Barack Obama Surprises Us + First Time Hearing Bob Dylan | BookTube Trailer

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    We listened to Bob Dylan, the 60’s counter-culture icon, after seeing his name mentioned in President Obama’s book A Promised Land. We also got to ask President Obama a few questions, and we'll ask him even more on the December episode of BookTube only on USfilm 12/16/20.

    Published on 8 days ago


    1. Robert Fay

      Judging by the fact that these brothers were all dressed up tells me this might not have been a surprise...

    2. Darcy MacDonald

      This channel may have the only comment section on the entire internet where people don’t argue. Thank you.

    3. Ailsa Ni

      your being able to say, "Mom, Barack Obama says hi." WOW

    4. Nina Anne M. Greeley

      Wow. Just LOVED this!!! So cool ... I agree with the President -- you guys are great because you are so open to different experiences and new kinds of art. We should ALL be like that1 Bravo, and thanks for your great videos. You brighten my world!

    5. Mary Jensen

      Unfortunately The Times They are a Changin’ came out over 50 years ago and the times haven’t changed nearly enough.

    6. John Madden

      This is awesome! Says a lot about the type of man Barack Obama is.

      1. Ailsa Ni

        congrats, guys! you just talked to a great person and president! and great discussion you had there! keep it up!

    7. Rebecca

      wow that's so cool man

    8. Jenny Sieck

      Love you guys but I like it when you listen to the whole thing.... Love watching you respond to the entire piece... Please pretty please, go back to that format...

    9. Kip May

      This was an amazing episode. Well done.

    10. Irma Lanaro

      Well Done young one's... Keep doing what you're doing, if it ain't broke don't fix it....Thanks for sharing... FYI: I'm 56 and a fan...

    11. shazzabelle123

      Apart from the amazing video - you guys look spectacular in those lovely shirts!

    12. Hub Towner

      Awesome!! Stay classy!

    13. Christine Leigh Langtree

      I love you guys - but WTF is up with USfilm ads now? Breaking in the middle of a freaking sublime song to show us an utterly wanky ad - no TWO utterly wanky ads. Way to ruin an experience. Anything I can do in settings to stop this abomination form happening? If not, anything the channel runners can do?

      1. Christine Leigh Langtree

        Okay - for anyone else having the same problem, I was able to disable ads in my browser. Great video, guys. I'm a big Dylan Fan and a big Obama fan. This had everything!

      2. Christine Leigh Langtree

        And 1 minute later, another freaking stupid irrelevant ad - though what ad could possibly be relevant enough to interrupt Prez Obama I can't even.

    14. Frankie 4321

      Would be cool if you guys reacted to *Mr. Brightside by The Killers* in honor for them hitting 1 Billion streams on Spotify as the first group from the 2000s to ever reach this accomplishment:)))

    15. Karen BohemianRhapsodyGB

      Oh wow one of the greatest presidents of the US in my lifetime x

    16. Magenta Pierrot

      So great to watch you guys interact with President Obama. Bob Dylan’s song was a big one for us in the sixties and is amazingly right on now. Keep on guys. 💜😷🧶👏

    17. Portland Blue

      Dylan and Lennon, best song writers in history in my humble opinion. Depending on the day I go back and forth.

    18. MyMysticMuse

      SO COOL!!! ⭐️💗⭐️

    19. amy purdy

      Congrats to you both, wow your lucking to talk to President Obama, My family loves and misses him in the White House! He is such a good and decent man.

    20. gatamadriz

      You guys are awesome. Been listening to you channel for a long time. A lot of the music were hits when I was growing up in the 70s - 80s and also listened to the music my Mom grew up with. I feel included. You don't smirk at it, you enjoy listening to the songs, even when you don't like it. THANK YOU and have a Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving!

    21. joseltp

      congrats, guys! you just talked to a great person and president! and great discussion you had there! keep it up!

    22. bobmatzke

      This is so cool. Congratulations guys!

