Binging with Babish: The Broodwich from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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    This week, to celebrate Halloween, I bend my no-fantasy-food-rule in favor of that most unholy of sandwiches, the Broodwich. It wasn't forged in darkness, it wasn't baked by Beelzebub - but it does have a sinful amount of meat, hand-beaten mayo, lots of sun dried tomatoes, and lettuce. BED OF EVIL AND LETTUCE!
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    1. Babish Culinary Universe

      Oh Frylock...the Highlander is a documentary, and the events happened in real time.

      1. ThatBritte

        I think, that the branch, will hold for---- IT'S NOT HOLDING

      2. Kanye Booker

        Hi your my dad

      3. Rainbow sherbet Rattlesnake

        "What you call that a sandwich and you got bacon on it?"

      4. Joshua Miller

        Knicked the pinky. Also the name of my band.

      5. Dianna

        you really brought that sandwich to life, well done

    2. Shaggy Cuz


    3. Abraham Garcia

      so she says could you move that skull collection to the basement? i'm like, honey, that's work.

    4. SamRulzFTW

      Why did he post this at like 3 am?

    5. ImKrowe

      you cut yourself, didnt you 3:12

    6. Kbholla

      So a cold cut sandwich, but with cancer bread.

    7. Jerr Bear

      What about the sun-dried tomatoes??

    8. Nathan Booth

      What about the maggots for blood part?


      9:50 subreddit for slicing things po*n?

    10. Moo 5000

      I love it 😻

    11. joseph myers

      Idk why she wanted to cover the skulls

    12. uzimakiking


    13. Ordonity


    14. Trashcant YouTube


    15. Silent Soul Ken SSK

      Has anybody ever suggested you do a mail order service? Cause honestly you make cooking this stuff so easy I'd rather just eat what you made instead of making it myself.

    16. Caitlyn Adkison

      I expected to see Belzebub i was not disappointed

    17. shmitty _

      3:11 he cut his pinky

    18. Wyatt Edminston

      why are there comments about baking even though I'm watching a video about killing zombies

    19. Pepsi Man

      red colored bread my brain: playdoh

    20. Me

      Gave up on that new year’s reservation it seems. That’s a lot of meat processing stuff. you could’ve done 666 [pieces] of meat.

    21. ThaAlumniMusicGroup

      Gary No Wait!

    22. collarmole


    23. Gabriel Moura


    24. Nightthought

      Or the.... Broodwitch *chickachika*

    25. Ruben Munoz

      Loved the episode like always. Big fan of ATHF. I get you gotta make a dollar but I think you're better than the paid promotion. I love the content and I understand but I believe you have enough subs and views to make money so to do paid advertisements it's almost a thumbs down to me.

    26. Adam S

      Make the wienie smoothy from "aqua teen hunger force"

    27. Sunprism

      Final moments *chef kiss*

    28. Paper PTJ

      That says the Babish.

    29. Ripper The Thunder God

      Its like im ignoring him to listen to the music but somehow i can recite everything hes saying in an instant

    30. Jej Flexington

      Did you meet jerry?


      i loved it! exept for the mayo, i hate mayo in sandwiched xD

    32. Justin V

      Yes yes yes 🙌🙌

    33. Jaden

      can you do the meatturduckbalizza from the thundermans???

    34. darkai V

      1/10 he did not make the lettuce

    35. Friday Night Arcade

      I hate you.

    36. Candy Cotton

      As it turns out, this video is not vegan friendly

    37. MrCarodan

      Given that it is a honey cured ham one could say that it has "maggots for blood" given that the "blood" is honey made by bees, which start their lives as larvae "maggots" in the same place that honey is made.

    38. J D

      Make Nanachi’s stew from Made in Abyss

    39. Matt Newton

      No sorry without six-hundred & sixty-six DIFFERENT types of meat is just not the same..... I mean it's the devil's sandwich did you think it was going to be easy to make??? Muwahahahahahaha!!

    40. Matt Newton

      Just curious bro what's the tattoo on your right forearm all about if I may ask?

    41. Sunrise Sunset

      Stop eating corpse man, it stinks!

    42. Roland Banks

      Great job, but why not just 6 meats then instead of 5? It was a lot of work and it would have been close to impossible to get into your mouth with out breaking it apart (which you couldn't do per the canon) I get that, but 6 just fits the 666 theme.

    43. Kenz

      Please do Burple Nurples from Chowder!! 💜

    44. X Tina

      This video made me so happy

    45. InfestedChris

      all that work and its over in 2 bites

    46. Allen Reyes


    47. Roger Szmodis

      Sure, it’s sandwich like but can it really be called a sandwich without bacon?

