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    Published on 24 days ago


    1. Inori

      name of pistols?

    2. Cale Smith

      How do they run so fast tho

    3. Twags211

      The real name is suckoff pistols

    4. DUCKY YT

      If you can’t beatem be em

    5. Kai Hux

      what camo does he have on?

    6. Domenic Avellino

      Timmy for gods sake, i remember when i would open a video and it would just start, now you read me a full thesis statement about the video for minutes please

    7. Kyler Baker

      N. B

    8. Aaron Moloney

      before these things got nerfed i dropped a 20 bomb game, coming second place. obviously compared to you, nick, and cloakzy thats baby food but it was my pr.

    9. NBGL Elites

      “They both got em boy”😭😭

    10. Logan Selesky

      POOOOORRR Kevin

    11. Jam - othy

      I wish these kinda videos didn’t exist It’s the reason games are boring because everyone ends up running the same 2 guns for months

    12. Jerpo

      0:48 Me after event

    13. TheBeastyman23

      “I hit him 2 times with a 50 clip to keep it a stack with you”

    14. Slumpwtr

      3 rose skins with 80 round sykovs you either gotta be disappointed or laugh.

    15. Sock Games

      I got 43 kills with thisbroken gun

    16. TSM _MYTH

      10:14 was that Tim’s teammate ???

    17. Rhys Thornton

      The best weapon ever

    18. danycrx 18

      1 minute 30 second intro? Holy shit I actually didn't have enough time to clean my house this time

    19. Samiveamatahau Latu

      nick and tim are kings at warzone

    20. Jacob all about gaming show

      LOL I just started playing again and I'm like what's up with the pistols

    21. EAZY Destroy


    22. daniel pitts

      Combat arms!!!

    23. BGLC

      Bro respect Kevin he is never late for a day of work


      Ok, so how many guns in warzone has Tim called OP now ? All of them right

    25. CJ Roberson

      That Verdonsk was legendary

    26. CrayCray Mose


    27. JB

      Do they just have everything in the game instantly unlocked?

    28. Midnight-_Band1t

      I wonder if his wife ever tells at him for the verdansk scream😂😂😂

    29. Jody Highroller

      Love how the thumbnails blatantly lie now with skins tim doesnt even have

    30. Imz_Gem

      poor kevin

    31. Nathanael Becerra

      When the pistols were a 69 69

    32. Vish

      bro these ads are jso bad tim bad L


      New update already dang

    34. Fire Flamez


    35. Taylor Berryhill

      Tim can u make Kevin a USfilm channels

    36. LDOE Player

      Are they nerved yet?

    37. Jorge Luis Nuñez

      Well, not anymore jaja


      There’s def a hole in the bottom of Kevin for Tim off stream

    39. Owen Thouless

      wow these things might be the most broken gun ever lmao

    40. Adi Chatterjee

      Aren’t these things already nerfed??

    41. Yusuf GTA 5

      Its need to be nerfed

    42. OB1 WAN IWOBI

      Ndl for mayor

    43. gunitdoc

      Omg, jack just shit on symf at the end, lmao

    44. Themattkid95

      Kevin: 👁💧👄💧👁

    45. Nuts with Wings

      Yo Tim don’t use the 5mw lazer use a grip it has better hip fire accuracy

    46. ole hickory

      You’re late Tim. Everyone else had content on these before they were nerfed? n then here’s u days later....

    47. luigi

      Well this video is late because there already nerfed haha

    48. APrettyGoat _

      They’re not broken, people just complain because their babies and get upset when they get killed.

    49. James

      So this is what I've been getting dunked on with all weekend.

    50. 1OAK TRASH

      So they give the sucoff pistols a 80 round man but they cant give my vector a 60 :(

    51. The Crazy Man From Ireland

      Tim Coping Zlaner as usual come on tim

    52. Austin Reinhart

      Geeez Jack went IN on Sym at the end😂😂💀

    53. Will Sayer

      Surely Kevin is more than a sidekick by now

    54. Kayden White

      if tim killed kevin i would unsub

    55. TallyMyBananas

      Bro courage went off on sym at the end lmao

    56. Tyler neves

      It got nerfed

    57. Greetings

      Timmy videos are the best for putting in the background while doing other things.

