iPhone 12 Pro: All Colors In-Depth Comparison! Which is Best?

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    Should you get an Apple iPhone 12 Pro in Silver, Pacific Blue, Graphite, or Gold? We go in-depth on all the iPhone 12 Pro colors and show you how they look in different lighting conditions! This is an iPhone 12 Pro all colors comparison of the Pacific Blue vs Silver vs Graphite vs Gold! Comment what iPhone 12 Pro Color you like the best!
    iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Cases From Video:
    Matte Black Torras Case: amzn.to/2IXM89D
    Mujjo Leather Cases: amzn.to/36DWunq
    Pitaka Aramid Fiber Case: amzn.to/3jrHvB8
    Apple's iPhone 12 MagSafe Clear Case: amzn.to/37Dldu4
    Apple's iPhone 12 MagSafe Silicone Case: amzn.to/3dVTKFh
    0:00 - Silver, Graphite, Pacific Blue, and Gold iPhone 12 Pro Colors
    0:21 - Let’s Talk About Pacific Blue!
    0:27 - 12 Pro Pacific Blue vs 12 Blue
    0:37 - All Colors Outside (B-Roll)
    0:39 - Thoughts on Blue, I Chose Graphite!
    1:03 - The Stainless Steel Sides
    1:26 - All Colors Have Been Improved!
    1:50 - Silver 11 Pro, Silver 12 Pro, White 12, and White X Compared
    2:13 - All Colors in Darker Environment & Warm Light (B-Roll)
    2:21 - Let's Talk About The Gold 12 Pro!
    2:46 - All Colors in another Dark Environment (B-Roll)
    3:15 - All Colors Outside & Let's Talk Graphite!
    3:38 - Clear MagSafe Case on All Colors (B-Roll)
    3:47 - Cases on Graphite, Gold, Blue, and White
    4:16 - Silicone MagSafe Case on All Colors (B-Roll)
    4:26 - iPhone 12 White Thoughts and B-Roll
    5:10 - Some More Cases (B-Roll)
    5:20 - All Phone Colors Stacked (B-Roll)
    5:28 - All The iPhone 12 Pro Colors Boxes
    5:40 - A Closer Look, How The Three Lens Camera Looks
    6:16 - All Colors Outside (B-Roll)
    6:33 - How All Colors Look From The Front
    7:09 - Closing Thoughts & More Footage
    All iPhone 12 Pro Colors Unboxing Playlist:
    Gold iPhone 12 Pro: usfilm.info/fire/mqVtg596ppaCy9A/video.html
    White/Silver iPhone 12 Pro: usfilm.info/fire/YaWFf3SYoc-EyLo/video.html
    Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro: usfilm.info/fire/Zc5toaF-pLqJ3Mg/video.html
    Space Gray/Graphite iPhone 12 Pro: usfilm.info/fire/od2ff4evaNepltw/video.html
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Funny videos //

      Who can help me i dont now wich one : BLEU OR BLACK ?? Help me please..

    2. Harnoor Sekhon

      After all the fantasies of buying iPhone I end up buying silver iPhone pro max.

    3. cityboyovo

      White Black Blue Gold

    4. ElectraHood

      Gold or black??

    5. Young Kidd

      im 17 and I wanna buy this phone and pay my own phone bill now but should I go with126 gb or maybe 256 gb but y'all let me know which one I should go with edit: plus I like taking photos and recording as well

    6. Tara Phillips

      I’m getting iPhone 12 Pro graphite black phone colour can’t wait 😜

    7. Upendra Chidipothu

      Gold & Silver are just Awwsome..👍

    8. Jenova Izq

      Good video. Im between the silver and graphite 🤔😉

    9. iiitskaye bautista

      Graphite or Silver 🥴

    10. roger surez

      Always use black phone, now its time to be conspicuous, gold it is

    11. Shabeeb Amasseri

      Silver ...! Show some power

    12. PhilipDoesRandomThings

      Gold or silver, probably silver since its more neutral but gold is sexy af

    13. Heero Yuy

      That Pacific blue is a signature color for IPhone 12 line so its automaticaly easy to recognize

    14. Liz Saile

      I love graphite!

    15. Tol Supakit

      I sletp on it for a week, couldn't choose one. But in the end when I got it, I put the UAG case on and then released the colors doesn't matter at all. 😂

    16. Georgia Dulcie

      I ordered my Pro Max in graphite. Watched this, changed my order to gold. Maybe gold is more cheerful and special. But I love both and even still very torn!