    23. Maria CraftyRia Johnson

      This was awesome!!

    24. tommy wong

      I like how Obama speaks. But have an different opinion on his political view. I wish he could do more for the Asians and black community....

    25. ramayaruk

      Its ok if u don't like bob Dylan guys lol. I sure as shit don't lol

    26. john cedio

      Congratulations! This is a big deal. Definitely an honor.

    27. Kara

      This was truly amazing! So proud of you boys.

    28. Ziggy3339

      Wow. With BLM I’ve been a more Ernest way...I have a lot to learn. Really didn’t know SO many suffer SO much because we have been divided. If we didn’t have the last pres I might never have known all these pretty horrific things happen every day (actual physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental anguish, spiritual loss). Now I know it’s a matter of days before a new bunch enter as government. I’m trying to get used to just breathing without intense anxiety upon waking each morning to some thing in the news, It’s gonna take time. I feel like we could have PTSD of some level (who kept up with daily news). Now I’m confident that you younger people will engage , will become present in the solution of all this discord. I’m hopeful we can save all living things (including the earth) as we change together into a loving 🥰 caring place for all. You two are SO awesome in presenting so many formats with your music. I listen to everything! LOVE ❤️ it. Thank you.

    29. Helena Hetkowski

      OMG this is so epic!

    30. Tamera Deuel

      LOL. Obama and cassette tapes. Damn kids got it good now!

    31. Diana Dloughy

      Guys, this was amazing. I just watched it now, but it was published on my birthday, so I’ll consider my belated birthday gift! All of us here already knew that the two of you are something special, nut now we have presidential confirmation. Please keep sharing your love of music, it really makes a difference in this world. ❤️

    32. Rhonda Dorin McClamma

      Wow! What a blessing hearing from the best President this country has ever had.

    33. Redeemed2000

      Congratulations! SO PROUD OF YOU!

    34. Mickie Kelly

      Congratulations guys! What an honor and recognition of who you are and what you are doing. You are not just a part of our nation's progress, you are leaders of it. Thank you!

    35. piscerian awakes

      Wow. Beautiful! Congrats twins!

    36. PixxZ

      He just wants your see his book too.

    37. Eileen Brown

      Good for you guys! He is truly one of the greats, so glad you had this chance. 🥰

    38. Cheri Dahl

      Amazing, l love President Obama! He's my favorite President and he can sing too....

    39. wnnalis cioov

      your being able to say, "Mom, Barack Obama says hi." WOW

    40. FlowerFactory

      Love. Just love.

    41. Daniel Aquilina

      This is awesome! Congrats to you both, what a moment.

      1. wnnalis cioov

        That’s so dope!

    42. Angela White

      I was never a fan of his politics. However a a man, a human I think he is the most awesome human being. I admire and respect him so much.

    43. Marica Witkus

      This. Is Great. Thank You.

      1. Marica Witkus

        I wish He could be our President Again. 🇺🇸

    44. dave maslowski

      Very Cool dudes, He is a great guy and people person MR Ob.

    45. l

      I can not believe you got President Obama this is so great!!! Congratulations. Just discovered you.

    46. katy

      So glad Obama visited with you guys....what an honor...that you deserve.

    47. Lora Witzel

      Love this interview, so real. I’ve always liked Mr. Obama as a human being. He’s just so down to earth.

    48. Tara Fraser

      WOW! Obama is right, you guys are positive and bringing people together at a time when so many are divided. That was awesome!

    49. alice masi

      This is awesome!!!! I’ve loved watching your videos- love your passion for music!

    50. Sharon Laudat

      Congratulations Guys!! What an awesome door you have opened!! Like the President says, "Keep doing what you're doing". Many us here are proud of you!

    51. Mitch M

      Great vid Twins!!! Massive honor to have President Obama on your show. And for those of us old enough, try explaining using a pack of matches to wedge your 8 track tape at just the right angle so it played properly...

