Flying RC Car

Dude Perfect

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    RC cars are way more fun when they are FLYING!! Our craziest RC battle yet!!
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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Andrew Vermillion

      You should do a stereotypes of neighbors (i.e. crazy cat lady, sir parties alot, etc)

    2. Ethan Arkley

      Who thinks 55 million subscribers by march.

    3. Foxtrot 9058

      Wouldn't it be cool if dude perfect went against team egde in a nerf battle

    4. Jacob Cato

      PLZZZ do an overtime playing Rocket LEAGUE

    5. Rimy World

      Crazyyy 😜

    6. luis E


      1. luis E


    7. rojen lebe

      you guis is not makiing a new vedeo yet just this bukit of bolts

    8. Reyhana Adams


    9. Marlon Bibow

      i wish i hade a traxxas..... dude perfect: how many traxxas can we destroy today

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    13. Lonewolf

      How does one go about buying your broken products once ur done with video ??

    14. Carl Johnson

      Dude perfect!!!!!!!!!!


      please can you tell me where you buy your go-carts from

    16. Gustav Jul

      Make more vr battles

    17. Lachlan Merchant

      Nana nana nana nana hey hey goodbye

    18. minij hooi

      8:09 when you got 3 blankets on and your still cold

    19. Joel George

      That is one badass Hummer

    20. Star Space

      슬슬 조회수 안나오노

    21. Margono Saputro


    22. Nihat Novruzov

      Over time coming

      1. minij hooi

        8 go pro broken btw edited 5 times


      view yg gk pernah mati

    24. GHTS RaNdOmNeSs

      I love Cobys hoodie. I wanted to get it so bad but it went out of stock

    25. Bricked Hooper

      Come on guys we want to see panda in action again!

    26. Waqar Ali


    27. Waqar Ali

      cody leve coby or

    28. Waqar Ali

      come on coby you can do this

    29. DaxGaming

      @Delvo lol

    30. Riki R


    31. Mr. C

      That little car chocked the world

    32. Dina Ana


    33. 俺が好きなのは俺だけど俺じゃない


    34. Abrur Ab


    35. lichelle wiringi

      i wish can see you ): but that was cool(:

    36. Goh Michael

      8 go pro broken btw edited 5 times

    37. Robby Moreno

      Did y’all forget how to post a new video or?

    38. Pete J

      Plz respond tyler

    39. Pete J

      Yo you meet my friend at the packers game

    40. chathura's world

      Watching from Hong Kong Sri lankan

    41. Nandi Ni


    42. Gg Hh


    43. Moni Mon


    44. hello there happy pokemon

      Can u plz do more battle 5

    45. Mark Sullivan

      Gunna channel my inner buzz lightyear lol

    46. Dineth Jayasooriya

      I miss panda

    47. William Miele

      I’m a golf guy, you should do something with the golf simulator. Something like a 9 hole match or something

    48. margie swaim

      I think they are really cool. Although they don’t upload that often. I respect you guys and I love your videos, but you don’t upload that much.

    49. Dillan Perez

      Do blowgun trick shots

    50. Chad Oleszczuk

      i love when Tyler isn't in the finale. he is such a child

    51. Jessica Nelson

      can I have a xmax


      Mista beast is common not hating👍

    53. alaa khamis

      On TV

    54. alaa khamis

      Me watch your show in MBC action

    55. Extreme fun twins

      Watch out dude perfect we need to get more subscribers mrbeast is close

    56. Yarah Rose


    57. devlo

      This chaneel it's so goog

    58. channing robinson l

      Rocket league

    59. Amazing!

      I miss the people that were born the same day with me in that hospital. We really cried very well that day.😕😕😕

    60. Jonathan Lampley

      Can I have a rc car

    61. matheus birocci

      An idea for gigantic basketball

    62. Adhinta 02

      Am I the only subscriber from Indonesia?

    63. The fish Guy

      Anyone here from their last video

    64. Julian Webb

      Cant express how much my heart hurts watching this. I would literally do ANYTHING to have a rc like that and these guys just crushing them makes me cry.

    65. Tito Wawen Vlog

      First time here in your ytc wow I'm speechless, now I will watch all your videos

    66. alan mcvicker


    67. Bonegrindr

      Hey dude perfect I’ve got a stereotype video for you- school stereotype If you do i will challenge myself and go back a comment on every video u have

    68. Artur gamer


    69. Coochi Man

      Coochi man loves this content

    70. Lakshay Bajaj

      really that was really amazing challenges

    71. Inam Mushwani

      why do u think threy are called dude perfect

    72. h

      ty is the chandler of dude perfect

    73. Caden Clark

      Subscribe to dude perfect

    74. ZackTheRipper47

      THIS IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    75. LilXGaming

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      I hate that u killed it

    80. Matthew Waters

      Do a gaming stereo types

    81. Sunitha vinish

      Plz 1K Like💝 👇👍

    82. Emma Graves

      You should do another fishing battle

    83. Emma Graves

      Dude perfect is perfect

    84. Divyanshu Singh 12 A

      I m from india.. and I really love there thinking capability ... Really bros you r awesome ❤️

    85. Doris Setiawan Putra

      Dead race rc car real film?

    86. TimonGames

      Oof that’s my rc car i also use 😅

    87. Muhd Syazani bin Mohd Fadli

      What about "Best of Dude Perfect 2020" ?

    88. blazej Kudzia

      Best video


      You guys always give the unexpected

    90. Ariel Oz

      Every car cost around 1000 dollars

    91. PrzemciaK -KPW

      It's very cool!!!

    92. Sharbel Iosephus Balagtas

      Watch 7:54 up to 8:11 youll witness the bravery of the rc car

    93. Niki Shah

      Where is the PANDA>??????

    94. krishnan srinivasan

      Absolute fun :)

    95. Aarav Chharia

      I've been watching them for a year and I just realized that I'm not subbed So sorry but after today DP has 1 more sub keep it up guys love ya'll

    96. Alma Friaz

      why i cant stop watching Vids in dudes perfect AHHHH

    97. Elena Burvel


    98. C 4

      اكو عرب

    99. Zaid Ikrami

      I am big fan of u

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