Among Us Logic 2 | Cartoon Animation


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    Player is sick of losing as a Crewmate in Among Us. But this round at the Skeld he takes matters into his own hands as the Impostor. Will he be able to get away with eliminating all the crewmates? Or will he get caught in the act and lose yet again...
    🡆 Abigail Turner -
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Ellie Reynolds

      Loved it when orange over reacted to much and killed black stab stab stab

    2. Carena Newman

      I love these i rate 10000000000000000 out of 10

    3. Finlay Byrne


    4. хХвеаг рашХх

      MrCheese:How do i go into vents like ninja did Ninja:Eh? Goober:ITS THE NINJA KILL IM

    5. Valerie Cooper

      Poor player

    6. doodle productions

      Goober:mr cheese dum Mr cheese: YOU MESS WITH SLABBY YOU GET THE STABBY

    7. Christiana Nneamaka Ohanehi Smith

      Bro is such a bully, he wants to make Player miserable.

      1. Candle the crewmate

        Well yes but actually no

    8. Ari Miki


    9. Jacob Andrews

      Why Did Bro Do The Call Me Sign When They Won

    10. aya gobran


    11. Lucy Land

      is anyone gonna notice how brown farted out of his foot lol

    12. Perse Yost

      😂i love this

    13. Spongebob der Mod ohne Staus

      Wer kennts nicht der vent in weapons

    14. 鈴木玖


    15. Roxy Hassoun


    16. Mustapha Charara

      When you finally the impostor and they just vote you out without any evidence

    17. Jane Gibson

      I love among us logic

    18. Vam Vam

      Haha it's true

    19. Hamidah Junoh


    20. Hamidah Junoh

      Aww the baby is so cute 6:20 😳

    21. John the echidna

      4:49 Mr cheese: I did not go to 8 years of space school with a masters degree for you to call me an imbecile

    22. Mikes Dumas

      I love you player

      1. Mikes Dumas

        I am a fan of you

    23. zhen z


    24. Dave Bruno

      Gober ha ha Mr Cheese dum Mr Cheese so you have chosen death Poopy Farts Ima bouta end this mans holl cerer

    25. Ella's ASMR

      This is awesome you should make more

    26. Debbie Cotter

      Mr cheese is so cute!

    27. IrisTube 2

      you gotta make more episodes

    28. Rajya Begum

      Nice vedio orange soo stuped

    29. Tiger Gaming


    30. Mace Whitehead

      Ah the only good one

    31. ItsEli Playz

      6:24 Player: HELP ME!!!!!

    32. อ้วน สุดหล่อ

      โทรเรียกโรงบาลศรีธัญญา 4:55

    33. mr parrot

      I dont like bro hes a toxic player

    34. Lola Holt

      I watch your videos everyday and if you read this you are the prettiest and most popular woman ever or a Hanson and popular man

    35. jozz rhythm ceralde

      Oh cute

    36. saja kalil


    37. Liksjks Lim

      I know what ninja tailing

    38. Siti Rahayu

      Hahaha LOL is Mr Cheese

    39. Red Sus

      Oof... how can you resist the baby crewmates, tho...?

    40. Red Sus

      I love it when TheGentleman bullies Mister Cheese!!! lolol

      1. Jacob Rodriguez


    41. Meara Gibeault

      poor Mr cheese has to go threw abuse every day, let's start a go-fund-me for him. I gotcha buddy :)

    42. twins brinkley

      I love this Chanel when I first watched one of your videos I loved it so much now I am continuing watching your videos

    43. MsLemonDrop615

      player funny yo

    44. Zhe Wang

      I love among us to

    45. s for sophia


    46. Audriana Basile

      I think she went

    47. Player

      Why mr cheese-

    48. Chinkhopau Hanghal


    49. Miljan Milosavljevic

      Five things that i hate: 1. People that cant spel 3. People that cant count 4. People that cant spik inglis 5. People who beg for likes LIKE IF U AGREE!!!

      1. Miljan Milosavljevic

        /r woosh

      2. Manjula Kuppuri

        You are what you hate lol

      3. Spongebob der Mod ohne Staus

        I feel with you

    50. Liam Elijah Uy

      Bro is so bobo

    51. Joseph Diaz

      Mother:you know what I believe u player let’s vote bro out: mr cheese: hey play did we finish winning the game as the imposters yet😂😂

    52. x 26

      i fell real sorry for player he never wins :(

    53. cool watterson

      Wow when mr cheese said "player did we win as imps?" Player should have said this "Mr cheese is lying, he is dumb anyways" He could have won

    54. Marilyn Garcia

      ZXC Kg?

    55. GoldPlays

      Gentleman: Bullying is bad Also Gentleman: Beats the heck outta mr cheese

    56. Alder Lopez

      Player actually cleared all the astroids before getting killed

    57. Powermuffin3000 LOL

      sats a good vIDEO

    58. Rinad Alawadhi


    59. Rinad Alawadhi

      Cant you kill fast

    60. Mila Korevaar

      haha grappig

    61. Adrian Cyrus

      So funny


      1:23 LOL... LMAO

    63. Mladen Orlović


    64. Aboudi Kouatly

      Game toons congrats on 40 million views on one single video

    65. ЮЛЯ ТВ123

      Christmas 👗💛

    66. ЮЛЯ ТВ123

      I got to watch as much fun 😬🛍️

    67. ЮЛЯ ТВ123

      Что они говорят 💖

    68. World of Unfortunate Blitz

      Thank you for taking the time to make these, your amazing work makes me feel better when I’m feeling stressed lol :D

    69. ЮЛЯ ТВ123

      iPad по-русски это 😷🔥

    70. ЮЛЯ ТВ123

      Что 🤨

    71. Definitely NOT Pink Leaf

      Translate Of Ninja Of Whole Of Part 2 Ninja: Hondo *slaps* Translate: Idiots *slaps* *Emergency Meeting* Mr.Cheese: How do i go inside the vents like ninja did? Goober: ITTTTS NINJA!!! Ninja: Wait! I didn’t!

    72. Gacha_girl333 _Playz

      Lol player almost won hahahahHahsgdsdfg


      Nexium and don’t want to see you killing everyone in the game

    74. SonicTheHedgehogv

      I cant believe mrcheese snitch on player🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    75. Board&Drunk

      I love it

    76. Boba • Yumi

      I have know idea what ninja is saying 😂

    77. Sherry Moore

      I liked it when player broke the 4th wall

    78. Courtney Burlingame

      Make a play I want around please please please please please please please he always loses it’s hardly fair it’s not comedy make someone else lose alsoPut Bro black back into it so he can lose

    79. Courtney Burlingame

      Oh my God he killed poopy farts still let him win

    80. Courtney Burlingame

      Player needs to win around please

    81. Erike Ford

      what is this about

    82. Easter Bunny

      How gentle is the gentlemen?

    83. Caden Bolt

      nice animation 😏👌

    84. Goldenstandard

      they got mr cheese hot lol

    85. Ethan Johnson

      Thumbnail: *shows arms* Me: wait that’s illegal

    86. Lemon

      I could only understand wait

    87. Roxanne Mora

      love it

    88. Sintia Molina


    89. KaelynandAshlyn


    90. KaelynandAshlyn

      I love among us

    91. KaelynandAshlyn

      That was funny

    92. ben de vries

      5:25 the mom is not making it easy for him lol

    93. Kevin April

      What the hell

    94. Kevin April

      I am not good I am good

    95. Kevin April

      Purple so suspicious

    96. Kevin April

      Shut up blue

    97. Kevin April

      Annoying stupid purple