    52. Debbie Johnston

      LOVE what you guys do to bring all of us together! Beautiful interview!!!! Congratulations!

    53. Sarah Miskin

      I literally feel like a proud auntie! So happy for you guys

    54. Mary Taylor

      L-O-V-E you guys! Always honest, always open and thoughtful, always bring a smile to my face. PS, watch President Obama award Bob Dylan the Medal of Freedom. Bob Dylan did not show up to receive his Nobel prize, but he showed up for President Obama! Mutual respect.

    55. Lisa Goldsmith

      Too cool guys made my day!!❤️❤️

    56. Sean B

      That’s so dope!

    57. Lisa K

      That song is early 60's folk.

    58. Geneva Milbourne

      In tears, again. Love you boys, love Obama, love America. Don’t lose your humility!!

    59. Kathleen Cabot

      OMG! You guys are amazing!!

    60. Alejo Hao

      Very proud of you two young men!! Keep up the good work fellas I'm cheering for you on the left coast!!!

    61. David Finnell

      CONGRATULATIONS on meeting one of the best men of our time!

    62. Blue -J77

      Wow! Congrats guys! That was legit really cool. I guess the dislikes are from other reaction channels that are jelly haha

    63. Eric White

      omg Obama took me down memory lane when he said we had to stick a pen in the cassette tape hole to wind the tape back in there! smh lol I can't even tell you how many times I did that! Sheesh. Times have definitely changed, we're getting old.. smh

    64. Wendy Inakage

      That is so cool guys! I am jealous....

    65. Flower Lioness

      What a magical meeting! You guys are awesome!

    66. HARISH lal

      “A Promised Land” live up to the promise of being an inimitable pleasure trip through an unexplored path through a hidden landscape of what we call as USA. Wonderfully written, sincere and nuanced, with all Obama's selflessness and accuracy. Obama's word is straightforward, simple to understand, yet full of the fragrances of education. As an outsider, I Believe that his America is exactly what America be supposed to be and is also the America that I visualized in my mind. He is in fact one of the brightest alumni of Harvard From the Preface to 1st chapter bring out the spirit of a noble mind, genuinely caring man who wants to make an optimistic change in his life time and world we exist in. The phrases and portraits indicate who he really is as a genuine human being. As you go through the book , you can listen to Obama's voice and expression clearly. it seems he is speaking exactly to the reader with thoroughly Selected words. This book, and Michelle Obama’s book, overall are the two most inspiring volumes I have ever read out. Let us pray that upcoming Presidents have as much civility, morality, integrity and moral judgement, motivation for good! There is no wonder that it’s a no.1 Bestseller Book! It's an remarkable book. Nothing more needs to be said than this. I definitely recommend it to each and every person. and I am sure that u will not be disappointed after purchasing this incredible book. if u want to buy book online from amazon here is the link

    67. Susitamarie

      You guys are so great! Keep up the good work! So proud of you both! I forgot about this Dylan song. So fitting for these times!

    68. Tiffini Morgan

      Wow! This is great.

    69. Melanie Eleuterio

      The twins deserve everything they get. They show us the importance of reaching out to all kinds of people and music genres in order to broaden our horizons.

    70. Scruffly Rose

      Wow! Just wow. What an honor to have a president recognize what you're doing. I was smiling so much it hurt. But what he said is so true...learn about others with curiosity and an open mind, explore other cultures, music, food, history; which is what makes us such a great nation. I was so shocked when he mentioned Dylan! He's my husband's #1 and I used his words to "The Wedding Song" as my vows 35 yrs ago. He recorded so many songs about racial injustice, civil rights and anti war. One of the best is "Hurricane", a true story that Mr. D had a big part in correcting. I love you guys! Stay safe.

    71. Monica Cherry

      Y'all are so blessed to have talked to the best president of our time (from my perspective) love your channel, keep up the good work

    72. Greg Fagan

      That was outstanding! I don’t know if it's on the president's playlist, but given the title of his book, listen to "The Promised Land" by Bruce Springsteen. I know you've listened to a few of his songs already, but give that one a listen. What you're doing brings people together. Keep up the good work!

