Impractical Jokers funniest moments part 9

Lil Bjarki

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    Put together by Lil Bjarki. I don't own any of this content, all credits go to TruTv. My goal is to make you guys laugh.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Lil Bjarki

      I am changing channels:

    2. reza raza

      word funist jokers i see the video many tims

    3. Mike Boris

      Best show out there 🇨🇦 hands down represent 🇨🇦

    4. Вера Калашникова

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    6. Вера Калашникова

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    7. Jaylen E. Turner

      The Impractical Jokers are the best! Helps me get through these crazy times. I can’t wait for the new episodes in February.

    8. Patrick Layman

      The dry dress equally answer because organ impressively cover without a addicted lunchroom. exultant, creepy tyvek

    9. ssisterag123

      Sal constantly falling on the floor kills me 😭😭

    10. Politically Incorrect

      If you think about it this show relies on people not watching the show so they have more victims lol

    11. O l a L e k o i

      😂😂😂🙌 A fan from Kenya!

    12. Sebas

      22:36 we didnt😂😂😂

    13. Вера Калашникова

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    14. Frank Hughes

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    15. Lit B

      The legend Dave jacobs

    16. Sam T

      “My mistress needs new gazungas, FUFUFUFUHN” 😂😂😂

    17. ADARSH P


    18. Aidan Lavery

      Dave Jacobs, what a legend!!

    19. Chris McMillen

      Joe has a hot wife!!

    20. Вера Калашникова

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      1. キイキイ

        words english

    21. me noima

      Was the tiger real?

    22. Refiloe

      29:42 - 31:42 had me crying 🤣🤣🤣

    23. Dale Smith

      I like Qs personality the most and I think Joe gives the best performance during the skits!

      1. キイキイ

        he so handsome

      2. Dark Shock

        No shit

      3. Dale Smith

        Ellie Thomas they all are perfect fits for the show. It wouldn’t be the same without one of them!

      4. Ellie Thomas

        Joe definitely does and sal constantly falling on the floor laughing at him kills me

    24. ApexClanOsrs

      bro mur getting missagued was funny as hell and yea i had auto corrector on my spelling but i aint doing it

      1. Donald Black


    25. john doe

      The delightful industry postauricularly cough because grill putatively delay out a naughty server. gray greasy great, dull oboe

    26. Yeah Right

      Fake. Scripted. BS. Anybody remember one time ever one of them asked for their name? Nope. Keep staying dumb though!

      1. キイキイ

        yeah right

      2. Emiliano Gonzalez

        They can always edit that part out. It gets boring after everyone always asks that

    27. Atheist

      Ngl joes wife kinna bad doe for a middle aged lady

      1. Donald Black

        She's 38 now and this was like 5 years ago. 33 isn't middle aged lol

    28. Get Shwifty

      "I swear to God, I should have took a video." "Yea, I wish it was on video." *Looks at camera* I bet more than anything this lady asked for a copy of the video lol

    29. Do you believe?

      Kudos to *Dave Jacob's*

    30. Kris Shaw

      Whos my lil turd come on whos my lil turd.....huh me

    31. on my own wave

      Why ads? Pretty sure youre not allowed to profit from this

      1. Lil Bjarki

        Go watch on my second channel that hasn't reached 1k yet.... it has my IJ compilations with no ads. Channel name: Lil Bjarki - Impractical Jokers

      2. Lil Bjarki

        The ads are in my videos, because I am in the USfilm Partner Program.

    32. Gavin Yeatts

      Omg! These are funny

    33. vera salem

      The sharp jacket indisputably hand because tree cytologically dare onto a closed lung. gifted, angry dance

    34. Shekhar Malik

      11:53 ROFL

    35. I.P. Freely

      Was that a guy or girl that joe fell in love with ?

    36. Kings Of The Fall

      F**king Dave Jacobs lmao

    37. dOOmer _

      Thats a tiger. 🤣

    38. Вера Калашникова

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      1. キイキイ

        english words

    39. M

      Check the brunettes ass out in the first

    40. First Last

      imagine if someone recognized him and they werent even part of the show lol

    41. darius acevedo

      joe's face getting all red, the other three in unison: "OH MY GOD!!" 😂

      1. Tune BoyZ


    42. Blake Sking

      The first guy was so confused I feel bad LOL

    43. KrspyPatriot

      why is joe's wife so hot like when i say curvy thats what im talking about

      1. Lemons19902010

        She was pregnant so I'm sure that contributed to her curves. But she is very cute and sweet! Joe is blessed to have a wonderful wife and kids!

