G-Eazy - All The Things You're Searching For (Audio) ft. Kossisko, Ashley Benson

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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. quieyy pt

      Ok the chords is like WHERE IS MY MIND BY :Pixie....butt I like thiss thoo✋🏻✋🏻

    2. Martina Herrmann


    3. Unnati Saboo

      Listen to this song with headphones or earphones. Its x10000000 times better

    4. Toby Woodhouse

      This slaps just as hard as his other music imo, just different styles 🤟

    5. TobiaszNieGaming

      This all album remember me logic's supermarket album Both is great

    6. kerrie brooks

      He's my favorite ❤❤

    7. Todd Lagerholm

      Fight club?

      1. Toby Woodhouse

        First rule Is you dont talk about fight club

    8. Gerardo Medina

      it may sound weird but g eazy should do a song with melanie martinez with this style

    9. Dante Ibert

      Can we just appreciate that Eazy can actually sing like an angel?

    10. Dante Ibert

      Damn, Eazy can sing.

    11. Ivana Ivanović

      Nenad Ulemek

    12. Mooshroomn

      lol who's here after the recent news

    13. John Smith

      Man... Gerald really has a song for everything. Stay up King 👑

    14. harmony

      i love this song so much

    15. Storytelling by Noblesse


    16. Stupid Moron

      "Mom, can we have The Pixies" "We have The Pixies at home" The Pixies at home:

    17. Anahí Rojas

      Esto es Where Is My Mind? de Pixies

    18. Prospect 708

      Feel like this album was his attempt at a kid Cudi style album. Not sure if im right or wrong but I get cudi vibes.

    19. Justin Blea

      This reminds me of all American rejects.

    20. K K

      I I'll lose my mind before lose u i can risk that - DAMN

    21. Rylee Bancroft

      Fuck yea G eazy was a great lyricist before now im convinced he's a true musician as well. Adventuring to something as different as this. He's finally dropping his phasade and showing g the real him. I mean that in a good way. Very respectable and and bold of him to take such a different approach.

    22. Nick Garbuio


    23. Himanshu Saksena

      My fav

    24. Adrien Eddy

      Anybody else hear where's my mind here?

    25. cathy nguyen

      I’ll be the one to say it. This song really sucks lol. The lyrics sounds wrong....

      1. Dude person

        You probably only listen to gang rap and gang rap is the only good music to you at this point

    26. DANNY D

      G Eazy And Kossisko Always 🔥

    27. Cass Uhroll

      Gives me lil peep vibes ✌💜

    28. Voyakwtf

      Sounds like pixies, btw search this song "Pixies x Lil peep

    29. Isiah Perea

      2000 MTV'S Worthy!

    30. Mapuii Ralte

      Felt kinda annoyed with the repetitive " ummmm " over ang over again

    31. Queen loyalty

      I love you

    32. Nel Reye

      Beautiful Song It Hit Home! 🥰

    33. Wanda Mccloud

      🌺💯⛸🌺♈E i✝️💯🌺 🌼💯💯AWESOMENESS💯💯 🌼 💯💯🦄2020🦄💯💯

    34. Lovish Dany

      Thank you g-eazy , we had been waitin for Gerald for long . Now you're back.

    35. Lovish Dany

      We gotta appreciate ourselves that we found this masterpiece. As dumbass audience is busy making tekashi's senseless songs famous and this ain't a million till now . Fuckin sad

    36. Dj em

      ilove this

    37. Native Knights


    38. Dale Davenport III

      I love the New album so much man! I used to like a few songs of yours but this new album is where it's at!

    39. Dandan

      this is based on where is my mind right? Am I crazy?

    40. Madelein Mulder

      Pixies!!! F××k yes G!!!!!!!

    41. Paran Bharali

      Hey the music is from where's my mind by pixies..in the beginning it is quite easy to point it out

    42. leftnipple809

      congrats on stealing practically stealing a Pixies song

    43. Karen Denise Branham


    44. Brendan Jones


    45. Fädthétic


    46. Nate

      Dude it's about time you came back from mumble rap

    47. Skinny Mate

      You always find more than you bargained for... MrEricWhitey.

    48. Anna Peroni

      Is this produced by Christoph Andersson?

    49. B Cwright

      Damn I am really happy I decided to give g eazy another look. The freaking pixies were ismy mind beat is the shit fight club baby young bucks might not know that great movie

    50. Seba

      With your feet in the air and your head on the ground..

    51. Москва Ленинградович

      Where Is My Mind?

    52. Vitória Aguiar

      Try to listen in the x75 speed. Perfect vibe ✨

    53. Hans Gallardo

      Where is my Mind vibes

    54. Ariah Storm

      Pure honesty and love is all i was looking for but no one loves anyone. Fk the bs. Sounds good tho

    55. Joe

      Halsey really fucked this man up.

    56. sobetr sober

      Dont die man. These are legendary vibes . You got to defy the odds we need you.

