Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Urban Flora

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    01. Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Show Me 0:00
    02. Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Drift 04:13
    03. Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Can I 07:56
    04. Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Fantasy 11:46
    05. Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Make You Feel 15:26
    06. Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Maybe 19:06
    07. Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Pretty Thoughts 22:42
    08. Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Unfold 26:14

    Published on 6 years ago


    1. chrisselle s

      This will never get old

    2. Alex S

      Anyone else notice "Drift" has a kinda Japanese Beat at the end? 7:08

    3. Pure Progression

      WOW!! 😮😍

    4. Robert T Herrington

      Best chill album of all time

    5. Udyog Khadka

      Listing like this music songs thank you for your loving album.

    6. redwaterone

      Why didn't this ever come out on CD?

    7. KosmicAura

      This album is literally audible marijuana.

      1. JupiterLove87 X


    8. lennisha dixon

      Listening to this at 3am while I hear my neighbors go at it while I'm in bed high af had to put headphones in apartment living ig

    9. Period Pooh

      Is any one here in 2021???

    10. Aurelio

      This. Is. Art.

    11. Precious Mfeka

      A body of work that ages like wine ... I love!

    12. Tamia Stevenson

      still listning in 2021

    13. tae hee

      I used to listen to this back in middle school. feeling special haha. I'm glad people finding this.

      1. Umasou

        same omg, it's now a part of my childhood and i feel so nostalgic when listening

    14. Simple-Cut-Progress

      What money i would pay them to collab with Odesza Would fit together perfect

    15. Joe Cyganiak

      This is still in heavy rotation!

    16. andrea gojkovic

      Studying anatomy while listening to this..priceless!

    17. 413 Felix Ortiz


    18. T&S T&S


    19. Christie Graffam

      The kindly sunshine pathomorphologically obey because yellow mathematically shock by a alluring cardigan. damaged, exciting exclusive helium

    20. LukeNorth

      who tf didn't tell me about this years ago I'm actually mad

    21. mirtha duarte

      The way this is still making noise and in makeup artists' videos after six years of release... The girls have nothing on this album ☺️

    22. Thomas Balmer

      Change the playback speed to 0.75 and thank me later. I|I

    23. Laura B

      Loooove whole album ❤️

    24. Lovely sosweet

      Drifting!❤❤❤ nice Album! Unfold! ❤❤💕

    25. JaysonR0

      i wish she continued to make traxks with galimatias, her new shit isn't all that impressionate like this album was, this was on EVERYONES playlist

    26. Do Thang Bui

      straight 8 out of 8

    27. getoutmyface101able

      Where have i been the past 5 years.

    28. Antonitte Wilson

      This mix is really chill I’m digging this !😌😌

    29. Kinyun Jarmon

      Because there is so much music in this wourld, I keep trying to move on from this album 😩 but I just can't 🥰

    30. Howard Lee

      Lost ur soul. and No spirit.

    31. Tammy Fray

      Memories just flooded me

    32. Eneka Elements

      If you’re listening to this I wish we were friends.

      1. Chakra Beatz

        @Nelson Orellana ever listen to Jhene aiko in 852Hz :)

      2. Chakra Beatz

        Jhene aiko 852Hz :)

      3. Nelson Orellana

        @Basil G Sorry to jump in your comment. But...Jhene Aiko, Ta-Ku and Raye are great IMO. If you listen to them three in USfilm, it’ll lead you down the rabbit whole to other great artist like Honne, early songs from Doja Cat etc. Happy hunting😎

      4. Basil G

        @Meghan Babb What else do you folks listen to? I can't find anything to match this vibe!!!

      5. Meghan Babb

        Like minded people Listening Listening and listening 💨🧠🥂🤎🖤

    33. Graeme Lechner

      "Pretty Thoughts" (22:42) is such a gorgeous song to me.

    34. Sarka Tsogtsaikhan

      If you're still here in 2021, you're a legend

    35. GE33

      "thats Riel"...💞🖖💫

    36. Zacha Evetts

      Hottest stuff iv heard in a LONG TIME.🥵🥵🥵🥵

    37. androidwithwalkman

      Fantastic mix! Thank you!

    38. X HAEN 2:15

    39. MARX

      Imagine collab with 53 Thieves That would be NICE

    40. Wolf

      WAIT I DISCOVERED SOMETHING. I was accidentally listening to this on 0.75x speed, and it was incredible. I highly recommend it.

    41. Sarah Whitley

      bro this just made the dreams in my head ten times better LMAO

    42. M.I. Wellness

      I was moving around the house and ran upon on this track...relaxing good for my wellness. Thanks

    43. Classical Compass

      Scared to lose my twin brother , 8 days apart we are, we were young skateboarding weekends, after school, cruising along, time goes by we both grew up, grew apart, introduced me to Kid Cudi in his sick ass car as young adults, times of our lives, I pray he is safe. I wish there was a beautiful spell, to get his laugh back, his happiness, but now it's all base on depression smiles. I don't know where he is, I don't know where I am, both lost souls, how can this be God, how can we both lose our minds. Pray, just pray for him always, Amen ❤️🙏🌟😢

    44. Amy Ferguson

      So soothing, feels like I’m floating in the waves of crystal clear ocean water

    45. Ju ju'

      why i discover this on 2021 bruhhh

    46. God's Angel

      Omg this song is beautiful 💖💖💖

    47. No One

      The album is nearly the same length as my drive home from work so I always try to time it to end as soon as I get in my driveway at night. Beautiful music.

