Ridiculousnessly Popular Videos: Quarantine Edition | Ridiculousness

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    Quarantine may sometimes get into bore-antine territory, but as we all know, staying at home is crucial. Thankfully, Rob, Steelo, and Chanel continue to keep us entertained with tales from their quarantine and videos of people going through it (literally and figuratively).
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    Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast join Rob Dyrdek and a lineup of special guests as they watch the most hysterical and absurd viral videos out there.

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    1. MTV's Ridiculousness

      Each week we are rolling out with new videos. What compilation do you want to see next? Check out last week's Best Of Old People Gone Wild 👵usfilm.info/fire/hrGxgaOEa9J-rdg/video.html&ab_channel=MTV%27sRidiculousness

      1. Mystic Fire

        Ive commented before saying thank you! As soon as Ohio shut down I had to spend time at the hospital & the Riverside crew watched a LOT of it happily with me 😊🤣!

      2. Man Perx

        The Mask is useless for shit, where have you lived?! Ah it's true, don't ask yourselves any questions because the credit card is now swollen. The Virus does not kill as it is exclaimed! Have you done any research on the subject?! It's true that TV is God and being curious is no longer of interest to you because comfort is more beautiful. Get off the pear tree and the delusions of well-being.

      3. Tyler Deniston


      4. Tyler Deniston

        Conan the True Love

      5. Tyler Deniston

        U said make ur own 50k +

    2. Ashtyn Simank

      The uneven distance enthrallingly fire because rugby clasically fence along a brave squid. honorable, tearful crayfish

    3. Lonniea Cheeks

      The scary curler conjecturally copy because litter unquestionably drop save a cute ghana. likeable, petite colt

    4. Paislee Avery

      In the studio... Steelo still be like. We in lockdown 😂

    5. Clare Breanna

      In the studio... Steelo still be like. We in lockdown 😂

    6. Ilaundra Ruiz

      6:48 I thought that was gibby from icarly 😭😭

    7. TheDantor62

      Dont panic buy i work at a warehouse you all fucked us up we where working 12 hour days you do not need that much food or toilet paper trust me the warehouse always has enough

    8. Rusty Ralston

      The 'Vid is a better term than The 'Rona

    9. Clark Kent


    10. shady shady TV oopsy

      lol bitches and banana bread dammmmm give me some bitches lol, keep the video's coming and that hot chick has a funny lol

    11. Don’t watch my videos


    12. Daliangeli Padilla

      21:53 Chanel looks like a walrus lmao

    13. Daliangeli Padilla

      4am thinking about what a shitty year it's been. Thankfully this show exists to help

    14. Mohdrizal Rizal

      Lol I’m an introvert with serious social anxiety I got this social distancing down pat since the 80s.

    15. Vincent Reynoso

      Did they loop the "Me too / OK" from Steelo and Chanel @11:09 & @11:11 ??

    16. Gunny Sharp

      You clowns are amazingly cowardly.

    17. Manny Vageta

      I agree with gary

    18. Daniel Whiteford

      I love this show

    19. Nicole Flores

      Anyone notice that Rob is 49 and his wife is 29

    20. Test Beeld

      Funny how whole this stuff is based on a test that doesn’t even fits to detect this weak flu like virus.

    21. Tepanator

      18:05 I need to find this actual clip of grandma talking alcohol of the day Hilarious

    22. Marnix Marquez

      I still don’t get why people bought so much toilet paper it makes no sense

    23. James

      Is that a rolling stones hoodie?

    24. Oscar Wong

      To all the guys on MTV thanks for giving this temporary smiles on everyone's faces whom fighting their own battles during quarantine

    25. OutlastU 2

      Do you see how scared the news has made all of us.? About a virus that isn’t anywhere near as dangerous as they say it is. It’s all about control! I can’t afford to be quarantined so I have to brave it or starve! I am being put down and criticized because I’m doing what I have to do so my kids can eat. Politics politics politics a political disease

    26. Alex Joseph

      Steelo, it’s a 99% survival rate 🤦🏻‍♂️

    27. Neil N Bob

      Isn’t this just Tosh.0? Except with stupid banter with stupid people. NM, its rhetorical.

