Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

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    Taking all six points from Madrid is a dream come true for Shakhtar. Just like in the reverse fixture, Shakhtar have played a very mature game and effectively fulfilled their plan. When they needed to hold back and be patient, they did this. And when they finally got chances to counterattack, they were clinical. So, following another great Champions League night, the Pitmen are still in a great position to fight for a knockout stage berth.
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    1. Cooldude 22

      It’s a Good day when Real or Barca lose

    2. Blah Glitter

      The glib cloth intracellularly prepare because chill spectacularly sprout past a quarrelsome friday. stingy, sour pantyhose

    3. Rampant Jarl

      Where’s Odegaard 21?

    4. Shadow_FN

      They are nothing without Ramos lol

    5. Mr99Burns


    6. Kristian S

      Fast forward a week and... 1.) Real Madrid have won their group. 2.) Barcelona have lost to Juventus and finished 2nd in their group. ( This means they might be drawn against Bayern in the Round of 16.) You 8-2 see it :D 3.) Barcelona have lost to newly promoted Cadiz. Their are now closer to the relegation spots than top 4 in La Liga. Looks like it might be Barca in the Europa League next season lol.

    7. Football Life

      I just uploaded videos about the first European Cup that Real Madrid won many years ago, and now we have this...


      Raphael is bad

    9. Mikey J.

      Real Madrid is like Superman after he lost his powers. Could get beat up by some trucker at a roadside cafe'. Well done Shakhtar!

    10. Mahir Foysal

      3:54 i came back for this work of art. pause at 3:56

    11. Geo

      Not trying to be rude but why do they sound like the angry birds at 7:13 😂

    12. John Beefcock

      Can you believe a couple season ago Madrid had the top 5 most expensive players in every position.... And the team hasn't been changed... That much


        we will win the league and maybe the ucl this season

    13. Sans

      Bet they missed Ronaldo when all those headers were missed.

    14. New York Ari Football

      PutaMadrid. Keep on loosing hahahaha

    15. michaelmaccrazy

      Maybe I'm not seeing it, but can someone explain how Varane is at fault for the first goal? I think it's more so Mendy for the poor touch, it was a freak deflection. For the 2nd, I can see where Varane should get some blame when he didn't bother sliding to affect the shot. But at the same time, Courtois once again allowing a goal at the near post.

    16. Carl

      I still believe Lucas and Varane are a joke, and Benzema could be faster without that dumb heavy handwrap that serves no point!

    17. Medardo Lomeli

      And this is why is so important to have a player like Cristiano Ronaldo in your team, a leader with a winning mindset! The Real Madrid doesn't look intimidating anymore and other teams know it.

    18. Omar Ruiz

      I’m sorry Madrid need a whole new squad...bring in a proper RB Vazquez is not a RB...bring in a new CB pairing..pour some new blood into that midfield..has no spark no energy..we need better wingers not young potential kids..proper wingers who can win a game..Madrid is in the same boat Barcelona is in

    19. Aloyce Junior

      Real is going no where in the uefa, this final is Liverpool vs Beyern Munich, I don’t know why Zidane loves Varane that much .

    20. MikeANikebtw

      am i the only one who noticed he said asensio when lucas vasquez had the ball lol

    21. John Lacey

      The mushy apparel molecularly worry because uganda willy bomb for a educated hovercraft. sparkling, previous tyvek

    22. H A

      Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal & Man U r TRASH there you can all stop arguing who is better 🤣🤣🤣

      1. H A

        @Ras the almighty Atletico that keeps stumbling in Champions 😂😂😭😭

      2. Ras

        Who do u support?

    23. Marco Solis

      Guess who's here just to watch madrid loosing ✋✋... Like if you as well😂😂

    24. Emiliano Lara

      Bro ever since Ronaldo left Madrid has been getting worse

    25. Choice Meat Randy

      Still a mystery to me why Madrid hot rid of Navas. A big reason for those CLs were the saves he made, saves that lanky Courtois never could

    26. IC7

      Real are easily gonna win La Liga this year... it’s no contest. Oh sorry you thought I meant Madrid? No I mean Sociedad.

      1. Ras

        @IC7 yeah they are but they haven't faced anyone that is actually a hard team i believe Barcelona is gonna go against them soon but idk

      2. IC7

        @Ras I agree, tbh I only used Sociedad for the joke lol. Plus they’re top of the table atm I think. (I could be wrong)

      3. Ras

        Nah Sociedad ain't winning its gonna be atletico

    27. SammySam7x

      Madrid should've let go of Zidane and kept James and Bale

    28. Edwin Rodriguez

      Europa League: Hello Madrid. Welcome

    29. Harsha & Hari Sasi

      Where is @El buki ?

