The Single Most Disturbing Movie Ever Created - The Cat in the Hat [Theory]

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    The Cat in the Hat is an early 2000s film that took inappropriateness to new heights… And in the process, unintentionally unraveled a thick and trippy lore for itself which I’ve taken up the task of dissecting.

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    1. Prince ryan

      10:31 total breaking point of this episode

    2. Jo Zero

      I am so confused he is loopy this is to funny and weird I love it 😂😂😂 Omg I can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the theorizer is going crazy😂

    3. Dragon Destroyer 2.0

      I think u gad 2 much theory

    4. Annika’sAGWorld

      I loved the movie

    5. theone neo

      He's an idiot. (Or crazy)

    6. Jol Domines

      *Not only are you wrong but you’re stupid* a wise man once said...

    7. Benjamin Marks

      There's so many levels of post irony and meta irony that it's almost pseudo irony.

    8. The Eggman 456

      IT IS A MOVIE! Me: Well no, but actually yes.

    9. WarCriminal1944

      I can't tell if these are high-effort shitposts or if this is serious.

      1. The Theorizer

        Well the content, the fan theory itself, is difficult to formulate, but is just any old fan theory. The trick comes in how I PRESENT my thoughts. I present it like a madman. And not just any sort of madman, but rather, like a normal person sounding like they're TRYING to conceal madness. That's seriously unsettling. I mean, how do people feel when they realize they're agreeing with a subtly creepy conspiracy theorist? It can disturb them a little bit, and they can't just walk away from it. Agreeing with me will nag at them, and they can only undo that itch by subscribing and getting to the bottom of why they are agreeing with something that sounds crazy.

      2. WarCriminal1944

        @The Theorizer So it’s both serious and not serious, playing both sides of the coin. Very intelligent.

      3. The Theorizer

        Extremely serious, and very difficult to get them to appear as both.

    10. Tie Doe

      Why TF are u talking fast

    11. Cool Dude 876

      Stop ruining my Childhood

    12. Pp

      When he did the laugh holy shit

    13. Kucoz

      My favourite part is where he cackled, claiming he unraveled it all

    14. Ian Mcgregor

      duh itts a movie

    15. Ghostlie Kittie

      I may or may not make a theory on The Theorizer.

    16. Ultra meme instinct Jiren

      Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have no words for this theory the only words are im concerned for him

    17. Akoma Rampage

      Or, maybe, just hear me out, its just a simple movie

    18. MOhsen Vardan

      I love his energy ,it remindse of critical .

    19. ARTificial

      are you okay??? i think you need a brake and you should eat and sleep

    20. Destiny Carson

      Hey can you do a video about Rodger from American Dad!!!

    21. 91jvillicana

      Who supplies your weed bro

    22. 2kool4U_ mac

      Okay but like this is a Dr seuss book. It's just based off the book...

    23. Kevin Hernandez

      Who is this guy

    24. Danish

      i support this man fact cause the cat its really scare me

    25. Darklz

      I’m watching a man go slowly insane.

    26. andy the gardener

      ive never heard of this film but it sounds pretty disturbing. maybe its like the play the king in yellow. merely watching any part of it makes you stop what you are doing after about a minuteand go on a involuntary killing spree. i suspect it must have been banned in the uk or heavily censored and any talk by residents about its existence heavily discouraged. as i say iveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    27. Dakota Kelley-vinton

      This man is off the rails

    28. randomperson 487

      Why the hell did i like this movie

    29. Bad Art Guy

      Dude. Are you ok? I like your content. At first i thought you had a sense of humor. Now im just worried. Man we wont judge, have some break from youtube

    30. Nana Dawn

      Guys, it finally happened. 2020 broke The Theorizer

    31. MJH tv

      Cat in the hat: T H E M U S I C A L

    32. Phantazm Z

      Are you ok?

    33. Tattooed Beauty

      I am so worried for this man at the moment lol!

    34. Omen Dragon

      The monkeys from the original Horton hears the who are evil.

