Minecraft, But Your Health Multiplies Every Time A Creeper Explodes You...


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    This is Minecraft, But Your Health Multiplies Every Time A Creeper Explodes You... This was interesting.
    Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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    1. gulia

      17:39 FOR NARNIA

    2. MB


    3. The Shrub ツ

      *Google wants to know your location.*

    4. Superjump100 Plays games

      this is a weaker version of the effects of drinking Yorkshire tea gold but not perfectly balanced

    5. Sharon Walton

      9:49 hi

    6. Cd

      Image that the creepers are zombies

    7. KenziN Crewmate Cyan

      The Warden : I will kill players with a netherite armor in 2 hits! TapL : Are you sure about that?

    8. Vibe the Gamer

      This is not a time but it works like it is a time 59:59 it only works if You pause the video

    9. Nur Fathiah Iswadi

      It's look fun

    10. Matthew & Jennifer& Nate Ellis

      He throws pig step into a lava I guess it’s an offering

    11. Luaca da squid

      Doomguy when sees icon of sin

    12. Kaleb Nelson

      next time u do this u should see how long u can last in the void

    13. Firebird _Gaming

      How did u get the mod like can u send a link please

    14. Macaroni Without cheese

      Armor is for small brains

    15. Tonie Scrimpshire

      And he ain't even worried hahahahhahahahahhaha

    16. Tonie Scrimpshire

      Evening that day he was probably gone for 309 hours and he still hasn't died hahahahhahahahahhaha

    17. Tate Kranzler


    18. Sheik Bah

      A person said a no no word no here he said die ßîTCh

    19. احمد البجحان


    20. Sarah Mwaura


    21. Anna Yugay

      tapl be a hungee boi lol

    22. TOFUU Rangek


    23. terry rudford

      The amazing butane anatomically note because bush affectively interest circa a adhesive tanker. useless, luxuriant cloud

    24. Toms sports 36

      TapL for fifth hunter sign by liking

    25. Danielle Michalka

      TapL Break chicken normal people kill chicken

    26. Seán Murphy

      love the way he dies at the start

    27. Hamster cult

      Make a vid of u having that many then make 2m zombies after u

    28. Hamster cult

      Btw u can get 72736272762727 hearts!

    29. Hamster cult

      0:00 watch that part

      1. Hamster cult

        IT WOKRS!

    30. Liya Tang

      Creepers do more than one heart

    31. Mohammed Faruque

      you put gold amor

    32. Mohammed Faruque

      why you dont tsake damge

    33. Dante_the_gamer_demon

      I have an idea for a video not sure if you have done it but it’s every time you take damage you teleport

    34. bobgog123

      You should of killed the dragon with. A stick

    35. Ultima Wolf


    36. Penguuiun

      Creative mode with extra steps

    37. aopoi gopl

      Oh fine,i gess you are my little pogchamp

    38. Eli Persilot

      Ping pong

    39. Matsatso Kalandadze

      not bad video

    40. k kk

      The alive paul partly receive because station simultaneously beam behind a curly centimeter. rightful, ashamed castanet

    41. Luigi Di Cristofano

      12:29 "Im gonna break every singly chicken"-Tapl "Im going to kill every single block"-me

    42. Robert Schwertfeger

      This is a good representation what "exponential growth means"

    43. DignityDied

      At the end he didn't have his full health so he could've set his spawn point next to the portal then put his stuff in a chest then go to the end then jump off the void and boom 137 million hearts all full

      1. DignityDied

        @Sydrum Games Yes the End portal

      2. Sydrum Games

        Do you mean the portal in the overworld?

    44. Rachel Shoop

      Man the number 134 mil looks cursed if your really a Minecraft player

    45. Musta VG

      it will be better to make that the creaper don't explode untel you get a flint and steel

      1. Sydrum Games

        They still explode

    46. Jotaro Kujo

      Give mod link

    47. Ohana Rezantes

      I like Java

    48. sffsd sfsf

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    49. generic videogame fan guy

      this entire video is just the average teenager's metabolism.

    50. Jeff Charles


    51. Korosh Nejad

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    52. John McDermott

      Who else had his voice swapping ears? (Headphone people)

    53. ůnīcöřň with lazyness

      "pInG PonG" there you go🥺

    54. Dyo Lac

      His name is Tapl

    55. Dyo Lac

      His name is taplin

    56. Dyo Lac


    57. Dyo Lac


    58. Lori Games

      do it in bedwars lol

    59. Gamer 303 Games

      minecraft but every time you scream the world delets

    60. -_viølet gałæxy the ælphå-_

      Nobody can break his heart now..he can never be hurt anymore!

    61. Paul Cronin


    62. matlani hnamte

      for drying write in command /kill @p

    63. Grace Knepper

      You are awesome

    64. OCEANICmaniac

      This is how many lives technoblade has

    65. Enchanted Apple

      This managed to make creepers helpful

    66. silver Stevenson


    67. Casper Falch

      What mod is that?

    68. Nguyễn Sâm

      Bro, your avatar is look like avocado from Mexico man

    69. iLuvGacha

      Piglins:*mad* Person: drops gold Piglins: *understandable , have a great day*

    70. joemari rivera

      im intrested to do this challenge so what mod is it

    71. Ronald Chua

      The vid is great

    72. 叶海鸿 Yep Hoi Hung

      He can just going to creative and put some creepers to do it

      1. Sydrum Games

        But thats cheating

    73. Hunter Murley


    74. Hunter Murley


    75. Anusha Jain

      4:27 Stack of Hearts

    76. Marek Kováč

      I farted at the same time when you died at the start of the video

    77. TheAnthoula


    78. hehe boi

      Undead ban be like

    79. Thalia Lorraine Borja


    80. swagg HUB

      2:26 he is very lucky he found a fossil inside cave!(see left side on 2.26 playback speed 0.25)

    81. The JacePlayz

      make a wither

      1. The JacePlayz


    82. Andre napitupulu


    83. XxxSaharixxX UwU

      8:19 czat :D hej!

    84. Raul Damian

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    85. Vishnu Shan Edosil

      you are terminator verry high hp

    86. Yajaira Chavez

      omg hi

    87. chi sai pun


    88. chi sai pun

      Come on you can do it just beat Minecraft come on you can do it

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    90. chi sai pun

      Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh come on you can do it

    91. chi sai pun

      Come on you can do it

    92. chi sai pun


    93. chi sai pun


    94. chi sai pun


    95. Jack G

      For Narnia!

    96. GABBY_ Gamer

      I think It Was Glitching For Entire Screen Have Heart Heart fill for Entire Screen: 600,000,000,000,00,000

    97. Daryl Jones

      1:12 ummmmmmmmmmm

    98. Frost The Doctor

      “I need to get exploded on”

    99. HappySkill

      dude i love your content but.. you sound like a walmart version of TechnoBlade