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    Terry Rozier drained a #TissotBuzzerBeater as time expired to push the Charlotte Hornets over the Golden State Warriors, 102-100. Rozier finished with a game-high 36 PTS (8 3PM) to lead Charlotte to the win. P.J. Washington provided 15 PTS and 5 REB for Charlotte, and Gordon Hayward finished with 13 PTS and 7 REB. Kelly Oubre Jr. led the Warriors with 25 PTS and 6 REB, and Andrew Wiggins supplied 19 PTS and 5 REB in the effort.
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    Published on 17 days ago


    1. Daviyon Coleman

      The warriors and hornets rivalry has jus begun......

    2. kolim jone

      I ain’t been seeing people hating on the terry rozier signing as of late...

    3. Hector Gonzalez

      Tie Game 3 A Piece Golden State Warriors & Charlotte Hornets

    4. Hector Gonzalez

      Hornets Lead 3-2

    5. Hector Gonzalez

      Tie Game 2 a Piece Golden State Warriors & Charlotte Hornets

    6. ceerw buty

      The Hornets announcer is legendary YESSSSSSSSSSS TERRY ROZIER HOW DO YOU DO !!!!

      1. kolim jone

        Name of that commentator please?

    7. Flourish

      Idk why 2k21 be making this dudes look like scrubs . This guys could ball

    8. aMagicMan

      Wow draymond played horrible defense

    9. J Hawk

      Gotta get these announcers on NBA2k games

    10. Dustin King

      Die hard straight out of Charlotte and I love the hornets but the guy calling the game is still the reason I came... give this guy a job ESPN!!!

    11. Anderson Cruz

      Terry rozier is so underrated

    12. Unknown Unknown

      what (usfilm.info/fire/adOKrH9wkbtlk9A/video.html) is to come.

    13. Adam Yousef

      scary terry

    14. Rock girl

      Being a warrior fan I've got to give credit to scary Terry, mans definitely an all Star

    15. say my name

      Why cant all announcers be like this?...

    16. Gustavo Sanchez

      Steph wanted no smoke with lamelo, had that man calling in last minute

    17. Autumn Nicole

      Lamelo traveled hard at 6:25

    18. Jaymac Da'Great

      The refs missed alot of calls..

    19. Nunya Bidnezz

      Announcer was great also Rozier is better than Lillard sorry dame dollar you depreciated

    20. Martin Dave Matuguina

      Name of that commentator please?

      1. Rock girl

        Being a warrior fan I've got to give credit to scary Terry, mans definitely an all Star

    21. Leigh Camp

      We be sleeping on Wiggins 💤💤 he gonna be a key for us

    22. Dhax 17

      2 shoot for technical by Green made them lost.

    23. Navo Cartelo

      Charlotte is fun likable and Uniform Stupid Wett

    24. Paul Bryan

      nice game! amazing buzzer beater!

    25. Lonnie Knight

      The announcers sound like the hornets just won the nba finals

    26. Felipe Cárcamo Díaz

      Nobody Nobody at all Not even Mickey Mouse Kent bazemore Ohh MaN

    27. Bossjerry Bbvv

      6:39 should of yelled Kobe after that

    28. Phil Productions

      The commentator sounds like from GTA.



    30. SK

      immediately rozier shot that i knew it was falling

    31. greg rhodes


    32. Woods Chan

      What da?

    33. Michael Trujillo

      Why did they get the two shots after the jump ball?

    34. Mr Dead PooL

      No s curry?

    35. Golden state Warriors

      We beat the hornets without curry,Klay,wiseman BUT we could not beat the hornets and the refs

    36. TopNotch Sports

      Terry rosier: hits 3 mid game Announcer: TERRY ROXIEEEERRRRR😱😩 Kelly Oubre: hits clutch three shot clock beater to get lead up to 5 late in the game Announcer: *long pause* Kelly Oubre with a three 😐

    37. Neff-lv


    38. Neff-lv

      warriors: dunk on hornets player hornets announcers: silent Hornets: gets wide open layup Hornets announcer: WHAT A GOAT THATS NUMBER #1 PLAY OF THE YEAR BEST PLAYER EVER HES GANNA BE BETTER THAN JORDAN , DUDE THAT IS UNDERRATED. like god damn u alr know they sucked terry after the game LMAO

    39. Insecured

      give these announcers a fucking raise, hornets basketball recently has been so fun to watch

    40. Gaurav Thakur

      "FINE D REFS"

    41. Fabrica MavsPhenomenal

      where's Stephen curry

    42. Daniel Alvarenga

      9:30 Steve Kerr is so mad kicking the Ball Lmao

    43. Daniel Alvarenga

      Green fucked it up if he could learn to keep with mouth shot for once on critical moments.... Warriors could have won this game if Green would have not gotten that technical with 2 free throws. Warriors need to learn to secure a win after winning by 5 points they thought we got this game and boom you got beaten like that ?? There's a lot to be learned from every win and lost...

    44. jerome meds

      Hahaha the announcer tho 🔥🔥🔥

    45. Brent Sale

      if klay was playing......

    46. Uainte Downe

      lamelo with nice steal and caused jump ball at critical moments.

    47. Iliya Lara

      Bro terry popped tf off !

