KRAKEN RELEASED: Crowder Breaks Down GA & MI Lawsuits | Louder With Crowder


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    Sidney Powell has released the Kraken on Georgia and Michigan, and Steven Crowder gives you all the highlights of the most damning evidence.
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    "Eat My Butt"

    Published on Month ago


    1. eric johnson

      Crackhead released

    2. Dietmar Wohlleben

      For more than 60 days, Sidney Powell claims she has supposedly irrefutable proof that Dominion (& Chavez & China & devil etc) stole the election. In addition, she allegedly had much more evidence of election fraud. But for 60 days, Sidney Powell has presented not a single piece of concrete evidence to the press, nor in court!!! Read:

    3. ll 22

      Copium shortage

    4. Buddy W

      great job,keep up the honest and great work guys,we need so much more of this

    5. Tyler W

      And did nothing happen? Seems so. Sadly

    6. Lord Maliscence

      It's sad to see all these grifters raking in tons of cash by making people feel like they're right in believing everything Trump says

    7. Unix Gaming

      idk i think a lot of what's said on top of the evidence presented holds the rhetoric of "guilty until proven innocent". Let's also remember that lack of evidence to the contrary is not evidence for the point.

    8. tahmid134

      How's that Kraken going, Crowder? All that hard work in your video went to waste. Maybe it's time to find a new field?

    9. The.O._O

    10. Dale Wotherspoon

      Y were they bring cameras in at that time when cameras were already there !! Or if they had been sent away then y would camera's going in

    11. Antimony Neamhan

      Now that this has blown up in your face as the frivolous lawsuit it was, you going to retract? Apologize?

    12. Ross Temple

      Thieves are stupid.

    13. Mel Willard

      I love ya, man, but I must decompress with some art restoration videos.

    14. Eduardo Barreda

      Sooooo, hows that kraken going? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    15. Rumble Rumble


    16. Brennan Stephenson

      Phil Makraken is less hilarious than this lawsuit!

    17. Ja-lex

      I'll be waiting on the "I was wrong" segment... LMAO...

    18. Ja-lex

      LMAO... Sooo I guess the Kraken is more a "crack-head"... It's amazing that someone who constantly declares he does his due diligence to "research" appears to just regurgitate the bullshit he hears... LMAO... Powell is a conspiracy-believing idiot and those who beLIEve her bullshit are fools...

    19. chumbala1

      I hope these guys are included in the law suit against Sidney Powell

    20. Lisa Longo

      Just discovered this channel.I love it

    21. Anthony Trump

      Sanford and Son Yeah nothing at all scotus , I also am a Roman catholic..WOW...controlled already. . Sanford and Son

    22. Cindy Robison

      What are your thoughts on Tim Pool?

    23. Snowy Snowy

      Even the Republican majority Supreme Court rejected his baseless lawsuits. Trump lost. Take it like a man.

    24. William Pierce

      Finally, somebody who's not pulling punches. We know they cheated I think you for making it exceptionally clear

    25. Jake Jake

      LOL LOL LOL you Trumplings crack me up!

    26. Iilisette

      I want justice I can't let injustice in this case slide this point and time in our history we need Trump 2020 and lots of people going to jail

    27. Wiley Pittman

      70% of the country or better, believes this all 2 b true, but nobody gonna do anything but piss and moan; and take it up the rear 🤢🤬

    28. Jon Stirling

      That went will didn’t it? Lol. You suck.

    29. Heavy Metal

      What about the dominion servers the US army seized in Germany? Showing biden 128 to Trumps 410 electoral votes.

    30. Heavy Metal

      Mae hall Law needs to be invoked. All poll workers and dominion employees need to be arrested and put on trial for treason, high crimes and sedition. Let them proves they didn’t commit what is being seen by them video they were doing on video. Watch what happens. Post names of all these poll workers and their addresses. Also all dominion executives are gone. They moved out of country. Yup that are gone.

    31. life right?

      I suggest you all look up The Great Reset, it's on the World Economic Forum, because now that Biden won, you are now a part of it, along with Canada. We will all be communist.

    32. sergio flores

      Not accepted in court. Speculation is not evidence. You are a lier. Trump told people not to vote! The "dumps" were counted vote that started 8 hour ago. Your statistics are based on bull shit. They were counted votes made hours ago. You did not tell your sheep what really happened.

    33. MacIsBack

      Hilarious.. Sidney Powell's case was thrown out in record time by Trumps own self appointed supreme court judges.. What does that say about release the Kraken bahaha.. And this clown Crowder still has his video up so we can all see how much of an idiot he is.. Awesome piece of self humiliation right here in this video....

    34. The Coconut Fruit

      I can't imagine how America will be the greatest powerful country again if they can't put all the crooks behind bars.Good vs Evil, praying for America from Canada.🙏

    35. swalthful

      Wow talk like Shapiro! You must know what your talking about. Slow down you sound like meth heads.

