Twenty One Pilots - Shy Away (Official Video)

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    Twenty One Pilots - Shy Away (Official Video)
    Twenty One Pilots official video for "Shy Away" from the forthcoming album Scaled And Icy, available May 21st on Fueled By Ramen.
    Twenty One Pilots - Livestream Experience
    May 21 @ 8PM ET / 5PM PT
    Tickets available at
    Stream / Download "Shy Away" -
    Pre-order / Pre-Save Scaled And Icy -
    Directed by Miles Cable & AJ Favicchio
    When I get home,
    You better not be there
    We're placing bets you won't
    Shed your modesty
    And the only thing to leave behind
    Is your own skin on the floor
    Don't you shy away
    Manifest a ceiling when you shy away
    Searching for that feeling
    Just like an 'I Love You'
    That isn't words
    Like a song he wrote
    that's never heard
    Don't you shh...
    When you get home
    You barely recognize the pictures they
    put in a frame
    'Cause you shed your modesty
    Don't circle the track
    Take what you have
    and leave your skin on the floor.
    Don't you shy away
    Manifest a ceiling when you shy away
    Searching for that feeling
    Just like an 'I Love You'
    That isn't words
    Like a song he wrote
    that's never heard
    When I get home
    Boy, you better not be there
    You're long gone
    Shed your modesty
    Don't circle the track
    Just break the cycle in half
    and leave your skin on the floor.
    Don't you shy away
    Manifest a ceiling when you shy away
    Searching for that feeling
    Just like an 'I Love You'
    That isn't words
    Like a song he wrote
    that's never heard
    that's never heard...
    an 'I Love You'
    That isn't words
    Like a song he wrote
    that's never heard
    Don't you shy away.
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    1. Brayden Harvey

      Love it

    2. Bruno Escobar

      Song for FIFA 22 PLEASEEEEEE

    3. Jacksonian’s Empire

      excuse me just trying to find the baby noise in the song

    4. María Lorena López sastré


    5. Х Х

      Комментарий из России :)

    6. Kinjiro Mtz

      Te imaginas que alguien haga un análisis de esta joya en español línea por línea? 😳💙 (Ah espera, en mi canal está ! :)

    7. Nancy Franco


    8. Eto' ́

      Aún nos falta para el millón de likeS :((

    9. SpiritualGems

      This so catchy not my kinda vibe but a gota day this gives me vibes 💯❤️☝️

    10. lyndsay Mae

      Is it bad that I have listened to 20 times

    11. Yᴜɴɢ ʙᴇᴇF

      vengo del futuro asi es mas reproducciones

    12. Amelie van der Kraan

      no one: me: *breaking my brain over the new color blue that's showing up here*

    13. Flores Pérez Brizeyda


    14. Xime

      I am too proud and happy, I was waiting for a new song for a long time, I know that shy away was released a long time ago and I also commented, now I just wanted to express how happy. My biggest dream is to see them live, to hear Tyler sing and Josh play, that would be a dream.

    15. Elzo Pereira De Santana


    16. lepianiste 40

      hello how did you go about making the sound for the fourth chord in the chorus? because I notice that it is very difficult to obtain at the piano

    17. David Quispeaquino

      like si lo ves en 2031

    18. Syfon Pod zlewem

      ale że tam masno w tle gra

    19. jomillie12

      Keyboards sound like Dave greenfield 👍

    20. jomillie12

      Keyboards remind me of Dave greenfield 👍

    21. Gto gaming passion

      Magik 😁😁😁

    22. Rominaa 99

      Love this song¡!¡ i love you Twenty One Pilots !!! ❤🇦🇷❤

    23. LucasDeluski


    24. Rosa Bordon

      Un temazooooooo

    25. The Duke

      Love this song but we all have to remember stressed out

    26. Sebastian Villegas

      I love twenty øne pilots!!!!!!!!!

    27. sebastian dominguez

      temon ctm

    28. yolett lopez

      i love you my tweny one pilots

    29. riley

      this band. they mean everything to me. i have been listening to them since i was 12, and i’m almost 19 now. they’ve quite literally gotten me through every bit of my teen years, throughout some really hard things. right now, i’m really worried about something, so i’m listening to their music in order to try and calm myself down. it truly feels like ty and josh are right here with me, telling me it’ll be okay, and for that, i am forever grateful for them and their music. they are my rock.

    30. M.K.O.

      i like this song

    31. DunSweet

      10 DIAS!!

    32. Jolie_phantasm

      Tyler: Don't you shy away Josh: drums, drums Me: smile, smile

    33. Mokhira

      I feel disorder By Joy Division 😏

    34. Helena Deuar

      why it feels so nostalgic lol

    35. Shadow Uchiha Edit's

      Pls go short hair again

    36. Kay Jay

      yusses this album is gonna be legit to listen to in the car!

    37. Koda

      noooo they didnt sell out..... ;)

    38. Nono Tsukiba

      Me sigue encantando :3

    39. richard

      proud TOP fan since 2013!

