Minecraft, But If I Laugh, I DIE!

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    Published on 19 days ago


    1. Grace Valele

      What's a punishment unspeakableplays?

    2. Amanda Bonner

      Heh, Mumbo's walking house video! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    3. Ultimate Gaming303

      eat dog food

    4. Jacob Among Us Pro Gamer

      Your Punishment Will BeGet Pranked

    5. Aizik Shelton

      Today was the worst day ever

      1. Aizik Shelton


    6. liam waters

      eat 1 leter of cat food

    7. cold war

      Punishment will be jumping off a 100 ft

    8. Lei Bertumen

      2 clip: laughed

    9. Jimena Perez

      wow he didint do the punishment'


      why are u a frog I would subscribe if you were a cat

    11. Ezekiel Young

      Getting tazed

    12. Mahsa Yousefi

      Your punishment should to not do a video in a week

    13. Chris Martin

      Spend 24 hours in a room

    14. taylor duggins

      Your punishment for the first one is that you get to laugh on the next on and it doesn't count.

    15. Kiko Adame

      Eat a ant

    16. Vince Josef Belen -29

      Unspeakable: โ€œWhat will my punishment be? me:be in a house of ice for one week

    17. Daviesi d bJohn


    18. Nelia Teves


    19. Ashton Payton

      pore water on your head let james do it

    20. Vickie carroll

      You ducktape 20 ice packs too you :give Gabe this message he is my favorite besides you nathen

    21. Matthew Fukushima

      A bite of onion

    22. Ulzii Tse


    23. kitsune_kea belen

      Can u drop ur best thing in the world

    24. Sandra Rodriguez

      Put five eggs on your hand and hit it on your head with the hat off

    25. Santino Giannettino

      i have iude makemore videos

    26. Amanda Reed

      Since you lost you have to jump on the longest trampoline and go as high as you can on screen

    27. rhen santos

      Dilet a vedeyo

    28. Kayla Balzer

      Unspeekble your punshment should be burn the shirt that your wearing in the video

    29. Jassy Hall

      slap your 100 times


      Slap yourself with butter

    31. Nick Harp

      Eat your boogers eat your eat your boogers

    32. irene Caldwell

      Dump slim on your self

    33. Jo N

      I laughed at the first meme

    34. Mary Marr

      Eat a whole carmal covered onion

    35. Jenn Brown

      dlet mincraft

    36. Rockydock Socklock

      R.I.P plant me he was a very weird plant

    37. Jenn Brown

      hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no

    38. CaydenPlayz Gaming

      in your favriot shirt

    39. CaydenPlayz Gaming

      your punishmient should be too pour water on you ICE WATER

    40. Jaci Cardwell


    41. Jaci Cardwell

      Omg hi I didn't think I could text or comment my mom just told me how

    42. milira williams

      Play hide and seek in the easiest spot so they can see you

    43. Brandy Adams


    44. Breezy Joy

      i have

    45. Brandy Adams

      Take cold water and put ice in it and dumped it over your head

    46. Ashley Westfall

      Donโ€™t wear a hat for a vLog Day at all

    47. K E

      Kill a zombie villager.๐Ÿคฅ

    48. Alina Larose

      Slap yourself

    49. Ellie kitty cat


    50. olaf sjaawalz

      Your puneshman eat food with open mouth

    51. Ellie kitty cat

      Eating a rotn banana

    52. braylee hefner

      I think you're punishment should be deleting 1 of your Minecraft world's

    53. Analisa Henriquez

      Get diamonds and burn them

    54. Magic Afton

      Enderman ,ocean block and lots of arrows OR Enderman,ocean,Fence AND LOTS OF ARROWS

    55. Jake Heckadon

      Unspeakable can you vlog every day?

    56. Dc Dubs

      Unspeakableโ€™ how you doing in there โ€˜ Meโ€™ we are good

    57. Jake Heckadon

      Being a girl for 24 houers

    58. floopish

      sorry but you have too let mrbeast tell you what to do in micraft

    59. Aaron Joyce

      U have to play like a noob in minecraft

    60. Sadia Zahid Siddiqui


    61. Tanner Tv

      Crush your hand with a hydraulic press

    62. the Erin squad

      Let gabe and James control your whole day

    63. Stevie Lewis

      Set in Spanish for an hour

    64. Richard Kaffer

      I do to make a video FaceTime in your face in forever James and Gabe says hi

    65. Daniel Sasser


    66. ghostlogic360

      Let PrestonPlayz control your life for 24 hours

    67. Brittany Russell

      Oops i laughed

    68. rocky

      lol i dare you to run 10 times around your mansion

    69. Daniel Sasser

      Make you self bald

    70. Nikki Gaudin


    71. Brody Tucker

      do the boody dans

    72. Owen Lennard

      unspeakable stay in your pool for 24 hours

    73. Owen Lennard


    74. shelly ford

      tfghnftdcfrhdc fmrd

    75. Curtis B

      Your punishment is S L I M E

    76. kids stimpson

      tell youre friinds you will never see thelm angin

    77. Darrin Rotman

      The punishment is to.... play among us for 24 hours!!!

    78. Alan Fischer

      Delete Minecraft

    79. XXXclXฬธอŸอžoudyXXX

      Okay i chose for your punsih meant i chooooose......do a fart moments with preston and unspeable

    80. Ella Bridson

      You have to spend 1 hour in a melted chocolate pool :)

    81. ใ€Œ sunflรธwer ใ€

      it says game mode has been updated to creative

    82. Maggie W


    83. Hannah Harbin

      Your punishment can be you make a new world with NO sleep :>

    84. thejoinerfamily

      Your punishment should be to make a day without Minecraft witch means that there will be no punishment

    85. M Don Dot

      Yell FLIP 10 times out of your house


      get 100 kittys

    87. - Wolf Grrrl Gaming -

      umm maybe you should delet your mincraft world

    88. Cowen Woyak

      Get trapped in a prison by officer james and officer gabe for punishment

    89. Lightazer Vlogs

      To eat the last dab sauce without anything to drink

    90. Brody Carrick

      His punishment should be to eat poop! ๐Ÿคฃ

    91. Vinny Rosas

      I think you should talk like a baby for a hole video

    92. Karla E


    93. Vinny Rosas

      Are you trying I think I know what you challenge is going to be it is going to be you talking like a baby for a whole entire video

    94. ALI Hasan


    95. Michaelle Gallagher

      I lapht

    96. Uros Popadic

      Sekrfise to de banana gods

    97. josh bivens

      Eat a bar of soap

    98. josh bivens

      Eat a bar of soap

    99. Amanda Belk

      kiss james