Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief (Live from the Billboard Music Awards / 2020)

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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. Leo Poveda

      Well done

    2. Adrianna Ulloa

      i love her so much

      1. Adrianna Ulloa


    3. sydney deaton

      And mind you Demi he hasn’t sat back and watched he’s doing all he can for this country and pockets deep? He’s giving us ALL a helping hand all of us . You should research before you right a dumb song for clout !

      1. Jacob A

        Lied about the corona virus, not doing anything about racial issues, not giving a shit about the environment, you’re so right. He is literally doing ALL he can. 🙄

    4. sydney deaton

      I was a fan but not anymore . You think biden is gonna do anything for this country ? No . And trump could not help that a virus let loose In this world . And we know you will be in the streets rioting with them when he wins ! Dumb song .

    5. gpx922

      Just like George Lopez said the only reason why Latinos would vote for Trump is self-loathing they hate themselves in their own community. the hilarious thing is they all think a notorious con man charlatan cares about them.. the reality is he looks at latinos in two ways; either you need to be in the fields.. or be his housekeeper that's it.. he's just using Latinos for an easy vote, Trump wants Latinos in the fields that's it and is just using the gullible ones that are voting for him and supporting him to enrich himself not anyone else

    6. Maria Sutherland

      I can't believe that they allowed her to use this platform to perform a song that reflected her political views. This platform should be used for entertaining purposes only. I will never support the billboards again. I also will never stream her music again.

    7. The Kraken

      Lmao this song is terrible. Acting like our lives are so terrible under trump when there are other countries who have it way worse than we do. So out of touch with the real world.

    8. ilona abramova

      I would love to see you as a coach on the voice.

    9. Emma Hoffman

      Remember to vote!!

    10. milo ethan travis

      She is awesome. Beautiful and powerful song. You go Demi. You are awesome.

    11. Angelic Love

      Sis 👼🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏❤❤

    12. Jennifer Shriver

      Fabulous song demi. So true, sadly. Joyful biden/harris voter, I already voted! Join me, let's do this!

    13. Sherman Lofterson

      Cringiest shit I have ever heard.


      She knows her audience and we know our President.

    15. oh yaknow

      Such a waste of a beautiful woman and voice... Jesus show her your truth amen

    16. N Roth

      VOTE, America, let's save our country! And thank you, Demi, for your amazing, powerful song and your service to our nation.

    17. Culton Litdayton

      Gold/ Platinum ha ha ha😁😳😁

    18. Bob Stan

      I care that they censored the word vote what i care about more is that they let an obvious biased political song play why cant we just have something thats not political for once and if you want politics to be involved dont let it be biased

    19. Mars Alenda

      *VOTE* See Also: “Streisand Effect”

    20. Thomas G

      I’m sorry but this is worse then my 4th grade talent show

      1. VQ Music

        Congratulations you’re still in 4th grade cuz you just misspelled “then”. It’s “than”!

    21. Rebekah Parkhurst

      I’m voting for Trump ❤️

    22. Nick

      Wow, so powerful!! Really inspiring she was able to get this message out in between her heroin overdoses!

    23. Logan paul

      Just another entertainer turned politician. Truly gross.

    24. Black & Beautiful

      *BLACKS FOR TRUMP 2020* 🎉

    25. Candice Myers

      How does it feel to spread lies and propaganda?

    26. Bobby Stewart

      And hes gonna win again..lmao

    27. Dizzy Gillespie

      "As of: 10/23/2020... "Donald Trump & The Republican Party... "HAVE MURERED" "229,269" AMERICAN'S" "There's "11 Day's" To Stop... "Donald Trump & The Republican Party... "From Continuing To... "LIE & MURDER AMERICAN'S" "Vote Trump & The Republican Party... "Out of office this November... "American Lives Depend On It... P.O.W. M.I.A. Never Forget

    28. Thomas Lunsford

      Wasn’t she on drugs most of the time was Trump was in office lmao

    29. zbracraz

      She's an idiot too.

