I Bought A Running BMW For $600 (Because It's FULL OF ROACHES)


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    Today, I bought the cheapest BMW on Facebook marketplace - a 525i for $600, that is supposed to be the most reliable BMW ever made in the last few decades. Mine, however, has other issues. Nasty ones.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Phil Maio

      Anyone know the song he uses at the end

    2. Bryan Robertson

      6:13 Ladies and gentlemen! Late, but still love to hate, from backseat...the cockroach🤣🤣🤣

    3. Jusuf Levnjak

      So at the end you made BMW the worse car in the world ? tons of warning lights usually for BMW ? u have so unreal comments and this should be banned from youtube such a hateful speech for one of the best and RELAIABLE car in the world. DISLIKE !!!

    4. mm mm

      you will never get fixed this car 🌴🙄🤭

    5. Paul

      I would have fumigated it before AND after disassembly

    6. Nycks100

      It’s the roach in the backseat for me.🤣🤣🤣

    7. Elxxu


    8. Roger Skagerström

      The 25/30/35 that followed that have the N52 and N53 were disasters too. Google BMW and HPFP and enjoy the read :P Had it in my 325i LCI and it was a real peice of shit. Saw my car on sale last year and I think they had half the motor in the list of "recently replaced parts".

    9. Ninja Mike

      Still set off some bug bombs while it's all apart.

    10. Gambit4u2


    11. Avirah Thomas

      Most enjoyed moment of the video starting from here 21:41. It was really funny😂

    12. Freddie Malcolm Miura Vlogs

      6:07 🤮

    13. Jessica Ripley

      I know it sounds gross to most and even me..but being a low income person ( I do work a full time job and have for over 4yrs) but with rent and everything else and not having any savings..a $1500 car I talked down to $1200 is the most iv ever spent. I would have totally bought a car like this( would never by a bmw or anything like as WHEN they do break down ever for a small repair it's $$$) and would have cleaned and figgerd out how to kill all the roaches and had a great deal. I don't have the luxury of doing somthing like this kudos to you for being able to and making your life a good one,respect. And yes I know it's hard to kill them but not impossible lo P.s. yes I would have deff would have taken everything apart to thou haha

    14. Jival Roopnarian

      U should disconnect the battery if u r keeping the doors open

    15. Jival Roopnarian

      The steering wheel is so ugly

    16. Ian Bandiola

      Just wanted to add, you stated the car is a 3l, that’s a 2.5 Your vehicle did not come with the updated Idrive and etc.,

    17. Fat Thor

      Bro you should have thrown a couple of bug bombs in there and closed it up for a few days after the interior came out. They will still be in every inch of the frame and dash everywhere.

    18. Just Some Guy With No Mustache

      How fitting, it’s a German car, and so is the species of the roaches infesting it

    19. Jay Patel

      Those still get coil pack issues and water pump problems, sometimes the lifters start ticking but they can be 'bleeded', but it is still a good engine

    20. absoluteqw

      Looked like a little kid driving it into the shop.

    21. RIchard Davidson

      The Roaches said to Tavarish. Where Ju going to the grocery store. Don't bring back no Cockroach poison. Or we lock you out.

    22. herrbrahms

      The best way to eliminate roaches in that car is to seal it up and put it directly in the Florida Sun for a month. Let them bake. Death Valley would be better, as would North Dakota in midwinter, but you can probably do a decent job cooking them even with the humidity that they like.

    23. Matthew -

      So if it didn't come with the roaches you wouldn't have paid $600? You got a thing for roaches?

    24. turrboenvy

      At least unlike the IS-F you can actually find these for sale.

    25. kjl

      who dosnt love it when a purchase comes with friends. :D

    26. Gavin L.

      My grandpa used to own an 06’ 525i, broke down so many times and yes, the infotainment system beeped every second.

    27. BloodAcidPro

      This car video just given me a PTSD flashback... I work as a truck driver and my ex boss given me in the winter a truck that was full of bed bug... As the weather started to be warm they woke up... I could not sleep for 4 days straight...

    28. dskwared2u

      All old BMW's are filled with roaches metaphorically speaking. New BMW's are filled with plastic, literally...and roaches metaphorically speaking. They are endless money pits. Buy a Lexus if you want a luxury car that lasts. Otherwise, lease a luxury German car and give it back to them.

