Normal School Vs. Online School


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    Some of you are back to school so we thought we'd do a funny video about the difference between online zoom classes and actually going to high school, college or university. Let us know if you can relate to any of these types of students.
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    Hey! We're YouTwoTV aka Jaz and Harjit, welcome to our channel. We mostly put up sketches about relationships, school, being rich vs being broke and just some real life relatable stuff! We're a Canadian couple, living in LA, just trying to make some funny stuff.
    If you're still reading this, comment "GEORGIA?!" Let's confuse everyone.

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    1. Shiro Gota

      Edit profile picture

    2. Keith Nayo

      How can you not know its Saturday?? I always remembered back in high school

    3. No restriction For videos

      Eh it’s true virtual school if you turn your camera off you can just leave and they won’t know

    4. KaitheFire1234

      Harjit I'm from twitch I'm jaidenthenewbie


      That white gaming chair I have the exact same but I have it in blue

    6. Victor jose


    7. Ann Saji

      1989 WW2 ye I remember I was there ye I was there

    8. Mr Shadow

      I cried when he mentioned Onlyfans 🤣

    9. Sharannya


    10. Niomi Nelson

      I'd ken if men. Owns JD JD JD. Meme

    11. Kaynaan Mohamed


    12. Yahaira Guzman

      me at school 0:32 5:11 1:22 7:00 2:21

    13. Maryam Kadir

      If the bell dosent dississ us then what the point of the bell?

    14. threadstack

      “If mom figures out ur using her credit card to sign up for only fans”

    15. Emily Grace

      the phone thing... 😂 before online school in irl school this one kid in my class would always get calls and unless it was his parents she would make hi put it on speaker and we honestly made a whole class joke out of it, he would do different voices and all this other stuff 😂

    16. Katalea Yaghi

      Haya 🦋🥰🙏🏻

    17. Abida Chaudhry

      Please make part 2

    18. Jan Richmond

      This is relatable

    19. Effie Hui


    20. Tatu

      The bell doesn’t dismiss you I dismiss you -10% of my teacher

    21. Sajid Vijayan

      How tf did u do the last skit while do online class and getting answers at the same time. I tried it with cheat sheets and my teacher is constanting staring at us.

    22. Dumma

    23. Singhdeep Sukh

      I was waiting for the scene lol

    24. Ash Dash

      I was their too

    25. Colby G

      I am online classes

    26. Jason Vorhees



      Teacher i want🤤

    28. Amrita Sohtun

      I like the first part sweating

    29. Hardik Solanki

      Bro I think this girl was in love school 🤨🤔🤔

    30. Shashadrew it

      Online school: you can leave if you don't have an answer Real school: i wished i faked sick

    31. swara sheoran

      The bell doesn’t dismiss you I do then the bell doesn’t make me late

    32. Yajnesh 123

      8:31 - 8:40 = the best part of the video

    33. Yajnesh 123

      that's never EVER going to happen in my microsoft teams meetings, if i said that, i would be removed from the meeting and a phone call meeting would take place and my indian mom would kill me, bring me back to life and kill me again

    34. Esmarie Jun Eyn Yeo

      when the brother came in to harjit 's room it was so funny that i to replay it so many times

    35. Josh Bailey

      The bell dose not dismiss you I do. Then what is the bell for

    36. Fernanda Ceccato

      So true

    37. theweirdblonde

      i'm glad they kept the iconic mom look.

    38. Claire Chappell

      2:58 A teacher swearing? Wouldn't the teacher get fired for that

      1. odeaf

        It's a joke

    39. Game Master

      3:40 thats is funny

    40. Wajmeh Kohestani

      That's what she said

    41. Andrez Manon

      Online school ruined my grades

    42. YouTube icy

      I loved when everyone said dumba*s

    43. Jeffey The bot

      just mute yourself bro

    44. Pearl Elias

      Online school : lets start My friends calling : wake up its chemistry first class Me : ohh yeah ok dont worry Then seeing my brother chilling Me : dude can you please tell me the answers Him : i dont think so Me : Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Him : ok relax i will Me : ok be right back But then caming back after 30 mintues Him : you know i have too answer the queaton by text Me : ohh sorry i didnt know