    30. spoobi3 scooter

      Boo boo entertain us do t try to sway our vote

    31. Malicxy

      Wow this sure was a powerful message about ex-President Obama. Got rich off all the scandals. Went in to office with little money came out rich. Says it all. This does not look like the Demi I once knew.

    32. Cherry Chatter

      Her voice reminds me a bit like Alanis morrisette

    33. Nicholas Roubique

      I really liked Demi, but this song just pissed me off. Do you know how the real world works, Demi??

    34. Smith Sports Analytics

      This is the bs she hears from the fake media

    35. Maddie

      When you realize she talking about a certain someone 😉😉

    36. Big Murph

      Everyone mad they censored “Vote” but god forbid you get on youtube and dislike a song in the comments... blocked and called names by the same progressive liberals. You’re all hypocrites you know that right?

    37. Jo Meyer

      i can only imagine

    38. tzvikirimler

      This is of the best quality of absolute garbage. I thought I heard someone pass gas but it was just this song.

    39. Veronica Knuckles

      There are so many things wrong with this song. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Yes please VOTE but do research before you agree with a star.

    40. Robert Hughes

      lol this is the corniest song of 2020!!!

    41. Big Murph

      💉🇺🇸 gotta love when a junkie entitled white woman can get on stage and talk down to us all in the names of the “oppressed” people of color... only in america 🙏🙌🙌

    42. Sarah P

      Where did they censor vote?

    43. Geoffrey Quist


    44. Katie M

      Its just such a true and powerful message. Honestly Trump has no empathy or soul so he doesn’t care about messages. The message here is VOTE HIM OUT

    45. Tamara Trussell


    46. Al C

      Pisa for Trump 2020

    47. Gabriella Pereira


    48. Aubery Williams

      Love your song by Kayla

    49. jla3bc

      Thank you for this, from the bottom of my heart.

    50. Karsen Trump

      This is just terrible HE IS YOUR GOD DANG PRESIDENT

    51. Joy Enjoy Gonzalez


    52. Maria,Sandra Diaz


    53. Justin Groode

      This is a big hit

      1. Justin Groode

        She’s a great singer

    54. Kye Mitchum

      I love Demi

    55. Alec Dwyer

      Stunning and brave.

    56. Cabeca

      Presume this is about Biden, as he and son lined their pockets with their crooked dealings with Ukraine, China & Russia. Beautiful voice

    57. Lilian Carvajal


    58. Lulie n.


    59. Clinton Kornegay


    60. Tori Vega


    61. Marcus Smith

      Vote!!! really I been stuck the last five days smdh sad.

    62. Kaitie Cardew


    63. Cristina Rodriguez

      It's funny how people think she's the first singer to do something like this😒🙄🇺🇲VOTE TRUMP!!!

    64. Asher Hartz


    65. Donny Lopez

      So embarrassing that she has such a big platform and she chooses to use it by spreading lies and hate. Disgraceful. To respond to her song, how does she sleep after she did this? Yeah, really dangerous “risking your career” by repeating the popular narrative.

    66. Mynameis

      Democrats have done NOTHING but bitch and whine about anything and everything for four years straight. How’s it feel knowing that your biggest contribution to society in the last four years was getting straws banned? Oh, B-R-A-V-O! Well, here’s a fun little fact to end with...the madder a democrat gets the funnier they become.

    67. Michael Bryant Maxan

      Trump 2020

    68. jennifer jordan

      Thank you for making this song Ms Demi!!! I really think that other people that have the platform should use it! I’m just a lil regular nobody but We need more people like you to stand up to the prick that is the so called president. To stand up and inspire people to vote!!!!!

    69. Anthony 337 chism

    70. Dorothy Lee

      We are blessed with her being.