    48. Dreaded Senju

      Was cooking so much meat I forgot he was making a sandwich

    49. X Dreyer

      yoo that looks crazy. awesome video man

    50. Dallas Stamm

      What, no bacon?

    51. nickysantoro314

      Find a person who puts as much effort into your relationship as he put into this sandwich.

    52. John Deslatte

      I need this in my life

    53. Pyro Gaming Hound

      I LOVE YOU!!!! xD this is boooomb

    54. William Dionne

      I tried the recipe for the mayo but it didnt worked

    55. Ayla Figueira


    56. Paul Allen

      Get a gun so you can get rid of Jerry, and finish that sandwich.

    57. Filmation77

      Who came here to see how he created the Bread?


      FINALLY! I have been asking for the episode for years now!

    59. HandBananna

      Keep it up carl, they might just haul you away..

    60. infinite warroir

      it porbbaly would taste better if you made a bow bow bun for the bread then it would be really dowy and nice

    61. Degni


    62. Lord McLoudmouth

      Yo, who is eating all this food?

    63. warioexpert

      1.1k Vegans disliked this video 🤣

    64. the_souless_gamer next_door

      Bruh the meat you have made is pure art

    65. sandy willard

      Please do bizkits from znation

    66. Slayer of liberals

      Am I the only one who saw the pocket scale?

    67. UnKnown_Drive

      Why do you sound like a deeper-toned Raycevick? Also, thank you so much for bringing this sandwich into reality.


      It’s not Italian Combo

    69. Averis

      Cut your pinky finger around 3:12 Ouchy

    70. Ace

      Please make narutos ishirako ramen

    71. fullmetaldillon

      Thats awesome 👌

    72. Afrika Smith

      95% Of the people here can't do this because it's time consuming and expensive.

    73. Stiff of St.Esprit

      I have been waiting for someone to make this since i was a child . THANK YOU SIR!!!!!! subbed!

    74. Noah Martin

      A really great preparation for roast beef is to brush it all over with a paste of water and dry mustard before roasting.

    75. Gnome Boi

      Don't worry when he saw the future he just saw next month.

    76. Alyssa King


    77. Warrcoww

      “The Broodwich cannot be disassembled or taken apart” Shake: “well obviously it can, cause that’s what I did”

    78. Jonathan Munn

      How's your left pinkie, Andrew? I saw that, lol. Nice cover-up, though!

    79. Akiva Elefant

      The Broodwich Sandwich Yields: 4 Servings Prep Time: 2 Years

    80. Irok Zellendust

      Normal people: Alright, so these are the ingredients you need to buy Babish: *You have to use these ingredients to make the ingredients*

      1. JeweledRoseStudios

        A beautiful tradition xD

    81. Lord Ot

      This made me want a sandwhich but all i got was subway.

    82. Tommy Rad

      Once again proving, cartoons are real.

    83. Newzionis

      Venipede pokemon

    84. The Arkle

      You call this a sandwich and it doesn't even have bacon on it?

    85. Royal Raptor Gaming

      That bread was such a vibrant red it practically hurt my eyes looking at it.

    86. Carlos Chaidez

      Thnx for making this been waiting

    87. Guatem

      Imagine making this in a Christian house hold

    88. WPrometh

      Make the blueberry wine from parks and recs

    89. Matthew Miller

      Channel success -> USfilm $$$$ -> Beautiful Rolex! Well played, sir, well played.


      It's the devil's sandwich me: why? Answer:watches video relizing there are so many steps beyond what was anticipated: me: ah sounds about right

    91. Scott man anker

      Why would you change your name

    92. PumpkinSpice Gaming

      I wish I could afford this

    93. Seabass3792

      Got a mixing with babish ad

    94. No0bm4st3r 69

      Fact: Brood means bread in dutch.

    95. Del Stewart

      You added more to that curing solution than you said. What exactly did you use?

    96. JDH

      I now understand why some deli meats cost as much as they do

    97. vukodlak5

      Errr... is your finger bleeding there at 3:12?

    98. David C

      Congratulations you fended off the last temptation of the Broodwich!

    99. Womp Womp

      You should do the Sinner’s Sandwich from Deadly Premonition. It’s actually pretty simple, but I’d be more interested in how you would make it better. The only ingredients I can recall are corn flakes, strawberry jam, white bread, and deli turkey meat.

    100. John Peter Kaina

      If you're gonna do ATHF, can you do the Sugarman's Potted Meat from Space Ghost Coast to Coast? And since you did the mortadella, you should do the beef logs from aforementioned show :p