how to create 5SOS's "youngblood"


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    my friend michael clifford from 5sos messaged me about their song youngblood's 3rd anniversary and asked if i wanted to do something with them. we came up with this.
    Thank you so much for watching!

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    Published on 26 days ago


    1. SethEverman

      hey guys my friend michael clifford from 5sos messaged me about their song youngblood's 3rd anniversary and asked if i wanted to do something with them. we came up with this. i am very sorry. thank you for always supporting my videos even though i upload about twice per year.

      1. Radvermin

        Quality over quantity.

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      3. Mas X

        @OrangeCrusader hmmm.... Youngbald

      4. Shnaarlarlarlarlarlarl Barnaregarlarpartaardar

        Actually, 5 times a year

      5. Harifigo Pedroz

        M. C. : Hey... Seth Everman: yes, we can M. C.: but how you know? Seth Everman: ( ;- )

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    4. John Overton

      Ummm excuse me @SethEverman someone's been hiding a nice touch

    5. N T

      0:28 giving me Hurrah Torpedo flashbacks

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      Hey maybe you won't get demonetized on this one wait

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      The copyright system actually caught up to it. huh

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      Homie eats subs like my wife uhhh... Oof.. Anyways...

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      0:20 that around the world nailed the video 🤣

    11. RuschGaming

      I wish this was a full song

    12. ivan Leibovich

      Soo to recreate a song from 5SOS u need, ¿the whole 5SOS band?

    13. Der Typ

      I actually really like the original. Video was great too, a bit unexpected but really nice to see.

    14. Johanimal

      Damn we all want a long version of this one here

    15. Richmond Dwayne Duenas

      Ummm listen to this its the best 0:28 0:38 0:35

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      Fine vid, but just doesnt compare to fat pikachu omg

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      hees bacc

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      I prefer "Young bald"

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      mans been inactive for 7 months then randomly comes back into my recommended

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      No way he got the actual Seth Everman

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      can't help myself but laughing my ass of when it all comes together

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      0:06 The Cat

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      House reveal?

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      0:15 The "him (important)" foreshadowing his latest vid lmao

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      Funny thing is, this was still claimed.

    27. Edgar Molina

      Am i the only one who tink is fly me to the moon intro ?

    28. Tepiig

      at 0:13 there is a fat Pikachu on the couch. Seth's latest video is fat Pikachu. Coincidence? I think not.

    29. Unlimited Dreams

      They were in on it and I love that

    30. David Eseimokumoh

      Is no one going to talk about the fact that this man just pulled off a perfect "all around the world"

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      0:14 fat pikachu (important) hehehe

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      Ah another Baguette singer

    33. - Sirbananacat -

      Only now do I realize the foreshadowing with the tiny fat Pikachu mini-figure

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      just noticed he foreshadowed the fat Pikachu video here

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      0:30 wtf, 😭

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      Return of the king

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      Nice hair 👍

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      that metal tube instrument looks like it's hard to learn


      Whoever watching my comment god bless them with 1k subscribers❤❤❤and thanks for your support keep supporting❤❤

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      Casually takes a bite out of the sandwich

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      당신은 여전히 대머리군요

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      This was all a ploy to show off Seth’s cat. 0:08

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      Bruh, you are the clarence but depresed episode

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      Ohh damn this video is so funny and cool😂

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      “Fantastic in Australian”

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      When the world needed most, he returned

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      Лысый из браззерс.

    50. Somik Dasgupta

      If you don't mind may I ask you a question? Are you inspired by The rock? Your eyebrow raise


      Please do how to create Black Hole Sun

    52. Annie et Kristel Perez

      Good and very funny. The magic of music is everywhere 🔥🔥

    53. Mark bro

      Please do a full version

    54. Harifigo Pedroz

      I forget the real version

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      The Great Seth returned

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      0:25: POV you are already fucking dead

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      Still Waiting On Seth Everman YouTooz Figure To Come Out

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      I feel like I should know who these other people are in this video, and I do not.

    59. Magnus Brink

      Green day youngblood is better

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      Never knew seth was THAT tall, hello fellow 6 foot

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      one truth many of us after listening to this video search youtube for the whole song Seth once again viral another song :)

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      who came here cuz if hus comment i am the bald guy

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      seth bro can u play (david vs gary) synthezier from regular show?

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      Why is this not longer

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      hey! wanna check my songs?

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      Fun fact: you watched this more than once.

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      Wow amazing

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      Every time I watch this I’m sad that he didn’t say “I’m the young bald”

    70. Pranay Mukherjee

      0:08 ?

    71. Kachueshvar

      Easter eggs timestamps 0:08 ? 0:15 Him ( important) [down left corner] 0:20 Ghost of Calum [right] 0:39 Twitter screenshot 0:40 Calum returns from ghost realm [top left] 0:43 that hurted his finger [ down ] 0:53 fantastic [down]

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      5SOS? SUS... AMOGUS!

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      I swear to god this is better than the original

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    75. Ryan Pradana Syaputra

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      And now Seth is gone, back in the ether

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      When the World needed him the most He came back