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    I made this for me.
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    Thanks to the homie Zalinki for drawing me a thumbnail
    Songs used:
    Kevin mcloed
    Loop i made - somethingelseyt
    A crazy wacky loop by Zalinki
    New song by somethingelseyt work in progress (ending)

    Published on Month ago


    1. SomeThingElseYT

      Gunna try to do better with both upload schedule and content. Feel as if i can do so much better. Might be hard with scheduling in particular since i wanna do everything myself from now on unless needed but thats ok (being a boss and in charge of peoples livelihoods at 23 is stressful. Not a fan.) . Will let me have more fun with the videos vs trying to be a multimillion dollar production /without/ the multimillions. Oh also yes, the song at the end is coming soon please stand by.

      1. Robbie Foy

        @Hassan Alawadi shut up mate hour weird if you don't like somethingelseyt

      2. Mm Ninja

        Wait is happier the name of a new song?

      3. Emerald l

        ⁰⁰0 P

      4. Holden Libby

        I'm kind confused with the guy hitting in the face with the bat. But it was HILARIOUS

      5. Randomator

        ay, adam.... iz got nothin ta say

    2. WAHEEY

      Poggers m8

    3. Laura Garza

      Hello Adam ortez


      If you’re having fun with your work we are having fun with your work

    5. Weni Wen

      Uh boring Edit: I’m not saying he’s boring

    6. Starbug

      And by the way,this video is the most beutiful thing i ever Saw

    7. sindhu preetham

      Q and a : do you have a girlfriend who

    8. sindhu preetham


    9. Scora Reaper

      (Sorry gonna be a bit lengthy) Hey I just wanna say that since “Something else” music video. I really LOVE your animations and content. I did go back and watch all the videos before too. And I can tell your improving! Don’t listen too the haters. They’re just jealous that they can’t draw as good as you. Or make AWSOME music videos like you! Thank you for everything and still posting content! I did make nail art a while back for you but I don’t know how to send it. But ether way keep doing what you are doing and don’t be hard on yourself. You are GREAT!

    10. Ashton Lapointe

      Keep going man, you remember that war zone stream (prob not) but besides the point you where having fun which made it entertaining just saying

    11. J Atacho

      You doing great :) love u Adam :P

    12. SmokePlayzz

      Hey dude I missed watching videos on ur channel hope you get back into the routine of making videos

    13. Orson Dermody

      What is your po box

    14. Alejandro Ramos-Paris

      even when you are not trying you're vids are funny and great

    15. oh yes cereal

      MAkE NeW ViDEoS Appal is yes

    16. Eduardo Torres

      The reason he doesn't hasn't posted is because momma gotten

    17. Dixil Francis

      Why did this make me so happy 😁

    18. That1Guyz Animationz

      I watched every one of your videos in a week

    19. Erol Gul

      Its cool that you put a smile on some peoples faces after a long day.....🙂

    20. Gordo ReyGar


    21. Roger Li

      when is he gonna make a new video

    22. Tiny Cookie

      Adam, are you ok? This is very concerning, considering that I’m only A teen still trying to find Something good on USfilm.

    23. Ahsan Sarwar

      I just found your channel cuz of a song you made

    24. Nevaeh Dahl

      Check out this USfilmr named dani

    25. vasil combat

      React to your first vid🙏

    26. battle tale

      Plz upload more

    27. me and my dogs

      I know how it feels to make an animation and draw alot of stuff like this but bro you knocked it out of the park.

    28. ITZ DJ THE FOX

      dis just weard but i was like the Adam that just rocket him to space ADD: lol

    29. Sin Gowther


    30. snow ball

      its been a month....

    31. Antoinette Scott

      Adam please come back we miss you🥺🥺

    32. I'm Pengin Animations

      Can you guys treat him like a human dont go nuts if he replies to your comment

    33. Son Goku

      U sound like corpse with a slightly higher voice

    34. Fernanda Malaga

      I think I saw you in roblox

    35. Leandri Pretorius

      you make a difference in my life

    36. Watchman 2018

      Just do what you think is right adam

    37. Zizzy x Pony

      2:58 Wha-

    38. A person

      Ah yes I love a good old somethingelseYT video

    39. Giada Vargas

      This made me smile = ̄ω ̄=

    40. Leah Lupis

      You're doing great 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    41. perro fachero

      Pliz come back

      1. perro fachero

        @Luisagustin2946 hi bro

      2. Luisagustin2946

        hi :D

      3. perro fachero

        @SomeThingElseYT sorry, you hace uploadead two videos from your song and you don't upload dayli videos I have doubt XD

      4. SomeThingElseYT

        What are you on? I never left?

    42. Joey 4Trax


    43. Mary Humphreys

      When the ringing started I thought it was my headphones cuz they do that I realized a week later that it was part of the vid *mega oof*

    44. GothicDvl_

      can we just appreciate adam’s existence for a sec

    45. Katrina walley

      I thought you were dead

    46. Bumblebee

      *Me commenting even know this video is 1 month old*

    47. Go1denEagles

      What do u use to draw

    48. Ryan Risso

      You're the best youtuber in the world i saw the help oh well it was so cool i love your vids 👌😄🎧

    49. ;w; im watching the same videos over again its not boring

    50. thelaloed

      no creeo que alguien hable español aqui

    51. Austinyaboi

      Your so good, if you wrote a book I would buy it AND recommend it to everyone I know

    52. Jacob Wilson

      SomeThingElseYT why did you leave the group?