    29. Snake Plissken

      When you buy a running car and the word "running" applies more then once... you got a problem. Also bmw´s inline 6 engines have and are mostly been great and lasting. Its the v8/v12 which are usually sending you huge repairbills. Last reliable v8 was the e38 preferably the pre vanos 4 liter, even so you still had to get fix some things to have a lasting engine.... the later models.. don´t buy just lease and replace, you don´t want to have them when warranty runs out. Off course this might now change with the inline 6 as well as with all the turbo shenanigans and 0w oil.. i dunno.

    30. Enrique Pršlja

      And then u see me The guy who fucking hates BMW!!!

    31. PhantomSoul

      I just got my very first car, a BMW 525d E60 2005. Its absolutely beautiful and i LOVE that thing and all its flaws

    32. Alison Drefahl

      And the sponsor por this video is "Raid ant and Roach Killer", lol


      Tavarish brother its just roaches spray some fuckin disinfectant spray 😐

    34. IKhan

      Why not rent an ozone machine and use it in the car to at the very least kill the roaches. All it takes is one to attach itself to your clothes and now it will end up in your shop, your car and maybe even your house.

    35. IKhan

      Yeah that roach was just waiting for it's big break on camera.

    36. Tiago Blanquet

      I cannot see how it would be cheaper to throw away those electric seats instead of clean and/or reupholster

    37. Steven Kostadinov

      I'm being completely 100% honest now. My father owned a "Bangle butt" for more than 2 years and the only thing that broke was the AC fan.

    38. Astr0 The-Kidd

      6:11 throw the damn car away

    39. Much Acho

      Call it kukaracha

    40. Devin Wright

      We not gonna talk and out how his mask is upside down 13:24

    41. harait

      your mask is upside down :D

    42. Skert Reynolds

      my 04' 545i has iDrive. hate this V8 tho

    43. Alec

      I promise y’all coming from a real car guy he does everything he can the hard way most definitely did not need to throw out all of the interior

    44. Rabey Amir

      Omg I was so disappointed when I seen it was a n52 525i. LMAO WHY THE FUCK Would you purchase such a piece of unreliable shit if your gonna get a bmw at least make the problems worth it and get an 335i or 535i I would never in my life touch anything with an N52 engine(525i) there the biggest pieces of shits to ever exist you choose the wrong car my friend we don’t even claim n52s as real bmws there junk.

    45. Jay Maverick

      "Bin there DUMP that" that is friggin hilarious. I love it when companies put a bit of effort into their slogans. =)

    46. Naila Shahbaz

      10;45 hazalneet switch lier

    47. Jibrïl V

      22:18 me at 11 parking my fathers car. Still doesnt know 22 years later

    48. Joao Fernandes

      4 commercials in 6min?? F*** off

    49. Joel Purry

      Man I 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧 Need those 2 front seats 😧

    50. Turbo Cavalli

      6:11 the boyo in the backseat says everything

    51. Blatt Ferenc

      Can't you kill them with an ozone generator?

    52. Salah Asmar

      This car in my country will cost you more than 12000$, even with half of the current options! Cool!

    53. Nef


    54. Nef

      13:17 Puts on a mask but ironically it's too late....his hands, legs, butt chick's have been everywhere inside this car....touching , grabbing, pushing and pulling things even tough tavarish KNEW the car was full of roaches..... cochino.

    55. Nef

      The roach in the back seat looks kind of pregnant or she is just relocating her babies...

    56. Nef

      It runs......on roach power.!!!

    57. LiquidRetro

      How do you not snag your headphones when they are outside your shirt?

    58. Z32 Enthusiast

      Omg!!!!! That fucking roach had me dying!!!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    59. rodeo0808

      Carly has to update the software for roaches (not system bugs)

    60. dogeboi 7910

      I love the BMW E60 alot I had a 525d msports work all fine even in the snow.

    61. Bryant Moore

      21:25 I don't why, but I laughed my ass off watching him climb into that stripped car, and sit on the floor pan.

    62. LoBoFuror

      Let's just say that this car has few bugs.

    63. Soheil Plays

      Use that carly thing to do nlinks in the 1st gen miata

    64. LIL Shaggy

      Also if you get a diesel it’ll be reliable

    65. Wandering Wraith

      Could he just fumigate it? Yeah, but that wouldn’t really be that much content. Much more fun this way.

    66. Man ne

      if u buy e60. most reliable engines are m54 and m57.

