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    Using a drone to cheat at hide and seek can build up an appetite! ( So Carter Sharer decided to do another epic EAT IT AND I'LL PAY FOR IT CHALLENGE: FAST FOOD EDITION!! If you eat French Fries from McDonald's, In-N-Out or Waffle Fries from Chick-Fil-A, those are only $1. But if you eat chicken nuggets, from McDonald's or Jack in the Box, those are $5. And if you eat a double-double from In-N-Out or a Big Mac, or a quarter pounder, you can easily rack up $100s faster than you think! Only one catch: you have a time limit based on a lucky (or unlucky) wheel spin! What would you eat first if you were doing the challenge? Comment below!!
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    1. Madison Chubbs

      cool i wish i was like you to you sent by madison i wish i lived on a fame

    2. Wyatt Sailer

      I would eat every thing

    3. LittleMiss Sunshine

      If I was there I would eat all the McDonald's lol!

      1. LittleMiss Sunshine

        Hashtag McDonald's if you do #McDonalds

      2. LittleMiss Sunshine

        Its true I LOVE McDonald's

    4. Thelia Waithe

      Go lizzy

    5. Vale Mayo Jimenez

      I think i can eat all of them in 30 min

    6. Sam Kaur


    7. Sam Kaur

      I’d have the large burgers 🍔

    8. life boys 0 71


    9. Bamb oolzeld


    10. Justin Matthews


    11. Mei Zeng

      cheese burger chicken nuggets and fries 🍟 cheeseburger 🍔

    12. Leanne Brain


    13. John Pinkney


    14. Finlay Johnstone

      I love your channel carter sharer because it’s so funny 😎

    15. Krishnama Chary


    16. Krishnama Chary

      I would eat all of it like 10000

    17. Krishnama Chary


    18. Sajeena Jegajeevan

      Yes Liz

    19. Noemí Zayas

      hay will it de fries

    20. Mia Miller

      I would eat all of the McDonald’s i love macas

    21. Koda girl

      my strat would be to eat stacks andstaks over and over

    22. Giuseppina Dimercurio

      I ate all that food like I’ll be like Liz I would puke

    23. Amber Ullman

      all the cheese burgers

    24. Michaela Barry

      Little store

    25. fruixty

      I would eat medium burger Mac Donald’s fries Chick-fil-A a fries and Chick-fil-A nuggets

    26. The Avery & Carter Show

      Invite matt stoney in a food challenge

    27. shaila majeed

      I will eat nuggets french fries and large burgers

    28. Fayza Amjahad

      If I was in the challenge I will eat big burger you know why I love him burgers like a big

    29. Emily Bundy

      Definitely Eli’s father is $100 burgers but I had to replace it with fries and chicken nuggets because I only want cheese on it

    30. Sandy Eager

      The french fries chicken nuggets

    31. Sandy Eager

      Bailey Bailey

    32. hanbys77

      When i see you guys eat iam geting so hungry

    33. Pro Den

      Carter is tall so he can eat so much with out geting fat

    34. Xavier Saldana

      Large burger

    35. shanise mayers

      Go Lizzy go nad denies we go go go

    36. Christopher Ibarra

      Make a boys only team

    37. Big daddy Police

      The hamburger and what is you phone number

    38. Bryan Rodarte

      I will try to eat the 100 dollar burger because my mom need money

    39. Julio Y.

      I love the big burger miame(:

    40. Emma brasher

      yassss BEAST BURGER

    41. Maliyah R


    42. ibrahim kurshid-khan

      I'll eat two burgers and nuggets and maybe some chips aka fries to you Americans I live in uk

    43. moises davalos

      when the suit case loses weight bailey gains more weight LOL

    44. ProdByxRaindropp

      I’m hungry

    45. Gaviny boy

      I will go for the chicken leg ummmmm tasty I can 1 eat chicken leg in 5s lolol

    46. Indy Williams

      Ch ch chiming

    47. Drag Playz

      Cater your my worst sharer Liz burped you burped like 5 min ago

    48. Unathi Lukhozi

      I would take nuggets and medium burgers

    49. Bernard Gamez

      I would eat two boxes of nuggets and three large burgers and a whole bucket of nacho fries and a chicken sandwich

    50. Fortnitesweat Alvin

      I wanted 500 burgers in a minute I eat fast I’m always hungry

    51. Drag Playz

      Lol billy says I’m hungry morevthen liz then he loses

    52. Ronan Ting

      i will choose 100$ burger to help my mum

    53. Amalia Arbelo

      I ship denees and bailey

    54. Amalia Arbelo

      Do chips

    55. Lps Creative TV

      Imagine if the Rock did this challenge! He would get like $1,000

    56. Lps Creative TV

      I would do all of thE food

    57. Ronie Tommy


    58. Gavin Gavin

      Trust me I’ve done it

    59. linnette torres


    60. Payton Fitzpatrick

      plzzz do a toca bell adition plzzzzzzzzzz

    61. Exgaming Exgaming

      im hungry now i want to eat verything

    62. Exgaming Exgaming

      allll the stuff

    63. # TeamNavz

      i love how liz eat only one day in a meal and thats all

      1. Mollieplay Gillen

        She eats dinner lunch breakfast and summper

    64. julie patel

      I love how much you eat

    65. gacha lover Caudill

      i wunna eat all of da food

    66. COSINAR ES UN ARTE (comidas, postres y bebidas)

      I would eat all if i were there i would get a lot of money

    67. Sarah Ryan


    68. Mary Giron

      I LOVE food so yaa

    69. Three Lovely Sisters

      I would shouse the large burgers.

    70. CloudyXx mochi girl

      Your makin me hungry

    71. Ralph Andrei Belando

      Well.. Im going to chicken nuggets And fries if im going to compete

    72. Sharni Hayden


    73. Brady Rouse

      If they got the chandler style mr beast burger I would eat them up, they are so easy to eat.

    74. Sharda'E Fulton Sellers


    75. Kaci rose


    76. The Gaming Kid

      chickn nuggets

    77. Parker Aronson

      liz before: 😋😋😋 liz after:🤮🤮🤮

    78. Fischer Galan

      Liz is insane

    79. was app guys

      If I was in this challenge I would only eat chicken nuggets and fries because I DON’T LIKE BURGERS (I know I’m weird)

    80. A B


    81. rxtyxtn 16

      All of them

    82. Dollin Rebello

      i was eating one hole box of pizza and two glasses of water . I felt like Liz

    83. Jadrian Goldston

      I go for the berger chikin nuges and fry,s

    84. vinay varsani

      I can't eat any of that I am vegatarian

    85. Isabella Rose PAREDES CARRASCO

      I’m Isa bellen hallo 👋 Verveer Dio

    86. Braeden Becknal

      I would go for medium burgers and large burgers

    87. A B Pugh


    88. toby.

      Bring Matt Stonie in this.

    89. Livin With The Moore’s Moore

      Bailey Bailey

    90. John John


    91. Dirtbike Bryce

      Fries 🍟

    92. Robloxiancraft Gaming

      I want a burger with 5 patties no 10 patties

    93. Robloxiancraft Gaming

      My belly right now is like 😵😵😵

    94. Robloxiancraft Gaming

      Large extra large plz

    95. Robloxiancraft Gaming

      I watching this video at lunch time foods still not here like to help me plz like😭😭😭

    96. electraforce

      I do the fries and the nuggets

    97. Greg Combs

      20 large Berger’s

    98. CJ CHAPMAN