games


    72. Neveah Rodriguez

      This is lit 🔥

    73. เทวกรณ์ พันธุ์ชิต

      18:13 she hulk: I really like the ucollayli Me: uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh... Other viewers : why

    74. Norma Gonzalez

      I like Jennifer waters

    75. shelby Doyle


    76. Kristi Dell

      I want a don’t wake tony stark/ iron man

    77. heroex phantom gaming

      it's called don't wake up she hulk 😁

    78. The Game Reaper

      Maya: always calling out tony Me: so you have chosen death

    79. Kerri Peterson

      He groot if you're out there watching this you should be reminded at she hulk said that Maya is way better than you

    80. Ben Francis

      I hate her !


      Iron man tek. is now my sidekick and I am his mentor Peter 😱


      is maya sssniperwolf?

    83. Aliyah Richards


    84. Melina Hidalgo

      I like playing for night I like playing for no no

    85. Noah Titans

      What is 200 + 250 it is 450

    86. Christopher Pena

      Chrispens0219 is my name

    87. Kassi Gray

      I love it

    88. Codey CMOB Mobley


    89. Codey CMOB Mobley


    90. Aaron Weldon

      hey loveing the vids i liked and subd

    91. Chelsea Smith

      Escape from new hope

    92. Chelsea Smith


    93. Sandy Baars

      Why don’t you make “don’t wake iron man” I think it’s a good idea

      1. FGTeeV fan k 12


      2. Malachi GAMING


      3. SuperGalaxy126


    94. Dani Soto

      She hulk smash it

    95. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tony

    96. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tek

    97. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Ms.Walters

    98. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Maya

    99. Jaxiel Rodriguez

      she hulk and iron man sitting in a tree k i s s i n g

    100. Jaxiel Rodriguez

      maya in this video is so sweet