I Didn’t Want to Post This.. Gymshark X Whitney Simmons


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    Hi. Welcome to probably my least favorite video I’ve ever made lol
    I was obviously feeling "off" (which is why I probably don't seem like myself and I didn’t post anything this last week) and I am sorry.
    I can’t wait for GS X WS Season 2! This collection turned out great ♥
    I'm feeling better and have some content and projects I am working on that I am really excited to share with you soon.

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    1. Gea

      I have the green one with the really really tight waistband & no back ‘holes’ but I hate them. Not flattering & NOT SWEATPROOF AT ALL!!!!

    2. Chelsea Skaza

      Love everything from this collection!! Sad I only got a few things, really had my eye on the Amazon color 😫 Insta: lizabethx64

    3. Shred with Steff

      The poise leggings are low key my fave and I WISH they would bring them back in more colours

    4. Annie Johnson


    5. Gymmielilly

      I've heard so many mixed reviews on gymshark, but these leggings look so cute, so I would love to try them!

    6. Justine Fabian

      I'm so happy they finally sent you the whole collection of GSxWS v2

    7. Natalia Salgado

      Can I have Leo? Just kidding but he is adorable!

    8. Palina Yurevich

      Am I late for giveaway ?

    9. Sierra Rettenmund

      I used to have this exact hair color xoxo

    10. Allison Forster

      You should do a review of Halio Lifestyle Athletica Leggings! They are a smaller company but are growing!!! (Not affiliated with them, just obsessed)

    11. Valéria Valencia Marquez

      I really love your videos ! Never let the comments doubt your super content , remember you are the the QUEEN of Leggings ☺️ The legging were my favorite in this collection! IG: valeriiavalencia

    12. Corey Powell

      I love your reviews!! Have you ever tried ZYIA leggings ?!

    13. rebecca_ hynes _ newrules_

      Vital energy and seamless 😍

    14. Amelie Leger

      I love ur hair!!!!

    15. mackenzie fuller

      omg u remind me of camilah luddgington

    16. Madison

      They might wanna put you on that pr list based on your insane knowledge of everything activewear🤨 I’ll wait

    17. Natalie Martinez

      ...but did you ever get the missing poshmark items!?

    18. Talia Raider-Roth

      I love you hope! I’m saving up to buy my first pair of Lulus as a graduation present to myself for surviving high school. Insta: taliaerr

    19. haile.the.mermaid

      I dig these videos. Makes it so much easier for me to purchase my fitness wear IG: haile.the.mermaid

    20. Avery Wiltshire

      I love Athleta

    21. Tamara Rooke

      Love your content! You do you, and remember you can’t please everyone ❤️

    22. Ivorys Valdes

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️ IG. : _ivorys_

    23. roxyprincess76

      Love the long sleeve crop style! And also your little fluff ball is my fav USfilm pup ❤️ IG: jessofthewal

    24. Alexandra Kirchoff

      Hello beautiful and inspirational Hopescope! I’ve only ever owned lulus (I have a few pairs and I’ve had them for a handful of years now) but I just bought my first pair of colorful koalas (found them from your page!) and I’m very excited to receive them in the mail! I would be super stoked to win a Gym Shark gift card so I can try out the brand:) they look so good on you and you’re making me crave a set from them!! My ig is @moonlightraver 💕💕 keep making magic! Love your channel and your Instagram page!!🌸🌸

    25. Mia Matuszak

      What size leggings to you wear from Lulu???

    26. Maria Mones

      Omg pick me lol 🤗love your videos so real thanks for being sooo real not caring what people think lol 💖♥️😆

    27. LA girl

      I'm new to your channel and absolutely love your personality! Binge watching your videos now!💗💗

    28. Mina Kvamme

      Omfg I love your freakin hair color

    29. Sia Chang

      My favorite pair of leggings is actually from AliExpress :) under $20 and such a good dupe for Lululemon. IG: sia.chang

    30. Isabella Avery

      I just found this channel yesterday and I’ve watched too many videos to count already lmaooooo ❤️

    31. Alaskan Malamute

      u should just try on what u like the comments are just dum, reviewers shouldnt be allowed to buy new collections is just bs..its like saying no youtubers should have a new iphone to review because they might sell out..lets have no consumer content?? people just like to moan at anything, my bet is the people moanin u shouldnt buy it have no interest in buying it themselves anyways..pretty sure if they sell out that fast there goint to restock its just marketing hype. to get people to buy it asap and also to test the new collections to see how much customers are interested in them. If they sell out fast they defo will restock because everyone knows gymshark likes the $$$ lol

    32. Lilith Pemberton

      I dont have a single piece of gym shark and I wish I could try them💔💔💔💔 lilithapemberton@gmail.com

    33. kittenjewel101

      I really need help finding a great pair of inexpensive leggings btw definitely subbed!!