    36. Sarah Kuhn

      THE KRAKEN!!!!!!! 🙏🏼

    37. dlbrigg

      Give the FBI a copy of the evidence ... stamped in red ink “COPY”. It will make them go crazy!

    38. Max

      Annnnnd it got thrown right out

    39. Ron Parcke-Wms

      Can he explain it without using the luciferian's(demon's) language? 🚽 👄

    40. Jena Latz

      If your state hasn't joined Texas in suing for voter equity then contact your state's senators and representatives ask them to do so immediately. Write SCOTUS tell them you want election integrity.

    41. Micah Ross

      My girlfriend lives in Oregon with me. She moved from CT. She got a ballot forwarded from CT to OR. It’s clear there’s false votes. Luckily my girlfriend is honest and threw it out. I could only imagine how many people from CT voted twice just because their state had ballots forwarded to them as a resident in another state..

    42. Stick Pd

      You guys are too much!!!! Keep it going.

    43. K George

      Anyone who doesn’t have a problem the way things are going right now… Should be investigated they got something to hide

    44. Sally Larsen

      I keep wondering with so much proof of so so much, why is this taking so long. Why is this so hard to prove?

    45. Tak Brock

      9 Dec 2020 Screw you You Tube for you censorship, I have moved to Parler to get my news. I can't believe you are stopping any comment about Election Fraud.... There is Alot, even if you try to stop it.

    46. Phil Snider

      China is trying to take control of the US, and helped to rig the election for Biden. The future of finance is blockchain and Biden and his team are against it. Blockchain banking systems weren't supposed to be put in place until the end of Trumps 2nd term (3-4 years) but now central banks and governments from all over the world are rushing as fast as they can to go live before Trump is out of office. The G7 met just a few days ago to agree on regs and clarity regarding crypto *currency. Guess who isn't in the G7 committee? China. The communist party knows that if this new banking system is released thier economy will collapse. So what do they do about it? Get deep into the pockets of the democratic party, release a virus that mysteriously only the US is overreacting to, and rig the election. Prove me wrong but first look at the news coming out of the crypto *currency space in the last 3 weeks. Just because China isnt pointing guns at us doesn't mean they are not at war with us. This is a financial war

    47. Jake Horton

      If I ever vote Democrat I will come back and haunt everyone involved until they have a heart attack or worse

    48. Jake Horton

      There's only one way to settle this entire problem that's to throw out this entire election do it all over again only this time we do not use machines we use paper ballots hand counted only with ID and in person only no mail in no nothing else Trump will win by an absolute landslide if that happens

    49. reality smith

      whens your next movie?not

    50. reality smith

      crowder joe won u clown

    51. Brisketboy

      Piss off USfilm

    52. matt fischer

      Annnnnnnnddd... That went well. 😉

    53. isaac P.

      Man...these dominion villains are worse than Deep Space Nine's dominion. Better evil plans

    54. Jose Hernandez

      Chinese Crickets

    55. Jonathan Matthews

      On point! 🇺🇸

    56. DanSk451

      A bunch of nonsense for cult victims. Enjoy losers!

    57. timwaywell

      all BS ... Biden won Trump, and the courts know it and the Trump folk have failed to prove it court

    58. A View Of You

      The Kraken was released and amounted to nothing! Powell lost the cases badly in both states with no strong evidence of fraud! Don't you get it? Trump has always been a bad loser and ALWAYS makes excuses when he loses. Why on earth would you take this seriously? He's just doing this to raise money and claim he was the real winner.

    59. Allen Doss

      Hello Mr. Crowder, why don't t say or mention that Texas is suing PA, Wi, Mi and Ga.

      1. abydosianchulac2

        This video is from daaaaaays before that case was filed.

    60. Velvet Switch44

      Just found you guys. Brilliant! Had me laughing harder than any late night show on television. The Revolution will not be televised because you guys have it on USfilm.

    61. Ben Mooney

      My precinct in Kent county is extremely right wing. I voted in person at 5 pm Election Day and I was only the 400th ballot

    62. Howie Feltersnatch

      Aaaannnnnnnnnnndddd the lawsuits were thrown out. 🤣

    63. Michael Patrick

      You don't want any court to hear any case except for the Supreme Court . Don't waste any time!!

    64. jeff kreps

      I've got a chart too!

    65. kathy

      Please stop yelling. I can hear you. Im on your side.

    66. Lee Barrett

      Kraken just got bounced out of court. Let’s move on to the next conspiracy theory.

    67. Ramon Luis

      Videos time laps are not accurate with pipe burst.

