Character Demo - "Zhongli: The Listener" | Genshin Impact

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    After the end of "The Annals of Liyue", a member of the audience stands before a painted screen of mountains and rivers, as if expecting to hear echoes from the past.
    But the painting on the screen remains silent, for that was a tale from three thousand years ago.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Christine

      Happy 10M Simps ❤

    2. Tamali Maah

      Help addicted

    3. God Bless You

      Oho... 10 M already ?? Pog

    4. DBX ZS

      We did it guys we reached 10 millions views , now to go even further beyond , we got new commission : REACH 20 MILLIONS VIEWS , WE CAN DO IT

    5. Rachel’s Channel

      My heart went like bye

    6. Angel

      10M for the Geo daddy

    7. love music

      OMG 10m views! Zhongli❤️❤️

    8. Zeflex

      10m let's go

    9. Herman Lam


    10. Zeeoh

      Cant nothing top this

    11. Ezequiel Reyes

      clickbait he dont hgave those oves in game!

    12. Mingkiway

      I watch this everyday

    13. Yunita Rizki

      10M (≧∇≦)/

    14. IDK

      i hope that some events come again like the zhongli one

    15. IDK

      this is my favorite character but i didint got it in the event wich is sad ;(

    16. HaRuYuKi

      Anyone else disappointes that Zhongli's theme isn't available on spotify yet? They did just announced Ganyu's.

    17. Jessica Marie

      I come back here daily

    18. Jessica Marie

      Fun fact: You searched for this trailer

      1. Zeflex


    19. GPAngel

      I love how cool they try to make Zhongli, and pre buff hes like "oh no please dont hit me my shield is flimsy"

    20. Yang Jensen

      10m congrat

    21. Marcelo Malabanan

      1:14 don't mind me just my personal replay button cos this moment is satisfying

    22. Wolfoxx

      Who's here after they announced that theyll release the trailer OST's?

      1. God Bless You

        What ?!! When ? Where ? I'm excited 🔥

    23. Loop Yay

      zhongli need more buff

    24. Pierre Marcel S. Roque Herrera

      Don't see the tier list, META is temporally, the style is eternal

    25. FuriousNight25

      10M views! What a wondrous milestone!

    26. PrankByte

      Lost the 50% chance to get my favorite character... hope he comes back soon.

    27. eric eagle

      When will he coming back 😭😭

    28. Danzel

      Let's see how the Xiao's trailer will be

    29. KRAP

      this trailer like a Zhongli is not a 5 star character, Him a 10 star character!

    30. Anjo Caído

      10 Millions HELL YEAH!!

    31. XCRZA senpai

      Greetings for 10million views

    32. Master Dementer

      I see so you have come back as well

    33. TheRealSalsax

      Who came here after the xiao trailer

    34. mimamo

      10 million views! God Husbando deserves no less. :3

    35. Theresa

      10 million views!!!

    36. Rong

      teaser for v1.3 has been released, don't forget to watch this trailer everyday lmao. DON'T LET XIAO WIN

      1. OverKill


    37. chinken nunget

      10M views i-

    38. Leonan Rocha

      Well... My only 5* are him and a Primordial Jade Spear... Also Bennet (traveler is 3* at best), so, I'm ok. I was not going for him, but trying to grab more nings, but I hit the pity and got him. The spear was out of pity on wanderlust.

      1. OverKill

        Ningguang wasn't even in zhonglis banner why you lying boy

    39. 9 CC


    40. Aung Khant Paing

      I really loves this soundtrack

    41. For Gamesonly

      Rip childe demo

    42. T Jack

      ver 1.3 me: No

    43. Jean Michel Teub

      10M views Zhongli’s Fans Now Have Order!

    44. Dott.Alexander


    45. Neelya

      0:26 this part gets me every damn time, I just love how the music rolls in with his character introduction

    46. chlloe. _

      i cant believe there’s almost 10mil views for zhongli.., CUZ HE IS HAWT AND HE DESERVES IT

    47. 夏裡克

      满1000w播放,钟离会返场吗?~( >﹏<) 最后的3721次播放将由我承包!(>ω・* )ノ

    48. Sei___

      I'll take the bet, They'll make a Thank you Gift to us if this video reaches 10m views, and if its.... Make the gift 600 primos ;)

    49. AtomicOxygen CF

      I alone have already watched this over 1000 times lol. No wonder it will have alot of views

    50. Just a otaku

      Replying to this comment everytime i watch this

    51. Shin Dero

      People who pulled Zhongli watch this every single day because it's a must

    52. R.

      1.3 about to come and i'm here. Still cant get over this demo

    53. adivina quien soy


    54. tsukki

      His va is the same as hawkmoths-

    55. Wallet


    56. Vykyrie Valkyrie

      For real, I hope they bring back the ability to get him. I'm super sad I didn't get him... :(

    57. Pwnin Boundaries

      Zhongli impressed upon community as unique mechanic DPSer, turns out to be shallow shield bot. Ganyu impressed upon community as support, turns out to be do one Zhongli meteor worth of damage per charged shot. ??