    28. Jesters_Thorny_Crown

      Chanel has perpetual bruising on her knees it seems.

    29. awildbill rightous

      lolololololoolol love you guys ! High five !

    30. Donzy Roberts

      For real, how many people have developed a drinking problem because of lockdown boredom? I know a few only some are genuinely concerned with what they have to face.

    31. Bob Clark

      Happy Thanksgiving to everybody may God bless you be safe be happy praise the Lord❤❤❤🎅🎅🤙😊😊😊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    32. Bob Clark

      😊😊😊Aloha from Hawaii this is great visual,,,, I love,, it I have to go swimming every and be happy.🤗🤗🤗 love to see that the rest of the populist,, R,,,,,, have exciting things to look forward to ,,,,I'm going swimming right now have a nice day be safe be happy❤❤❤

    33. DED Design official


    34. The Don

      Chanel is so hot

    35. Rik von Himmlick

      Chanel is a real beauty.

    36. John Bradford

      Chanel seems really interested in Rob she keeps checking him out every video

    37. The Business Artist Group

      New normal new life HELL NO

    38. Chris Ashcroft

      Why does this dude look like a young George W.?

    39. Tyler Deniston


    40. Tyler Deniston


    41. Tyler Deniston

      I'm gonna tyedye

    42. Tyler Deniston

      7 minutes...sam

    43. Tyler Deniston


    44. Tyler Deniston

      Look super melons....

    45. Ian Archuleta

      Did anyone else get the Zion the don ad😂

    46. Wyguy Gaming


    47. Tyler Deniston

      Shopping gnomes

    48. Levi Davis

      This show has reached a new low. In todays age of information, you have to try very hard to be so dumb that you think Covid is an actual threat. There was never a real lock down. I've been to 25 states and 7 countries since the first of the year. I never sanitize or wear a mask and I've still not gotten this fake chinese flu. I realize that there's a metric fuck ton of new content being generated by the 7 billion morons on this planet, but that doesn't mean you have to promote it in the commentary. This crap ends when we stop playing the game and go back to real life.

    49. Casey Hill

      We all know masks are bullshit by now

    50. Ms. Wilson


    51. Ms. Wilson

      Legit what I do when they give me my credit card

    52. Ms. Wilson

      I'm guessing that they got tested before heading to work.

    53. CJ

      Ah yes Woolworths fights the best

    54. isabel ivan

      When dudes bike caught on fire and dude started laughing I lost it...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯

    55. Armand Azhari

      But whyy and do we care? Yes we do 😂😂

    56. Armand Azhari

      Lets not get crazy there both equally painful 😂

    57. Armand Azhari

      First of all he not social distance 😂

    58. • R e n •

      They have toilet paper panic buying compilations on USfilm now 😂

    59. Man Perx

      The Mask is useless for shit, where have you lived?! Ah it's true, don't ask yourselves any questions because the credit card is now swollen. The Virus does not kill as it is exclaimed! Have you done any research on the subject?! It's true that TV is God and being curious is no longer of interest to you because comfort is more beautiful. Get off the pear tree and the delusions of well-being.

    60. Pierre Antione Rogers Sr.

      Do not be deceived by demon time anthems & antics. The torture & torment they inflict on themselves is a real terror they do not enjoy. Nevertheless these individuals have obviously/knowingly sold/enslaved their souls to satan/the prince of the air/the fallen one for temporary fame/fortune on earth with damnable intentions of spending eternity with the great dragon in the most flaming hot fire for eternity.....

