We Popped The WORLD’S LARGEST BALLOON! (40ft+)

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    Also a big thank you to RAC Arena for letting us blow up the Giant balloon there, such an epic place!
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    Published on 18 days ago


    1. How Ridiculous

      200k thumbs up on the vid and we’ll buy a Phantom Slow Mo camera! 🙈

      1. laura Conn

        Jus carnt get there lol

      2. Melle Koeleman

        @laura Conn you dont have to comment 4 times

      3. Random Post

        200k thumbs up and we'll waste 70k$ on a camera

      4. argon170

        "100k thumbs up and we'll drop some oobleck" You got them, and we are still waiting

      5. Matt Maguire

        It’s my daughter’s 7th birthday today and she wants me to tell you that she loves your videos and her favorite Christmas present was Rexi. Welcome back.

    2. liam Kennington

      he sounded like barry from the bee movie

    3. SuchFrecks

      Are they rising because they’re full of hot air?

    4. mongooseboy22


    5. Wilton Guzman

      bloons tower defense 7

    6. SW Dad

      Props to Gaunson! I'm pretty sure that's the most scientifically accurate puzzling out he's done!

    7. Cody Lawler

      Haven’t played tennis in years huh?? You murdered that tennis ball!! HOW GOOD!! ❤️❤️

    8. R4-X2 M5-Bz

      What balloon is that to buy.

    9. Frank Thommessen

      How many decibels did the balloon pop create? An average air balloon pop makes around 80 decibels But what about this one?

    10. FPV stu

      You boys should get another biggun and 1 of you should get in it 😁

    11. nathanalaneller

      A family of Rover's from the series "The Prisoner"

    12. danny pavel

      for me the most funniest one is throwing the dinosaur XDDD THE TAIL JUST GOT LIKE SLAPPED TO THE BALloN XDDDDDDDDDDDD

    13. danny pavel

      the most coolest one for me is the TENNIS BALL

    14. danny pavel


    15. Charles Man

      Why not try jumping with giant ballon🤣

    16. Rex Gibson

      my name is rex

    17. Jackie C

      I have a scientific question about the experiment: why are the 3 guys all so handsome?!? 🤔🥺😍

    18. Prabhakar Dhar

      13:21 Legend says the man who was nearest is still deaf

    19. John Hatzinger

      Who else thinks the science with Garson part he sounded like that bee from the bee movie

    20. Asiel Rocha

      looks like water

    21. Silas The Sensational

      I made a new video it’s called Silas the sensational

    22. supyogi

      :(im sad right now mate you make me happy with your videos

    23. koala barbarian

      I wanna see them go inside one of those balloons

    24. Maria Valdivia

      Do you weigh you’re a giant balloon but I did include outside and let it watch it into the sky sky

    25. Viol8r

      Even when I don’t wanna like these guys... I can’t. Like they are just genuine, funny guys. Who alsooo run an extremely interesting channel. Well deserved success

    26. Quinton Atkinson

      For the algorithm

    27. Brian Bowen

      my name is derek too

    28. Jane Len


    29. Jane Len


    30. Ms Milby

      Those photos of "the pop" are just amazing. I was worried if y'all would get hurt when it popped. I can imagine that material under that much tension could cause at least some abrasions. Glad you boys are ok.

    31. assasaassaa

      If it was helium they would have been first humans to fly with balloons so I’m just saying to try it with helium and fly

    32. Science Nation

      What is that white smoke stuff left behind??

    33. Ask Me

      Me: M-Mom ima go blow balloons Mom: oh... Ok!, have a good time!! Mom: W-Why do u need a leaf blower Me: Pfffft don’t ask

    34. Esai Tossas

      Do a collaboration with the SloMo Guys

    35. Dr.Watman

      Where to buy such balloons?

    36. Abades

      cmon BOYS 15K likes for Phanton CMON!~!

    37. zeus papasin


    38. chris quanta

      that's how idiots waste time and money to draw the attention of other USfilmrs because they use to think 'oh I am so cool doing that kind of bullshit' lol get a job!!!!

    39. Monika Bernacka

      Wow. So. Big

    40. flyingrhoads

      13:43 can we take a second to admire the calmness of editor Jack, not moving a muscle! Just sitting dead center lol

    41. Spooky_ lxix_uwu

      This guys really want to destroy they're eardrum


      Phantom coming soon

    43. Rozaxis

      Me with globophobia (fear of balloons popping): Watches this on 1% volume

    44. Notademocrat

      why do they look so different

    45. Wheelie Boy MotoVlogs


    46. timothy williams

      come on guys wer 26 k likes to a phantum cam

    47. i love carrots

      Sometimes you need to have time with the BOIS

    48. who's on first

      These dingbats are making money at this. I’m envious

    49. Tino Ruiz

      Next big exercise craze. Keep the balloon off the ground.

