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    Published on 2 years ago


    1. Leonhart


      1. Tis_be_chris

        This vid was made on my birthday two years ago. Thanks for making my childhood great Leon

      2. Tis_be_chris

        This vid was made on my birthday two years ago. Thanks for making my childhood great Leon

      3. blitzed wolf8410

        Hey leonhart know couple of years late but is this place still open and where is it located I travel quite a distance and tired of begin disappointed in not finding what I am looking for and seen this and want to go to this place bc it looks wonderful

      4. Emilio Alvarado

        i love your videos Leonhart

      5. Wesley Koenen

        Can i buy one

    2. Memer Lemur

      i saw neo pets XD

    3. Mike Raad

      Wish we had one of these stores! Always love it when you visit this place. :)

    4. Florida KG

      I love the passion they both have for the hobby. While they did the pack battle the smiles are their faces were priceless. Love it

    5. Taylor Ryan

      jason is so wholesome, what a guy

    6. Angsty finds

      dude you should go back and see how crazy it got

    7. Keith Fairman

      Leon you work well with all sorts of others, but this duo got somethin going. great chemistry. This store owner is a cool guy .

    8. Mary Jane

      You have successfully rekindled the fire in my belly for Pokemon cards I’m gonna start buying packs I think

    9. Andy Bruce

      Leon you work well with all sorts of others, but this duo got somethin going. great chemistry. This store owner is a cool guy .

    10. Adam Murray

      THE CHANNEL DIES IN A WEEK (allegedly) Damn. Here we are again. This morning I woke up to a dozen old copyright claims being filed. As a result, having 3+ copyright strikes has my channel marked for deletion in a week. I'm waiting on responses from folks right now to try and get this resolved, but honestly I'm less than hopeful. As if I needed more reasons to stay away from USfilm, right? I'm going to lose everything if this channel goes away, but I'm sure as hell not going to lose this incredible audience and community I've created over these last 3 years - some of the best years of my life. I owe all of this to all of you, the folks who keep coming back just to see what I've been up to, or message me encouraging things when I'm not feeling 100%. I love you all, each and every one of you. Well, everyone but Phil. Sorry, Phil.

      1. syntica

        you have 0 videos bro

    11. BautZ

      that guys needs some good glasses the condition is bullshit xD

    12. ReLeVaNcE 2047

      He knows damn welll he set up that little toy scene just by the way he fixed it when Leon knocked it over lmfao

    13. josh w

      I bet he sold out now

    14. Joseph McBroseph.

      When I was 8, I had all my best cards on me. 1st edition Blastoise, Venusaur, charizard, base set shadowless all three, tons of others, Chancey 1st edition, clefable 1st edition. Well what forgot to mention, the pocket they were in, was on a pair of swim trunks, I jumped into a pool with ALL my best cards in my pocket. Afterward I kind of lost interest. I kept a base set 1st edition booster box my dad bought me and told me NOT to open for 3 years and finally opened when I was 11, when Pokémon cards weren’t “cool” anymore. My friends and I opened up the booster box, we were lighting all the holos on fire and winging them at each other. Trust me, however much you hate me, I hate myself more.

    15. Tyler Massie

      I love this guys passion, you can tell hes proud to show off his store!

    16. GHOUL Unlimited

      I want to go there 😭😭😭😭

    17. Nuller1004

      Some of theese prices is...

    18. Taiga Davis

      Comparing those prices now..... Holy S###

    19. baby doll

      It should be called the pokemon opening but advanced

    20. Danny Gioia

      looking at these prices from 2018 is crazy to compare with today's market

    21. RJ O'Reilly

      Been a rough couple weeks, had to put my dog of 14+ years down. Will be back making content shortly. Much love ❤️

    22. David Burnett

      Im 11 and pulled a 1 edition charzard for my birthday he saved one box for me

    23. corsa mxde

      He didnt give a shit about any of the other dogshit cards its all about pokemon

    24. TheConfusingWords

      I wish I could go back in time to two years ago and buy all of this lol

    25. Chase Davis

      Hey Leon, if u haven't noticed, but packs that have the green trainer code are trash packs, where the white and green have the good card

    26. Robert The Collector

      That was some awesome pulls!🤩🤯🔥🤘

    27. Robert The Collector

      This was a sweaty 🥵 video so much crazy stuff! That’s heaven 😳🤘

    28. LemonFishBro

      I’m still a kid ;-;

    29. Flame_YT

      So everyone gonna ignore the anime cards that are signed or what

      1. corsa mxde


    30. JoeBob Perry


    31. Lucas Estam

      he looks so happy

    32. Darren Nicholls

      Awesome. Prices so cheap back then

    33. Smokey Retro

      Wish i could go there now lol 2020 crazy

    34. T-84 FIFA

      Really wish I could visit that store shame I live in the UK 😔

    35. TheJjbanks

      Literally worth millions now

    36. Ryan Hoffmann

      I am watching this video in October of 2020. I wonder what he was asking for that sealed Southern Islands binder, they sell for $2,000 nowadays. I see he was asking $70 for a pack of Neo that is $300 minimum! Sealed Fire red Leaf green booster box.........$11,0000!!!!!!!! Crazy to see the jumps in just over two years.

      1. Lemme Smash

        I was in the shop about three days ago he said he sold it for 2300!

    37. A M

      What state is this in Leon!.!?!?

    38. Justin Laur

      What ever happened to this?.. you have not been back

    39. Guitar Hiker444

      That goldstar pikachu is like a $10k card+ damn! Nice collection man! Wish your shop was in my town! I would def drop some loot there!