    30. Voet Football

      Fun fact: Real Madrid have lost more CL group stage games (5) since Ronaldo left in 2018 than they did at his whole nine years at the club (3). AND THEY SAY THEY WERE NOT CARRIED

    31. Gregorio Sevilla

      The macabre end ultrascructurally influence because hat typically waste toward a hard-to-find children. one, spiritual tip

    32. SMOKEY

      Mom can we have Ramos? Mom: We have ramos at home Ramos at home: Varane

    33. Clay McEachin

      Should have been a red for varane

    34. david ruiz

      All of you don't understand that Madrid does this to face easier teams later... 🤟

    35. Chad McFly

      Shaktar should just wear yellow since they have about 30 Brazilians

    36. alejofox10

      Only the best team in history replace one of the greatest scores in history with.... Vinicius?.... Mariano?.... Vencema?... they is only 2 or 3 players that can gat close to Ronaldo, and Madrid has none; Mbape , Halan, Levandosky.

    37. D 'Korosu

      Ahi esta su madrid..

    38. David Vasquez

      That first goal was both Mendy for lazy defending and Varane for not clearing the ball

    39. Burhan Mohsin

      how the mighty have fallen lmao

    40. Mauricio Howe Penman

      Demostrado que Zidane es un paquete de pupu , es una diarrea con frijoles mal técnico

    41. Yaid Martinez

      Players Real Madrid need to sell: 1. Varane 2. Lucas Vaquez 3. Nacho 4. Marcelo

    42. ayham shaibi

      Finally Toni Kroos and Aubameyang could decide their discussions at the Europa League

      1. yoruel sanguillen


    43. Henry Melendez

      Madrid can only beat Barca🤣

      1. Henry Melendez

        @Guthrie Espinoza true

      2. Guthrie Espinoza

        Honestly that is sad, if you think about it.

    44. Ricardo Zamorano

      The question everyone has: WTF is Varane doing????

    45. TH3 8ROTHERS

      Madrid are you okay??

    46. Gravitas

      Que malo este Real Madrid.

    47. Basheer Katmeh

      It goes to show all of Real's wins are rather flukes. Barca was so bad, Inter had a red card, etc... It is ironic they can win flukes against big teams but lose or tie to fodder. Especially since Shakhtar had like 10 players on covid and injuires. Quite the irony.

      1. I can’t think of a creative name

        We always perform vs big teams while we always lose vs small teams... I just don’t get it anymore xD

    48. Yuri Delgado

      They are going to go to the Europa league they have not t done that in so many years

    49. Miguel

      How are you gonna be Real Madrid and lose at home and away against shaktar 🤣🤣

    50. PouleDance

      Benzema captain? What a joke.

    51. Dan Curiel

      Now this is what I love to see🤣🤣

    52. Drew Drubi

      Real Madrid looking like they playing American soccer bunch soccer so happy I didn’t watch the whole game they really suck now lol

    53. Manuel Romero

      SOLOMON 😈

    54. Thiago Sanchez

      Warning Madrid fans this isn't for the faint of heart, just imagine kazakhstan bottle jobs who play football as a hobby against europe's supposed best😂😂 please fight in the replys btw messi is the best

    55. Judy Chen

      They have to beat Mönchengladbach to get to the round of 16

    56. hasan fandi

      Varane was shakhtar's best player.

    57. fibers ion

      Bet they wish they bale now lol

    58. Richard Cruz

      Madrid are not the same without their stars 🌟

    59. Obey13

      Well done and a huge congratulations to Shakhtar Donetsk on both of their victories against Real Madrid CF 👏

    60. N P

      So defense still poor, Not Marcello's fault and all the beautiful offensive movement is halved by his absence!

    61. pp69

      Guys Madrid iswinning the Europa league 😂

    62. Miguel Cortez Jr.

      Barcelona in La Liga: Arsenal Barcelona in Champions League: Bayern Real Madrid in La Liga: Bayern Real Madrid in Champions League: Arsenal

      1. I can’t think of a creative name

        Lol true but we’ve been terrible in la liga... for Bayern it’s just 1 game and only 2 days after playing sevilla for 120 mins lol

      2. Miguel Cortez Jr.

        @I can’t think of a creative name yeah I guess but even Bayern lost to hoffenhiem

      3. I can’t think of a creative name

        U have it wrong m8... Madrid in la liga is still terrible if recently... can’t win at all

    63. Judy Chen

      When Real Madrid is in the Europa league there is a chance that they will face against Tottenham, arsenal, Roma, or AC Milan otherwise they could also face against rangers, Villarreal, leverkusen, Granada, real sociedad, Napoli, or Leicester city

    64. Mourinho Fring

      Curse of the Pharaohs shall be upon them until Ramos leaves!