    34. Abby Gansen

      my fav pair of leggings are these nike ones with white and grey details and they were $30 in the kids section

    35. WobblyKiks

      Leo is my 2nd favorite youtuber next to Christian Guzman

    36. Crystal Pisoup N

      I need that Journey shirt 😂 where? xo, “not bitten by the shark 🦈”yet😝

    37. Carol Bagozzi

      wunder under lululemon

    38. Carol Bagozzi


    39. Manuela Coomber

      Leo likes the sticker!

    40. Stine Pedersen

      PLS review TALA👏👏👏

    41. Jessica Kenney

      I really want to get the vital seamless black and pink set from gym shark I’ve made some progress in the gym so far and can’t wait to get it and feel confident! The 100$ would help a lot :)🤍🤍

    42. Bryce Williams

      Your videos are feeding my athletic apparel addiction. My husbands not to happy but hey, you can never have too many leggings 😂

    43. Carla Gómez

      You have an amazing sportswear collection I loved the joggers and hoodie Insta: carlagoomezz

    44. Madasyn Odom

      Please do a pop fit review!

    45. Katelyn McCulloch

      🖤 I don’t mind it’s sold out. Stillll want to see. @chefkatelynmatie

    46. Aurea W

      Pls do one for 20199999999

    47. Thea

      So sad that my leggings broke in the back booty seam, like after three uses... and the bra, always forget to not wear it when doing abs, get bruised every time

      1. Pau Pau

        Hey Thea:) my camo leggings ripped in the back and I messaged Gymshark. They send me a new one without asking any questions! Xx

    48. Jazzberriie

      None of those clothes look comfortable and it's overpriced asf. I look at clothes from a hooper's stand point. I enjoy playing basketball and shooting around to warm my body up before i stretch. I stretch before and after working out. It's been engraved in me since I was shooting buckets as a kid. If I can't be able to extend my arm all the way out as I release my shot, then I know the shirt is too tight and compressing. A lot of these outfits are for IG show and not really made to last long for work outs. I gurantee Whitney's version of her outfits are amazing and made with higher and better quality then the ones Gymshark sells to the public. The two brands that have always lasted me were Nike and Calvin Klein. CK makes uncomfortable leggings, but their shorts are perfect for basketball! Nike just lasts forever. I have had the same basketball shoes for over 3 years now. I'm also on the thicker/muscular side with piercings. A lot of the fabric would rub against my piercings in a bad way. I also feel like I can find exact replicas on AliExpress....

    49. ellavee illustrations

      omg love the first outfit what😍

    50. Jade

      I went to Joe Fresh and found a pair of black leggings, They had a reflective band on the bottom when you rolled the bottom up. They had pockets as well, they were very compressing. They were very flattering you should do a Joe fresh review.

    51. Fatemeh Saleki

      I love you girl


      I just love how honest you are! Keep doing you girl!! insta:harlie_groom

    53. allicuddles

      I know a lot of the reviews were pretty middling, but I feel like this line has a lot more style and is so much more unique than their typical stuff.

    54. Emily Clark

      Review NVGTN!!!

    55. Emili Thompson

      Is this giveaway still open? Love how you didn’t have that in the title! My IG is @em.laurynn

    56. Sami Simes

      Sell more on your posh!! I’m a medium in gymshark and I’m in need of workout clothes! Love your Channel so so much

    57. Karissa Chibbaro

      I love the align leggings from lululemon, they’re just the cutest and most flattering I’ve ever tried. $100 well spent am I right ?

    58. Raresomes

      Brussel Sprouts & Seamless @mrshelle_fit

    59. Ashley Spurgeon

      If: brewsandbackbends love your content don’t trust anyone more for their opinions on leggings I always check here first!

    60. • A i d e n •

      I love the echt leggings

    61. Gabi Peckham

      Lululemon x Barry legging in red is my faveeeee

    62. Sara Jane

      I’ve always wanted to try gym shark’s line 🥺 I’ve heard such good things ✨ IG: sarajanexox

    63. Tammy Stiletto

      I feel like most people will watch for knowledge or entertainment but the person who buys EVERY single launch is crazy. I’m sorry. So I don’t care if it’s sold out. I’m not that shallow 😂

    64. Britney Shamieh

      Stumbled on your page and love your hair!!!! I'm a brunette and begged salons all over and said my vision couldn't be done. I'm taking your picture as an example giirrrrllll!!!!!! Story time: I stood in the LA pop up for this line for over 2 HOURS, had to leave for work, before even getting in!! So sad 😢 still crying. But my bff went with me so wasn't total waist of time, just gass.