    58. Dusty Magic

      I’m gonna watch this everyday for luck

    59. Mohamed Salem Berrada

      In terms of 10M, We’re near 10M.

      1. Turbo_Hunters

        I Will Have ...... (Insert something)

    60. Nelson Nacin

      Watching this is a part of my daily routine now

    61. 乃Oѕѕkу

      Road to 10M!! geo daddy🔥

    62. Johnny Sins

      Here before 10 million

    63. Jeremy Cal

      Road to 10 mil Also waiting for zhongli buff lets gooo

    64. Elysium Strife


      1. Rezakiri TV

        Its been confirmed his buff goes live on 3rd February

      2. Anjo Caído


      3. xposs xposs


      4. Oktavianus TI


    65. Geomlord

      He's the only guy I'm simping to

    66. Turbo_Hunters

      *Here Before 10 Million View*

    67. TordG

      This gets me hyped for Zhongli every time I watch it. Even if he’s already out

    68. Leonardo Watch

      10 million views soon hype!

    69. Michael CHAN [08M2]

      Our wallets are gone as soon as that beat drop

    70. yang wang

      that's cool

    71. Popcycle aka Lacy

      Almost 10 million views

    72. B J

      I'm just here before 10M views

    73. John Leo Bautista


    74. Leeor Jon Estrada

      I can't tell how many times I have watched this

    75. anime

      mission : watch this day and cry because you cant get him after a billion wishes

    76. Son Carrot

      Bruh almost 10M views

    77. NotTakoyaki

      the deep grunts

    78. Oblivion

      so cool

    79. Micaela Platia

      be honest, this is not the first time you came here

    80. Ren

      Zhongli: I WILL HAVE ORDER Me: Do you want the check instead?

    81. Samuel Hernández

      Now that Xiao is right in the corner I'm hoping for a trailer like these

    82. Ismail Lyamani

      100K more views to get to 10 million let's do it boys

      1. God Bless You

        Yes we did it 🎉

    83. Shin _

      Don't worry zhongli Imma make you my main dps

    84. Bald Zhongli

      I'm your nightmare.

    85. _Retr0_忍者

      This trailer gives me goosebumbs every time I watch it

    86. Athena

      idk but Mihoyo should start making AMVs

    87. Lycoris Aurea

      The livestream will be broadcasted soon right? I actually I cant sleep because of this.

    88. Tuyul_ Dakrat

      This is my contract with Zhongli Watch Zhongli demo every day

      1. Lycoris Aurea

        - our - contract

    89. namicha jackson


    90. Bryan Hilot

      10 million gang let's go

    91. Kennedy Nwachukwu

      This was badass

    92. NopNop

      The ost is so damn good, release the ost pls

    93. Aloe Vera

      People really be saying: stream this until 10+ Milllion, huh

      1. God Bless You

        Ez 😂

      2. Mapa Tara


      3. Shaofue Her

        We got it

    94. 707的正牌女友

      I don't play Genshin but bruh- HE IS HOT

      1. CaRbONarA ! ToNY monTaNA?!

        Is that a 707 pfp I see? 😳

    95. Shogun Spade

      Why we still getting this ad even though we can’t pull him anymore 😭

      1. Mr Seno

        Im sure his banner will back because his story will be have chapter 2 Im sure that

      2. Turbo_Hunters

        Almost 10 milion view.... Zhongli trailer *go brrr.....*

    96. I am not creative enough for a name

      Almost 10M views

    97. Aarav Guleria

      This has to be one of the best game Character trailer I've ever seen.

      1. Idioticsoviet 21

        Imo, this and sepiroths trailers are the best of 2020

    98. André Hansen

      Still the best trailer. Hope to see him in a banner again soon!

    99. Priyangshu Sarma 0214

      Reminder: give some love to Childe😁