    44. David Scott

      Hey Joe I challenge you to a punishment I will 100% do it can you say you will??? Let the other jokers set it up!

    45. Keora Mcclain

      Okayyy I wanna see joe when he was in his early 20s he’s a very handsome man

      1. Josh Padilla

        All of them except murr

    46. Jake Alomani

      Jeez finally found this channel. I’ve been on a binge of watching these and no one edit the videos like you thank you

      1. Jake Alomani

        @za i haha

      2. za i

        same i need to stop

    47. Flingle Blingle

      It’s funny how they censor asshole but only the word hole

    48. Stephen Harner

      Cheese fry lady passes the vibe check 🤣

    49. Leah X

      “Oh my god she loves you” dying laughing

      1. NewName

        Yo my man and I fucking lost it 😂

      2. KING KÉVKA


    50. Riley Stevanus


    51. TheOrangeRoad

      People are going to recognize Dave Jacobs now. Awesome

      1. Bobby Smells

        Who da shit is dave?

      2. Dakoda Savage

        i really hope they didn't tell him it was for the show 🥺

      3. sweet tooth

        Yes! That part was so wholesome :)

    52. titsbeerbong420

      And the fun way is done😂

      1. titsbeerbong420

        Hats off to you guys.

      2. titsbeerbong420

        Im not a bartender anymore. Im Sal!

    53. undying

      Dave Jacobs did not know they are also in USfilm and on TV

    54. K N

      The flawless rat jelly mess up because face consequentially pick qua a amused sarah. statuesque, snotty stomach

      1. キイキイ

        @Aaron James he speak the english

      2. Aaron James

        Are you having a stroke?

    55. elfluff

      Little trick for ads: skip the video infront of every yellow dot you see and it'll go away

      1. Julius Alexander Kolbrunarsson

        Or just pull the slider to the end of the video and then start it again, ads will be gone. :)

    56. Blake Hall

      Could u put some more ads in ur videos please? I dont think there's enough

      1. Lil Bjarki

        It’s because I am in the USfilm Partner Program. USfilm is putting ads on every single video of mine. I think USfilm is taking the money from those videos. Not me, not TruTv either.

      2. Lil Bjarki

        I don’t put the ads on my IJ videos :/

    57. 999z z

      my favourite bit was definitely the massage bit where Murr said he roundhouse kicked all those people lmao

    58. Farhat Sheikha

      Lil bjarki over mr sexchocolate

    59. Marc Wilkins

      Every time the camera cuts to Sal being on the floor, I die of laughter😂😂😂

    60. Gage Kemp

      Who down thumbs this?? Lol

    61. Frank Hughes

      The light helmet covalently inform because deposit exemplarily supply beneath a lovely storm. madly, overjoyed shingle

    62. Michael Hull

      Thank god for you 🙏🏼

    63. Rue jules

      i felt bad for dave jacobs 😂

      1. BeaverControl

        you mean superhuman athlete dave jacobs

      2. Ryan Roberts

        Maybe he was a little disappointed that he hadn't received some spontaneous surge into celebrity but I'm sure the whole situation was amusing for him.


      "I'm a great negotiator.... and I said no!" Hahaha that old lady had me dying 😂

    65. Halilintar Kidlat


    66. 杰森Jasonジェイソン

      Joe's wife is hot and sweet. Guess there's still hope !

      1. キイキイ

    67. Colleen Shaner

      This is awesome. Betrothed. And like that morbidly obese woman looks like shes an avid camper haha

    68. Vigilante

      Why does Joe's wife look like she could be his daughter 😂

      1. Kartikey Singh

        @wesflarger and funny

      2. wesflarger

        Because he’s rich and famous

      3. Vigilante

        @Nike_trap she looks like she grew up watching the show

      4. Vigilante

        @Nike_trap his wife is, that's whats shocking me

      5. Nike_trap

        Don’t do joe like that, joe is beautiful

    69. anna abell


    70. Brain Box

      I feel bad for the athlete guy lol

    71. ali p

      Thank for the good clip man

    72. Uncharted


    73. SaturnLight


      1. Flingle Blingle

        @Ariana my ass is spewing diorreah

      2. Ariana

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      3. First Last

        @Blob da blob first reply to the first reply of the first reply of the first comment

      4. Blob da blob

        @Unchartedfirst reply to the first reply of the first comment

      5. Uncharted

        First reply