    50. Frosty Films

      Where have you been boys??🥺

    51. Firedustwolf472

      I like the way that in slow mo the popping of the balloons look like iron mans nano tech disappearing and re appearing

    52. 11KREW11 DG

      WTF the dart comes out the other side of the biggest balloon before it even pops that's fucking wild!

    53. pNeptune

      i love it when its just inscripted, unscientific, just bros being bros having fun with discovery.

    54. эль примат

      A4 in America

    55. Parker Hurst

      Hindenburg did it first

    56. Noisyboysunny

      Tf is 7 men, just say 123 hamburgers

    57. X

      3:30 is about when they pop it in slow mo

    58. Zeron O


    59. Lucas Arcuri

      I have a theory when the dart went through the last balloon I think that it went through it then poped it on the way out

    60. Mayson Longley

      I literally just subbed and turned on notis (Don’t mind my profile pic)

    61. Justin Pratt

      On the 3 bubble dart pop why did the last bubble pop from the back side in the slow mo?? I have watched it so many times and cant figure that it out.

    62. Connor Duffy


    63. Garrett Webber

      Gaunson needs to make a science channel colab with mark rober

    64. Louis Senpai

      Some grandpa in back: *Somebody said something?*

    65. Game King

      "how ridiculous"

    66. Joseph Stalin

      In Australia, baloon goes up.

    67. Hello Kitty Lover Man!

      "That's our smallest balloon!" Oh, is it? How did it get "smaller" than the pink one?

    68. Jas Duffell

      6:24 epilepsy warning

    69. Chace Sandberg

      What type of stadium are you guys in

    70. Racxer Bisenio

      IAM your biggest fan

    71. Jeff Avery

      Yup big balloon, big boom! 🤣🤣🤣 Watched this vid while high on weed! 🌿🌿🌿

    72. Mark Bailey

      “It wants to go where it’s not!!”

    73. Will TW

      Why do we do this Cause we’re idiots

    74. Beta Cyth

      I was wanting them to let go of it lol

    75. Christopher Starshine

      Another giant weather balloon explosion from 3 years ago: usfilm.info/fire/lcdspGmIj7eprJk/video.html

    76. Arc Angel V1

      But did it actually get bigger than the size Lauri and Anni achieved with their weather balloon on molten lake? #BeyondThePress

    77. Joshstar911 Roblox

      Legend says the tennis ball is still bouncing around somewhere around the court..

    78. Daniel Field

      "It wants to join where it's not" = greatest science explanation so far this decade


      I really want a shirt now that says "I'm the Taj Mahal!"

    80. Seth

      13:33 to skip the BS

    81. EarlyWizard

      where do i get that balloon

    82. GOD

      GOD: It will get big

    83. Amy Laker

      Scott reminds me of Seinfeld lol

    84. synthetic

      All soldiers within a 3 mile radius when that thing blows. O _, O

    85. Mr.roldan Gamer


    86. Fazbear Entertainment

      Balloons in build a boat

    87. KING


    88. Not_a_friend


    89. Mr.Bobly

      is this kaguya sama live adaptation...if you got that...goood

    90. kooky kooky

      The jumpy seeder biophysically brush because judge wailly admire except a wrong punishment. protective, large icicle

    91. abby bernthold

      That is scary 😮

    92. Teknics

      dart went through the 3rd balloon without popping it until it came out the other side!!! crazy

    93. ErrlMcDabber

      Science with Gaunson was such an incredibly dumb way of saying something very intelligent.

    94. badassjack86

      6:25 why did the largest balloon have it's rubber collapse in the opposite direction of the smaller two?

    95. The Carolina gamer

      Karen: I HEARD SHOTS police:ok calm dow what kind of shots Karen: BOOM BOOM sounds like a big ballon

    96. MLTV Now

      If I had to watch one USfilm channel for the rest of my life I would choose you guys👍

    97. Dragon Jai

      what if it accidently popped ahah

    98. 郑馨彦

      Slow motion popping balloon = 181k likes o-o

    99. yoninizan

      Its seriously baffling that no one thought to insure everyone was wearing safety glasses....

    100. Scott Jones

      Did anyone else notice the dart go through the last balloon and pop it from the back?