    73. Staff Member

      Was Obama’s appearance really a surprise? If not, why fake it? Maybe he popped in and then they re-enacted the surprise... ? 🤷🏽‍♀️ He definitely got good plugs in for his book! Sounds like a good read.

    74. Jess Kroll

      On the subject of Dylan, try Subterranean Homesick Blues. To me, it's hip hop before there was hip hop. And that's astonishing Barack Obama would take time to do this. Truly an amazing human being. Miss him and his leadership so much.

    75. Renee Eagan

      Love dylan, he was definitely a storyteller

    76. Lorraine Gatzke

      Bob Dylan Nobel Prize winner Barak Obama a globally respected USA president. Mr. President I salute you. Twins, I see you guys are in the big leagues now. Well done and congratulations 💖👋🇿🇦

    77. The Hot Nerd

      Post-Presidency Obama is the coolest form of Obama yet. I can't wait for whatever comes next - super saiyan Obama or something.

    78. Monkey Phoenix

      Ask him why he gave all that money to Iran billions of dollars on pallets come on bro you got a question to ask the last president shouldn't that be number one why did we give billions of dollars to people that want to destroy America

    79. Karen Andersen

      That was amazing guys. I've only commented a couple times, but I want to share that I lost one of my twin boys, Dylan, who was a terrific musician, almost 3 weeks ago. He was 32. It's been so hard not having that other shoulder to put my arm around. Watching you boys makes me smile...that twin thing is so real. Love to y'all, and be thankful for each other this year, and always.

    80. DearDonnaVT

      Dylan. My gosh gentlemen, Bob Dylan is a legend. My favorite Dylan's song was "You Got To Serve Somebody".

    81. Angel Aguilar El Capitan Music

      I'm not a republican nor democrat so I can't say I was favorable towards Obama's presidency any more than trumps but I will say that regardless of whether you believed in Obama's policies, you can't deny the class, coolness and professionalism he displayed as president. At the end of the day, no matter what a person's beliefs are- I only see them for their actions and how they carry themselves.

    82. Sandee Lowe

      This song is during his acoustic guitar phase then he went to the electronic guitar and the rest is history!

    83. Carla Petree

      You gotta give Black Habits by D Smoke a listen! Hand to heart he's the new Bob Dylan.

    84. aola wili

      Abraham Lincoln. Oh- and btw- my pre-ordered Obama book arrived today too! Thank you Amazon!

    85. Hannah H


    86. Ms Linstrot

      I love how their manners always show through.

    87. josh wittman

      Obama talking 'bout making mix tapes! #Legendary

    88. Tela Long

      Great job, Twins. I'm so proud for you. Wow, President Barack Obama! Just so cool. Bonus.

      1. aola wili

        I love your show, guys! Keep it up!

    89. Shasta Michaels

      This made me smile 'til my face hurt! Loved every second!!

    90. Alice Henry

      Beautiful. Love this. Keep up the good work. Your spirit of love shines through. So proud of you !

    91. Julie Helwege

      I referred my 20 yr old to your channe.l Love you,

    92. thattallchick71

      Been super busy but I'm SO PROUD of you guys. Look what you did??!! 👏👏👏👏

    93. Mubeen Mohyi

      Bob is a legend! Obama is the man!

    94. marc weiss

      Obama is just so cool, trump not so much.

    95. Johnny Pickens

      Ok you dudes is official now you got presidents on your channel! Congrats on all your success! As Jamel says keep great music alive.😁

    96. dragonflyakins


    97. Jane Doediddly


    98. Jeanette Smith

      I miss President Obama!

    99. Paddy Orourke

      Barry Obama? Really? 😨😨😨

    100. Mitch Wheeler

      Yo, this is incredible on so many levels! Well done!