      1. Yo Walker

        the same here

    17. Karla G

      Really like the gold one. Thank you

    18. Kris

      I’m back and forth between black and black, or gold and silver. So like all of them lmao.

    19. kaan turan

      I bought gold one. Amazing 🤩

    20. Jo B

      Interesting take, and it's definitely steered me away from the white/silver. I much prefer the white on the X/XS than the current phone; I prefer the muted one. The white on the 12 Pro is too white for me. At this point, I'm between the graphite and pacific blue. I usually bounce between the white silicone case and the brown leather one, and I think the graphite would look slightly better in those, but there's something about that blue.

    21. Nicole Gonzalez

      Amazing review!!! thanks!

    22. Mark H Pluygers

      Well, I chose Blue, Very nice indeed. The Camera functions are a huge step forward from the iphone x. I love my x, I'm seriously impressed with my new mistress, the 12 Pro. But only pay out this sort of money if you are a serious or professional photographer, there are loads of super lower budget phones. It's to do with what you really need and the 12 Pro I have waited for since the launch of the iPhone 5? ....... it's a long time. Tell done Apple, you pulled it off again!........... Steve would have loved it!

    23. Shoshi Arundhoti

      Confused among graphite and gold 🤔

    24. michael

      I just picked up the iPhone 12 Pro in blue and love it. I actually like your Green iPhone 11 Pro color better then the blue. Then again, no one sees there beautiful iPhone as they are always in a case, they all look the same inside the case.

    25. Muneer Ahmed

      Like all but i will choose the gold one of course

    26. Jithin Jacob Thomas

      I'm definitely going for graphite 🤩

    27. Peter Parker

      Stuck between silver and gold

    28. dBeAsT Editors

      damnn its soo difficult to choose color :(

    29. sawan nanjappa

      Please show more cases which suits Pacific Blue

    30. theestrada2879

      I bought the gold is amazing!!

    31. CHLO MAX

      GOLD! Stunning!

    32. Johanna Marie Diana

      Now THIS is a true color comparison. While others also discuss the phone specs unnecessarily. Thanks man!

    33. Sanaz T

      Finally I went with white and as I'm watching this video, I am getting more confident with my choice!

    34. Michael Nguyen

      Graphite looks best.

    35. BanditZKE

      I think that pacific blue is possibly the best colour yet. It’s like a space grey blue 😍


      Can you please give me any colour iphone please ig-anime_songs9013

    37. Fei Yue Perry

      Pacific blue or graphite

    38. Paris Panayides

      Am about to get the blue one or the gray.

    39. sad girl

      I could not decide between sliver or graphite 😬plz tell me bro which one should I buy

    40. Shahrul Asyraf

      silver overall nice!!! case suits with all colours

    41. Judie

      No matter what color it'll be chipped except the silver

    42. Narek -

      am i the only person that sees the silver as white? I ordered silver tinking its going to be greyish . its fricken white

    43. GhostOfBane

      I picked up my pacific blue yesterday. Usually get the clear case but I don’t like the look of the case with the white ring for the mag lock so I got Arctic blue leather case and I’m very happy with my choice.

    44. EMK

      They should really go back to the plain metal back of the original iPhone. I think it would be pretty refreshing to see that again.

    45. Hannah Gaal

      I really wanted to get the pacific blue but now I feel like getting graphite since it will match with any case and look good in mirror selfie’s I’m getting a black case and the blue just look weird with cases to me idk which should I get? Also I wanted blue because it was new and I thought it would stay In trend I guess

    46. John Emmanuel DelaCruz Gatus

      Can't decide between blue and silver 🤦‍♂️😫

    47. Ghassen Rouissi

      Blue blue blue blue blue blue 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    48. Robert K


    49. Dana Dana

      It doesn't matter the color because majority will use a case and bye bye color or you can use a nice wrap from easyskinz

      1. Dana Dana

        @Павел Виноградов clear case you use when you want like other people to see your phone color but if you dont like the color than you can use a color case or a wrap

      2. Павел Виноградов

        Clear cases

    50. Muhammad Ishaq

      Please any one can help. I really can't make a choice between pacific blue and silver

    51. Lol Lol

      Im can’t decide between pacific blue and silver 😭

    52. alex godpa

      Hands down for the iph 12 pro/pro max GOLD!

    53. Antara Biswas

      Gold or silver

    54. Anis

      conflicted between Silver and Pacific Blue ughhh

    55. Lil Nicky Da Baddest

      1st world problems I swear 🙄

    56. Dan Oliver

      decided to buy myself a 12 pro for New Years and im torn between pacific blue and the new updated gold colour... any suggestions?