    40. Chill Chair Podcast

      Coincidence or chance: The color of the first album (twenty one pilots) has all the colors. Blurryface is red. Trench is yellow. This album Scaled and Icy is blue. The connection is that those are the primary colors

      1. Jacob Whitley

        Choker has him wearing orange beanie as well which is Red and yellow mixed. Could just be a coincidence but I remember a bunch of people theory crafting around the idea of orange being the new color for the dema storyline.

    41. Edu Enríquez

      Mayo 11 2😍21!!!

    42. Arizona Phoenix

      i still love yall but u have long hair now wooooooow i love it

    43. Gabriela Perez

      Muero por escucharla en vivo

    44. C C

      So, thank you for exactly who u are! I know your mom btw so 👁, 😂🤣😅🤣😂 YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!

    45. Douglas Chatterton

      Anyone else hear the background low screams at this part? 2:35

    46. Thiago Joseph


    47. Thiago Joseph


    48. Thiago Joseph


    49. Chevy Branconnier-Hodgson

      I was the first 20 people to watch btw! LOved them since 6-12 {7 years}

    50. Jocelyn Velásquez

      El ritmo es genial

    51. Richly VC

      Gracias amores d mibida, por ustedes me bañó :((

    52. Rodrigo Alejandro


    53. Eevee

      Love this song

    54. Laurasam LSM

      Feliz día de las madres !! También a mi ) espero de ustedes que si hablan español su felicitación :

    55. Hajisty Omareon

      i love you twenty one pilots

    56. jøcy


    57. Dario Castillo

      Don't you Shy Away

    58. trilogy DS - 15 deltatrooper

      You guys are the best you are my favorite band


      +Quien esta cantando a esta hora? -Yo en mi cuarto:

      1. Kinjiro Mtz

        Es que es tremenda canción 💙 (análisis completo en mi canal 🌟)

      2. Laurasam LSM

        Yo la escuchó cuando me despierto y cuando me voy a dormir :)


        @DRACO ELNIUX gracias por reirse


        c rie ._.

    60. Roxana Galletas

      como ha pasado esta canción de parecerme normal a tenerla en constante bucle? HELP ❤️

    61. TerexConos BeezyYT

      Lupet talaga ng twenty one pilots

    62. Aeris Viin

      What does the dragon in the background mean? (Is it because their album is called Scaled and Icy?)

    63. Itsme

      Baby cry

    64. Altedonia

      solo faltan 11 días para scaled and icy 🐉

    65. Mutaz Al Aeb

      U reminds me of the best days of 2007 im now turning 32

    66. Жанна Акбарова

      Как же я их люблю😭❤️

    67. 10-1 Juan Pablo Ruiz Aguilar

      Guys i just Discover something: Scaled and icy, if you reorganize the letters says: Clancy is dead

    68. Cristian Jimenez

      11 días para scaled and icy

    69. Aiko


    70. xD

      Cuando yo leo que dice hace un mes : 😲

    71. El chipost mijo


    72. tengotuti


    73. RedwaN

      better than blinding lights

    74. JIMZITO


    75. Osito N aruto

      Aquí en Latinoamérica i love

    76. Orangely ASMR


    77. Facundo Arkangel

      aguante la cantidad de comentarios en español gente

    78. King Lov3

      The dragon in the back round is the toy dragon in choker

    79. Charlotte Wesseh

      the way they look so nervous and annoyed in this video, what if nico and the niners that caught clancy or tyler and josh are forcing them to like make music. (i got this from a video btw)

      1. Con Job21

        It’s not that deep man. This songs just dedicated to his brother and nothing more 😂.

    80. Napster2002 . aspx

      I see Tyler found all those LIMINAL blogs on Tumblr. noice

    81. amber an wyatt

      They both look tired

    82. Blank

      they make my heart feel whole ;-;

    83. Māngo

      2:19 that sound he made lmao "mmHmm"

    84. Emmanuel Ruvalcaba Hernández

      Alguien más pensó que se parece mucho a CrissCross?

    85. Kirsten Bird

      Anyone else feeling Blurryface vibes

    86. Sabrina Tognetti

      Tyler me toca en un concierto yo:más nunca me baño

    87. A P

      Shy Away - Twenty One Pilots ( ft. *Rosie* )

    88. cristianghost nuñez

      te amo banda espectacular... ♥️

    89. Vanessa Estela Vazquez Gutierrez

      ya me obsecione con esta cancion, me siento tan orgullosa de ellos y los amo :)

    90. MrKeramick

      song fire, I hope the performer will like my review, well done песня огонь, надеюсь испонителю понравится мой отзыв, молодец

    91. Saymon GG

      Twenty one Pilots Melhor duo, sempre com músicas incríveis, cada vez melhor🙃

    92. Nicolas Job

      In loving memory of elyas the pet rat. Rest in peace little buddy ♥️🐭

    93. Александр Цуканов

      Оказывается Галкин неплохо поёт. Не знал

      1. Rush Hour

        ахахаха, так и знал, что найду тут этот коммент

    94. MNK

      2:03 - Who else thought he was in an iPhone commercial

    95. ⸼ 𓐅 Yuki

      Cómo que tan rápido un mes? 😭

    96. Максим К.


    97. Zig Xzi

      Я люблю тебя !)