    68. Vicki Seaton

      If the courts don’t find fraud in this election we should all rise up against this corruption!😡

    69. reality smith

      shut up man .talk about something else this is old news.trump lost.when was last time u made a movie? years .successful yes.but lets get off the election topic its old and uneducated.trump lost get over it

    70. Bianca Star

      Sydney Powell is delusional. Completely out to lunch. There's a reason Republican judges are laughing her out of court.

    71. Trevor Brand

      You do understand they DON'T WANT to process any legal process or transperant recount. It's no different to Venezuela or Colombia. It's fraud from top to bottom. The Supreme Court itself has Bill Barr who protects the fraud and doesn't want to process a complaint. Bill Barr blocked Hillary from facing questioning in court.... he allowed her to get off scot free for, what?, the third time round.

    72. Keith Haselton

      How's the Kraken doing now, folks?

    73. John Power

      The few demonrats that might have a little common sense (rare) block it out in times of self advantage, it’s more about what can I get free right now, no long term thinking, IDK lazy? Low IQ? Desperate? Ignorance? I have found the best way to have what you want/need is to get up every morning, force myself to do what a boss wants

    74. SuperMikeAttack

      Poor Kraken. lol

    75. NiaNook

      What a powerless feeling when there's evidence of corruption and criminal activity and nothing is done about it. It happens again and again and the only way there will be real change is if some higher-ups decide to have a shred of integrity or the people have to resort to bloodshed :(

    76. Joe bigz


    77. Brenda Lee

      Under the Constitution of the United States of America, neither the AP, any media or tech platforms have legal authority to declare an election for any candidate. If anyone tries to mislead you in this regard they are just blowing in the wind. . .. There is also no such thing as the office of the president elect.

    78. chumbala1

      No kraken U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten dismissed the lawsuit brought by former Trump attorney Sidney Powell in an attempt to decertify Georgia’s election. He said overturning the election would have amounted to “judicial activism

    79. shroud

      Doh. Cases as dumb as the wall and kraken tossed out

    80. TheBigBad2

      And the Kraken is dead.

    81. Colin Parkinson

      Both Kraken are now Broken. Biden winning.

    82. Sanford Fahy

      Why should and kpbs have not allowed public comments direct below their news articles? People should write to them seriously asking about whether they are trying to silence all modernly educated readers !!!

    83. Lawrence

      The left wants to secure future elections by taking in as many illegal immigrants as possible, which will translate to more potential democrats in the future. They dont care about the American people, they just want complete control. And more power=more money.

    84. Anthony Lawlor

      I dont trust the FBI. As a American that makes me very sad, angry, ashamed, and pissed off.

    85. Anthony Lawlor

      We are concentrated on the presidential election as it should be.....but how has the other elections been compromised, ie, NC govenor election.... Sleep on that one for a minute.

    86. Major Kaboom

      I watched this 1 week ago. I came back to it for some info and realize my like for this video is now gone. Hmmmm nothing suspicious. So let's see if my comments are still here.

    87. Worker man

      How come we cant see the crackin. If you bend over you can see the crackin.

    88. Timothy Duffy

      We keep showing the Governor of the state and everyone asking him to do something (Straw man). When it is Brad Raffensperger that needs to hit with everyone calls since he is the guy with all the power. Gov, is just running cover and gas lighting everyone. Its like a magician look over here. Wile Brad skates from having to actually audit the vote envelopes.

    89. Sal G

      Georgia Patriot Call to Action: today is the day we need you to call your state Senate & House Reps & ask them to sign the petition for a special session. We must have free & fair elections in GA & a this is our only path to ensuring every legal vote is counted.

    90. Timothy Duffy

      The point of taking a long time to get the count done is to run out the clock to the electoral college.

    91. amezification

      Which do you prefer apples or oranges?

    92. john slover

      Biden won!! 24 lawsuits they all got tossed out of court , why because of lack of “EVIDENCE.” Why don’t you people understand what that means? Sorry you voted for a shitty person to be president! But you lost, move on!

    93. Jeogenes Biongcog

      Democrats are miracle workers: resurrection of dead voters, suddenly appearing boxes of voters mails, over multiplication of numbers, bilocation of voters, mind reading representatives, trailers suddenly disappearing, etc.

    94. Samuel Tucker

      This guy is a comedian acting like news, just like CNN.

    95. Theresa Jones

      Do ppl not remember Biden publicly accidentally claiming he was running the biggest voter fraud organization in history. HELLO

      1. Theresa Jones

        U can find the video yourself

    96. Theresa Jones

      I fn LOVE you guys.

    97. Don

      Don't know if anyone has said this yet but, if not, FUCK THE AP!

    98. James Thorpe

      Are we still confident that Trump can win this? Asking for a friend lol

    99. Havok

      holy crap 1.1 million views. At least people are being exposed to the nonsense that's going on in the voting polls

    100. Hessam Sadeghian

      How cheap you are 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