    48. Victória Leite

      Melhor EP da vida, amooo

    49. Andy on Guam


    50. craftedwithart

      My God, what did I just stumble over..

      1. Jerome Richardson

        Near perfection

    51. Jasjeet Singh

      I'm feeling proud of myself for discovering some awesome artists.

    52. Matt matt

      every song is perfect for a nighttime stroll.

    53. Alina Petrenko

      Alina Baraz is the Self-Care we didn't know we needed.

      1. Nelson Orellana

        @Alina Petrenko Well said Alina. Happy listening.

    54. Ra

      this is beautiful music

    55. Ivana Leyva Diaz

      Lindo 😍

    56. Dee Chaney

      Smoke to it 😏

    57. Joswan Prince

      sexy bathtub music with candles 😋

    58. serena :3

      the nostalgia this song gave me before these crazy times watching the sunset as it rains dancing in the rain to this album will always be a memory i hope everybody grieving or struggling through these times are getting all the help they need and it won't last forever i'm here for you

    59. Elons Brown Beats

      2021 BOOM!

    60. Олеся Lisa

      Hello from 2021. Still like it 🤤



    62. Camila Vitalina

      essas músicas são maravilhosas, eu ameeeeei.

    63. Yoleidy Rosario

      love this album!!!!

    64. Jainumb

      every year i revisit this album such a masterpiece every song

    65. Quincy Simms


    66. Natanoel Quiñones

      No joke I had the best night of my life with my girl listening to this album and now we’re parent’s!

      1. Charles M

        It's definitely baby-making music

      2. krakmynutz

        This. Destiny

    67. Shui Feng

      The nostalgia is too real 🖤

    68. Gabriel Erazo

      🎼🎵🎶so they say they dead🎼🎵🎶🎸$DG$✌️

    69. fina lena

      Omgosh... Just now hearing this && so glad I found it💃🏽🦋☮️🏹🌻

    70. Dadise Aleman

      Just so beautiful and sensual. Reminds me of Sade, just pure and talented


      I could really seduce my man to this frfr. I love this❤

    72. Elzanne le Roux

      Oh myyyy woooorod!!! I just found my pole dance competitioin song! Thank you this is gooooorgeoussssss

    73. Monique Henderson


    74. Marthious' Knowledge 4

      🔥 🔥 🔥

    75. Darryl Norton

      "Best Sex Album (after 2000 AD)"...prove me wrong

    76. Ana Balamatiuc

      This guys make my ears wet lmao they got me

    77. Holly

      Oof love it

    78. Stone Moon

      Coming here for just say WOW!!!!

    79. Nongcebo Mchunu

      Fuck all the unlikes

    80. Rosario Álex


    81. Cost D Champ

      👏⚡🎭🖤😎 #udaterecords

    82. lllewelll


    83. Anthony Dyson


    84. Donkey Kong

      Drift and Can I on repeat

    85. Orisadamilola Ogunsola

      Heard Pretty Thoughts in LA NY EVE 2014 on the radio while riding in my Uber. These songs are still amazing in 2021.

    86. Lucas _

      Free album download link..?

      1. Bogdan Nicolae Cojocaru

    87. Shalethia Collins

      My favorite smoke album! Sets the mood perfectly 🌿💨⛽

    88. Nathan anderson

      Bomb album start to finish !!!!!!

    89. Atort Photography

      First track is pretty darn smooooooooth.

    90. the1shrubbery

      cool album but the indie voice intionation is a bit off putting for my personal taste

    91. Alex Sanchez

      bruh... this shiii hitsss

    92. Davona Scott

      Listening now before I head out to relaxes me... so happy

    93. Dwauen Ackerman

      A 3am Musical Conversation

    94. Dwauen Ackerman

      11.47m Found you 🔉🎼🔉🎼

    95. Matthew Calderon

      This is what we all need to be listening during this pandemic ... relaxing voice . Love her .

    96. Julianna Okike

      This was on my pandora. I have not been on there in a minute.

    97. Tanisha Nesmith

      ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Try with earphones on... n CRANK IT!!! Soooo all the n relaxing. Sounds so beautiful. The music alone.... plus the singing

    98. 2pacsaint

      in "fantasy" the chorus is inspired by goldlink - palm trees, just a quick note, he's a really good artist

    99. Sam Khoshnood

      1:00 the mandolorian theme lmao He wrote it 5 years ago

      1. vannah foster

        What is that song called?

    100. Amarilys Torres

      these songs will never get old i swearrrr

      1. Fam Borghi


      2. axsnsnsksmsmsm Msmsjaagaha

        ikr 😭😭😭😭