    61. James Diaz

      Damn, Chanel keeps getting dumber. Sad, cuz her looks are declining and Steelo keeps getting better. She never got better because she definitely ain’t funny.. so what is her skills exactly? That annoying laugh.. jeez

    62. Master Reaper

      Yo so I work in retail, the amount of people that have panic attacks if you touch their card is insane. Like SIR, you do realize that i just touched all of your items that you are now touching, the bag you are holding, and that receipt that you just took and handed to your wife? and do you even remotely consider the amount of people that touched that box of pasta before you chose to buy it? Like i get it but you arnt thinking literally at all if you are worrying about the employee that has to sanitize so many times that our skin is actually about to start peeling off my guy

    63. Benjamin Davis

      I can't deal with that girls shit laugh....

    64. Dark Lotus

      12:29 is that dr disrespect?!

    65. DarkMight 117

      How many people forgot about this 24:37

    66. true kimpo

      Chanel so beautiful

    67. Tyler Deniston

      & let's go find cher

    68. Tyler Deniston

      Scrapes can wkuk tilwz!!

    69. Raeline Sanborn

      What did the guy say at the end to the lady yelling?

    70. Gift Nkosi

      I've watched this show for years n this is the first time i hear that Rob has a wife n kids😶

    71. Clement Snow

      loving steelo's beards #new looks

    72. TOYOTA FAN

      Gotta love the little Guyanese kid at 24:40 lmao

    73. Mgb Sk8King

      this is str8 trash

    74. Marj Shan

      Chanel is maturing beautifully

    75. Shobi

      This is going to be a great weekend instead come

    76. Shobi

      I love The ridiculousness studio

    77. Layla Davidson

      Lmao in Australia there has always been a 1 packet limit for toilet paper even before quarantine.

    78. Alexis Underwooddd

      “They’re both equally painful”

    79. Ruth Hoskins

      Laughed til I cried

    80. Tyler Deniston

      Sure ok couch on tybee

    81. Tyler Deniston

      Ted's: wth Matthew wanna find ur 4 chairz

    82. Fast

      What is her laugh

    83. A Agu

      rich and gooey 🤢

    84. flame.

      Channel I love you baby ! Marry me ! let’s quarantine together! 😍

    85. Becca Bunxh

      Hearing the OVERUSE/ REPEATING of "actually" "obviously" "basically" "a little bit" by TV trolls? Learn more about the reason & about a hate /smear campaign @ facebook.com/ColePhoenixWolveesforHire - ALLEGEDLY- A similar NBC News 20/20 story is here on USfilm (Organized Stalking in Hubbard Ohio.)

    86. Daryl Crawford

      The virtual Red Chair is back! Have you got a great story to tell? Well, now’s your chance to tell it on the show right from your very own home! Send your story to gnshow@sotelevision.co.uk and remember to leave a contact number.

    87. Ben Plegge

      Hi I’m new and I love it 🥰

    88. Cason B

      Low key screw social distancing

    89. troy barnhouse

      Dude if one of my neighbors yelled I'm fucking bored at the top of their lungs like that I'd light them on fire.

    90. James

      24:06 he sounds like the guy from the movie The Princess bride does anybody agree.

    91. SassyKash _

      The guy covering his face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    92. The Dooont

      @4:10 swaggersouls? lol

    93. fast ford freestyle Biden 2020

      Dayumm chanel is so fine

    94. Melanie Robertson

      Wht are u kidding me..the store across from me keep given me bananas i got banana bread in the freezer as we speak😂😂😂😂i would love to hear the jokes

    95. Kevin is my name

      The funniest clip in this entire video is at 18:50 when sterling is literally so ready to be into this older white mom until she falls lol. He was really feeling that 60 year old thicky for a second lol

    96. tgm willy

      2:46 lllllllllol steelo funny

    97. Marco Castillo

      Lol the guy who wearing a thong happened at my Wal-Mart in lakeland lol my store was recoding him

    98. OZ Mozes

      "I'm overly stocked on mayo, it wasn't on purpose..." said Chanel "That was the whitest statement!!" Steelo Replies *Laughter*

    99. Rafel B B

      K partida de kulo, eres el puxx Ídolo!!!

    100. Rafel B B

      Gràcies per el vídeo!!! Salutacions des de Mallorca Bros!!! Alobiuu Willy Boom!!!