    71. Christopher and Eileen Clinton

      This is why I am voting for Trump

    72. Janet Moncada


    73. Hesh

      Another example of really good artists using their power that they earned from art to start pushing their political opinions into ppls minds. Althougb they are no experts at all in politics, and could very likely be misleading people.

    74. HW

      Bravo Demi !

    75. lixihearts

      Got goosebumps GD I love you Demiii ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    76. Armando Tejera

      Great voice but with the wrong message to the American people. Trump 2020

    77. Armando Tejera

      Silence Majority is not longer silence . Enough is enough. Trump 2020

    78. Armando Tejera

      TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP if u like it or not. Trump 2020

    79. Rebecca Lamboy

      I must be blind because I love this performance and have watched this a million times and I can’t see where they block the word vote. Can someone point it out to me please?

      1. Rebecca Lamboy

        @Blanca Bautista From what I understand there was a sign that was covered or blurred out. And I don’t see that. It’s at the end. Only things about the song I don’t like are the fake percussion and how it cuts off at the end.

      2. Blanca Bautista

        I thought I was going crazy. I don't hear it either, I even looked at the lyrics but I don't see anything on there about voting. I think the video must gotten cut off? 🤔

    80. Jaybeisu World

      You slayyyyyyeeeeddddd MAMA

    81. sammiesheart

      I get chilllllssss

    82. LifewithVictoriaRose

      Funny how she hates Trump but is describing the Democratic party🤔

    83. Juan Tavarez

      Joe Biden knows that all he has to do is hide in his bunker while the tech giants and the media sycophants do the dirty work of covering for him and his crackhead son Hunter.

    84. Duncan Hughes

      She is a good song writer and an incredible singer but it's annoying when an artist makes his/her work political.

    85. Halle Berry

      We need to protect her she’s such an icon and a symbol of strength determination and empowerment

    86. Joseph Sasu

      On the real,im not one of her fans, but oh my god,she kneel this song,very powerful, luv it,thanks Demi Lovato. ❤❤❤❤

    87. Angel Messenger

      Wow! Thank you for your voice. Keep speaking TRUTH!

    88. buddy camp

      this is the most lies I've ever heard in a video

    89. GypsieNova825

      If you had a chance to talk to the president you say you wouldn't? This shows me you don't want to know the truth but to only spread your opinions as truth. This pandemic is not Trumps fault! How do you not know this. Also how do you not know Trump does not even take a paycheck for being president!!! He donates it and BTW THIS LAST TERM HE DONATED HIS PAYCHECK TO HELP WITH THE PANDEMIC!So how is he lining his pockets?

    90. Sahana Vivek


    91. Toni M

      And yet another celebrity spoiled brat needs to put in her 2 cents. That's her 2 cents

    92. Doggothegoodboi

      The lighting of this was absolutely terrible, wtf

    93. J Lala

      Haven’t the children suffered enough? You you care?? SAVEOURCHILDREN

    94. Blessed Veteran87

      TDS. Go Woke Go Broke

    95. Cate Bartley

      Fat aggression.

    96. Gavin Robinson

      That was so emotional.... I cried.

    97. Samantha Winters

      The only person I’m voting for is trump because we have insane people like Demi in this world. “You line your pockets with money”.. honey your getting money out of this don’t act like your not a millionaire while others are suffering? Trump doesn’t get paid to be president.

    98. Matthew Levine

      Thank you, Demi, for using your voice to speak up for what is right. #VoteBlue2020 because #TrumpIsARacist. #VoteHimOut and #LockHimUp.

    99. Matthew Levine

      Thank you, Demi, for using your voice to speak up for what is right. #VoteBlue2020 because #TrumpIsABigot. #VoteHimOut and #LockHimUp.

    100. Taylor Haraminac

      Interesting to me how someone who can’t even control her own life can write a song about how our leaders should be handling crisis. Usually love her work, this is not for me tho. Celebrities need to stay in their lane.