    35. Aaron James

      It's not really the Dr evil voice when he picks up hoe

    36. Aaron James

      This movie is pretty funny

    37. FishayYT

      what did you smoke

    38. FishayYT

      i watched it, its good and im 11

    39. Big brain Bois in life

      Ok ok I started to think this theory was correct but then I came to my mind that this man is insane

    40. Drayfus Everfall

      His imitation of the cats laugh is hilarious

    41. james porter

      Yeah horrible movie. AND HOW DARE YOU DISS TAOISM!

    42. Paul Stephens

      Caroline and Curtis the Elf? Amazing.

    43. Loopzy0

      10:37 ok...........

    44. Loopzy0

      Ur voice is the most anixety turn on

    45. Bonquiqui Acevedo

      he needs sleep..... 😭😭 or therapy..... 😭😭

    46. Rim Shot

      I believe deep down, the Cat just wants to be loved.

      1. James Sleezy

        I don’t know about that I mean remember in the book he just stays there cus he feels like it .It’s not his house who knows how many times he’s broken into a child’s house and then done some random stuff.To me he resembles a time bomb if this cat snaps people are going to get hurt

    47. Cayleigh Zenon

      “Everything looks like cardboard....” The prop maker: 👁👄👁

    48. John Huffman

      Super Hydraulic Instantaneous Transporter

    49. Gatty Croc


    50. r.i.p. george

      19:30 haven't you seen mike myers plug shamelessly in wayne's world???

    51. Kiwi Spartan

      Behold, the 5th Chaos God

    52. Chipmunk Garcia

      "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Quite frankly no 😂😂 This sounds like a random person on the street rambling on and on, tripping on meth, I feel like I need to be high for this 😂😂

    53. Tiny Tina

      you should meet tannis from borderlands

    54. Cyberplayer5

      You have wondered into another dimension next stop the Theorizer Zone....XD

    55. Crimson Queen

      Hey wait are you ok? Like with iron and everything?

    56. Jackson Gill

      I lost brain cells listening to this.

      1. The Theorizer

        It’s true-

    57. sinofsanity

      now I've had a few drinks but... the first half of the vid kind of sounds like MK ultra, but MK ultra did try to find hidden abilities in the mind through a cocktail of drugs, the idea the film could have is what the cocktail of drugs shows the kids in a completely gentrified and controlled area, with the fish hallucination being the order they know and the cat being their actual father turning up, a chaos the kids can not predict, ergo they see him as an anthropomorphic cat that seems to act at random but yea, the second half blows my mind, meaning there is two entirely different theories here, the first, the obvious MK ultra type experiment focused on what people would actually experience rather than supernatural power, and the second theory being of course the whole thing is a film. the reason the plot and the cat doesn't make much sense is that it is shown to an audience first time while the producers and creative team want to look for what parts actually work and will be in a finished product, the cat being both Mike Myers and the father of the children. it is a story of a cat connecting with children in an incredibly strict neighbourhood but what we watch isn't complete, it's almost the synopsis

    58. Lyconroc Torres

      U r a really good theorizer

    59. Lyconroc Torres

      His laugh in the middle of the vid scared me

    60. Lyconroc Torres

      Spooky Spooky oooooooo ooooooo spooky

    61. Lyconroc Torres

      Wow dat is my lil bro fav movie and he watching it now!!!i got 2 warn him

    62. Timothy Mensik

      I'm really starting to get scared for The Theorizer.

    63. Marmi Clad

      Well, it was nice watching him before he went insane

    64. Jinxt mann

      I want some of wat u smoking

    65. Rocky The Bearded Dragon

      Thank god I’m not the only one.

    66. Christopher Botts

      Cat in the Hat is one of the most best movies ever made

    67. Frogzilla the killa

      my teacher made our class watch this she was too innocent to understand what she had did

    68. Brenden Jacoby

      After he said "son of a b$%!#" I was completely lost on what we were talking about

    69. Andrew Scoggins

      MK Ultra much? The cat is black and white.