    58. Madrigo

      Tim the pistols were just nerfed in the recent patch still OP tho

    59. Madrigo


    60. Jon S

      Aaaaaaaaand they're nerfed

    61. Gabrielle foldes

      Kevin’s head on stream 👌👌

    62. Lucas Ventura

      Honestly I think if they nerfed just the dual wields it would be fine because the single sykov still shreds and is basically a Mac 10 with an 80 round clip lmao

    63. Lando7507

      I swear I got scared when someone pulled up with the pistols

    64. yhan Espino


    65. Azeez Azeez

      Great game play, but video quality was low

    66. TrixShotCentral

      9:36 misses 80 shots hits once and gets a knock

    67. MegaMilos23

      Where did you get all that energy from? Lmao

    68. RR_ FreeStyleYT

      Guys, if you didn’t know Tim is dying from his baby inside of him.

    69. your Russian bongo cat

      Why did he CHOKE KEVIN LIKE WTH

    70. AJ Graham

      Why is it every new weapon is stupidly over powered

    71. NZThirstQuenchers

      How tf is this fair

    72. Apakatsuki

      Reminds me of dual wield g18 in mw2

    73. RYUK

      i don't understand when they nerf secondaries 😩🤦‍♂️

    74. FIREDELL10

      Courage had me DYING at the end, bro.

    75. Big Beard

      No kidding?????? There is a reason why I don't play that shitty game anymore. Same thing all the time, new is broken, this weapon is broken. The game sucks.... It really is awful.

    76. DazGaming

      2 late since they are fucked now, you gotta work faster dude...

    77. BS_FYA_ NTA


    78. Roland Campbell

      No point in leveling these up if these get hella nerfed, which they will

    79. Drew Bear

      Man tim you make me wanna play warzone but MY INTERNET is trash. Like my ping rest at 300

    80. SIR JOE NUTZ


    81. Chooch

      Not even gonna waste my fuckin time upgrading them because as soon as I do they will be nerfed lol.

    82. random crap

      Kevin's probably just like, "wow timmy yor gud at this game"

    83. fox

      my man just abuses kevin

    84. ISL Beast

      Verdansk is going to be nuked tomorrow☹☹

    85. tammy norton

      Yo I was gonna donate to you but I want the new battle pass :(

    86. Phil Jasper

      Litterally every cod youtuber over 100k subs made this same video now all the kids looking up to u guys can make this toxic shit 👍🏽 Keep up the good work guys. Makes me wanna play a fuck ton.

    87. satou

      he just 1v3 tim cloak and courage

    88. zolt

      If someone can help what is the name of the aim syte he is using on his AMAX

    89. WashedUp Monk

      I just got into the cold war meta (FFAR, Mac 10, etc.) I don't wanna go level up anymore guns right now lmao I can't stand these things man

    90. G4L Monty

      11:27 Jesus courage is upset 😂

    91. Tee Vee


    92. Trenton Emery

      you guys are so fat for using those😐

    93. Ed W

      Anyone notice how plates went up in their own. Timmy ru hacking

    94. Wynand Julio

      Listen no cap this ting is not that good just hear me out the bulfrog and mac 10 can still dominate agianst it

    95. The Doctor

      They pulled a DMR nerf where it only nerfed it a little... It will get another nerf later on. At least this one didn't take them over a month to patch though...

    96. Logan Anderson

      1:03 these things will be nerfed...... Activision today We are looking into nerfing the new pistols Me 😢🥺 I haven’t even tried them

    97. R3X

      Shiii these pistols deadass getting the homies on trending 😂 good shit Tim🔥🔥

    98. Kirtlon Sanders

      I decided to drop into... Kevin... 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

    99. ethan ditsworth

      This is a good trio ngl

    100. pankoman95

      This game is officially fucked over the edge of no return!! No saving the fun warzone we used to have.