    65. asilva221

      Love your hair!! BB and ig: asilva1022

    66. Darius Mittermeier

      My favorite leggings are the seamless Energie ones from gym shark

    67. Shelbi Moenning

      I missed the gymshark launch sooo FINGAS CROSSD I GETA GIFF CAUD! 🤞🏼🤞🏼

    68. Jenna Hancock

      Your dog and my dog have the same name

    69. Jess R

      Just ordered 6 pairs that where off 30-70% SO EXCITED!!

    70. Adia Hunt

      I love your channel. @adia_hunt - instagram

    71. haylee !!

      You’re so effortless on camera

    72. theathea0987

      Instagram , @theathea0987 LOVE Lululemon wonder under’s

    73. Kristyaunna Dietz

      Hey love the video!!

    74. Sarah Smile

      I was searching for reviews of Lululemon leggings, you came across my feed and I watched many different fitness chicks, you are the only one I wanted to subscribe to. You come across genuine and down to earth, not cookie cutter like the rest. Keep it up sis.

    75. Christine Huang

      I got my first pair of gymshark leggings and now I'm like addicted now hahaha fk

    76. katebetke

      LOVE YOU! fav leggings are lululemon align. Instagram: b.lueyy

    77. Jillian Hildebrandt

      I watched the hole rant lol, can I have one? Insta- itz.jillianh

    78. Emily Harris

      Leo is honestly the cutest. He's probably my favourite internet pet! Can we get more Leo try on hauls?! Ig: Emily.jharris

    79. Krystal Campa

      You’re puppy is so cute, I want buy legging from gymshark and lulu🥺 Twitter: kkcampa

    80. Leticia Rivera

      Your doggo is so cute 😍😍 Leticiarivera1296@gmail.com

    81. Chelsea Lynn

      😍 love the vid Insta: @chelseaorr134

    82. Anabell Gonzalez

      I am obsessed with your hair!! I’m not usually an artificial red hair kind of girl but I’m about to take a photo of you to my hair stylist so that I can have the same hair 😍😍 Oh also IG: heyitsanabell

    83. Jolearra Tshiteya

      I was at the pop-up shop. We were in line forEVER. It was insanely hot outside and some things that were promised in the invite were not there. I love the collection though. I wish I got the leggings in black!

    84. Laina Toivonen

      I only have one pair of gym shark leggings and I love them!!! They are the pink amplify ombré seamless legging and they are my favorite!!! @lainagale

    85. Madelen Nævdal

      damn I need new active wear,my lazy ass need sum inspo. insta: @madelennaevdal

    86. Sarah Diakow

      I have never been able to afford a pair of leggings from gymshark so winning a gift card would be absolutely amazing!!!🙏🏻💕

    87. Flora Ochoa


    88. Cynthia Naranjo

      Just here to hear our hopes truth😉 always speaking out the FACTS. Big fan !!!

    89. DUDETE9

      "Click faster" *SAVAGE* Hope is the best! I would legit buy everything if she had a collection with Gym Shark

    90. Laura

      I cant believe your doing a giveaway!!! Gymshark looks like such a great brand, but it isn’t the cheapest option of workout clothing, and since I am young it is so much harder for me to get what I like from there. Recently I purchased the vital blue mark leggings and I absolutely love them, the top is great but I really like the long sleeve crops for when it’s cold. My instagram is @laurasiree and I would really appreciate it if I won ❤️❤️

    91. Kiera Roberts

      Leo: erm what is this lady going and why did I she just put a EFFING sticker- you know what. It’s kinda cool. I’ll keep it on🐶 My finstaaa: kiera.roberts25

    92. Britt Faith

      I just started watching your channel and I LOVE it. 😍

    93. Harshita Jain

      This collection looks a lot fancier than the rest of gymshark collection.. too bad they only had limited quantity. IG: harshitaj07

    94. Kristy Keller

      what was on Leo's head?... lol

    95. Momo:3 Lino

      Love your hair🤙🏼

    96. smiling love

      Your body is legit goals.

    97. Cheri Thrasher

      New viewer! But I wish I hadn't missed out on the launch. Thinking about buying Gymshark in general but cant decide cause it's all so pricey.

    98. Nicole C

      Am I the only one who watches her videos while working out? This brings me so much life right now!

    99. Leslie Trevino

      Love your hair!!!! ❤️

    100. 27

      Well as a dude who likes this channel so I know what to buy my girl we deal with all the sneaker resellers and other brands I didn't know if girls felt with like a legging being 100 dollars then reselling for 1000 or something