    70. Gacha Brony

      I can't believe I watched this video to see what it meant, but it scared the fking hell out of me!

    71. Elias King

      All I could say is don't watch this high 😂 cause you probably kinda trip on the guy

    72. Epicly Modest

      Damn bro you posted cringe.

      1. Epicly Modest

        @The Theorizer ok

      2. The Theorizer

        I won

    73. Seaborn Gaming

      Someone get him some iron ASAP 😂

    74. Addison Smith

      Maybe The dude with the Persian cat is Dr. Seuss this version of Dr. Seuss making a cameo

    75. xujio オベデ

      i think hes finally gone completely insane

    76. Chief Kunta

      So who is thing 1 and thing 2🤔

    77. •{Nova Playz}•

      I think you might just be a bit too low on iron, considering you're theorizing about a movie with a furry in it

    78. Seth Kjerengtroen15

      Hes lost his marbles

    79. Tehila Cohen

      Was someone gonna tell me that Dakota Fanning played Coraline or did I have to find that out in a video essay about the cat in the hat?

    80. Holy One

      what if the cat in the hat is infected with the plague outside of the town. the kids mother remarries and later the father comes back. the plague has granted him cosmic power for the cost of his sanity and his humanity

    81. sara vin

      Weird I never had a problem watching cat and the hat I grew up watching it.I've always loved this movie.idk how you came up with those theories.its based on the cat in hat by dr. Seuss.

    82. Benjamin Baer

      Don't worry, he may have an iron deficiency, but so did this movies writer, so it should be accurate.

    83. Tera kramer

      I love Cat in the Hat movie

    84. Addison Smith

      I agree with the cat in the hat theory who bo you think the Director was my guess is that it was a drug attic Dr. Seuss Who was experimenting we are keeping parents and guardians in the theaters White kids watch the movie that is what it looks like to me

    85. The Kids

      Sir, are you alright?

    86. doctor me

      U may say this is a stolen commet kinda is but if you have played botw and defeated dark beast Ganon read what happend to it or what zelda says it has given up on reincarnation in merged in malice this is what's happening to the theorizer he is being on merged in his theroy's nothing left of himself just theroy's

    87. AnOldNewApeDrape b


    88. Dawon Lott

      I think the theorizers mind waves are in tuned in a more advanced way. A way were he can see things visually and mentally some others cant comprehend. This is where we should merely have a open mind. I like to expand my mind no matter how out there a theory may be. It intrigues me.

    89. radhatcher studios gaming

      What if its a experiment where they built a perfect town, and their seeing what happens if you disturb it. Like the cat is supposed to be a weapon to disrupt places like china, iran or other countries.

    90. Demetrius Steans

      Please wake up i bless you by Jesus were near the end.

    91. Cole Gilley


    92. ryan webster

      I remember a theory I made that the cat in the hat in this live action film was the devil. He made a deal with the kids about nothing going wrong. And when everything went downhill. He could have gotten the fixing thing he had after he left. It's my belief that the cat only came back because that contract he wrote. And his true intentions were to punish these kids for what they did wrong.

    93. witch Throat

      I need you to updated Please.

    94. Tania Grey

      .....i could feel my brain melting as yours did....

    95. AlliReallyHaveToDoIsPutMyMindToIt

      disowns chaos in front of order which then fragmentizes reality and summons austin powers... ROFLROFLROFLORRFLORFL

    96. Tania Grey

      I came solely because its considered a scary movie......and I HATED that movie even as a kid.

    97. PlasmaWolf7

      I thought I was crazy... teach me


      when are you going to releeasr Mort is evil part 6 big fan

    99. Thigh Fetish

      Alternate title: Delusional Man Overanalyzes Movie Made for Children

    100. sarena moon

      my kids were 4 and 5 when it first came out...we thought it was a kids movie and LOVED it we watched it over and over again to this day we will watch it... They are now 22 and 21...i still get picked on for thinking this movie was a kids