    67. Enes Bajraktarevic

      I had my 2004 5 series 540i and had no problems. Paid 5,500 and for that money it’s been really great to me. I believe to stay away from the M series models. Wish X5 where reliable. I am think about getting a 2008-2010 model soon. Any comments on those years??

    68. A Bothast

      Looked like the stereotypical old person driving in the BMW.

    69. ISION FIRE

      I might shouldn’t say this why do AMRECANS hate GERMEN cars i an’tFan of American cars either only good Amazing car Amreica own IS TESLA thas it most am sure the whole world know American cars can’t even compare Germen cars not near thair lvl lmao. Btw i am not bmw fan and nor do i am from germeny . sorry for my english

    70. Khalil Wallace

      you should V8 swap it. if i had my hands on that car i would put a CVT supercharged motor in it

    71. MoShaRAR

      I'm an E60 owner from Malaysia. Thanks for making this video.

    72. Philip Heitlinger

      We own a finance company. We have dealt with this issue in the past. The only way to rid the car of the roaches is to get some Combat Source Kill Roach bait. Put drops around the inside of the car. Close the doors for a month and they will all be dead. I suggest you put those around your shop and home as you will drag the eggs inadvertently into your home/shop.

    73. DIY Willy

      I was always told BMW was pernounced"BMTrouble You"....😂

    74. Isaac Berez

      6:12 roach 🤣

    75. qopoy dnon

      Could have just used a ozone machine for a day or two with plastic or something sealing it up. Would have been more cost effective and would have killed all the roaches

    76. TJP23

      For you BMW's are unreliable but are the Mercedes who go up in flames most of the time!

    77. Hey Gek

      my uncle has one of these, might want to keep some jumper cables in the trunk, it goes through batteries like a hot knife through butter

    78. Tiny Tim

      you should really credit dvine for the songs used in the timelapses, they slap :)

      1. Nyllith S.

        Thank you so much for posting this, looking for the songs was driving me nuts.

      2. qopoy dnon

        What the f*ck is this guy doing sitting so comfortable in this car? Minute 6:11 🤮

    79. Ross Stewart

      Those masks are to help prevent what you breathe out reaching your patient (hence surgical mask); They don't really offer much protection against smells or inhalation. I'm also pretty sure you've got it on upside down...

    80. Bursuc

      6:10 :))))))))

    81. polypetalous

      Car full of roaches... and you're gonna wear shorts!?!? God bless ya!

    82. R&D Productions UNLIMITED

      I could not be paid to take that car

    83. Killerhap

      6:09 That was "hilarious" hahahahahahaha

    84. Mayoura Nay

      There was a big ass roach on the back seat ctfu

    85. 2013 HW Camaro

      Is anyone going to mention the fact that Tavarish still uses wired headphones?

    86. Guy Incognito

      22:34 Who did... *that*... to that beautiful old 240Z? Monsters.

    87. Guy Incognito

      Please tell me you used a bug bomb in that thing

    88. paskarel karel

      Am i the only one who is kinda triggered because of him saying that BMW and German cars are bad ? Like dont get me wrong but I think they're reliable and that's the intention

    89. Mike Dederichs

      Forget about carly.. i tested it and it can not even find a broken glowplug in my 525d... it can not read motorcodes..

    90. Rudolfo Padilla

      German roach in the German car.

    91. cars for you


    92. Axle's Adventures

      The irony because those type of roaches 🪳 are “German roaches” hahahha.

    93. Rene Herrera

      What the f*ck is this guy doing sitting so comfortable in this car? Minute 6:11 🤮

    94. seeni gzty

      6:10 “It has a clean title” The ROACH 🪳 : 🎵Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my Valentine!🎶 💃 🕺🏾

    95. Sam Ash

      Damn how could someone let their car get to that point where it’s full of roaches seriously?

    96. kenshinflyer

      It may be too late, but you could've just bug-bombed the interior and disinfected the entire car after vacuuming all those dead critters.

    97. Michele Mazza

      Why you didn't mention that the Carly services cost over 70€ per year over the cost for the fisical Carly key and you must necessarily subscribe even if you check the car once a year?

      1. seeni gzty

        12:43 "I don't wanna sit in that car, please don't make me" *Gets in car multiple times before even mentioning roach problem*

    98. choops


    99. Раде Петејчук

      Every bmw with a N engine is bad,if you buy a bmw it better be with M letter engine

    100. Rúben Santos

      That Datsun