    65. David Diaz

      Madrid sucks when they play in Russia. AND without Ramos . It’s a for sure loss

    66. Collective Macri

      Fun fact:The only goals Shakhtar scored in this entire group were on Real Madrid.

    67. ksvrs msv

      Bro as a Spurs fan. I can’t see Madrid and PSG dropping to the Europa. I just want a trophy 😭

      1. Alexander Montanez

        Nah honestly Spurs can beat real easily in my opinion however psg is a tougher team to beat

    68. holymsophy

      Madrid fans, I don't wanna hear anymore 8-2 from you. 😂😂😂😂 You guys lost to Shakhtar... Twice!! And managed 0 goals against them. Shakhtar!!! Buahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. I can’t think of a creative name

        @holymsophy tbf at least u can win against shitty teams... we make terrible teams look like prime barca

      2. holymsophy

        @I can’t think of a creative name barca is only good in Ucl. We are in a shitty group. 😂😂😂 Not much stock there.

      3. I can’t think of a creative name

        Also u guys can only improve from here xD I mean Bartomeu is gone so yea

      4. I can’t think of a creative name

        @holymsophy 😂tbf altho i haven’t watched any of Barca’s recent matches I’ve heard they looked quite good... Im starting to think they are going to find form before us xD, I mean we literally got outplayed by teams like shaktar, alaves, and Valencia... the only good thing about us is that for some reason we are doing decent against the “big” clubs.. still tho

      5. holymsophy

        @I can’t think of a creative name yeah, makes it more fun. Though I have more faith in Real getting their act together before we do. 😂😂😂 Zizou will find a way to string 5 wins together.


      I am a Madrid fan and what the hell. I think our entire attack has a concussion (throwback to 2018) because it is all far shots and screamer attempts. BENZEMA GET CLOSER BEFORE SHOOTING.

    70. Zion Lee

      What was Varane thinking when he shied away from the ball leading to the first goal? 🤔

    71. Arturo Fernandez

      That’s when you realize how much value Ramos is to Madrid

      1. I can’t think of a creative name

        His leadership skills are invaluable

      2. I can’t think of a creative name

        Exactly... our most important player... I can’t think of what would happen to our team when he leaves... I believe he has more of an impact on our team than Ronaldo in fact.. or at least the same amount of impact

    72. jcroque89

      I love seeing all the front runners go crazy

    73. Jay Tat

      “They just got lucky the first time” That’s what Odegaard21 said wonder what he’s doing now

    74. Ricardo Pineda

      i didn’t know ben shapiro was a ref

      1. Watermelon Dude


    75. Abri

      Guys, You can believe in JESUS CHRIST now and get saved while there is still time. GOD loves you, The Bible says ''Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.'' Mark 12:30 One either loves GOD or loves the world, never both, and the result of loving the world+ the things of the world is death, death in sin , no salvation, rejection by GOD. Are you going to finally get it ? or you keep playing and neglecting the precious LOVE and SALVATION GOD offers through His One and Only SON JESUS CHRIST Our LORD and SAVIOR, who died on the cross to redeem our souls. Please repent and accept JESUS CHRIST, get saved

    76. Peter Yeboah

      Did everyone think Real Madrid as a Team was solid prior the Pre-season till date? No! Even before Pre-season, I knew the team was going to be playing by luck and Try & Error. Am disappointed, that Zidane at his return to Madrid couldn't get us a better striker at the level of Ronaldo or Mbape while relying on Benzema in the name of Nepotism. We have those who create goals but not those to score. Our Defence is rocked with confusion. Apart from Ramos, Marcelo and Modric, the rest of defenders and midfielders are being useless. I love Madrid, but some broken hearts with such consistent poor performance, can be treacherous and deadly to loving soccer Madridstas. Watch Out....!

      1. I can’t think of a creative name

        What pre season? There was a pre season????

    77. Stephen Ugochukwu

      This is karma on VAR-Drid for all the Champions league they’ve won falsely.😂😂😂

      1. I can’t think of a creative name

        @Stephen Ugochukwu it is far from certain that he isn’t going anywhere next year... and u guys are much worse without him (altho tbf of the limited games I’ve seen this season because of, u know, school I’ve seen Barca better without Messi than with Messi).