    53. nice-guy56 neuman

      Whens the next video

    54. Aurora Bassani

      Why this make me think that Adam have anxiety?

    55. Leo Crouch

      You should do a Pokémon Nuzlocke.

    56. MicalN64 BIIRBMAN

      Love what your doing, you and a lot of other creators have helped me go through some tough times. thank you.

    57. Lilia TheWeirdo

      hey adam. we love you. You are amazing so dont think we hate you.. and yes. Just please have fun. we love seeing you having fun and being happy.

    58. NovemberReeses

      This is a rare, once in a lifetime occurrence. I actually have enough money to buy youtuber merch (also cliche required: adams dead)

      1. TheGuyWhoAsked

        He just uploaded a song on spotify lmao

    59. Plays

      He should make another song with the same tune

      1. TheGuyWhoAsked

        He released it on spotify i think

    60. Matteo Lozito

      Hey, I know this is a stupid question, but how do I submit fan art?

    61. Amazon Tablet7

      Adam, I love your videos. They are always so cool and funny no matter what you're talking about. It's amazing on it's own you have the ability to animate all of them. Just be yourself and do what you want. :D P.S. I like the beat in the little star dimension. It sounded cool:! D

    62. Vangie Conte

      do you think we hate you or something because its quite the opposite :/

    63. Scarlett Biernacki

      Ok Adam

    64. ANOOD S

      Yo um- do u remember Leah-..?

    65. Abraham Mizrachi Haya

      you are the best bro

    66. The_Gameblast_

      Make a reamke of the musical video of "im something else" plz

      1. YouTube Freak

        Are you being sarcastic-? Pls tell me you are that's the lotteral point of the video he can be himself

    67. Art is amazing


    68. Hailey Trahan


    69. A Harrild

      Keep going bro

    70. Fernanda valdez banda fernanda

      not you actually making me cry

    71. Chaz Bill YT

      Boi u think I haven’t seen ultraviolet on ur Spotify think again bi-

    72. кто то •

      adams: screaming subtitle: [music]

    73. Chriska Dy

      woah this was posted on mah bday-

    74. Kirsten Reyes

      I am in tears... You Love him or Hate him you gotta admit that he's right

    75. I suck

      I like how he used to upload fast 1 month or so soon it will be a year A YEAR WITHOUT THIS MAN

      1. I suck


      2. I suck

        I hate auto correct so

    76. Xxgooseman34

      I thought it was going to be a music video :(

    77. Orbelin Sandoval


    78. Ezequiel Perez


    79. Xsynn

      Why does your channel have YT do you forget what thing your on

      1. IdkY_I Exist

        jacob is123 ok fine, making fun of his name

      2. jacob is123

        @IdkY_I Exist that not insulting

      3. IdkY_I Exist

        When u can’t think of a hate comment so u try to insult their channel name:

    80. Game Shark


    81. Serbian Soldier

      ken you call me my demon case im a demon licke you

    82. Ethan Hale

      your amazing

    83. rix

      omg the song rly sounds very nice!!!! BTW all those haters are now shut am i right?

    84. Animatingpotatoe

      This guys great at storytelling and animating and he has a really great team behind him. I know I can never live up to him but I do know I can be something else

    85. Abstractly Average

      yes we miss Bo

    86. Langston F.

      hey man I'm thinking of becoming an animator I got a huion tablet for Christmas and everything and you're my favorite youtube animator right now so I just want to say thanks for inspiring me to do something that I love. also, I memorized your I am something else song.

    87. ashley redblood

      your amazing in every way, and you always inspire me every day

    88. Nusaiba Ghias

      As long as you do stuff that makes you happy and or that makes you smile I promise we will more than happy :) To anyone reading this, please take care of your mental health. Or if your having a hard time try talking to someone, or whatever that can help you. Baby steps :))))

    89. Leah Waubanascum

      Come on pennywise upload another video please!!!

      1. Leah Waubanascum

        Already then

      2. jacob is123

        Just wait

    90. Leah Waubanascum

      My favorite song: if I don't I don't care I'll pull down your underwear


      No I Did Not Know That Towels Cause Dry Skin-

    92. Anouk van den broek


    93. Isaac Salen

      Make more videos

    94. Kyllie Gow

      i bought a common sense hoodie off you a few days ago

    95. Sierra Franzen

      ... dot dot towels what the heck

    96. Katherine Bladh

      OH SHI-

    97. angeryboiii

      Funny and meaningful

    98. hi I still suck

      hi, how are you adam i just choked on bread

    99. CmcAnimation

      Get this man to 4 million subscribers

    100. Tricia Johnson

      One of the reasons I like watching your videos is because your not trying to put on a mask, and your not trying to distract with glitz and glam. I feel like U'm seeing a real person just talking about the miscellaneous adventures that life sometimes throws at you. That is why people like your videos, why they like you- your genuine. And that is worth celebrating 🍾😁