    57. Youtuber

      The iPhone 12 black looks phenomenal

    58. Belinda Flores Reyes

      I got the gold iPhone 12 pro. Can’t wait!!

    59. Fanny Alexander

      The back of Gold and Silver are the best but the sides are meh, it looks kinda cheap. So Graphite and Pacific would be a better choice.

    60. Ellie Keeble

      I’ve got the graphite one and it looks amazing ❤️❤️❤️

    61. Chigs Bhatt

      That notch is way to big and ugly

    62. JJ king

      Damn I want the graphite but in the 12 mini version. Don’t want the larger models but want the graphite! Damn...

    63. Reybert Onez


    64. bri

      it’s between graphite and silver

    65. Piotr Karpisz

      grey looks great, rest ugly af

    66. Chloe Lim

      I don’t know silver or gold is better can someone help me pickkk

    67. Adam Goo


    68. Aswin BUC

      gold or blue....i dont know

    69. bafundi dlamini

      I think I like that pacific blue

    70. piano spike

      enjoy your video

    71. Seph Pallera

      Got a Graphite because of this. 🖤 Thanks!

    72. Terry Bunch

      Anyone else think the Silver (white) looks best?

    73. Bro didi

      Gold is the best

    74. B A

      Torn between Graphite and the Gold finish!

    75. Rindi Ayu

      te ngarti yeh sia ngmng naon wkwkwk

    76. S

      Graphite 🔥

    77. Abdul Rehman

      People always follow the trend and getting the pacific blue. iPhone 12 Pro Max Silver/white 🔥 is the most attractive color. It’s classy and eye catchy. Strongly recommend this color. You never regret.

    78. V N

      Honestly, I strongly dislike them all. They are way to similar and just so washed out. I don’t understand why they can’t just make a black one and a metallic one (silver or gold) that is entirely metal. This gold one is just so bad.. It’s beige! Why don’t they just make it gold entirely? It’s really disappointing since I want to get the pro, but now considering the 12 just bc these looks so boring 😪

    79. Asya A

      i just got Graphite i love it

    80. max

      idk who came up with pacific blue but it’s literally so ugly

    81. Wei Min Wong

      definitely gold - always out of stock

    82. Shivaan Rambally

      It's honestly graphite, hands down. I wish there was a midnight green, I'd have bought that instead.

    83. S W

      I can't decide between graphite or gold. First-world problems 😐

    84. Marie-Anne tsoukalas

      I ordered the gold but now I’m even more confused.... lol

    85. pipsqueak677


    86. Eric

      i got the gold and idk how i feel about it.i’m a guy and idk if it looks like a girls phone if that makes sense.i think i’m regretting my decision i should’ve got graphite 💀

    87. more of less

      Go 4 Gold

    88. flightmizzarc

      i’m on the gold max fyi

    89. Stephanie Fang

      i cannot choose between blue or graphite !! 😂😂

    90. gluman1

      I always went black-graphite but after a few summers and phones overheating I've found that the lighter colors don't overheat when placed face down in direct sun.

    91. Masih Gaming

      Confused between Gold & Silver 🥴

    92. Jamie Sweet

      This is so hard. I really wanted to get the graphic one last year for the 11 because it was the best good looking one. And I’ve never had that colour before. I use to get gold or pink. But for the 12 the silver looks amazing, this is the white I’ve always liked previous iPhones have disappointed me with that colour, but I also love the graphic and the blue for the 12. Blue is my favourite colour too. This is so hard. I can’t choose.

    93. Laura Kern

      I can’t decide between gold or graphite 😩

    94. Kamil Pekenti

      So I was decided on the blue. Went to the store, purchased white. It just looks really “clean”

    95. James Carlos

      The silver in iPhone 12 pro is it different than iPhone 11 Pro silver

    96. Luca

      I really like gold and silver.

    97. Ttx

      i’ve always had dark colored phones for example space grey 6s and now iphone 8 plus red. i’m definitely stuck between choosing from silver or gold. silver definitely matches more with anything and you can use any colored case and it’ll look good but the gold is so beautiful.

    98. The Den

      I was confused between blue and gold. So I bought both of them🙈🔥 Making an unboxing video this next week☺️

    99. Margarida Correia

      My favourite gold iPhone was the 8 , because it had a pink tune to it, and this year looks the same !!!

    100. Nehemiah Jenkins

      I have the gold 512 GB. Great color