      2. Stephen Ugochukwu

        @I can’t think of a creative name lol, we all know Messi is going nowhere; besides, we’ve been doing fine without him lately.

      3. I can’t think of a creative name

        Oh also gl without Messi next year

      4. I can’t think of a creative name

        @Stephen Ugochukwu Lol in ur dreams 😂😂 Hala Madrid

      5. Stephen Ugochukwu

        @I can’t think of a creative name y’all better not lose Zidane if not... y’all gonna be relegated 😂😂😂

    78. sobhan32

      Mark my words: Real and Inter will advance from this group. And no. I am not a real fan.

    79. Ronald Gomis

      Dentinho 🦷

    80. Christian C

      Let’s be honest, even if Madrid go through to the last 16 they most likely will be eliminated early again. The other teams are just too strong for them. If they draw a team like Bayern or man city or even Liverpool they are done for.

      1. I can’t think of a creative name

        I don’t expect us too go far... altho who knows maybe zidane’s black magic finally comes into play xD

    81. Reck M

      Benzema is robin, he will never be Batman

    82. Danny Dough

      I think Zidane's love story with Asensio needs to come to an end. Why did he start Asensio and Lucas Vasquez? Those guys couldn't even carry the team in Copa Del Rey.

    83. ranndino

      When I tuned into this one I said surely Shakhtar isn't going to do it again. What's even crazier is that they beat RM twice now while losing badly both times to Borussia M. Is the German club the best in this group? Also, imagine that Borussia and Shakhtar advance while Inter and RM don't! Who saw that coming?!

    84. Lanier King


    85. nolimitjay

      Varane looking back at Mendy when he sucks at defending😂

    86. Rene

      Zidane has to go

    87. Dien Tran

      Fuck RM

      1. I can’t think of a creative name

        Uno reverse xD

    88. Kevin Pineda

      I honestly don’t see Madrid dropping down to Europa league. It’ll be tough for them but they’ll advance to the knockouts.

    89. Cesar Bolet

      Real Madrid looks mediocre at best. all those expensive players for nada.

    90. Justin Taco

      Imagine losing to shaktar when even your bench is superstars. Just shows how important ronaldo was for them.

    91. muh ashevliw

      Let’s face it , this Real Madrid team is dreadful from top to bottom. They need to clean house ASAP , I mean don’t tell me they want to compete with Mariano , Vinicius ,Lucas Vasquez ,Nacho , Courtois , Varane looked like he didn’t wanna be there. These all need to go. Dreadful man

      1. muh ashevliw

        @I can’t think of a creative name You need someone that makes everyone better , they call that a catalyst or a provider just like the man in the house !!! Christiano was that man just like Messi is in Barça , like De Bruyne at Man city , that’s what makes the good teams , and Real never existed without that , if you look at the history of the club you’ll find that they always had the man in the team. Zidane , Raoul , Buttagueno , Di stefano. Now they have Vinicius and Mariano .... 😂😂😂😂😂 What a joke !!!

      2. muh ashevliw

        @I can’t think of a creative name Madrid needs to go back to the good culture they had for decades, get the good players by any means , zidane’s attitude is playing a negative role into the team, they could’ve sold modric, Isco , Benzema is playable but not all the time , Asensio is not used properly. ...... so on . They should try and change some of that.

      3. I can’t think of a creative name

        Anyways Hala Madrid

      4. I can’t think of a creative name

        @muh ashevliw too bad school exists,,, I’d prob see ur point if I watched more than 5 games or something this season

      5. I can’t think of a creative name

        @muh ashevliw idk about the varane part but selling Navas was one of the stupidest decisions we’ve ever made imho... altho imho Courtois is doing amazing rn navas was doing just as good or better

    92. summerbored

      Courtois is overrated

    93. Michael Simic

      Is the entire Shaktar team Brazilian? Lol

    94. alicia thompson

      Varane is achieving the meme status of Mustafi, Phil Jones and David Luiz.

    95. Robert Penafiel

      so many quality players yet not one can get the goals ronaldo gets. if he was on this team, they’d win the whole competition

    96. Suman Bhusarapu

      Varane only plays good against me in the Weekend League :3

    97. Ken Cruise

      The only reason I want Madrid to get eliminated is that I want to see those fans who still say Madrid doesn’t need Ronaldo 😂😂

    98. Getachew Yantenneger

      Ronaldo was the key to win

    99. Obey THC


    100. Luis Rivera

      Someone said rodrygo was so good in a previews champions match. How good was he this match?🥱 Madrid is really going to push hard to get haaland. Mbappe is to much money.