    45. Dark Fighter

      4:44 it looks like Erick is actually laughing at something his face is red and that’s just how people laugh sometimes good job

    46. Ayden Lopez

      When jazz gets on the coumpeter that’s how I be

    47. Yummy Fried Chicken


    48. Zyltoplayz

      8:14 that gamer setup

    49. Kat Z

      Part 2 plzz

    50. Didiroleplay

      i love there channel so funny

    51. Joy Coe

      I meant hargit

    52. Mustapha Mohammed Mubarak


    53. Yair Ayala

      Of course I would choose online class, School: we get more work in school than online class

      1. Wajmeh Kohestani

        U are so right like we don't have more stuff to do in omline class at the school bikini I can't even rest good one

    54. Valentina Guzman

      Jaz and Harjit look good as a teacher!👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

    55. shila ahmad

      When Jazz ate the whip cream she didn’t even close the lid.

    56. Laura Mercado

      Yeah I did my homework

    57. RobloxJustinPlays #Gameplay #Roblox

      Online is way better cuz you be home chillin with your camera off

    58. Vanessa Gaines


    59. Quamari Paige

      Bruh the bell part hit different

    60. ꧁Olivia loves Paris꧂

      Jazz:*squirts ready whip in her mouth* Me:that’s what my mom does-

    61. Debanjan Laskar

      4:32 "1989! World War 2!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.The best part of the video.

    62. Daniel Gervacio

      IT was funny when arjit was playing then he got mad loket at the face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😡

    63. Jordyn M-I

      i am such a big fan i subscribed and turend on the notfication bell

    64. Vicente Martínez

      WW2 was 1944

    65. Anonymous Non Youtuber

      9:21 that was so smooth.

    66. JAmalll


    67. Daffy Insane

      5:25 did anybody noticed that Harjey did faze up kinda

    68. Nelson Qin


    69. cøsmic


    70. Lizbeth Martinon

      what the hell

    71. Lizbeth Martinon


    72. Hamsa Mussa

      i did

    73. Amanda Mejia


    74. WD40 FLETCHER

      I love refrigerators

    75. Corey Jones

      All I had in kickdown was online homework cuz I'm in year 5 and I'm 10

    76. Loren Gaming

      Teacher: WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO 43!

    77. the noob

      Nice edits at the start

    78. Nicholas Estrada

      Ayy harjit can you make a vid about things that brighten your mood like the one video you made when it said things that ruin your mood but the opposite this time thx I would like to see it😉

    79. oofing republic

      why the hell was the fck off at 5:03

    80. Jadyboi Was good

      WW2 ended in 1989 huh my life is forever changed

    81. Clapxzca1mvibezzz

      I was laughing when I heard harjit doesn’t wipe😂😂

    82. Aman GIDWANI [12D]

      I think that online is better though right ? Who the fuck wants to go to school?

    83. Katie Hammer

      DuMbAsS dUmBaSs DuMbAsS

    84. Kate Boyer

      Lol all of this is so true

    85. corrnn.


    86. Zhaiany Vasquez

      Yes in her jeep can you make me do a video with you and jazz in her jeep make can I can I do a video with you and I love your video this video the school video

    87. Zhaiany Vasquez

      Like your videos guys how do you and jazz is so funny I like it

    88. Susan Hancock

      Lol we can hear u guys

    89. EX Rafid


    90. Nashlie Almendares

      tHe bElL dOeS nOt dIsSmIsS yOu I dO

    91. Natalie Bryant

      If the bell doesn’t dismiss you then what’s the bell for???

    92. Ilyas Ali

      Why are they so dumb

      1. odeaf


    93. calcie aishka

      Ur student:what mom?! U fell down?! U:*calls her father* Father:nope U:😈😈😈😈😈time for detention

    94. RaineSZN

      My friends name is harjit

    95. A Basic Roblox Gamer

      I was in online school while watching this

    96. Thomas Cincotta

      4:32 lol

    97. Aislynn Co 許依晶 3- 2

      "The bell does not dismiss you, I dismiss you" Not hating or stuff that line from JianHao Tan's channel, in one of his videos.

    98. Nena Nena


    99. Fusion Animator ッ

      Yall just don't go on Google if u don't know it