    40. night.owlchemy

      this guy hurt my head when he called the ravnica series vintage!!!! im officially old!

    41. Justin Schneider

      Two genuinely good dudes talking shop

    42. DaNew GuyOnLine

      Where is this shop at ?

    43. Acutorz

      Why is the drinks behind glass what about the refrigerator?

    44. Connor E

      Seeing first edition rocket booster for 75 hurts my face seeing them for 1000 now for first ed heavies lol.

    45. Mr. Raymond

      You need to do a new video with Jason

    46. Samuel Johnson

      Dude, where is this store? I need to go there!!

    47. adnan husain

      whos watching this after the new logan pual pokemon craz lol

    48. cs Tokima

      But I am a kid

    49. Tom H

      My birthday is August 4th

    50. gaming pack

      I am a kid

    51. Andrés Cruz

      El nombre pura la serie de richi o farril ñam ñam extravaganza

    52. IBHi


    53. Pearcey111

      Can you tell that guy I will buy every Pokemon card in the shop at those prices lmao, love watching these older videos

    54. Karter Arellano

      I have so much cards

    55. Pastor Rivera

      I have the same bday

    56. whotho naaah


    57. Wesley Vinal

      this is 40 minutes from me. cool you are so close to me leonhart. love your videos. finaly subbed.... my dad just found my pokemon in storage from 1998 1999 so i will be posting that unboxing next week. all my vintage pokemon :) cant wait to feel like a child again

      1. Psmith Dunks

        Sick man!

    58. S S

      Hahahaha you guys need to make a new video

    59. McreeMccheese

      Its crazy how he was selling the first edition charizard for 60$ and now its like over 100,000$

      1. Jake

        true not first but a base 2 good condition is now like $500+

      2. Jesse Dillon

        Wasn't first edition and also wasn't graded lol

      3. Pomzy


      4. Suga N Skittz

        it wasnt 1st edition

    60. rodney westleigh

      Leonhart what Happened to this series I miss seeing you go to vintage Pokémon heaven I’m sure I’m not the only one. The heart squad wants vintage Pokémon heaven bring this back pleaseeee

    61. MrBOSSman4283

      hey man doesnt that cd also contain a japanese set of old base charizard, venasaur, ect.

    62. REIGN

      I am really interested in getting into pokemon collecting. Is there anywhere to get first edition boxes? Like on th3 logan paul video?

    63. Anthony Obituary

      I have c ards 1 to 3 if u wanna offer i need to live my family is dead i could i use the help

    64. Pitbull_Top5

      how much would he sell one of those birthday pikachu's

    65. Howie L

      Woo hoo Jason, same birthday as me! :D

    66. AkshR

      If I could go back in time I would spend all my money and buy a bunch of booster boxes.

    67. Hmoov

      Im pretty sure that place is shut down now.

    68. Atlas Mynchau

      I had the same reaction to this, as a kid would have to seeing Disneyland for the first time.

    69. john nelson

      Been 2 years since this vidoe and prices are almost times 5 what they where than smh

      1. Alex ZanToZ


    70. Kapono K

      I know this video is old and perhaps he still has the cards, but you could give them away to a kid that comes in for his birthday and/or after a purchase of $50 or more to promote your business

    71. Calix Villanueva

      Right now for me u got 1 mil subs 😊😀☺😀☺

    72. young SPEEZ

      Wow, dat tin 🤩

    73. Cedric Reichl

      Looks like Carl Cox

    74. J Davisjr

      Super ultimate pack opening

    75. Scott W

      Nearly 1 mil subscribers! 👍

    76. Albert Almaguer

      I wish she had an online store

    77. Vanizza Be

      my Birthday is 4th of August tooooo :-D i want one

    78. LAWNDRIZZLE The3rd

      that man is rad as hell hes so stoked!

    79. Pokenerd Sam

      Happy early birthday

    80. Ava Batista


    81. Fabian Pyka

      seeing that yugioh stuff made my heart skip a beat or two. i want some of that stuff

    82. Guido G

      Here in 2020’ where ex delta packs went from $70 each to over $400 a pack

    83. Guido G

      2020’ Pokémon store owners went from Zero, to Hero”

    84. Duelist Destiny

      That Invasion of Chaios Yugioh booster - like a $5K booster.... droool

    85. Everett Morrison

      Grade them

    86. Rafael Rosado

      He seems like such a nice dude!

    87. VintagePokeOpenings

      I see a sealed Southern Islands binder in there! 😍

    88. Funny Plays stuff

      0:15 I am a kid

    89. Kracken

      Jason is amazing

    90. Quarantine season

      You keep saying this is the best store, but u have all these cards. You should make your own store. I bet it would be even better then “limitless games”. Keep it up👍🏼

    91. HBC423

      Wonder how much my 1st edition Japanese Here Comes Team Rocket is worth

    92. Don Haralson

      Pack Battle 2020, like it

    93. sean

      hold on... the 1st ed rocket booster pack was only 70 dollars...?!

    94. Y5Gaming

      I really like that store owners additut

    95. Swimseanie

      my birthdays august 12 like come onnnnn

    96. USB Brothers

      Hé i have a holo charizard from 2016 is tis Any worth?

    97. kevenka

      Jason Holloway? I used to play with him at cosmic comics in like 2008 :o

    98. Meow Mixer

      I love this guy! Support his business!

    99. Saif Alaadhami

      send me ur adress and ill send u a box filled with mega exes,gxes and other legandary suprises trust me u will freak it might even include my first ever pokemon

    100. Bradley C

      Sell your birthday pikachu cards as extremely expensive birthday cards