    57. Chelsea Ambrose

      So he’s singing a song with his “current girlfriend” about his “crazy ass ex girlfriend”.....hmmmm

      1. Chelsea Ambrose

        @Marianna O I believe it’s about Halsey because he’s singing to Ashley Benson about the “type of guy” she’s getting herself into. I also believe in a way Ashley Benson kind of sings about past relationships and why they never lasted. Especially at the end of the song when G says “Fuck her”. Ashley replies “um yeah ok let’s move on from that”.... in a way I think both parties want to move on but can’t.

      2. Marianna O

        How do you know it’s about Halsey

    58. Gis innov

      go flex post m

    59. 64 kombi

      where is my mind - the pixies??? anyone else

    60. Steven calvert

      I wish there was a video for this song it’s on repeat constantly

    61. bagguette

      This is like if Where is My Mind was fucking garbage

    62. Celine

      I was pretty fucking disappointed not hearing lyrics like: "Today you made me feel irrelevant Twisted my intelligence Made it seem there's no brain in my head I'm like a skeleton, can't shut my eyes" or "With your feet on the air and your head on the ground Try this trick and spin it, yeah Your head will collapse But there's nothing in it And you'll ask yourself" or "And she runs through her days with a smile on her face" or even "Under the bad, bad moon tonight Or baby, is it just me?"

    63. 49_Siddharth Kalkur

      This is Mr.Gerald for you..!!

    64. Danny Garcia

      damn, and i thought Supermarket by Logic was bad

    65. Caleb Hernandez

      Pixies 🧚‍♂️ anyone?

    66. Martin Mendoza

      Where is my mind...

    67. Mund0_o

      Melon hating this is nice 👍

    68. DeathAtWork

      ever sense you did Carlos drugs.. 👍🖤

    69. CH 2016

      This needs a video

    70. Ruben G

      That Pixies sample compliments the song kinda well

    71. V. Lilianne

      This is so about confessing love to cocaine

    72. Sebastian Wróbel

      Leave the Pixies alone 😠

    73. Tumblr Makeup

      This is different, but I like it 🤩

    74. Ryan Gallagher

      Super dope! Love the loop on the chorus. Soft tone, catchy, great lyrics. Not just talking shit. Respect.

    75. Silvie Chlumcová

      I love the way he says "inside of that"

    76. Sebastián Sánchez García

      Shit this song is just artttttt!!!🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

    77. Travis Stockton

      This is a good song but I cant be the only one the guitar is literally where is my mind by pixies

      1. natalia

        yeah its a sample

    78. Marina Nemesis

      fuck man, why does it have to hurt so much?

    79. Syko Rose

      Sounds like a cunninlyguists album name.

    80. GSilvia2011

      This is G’s 808s and Heartbreak

    81. DenieceAH

      Best sex you’ve ever had.. our paths have not crossed yet.

    82. Augustin Bouhet

      Is it me or it sounds like where is my mind from pixies


      Wtf fool???? from San Diego

    84. Sandflya

      Where is my mind...

    85. a blue person

      yo gerald are you okay? this shit's dope, man. it refreshing to listen to you using samples from GREAT ROCK BANDS.

    86. Vitoria Jessica M Barros

      I love ❤️

    87. SalLee Paradise

      The intro sounds like Pixies - where is my mind

    88. Liz Velasco

      Thought Where is my mind was playing at the beginning 🤭

    89. Gianella Tatiana GR.

      hahaha 😂 oh no this is definitely for Halsey bone already had 2 Ashley 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😂

    90. jazzblaster

      wow. so he’s just straight ripping the Pixies. super lame

      1. jazzblaster

        Kyle Smith yeah you’re right, this one has ripoff vibes, unoriginal vibes. can’t ever match the original

      2. Kyle Smith

        @jazzblaster I got a different vibe, different artists.

      3. jazzblaster

        Kyle Smith nah it literally stole the vibe from another song

      4. jazzblaster

        Wayne Banks you must be trollin. Pixies are one of the most important alternative bands of all time and have influenced countless artist. G easy puttin them on lol he aint shit

      5. Wayne Banks

        The pixies needa be grateful G Eazy puttin them on.

    91. Layssa Laydiane

      G 💐♡

    92. CmT UAV

      This song is fire

    93. Yevette Spann

      Here before a million views

    94. Barbara Dubois


    95. Melissa Salinas

      Thank you🙌🏼🙏🏼

    96. ShagLovin Official

      33 seconds and I hate it

    97. Brett Engel

      I liked the old G-Eazy better he fell off or pulled a post Malone

    98. Juan Salvador Garcini Fernández

      I don’t know if I’m alone in this thought but, anybody else thinks this new G easy album is shit ?

    99. John Daniel Torrance

      If you like this you should hear the first time it was recorded.

      1. Jack Tilghman

        Good one, you mean in like 1989 on a little album called Surfa Rosa?

    100. Brian Turner Jr.

      Love this so so much!!