    48. nikko desacula

      look steeve and curry at the bench when rozzier hits the game hahahha lol

    49. Pocket Jake

      these announcers are 100% biased towards the hornets but that's kind of the point and they're still great


      NICE GAME ROZIER III is on fayaaahhhh...Better luck next time Dubs...Warriors all the way..

    51. Cam Thorning

      I sware every time the announcers do the hornets games they just seem so much more excited

    52. Dele Gentry

      Why tf they didn’t let melo match up against Steph

    53. Jeremy Rogers

      First time ive started watching basketball again in a long time and all i watch is Charlotte Hornet games. These dudes got the juice

    54. James Ziglar Dedama

      I was disappointed by the Official's call upon draymond

    55. Eco Kanjukuoh

      Warriors bench vs Hornets starters. Lol

    56. Eco Kanjukuoh

      Where is curry?

    57. Eco Kanjukuoh

      Warriors are so retards. All stupid players. Take this team out of the association.

    58. Jemuel Dumo

      gsw loser again hhahahaha!

    59. Rebs Tv

      Hey Pipows, Sorry po at pakalat kalat ako, Isa nga po pala akong baguhang youtuber,na nag hahangad nang suporta at pagmamahal nyo. GodBlesss and Salamat po pipows 🤭☺️😁

    60. Alex Stubenrauch

      Oh my....what a game ....Terry....no words

    61. bryan obando

      This shit was so intense

    62. Ari Zaroukian

      Terry Rozier looks a little bit like jordan

    63. Dods Edejer

      D green will be free agent cming soon

    64. Vincent Quinn

      Honestly, as much as the warriors blew this one, they're a completely different team without Curry and actually looked like they adjusted pretty well. They got depth and I think a game like this, without Curry, helps the team grow stronger. Rozier, who doesn't get nearly enough respect, went off and made some really impressive shots. If Steph was on the floor, he would have answered back with his own big shots playing on his hometown court

    65. Sly Coupér

      NFL Announcers: and that was a touchdown NBA Announcers: OOOOOOOOHHHH YYEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

    66. Vincent Quinn

      Damion Lee will make a great father to Curry's nephew one day

    67. JaxRwld

      Kerr kicking the ball at the end LoL

    68. IncredibleC

      6:21 "Zigging&Zagging"more like"Traveling& Packing"🕵🏾‍♂️😂😂 much respect to Lemelo Ball💯💯🤞🏾

    69. Daveyboy 330

      So this tattoo thing, they're getting higher and higher, soon you're all going to be covered from feet to fro. SMH

    70. TheKuya28

      Can anyone explain the offensive foul at 6:35?

    71. Neer Ghate

      These commentators are hella good, but I wish they got excited for other teams as well and weren’t biased 😐

    72. Jaz

      I swear this commentator got hired so he could hype up hornets more after melo got drafted 😂😂😂😂

    73. Muscle Head

      The brief christmas molecularly part because tailor characteristically increase per a few fierce peripheral. squealing, conscious copper

    74. Rob Mangeri

      Rozier!!!!!!!! Wow!

    75. Jeremy Smith

      This announcer is incredible!

    76. Isaac Johnson

      Man I love this Hornets team......and shout out to Wiggins I guess sometime it's just the teams energy around you. He's killing shit now.

    77. Phase24k

      wtffffffffff demon mode

    78. Phase24k

      terry is a fucking godddddddddd

    79. Stern Saturn

      9:14 flight: dude what’s with the commentator sounds like he’s having a orgasm you good bro relax.

    80. Easton Osman

      I’ve been following terry since the Celtics He been doing this for a while

    81. Funzone

      Hornets announcer should announce the finals regardless of the teams!

    82. Jalin Herring

      Terry rozier 😂😂😂😂

    83. Jalin Herring

      That announcer sound a little sus😂😂😂😂

    84. Acu Robbie

      i dislike you if you yell after every play thats made lol. like come on man. shut up and play

    85. _GT Comix

      Announcers made this boring game entertaining af man😅😅😅

    86. juanc_1986

      Scary terry baby

    87. betminwi hurley

      TRozier is brilliant 🔥

    88. craig jackson

      I’ll go ahead and admit terry rosier is better than me

    89. ITZallCRAVE YT

      Do they seriously have to have commentators rooting for a team? Not trying to be rude, but It’s annoying. There will be fans of other teams trying to watch the game but then they only notice the other team gets no praise.

    90. Kevin Byrd

      i am a hornets fan and my dude rozier double dribbled before the buzzer beater ngl

    91. MBOTy

      3:34. am i the only one who heard him say “AND1 BITCH”🤣🤣

    92. Conor Buckley

      The generous timeout was a makeup for 3 no calls for terry

    93. keejanan

      How many times does Rozier gotta get hit for it to be a foul?

    94. Hasan Elenanzih

      the annoncer is the best man.

    95. A Terr

      Man I feel that excitement from Lamelo at Rozier's gaming winning 3!

    96. Hang Sanity

      damn lamelo can't even make a mistake just to stay in the game.

    97. Don Carlos Sarino

      Kelly is getting improved but wiggins making he's career trash can't even make a 20+ points every night.. If I'm the warriors I'll trade him to and get a player who can score much more better than him😁

    98. GoodGameMFs

      Anyone see Steve kick the basketball after Terry hit the walk off

    99. Mike Barbosa

      Hornets Announcers are the real MVP’s

    100. Cody

      Maybe if draymond would’ve kept his mouth shut they wouldn’t have lost