Feeding a City in Need

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    THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. kyd barba

      50 cent a like

    2. Randy Cole

      Love your videos, When are you going to tell everyone you are doing the, Color the Spectrum with Mark Rober

    3. Aynnara Quintero

      Your doing alot and it's amazing but maybe just saying try helping other countries and states!

    4. magma sqush

      when Jimmy dies he's gonna have a Viking funeral or something

    5. Seamus Powning

      Mr. Beast could lift Thor’s hammer

    6. Sebas Animations

      Just wanna say, God bless you mate 😊

    7. maria gomez

      I love u beast

    8. Kennedy Bristo

      Where the bread at man? How you gonna give people peanut butter and jelly and no bread ;-;

    9. TheBackBois SQUAD

      I love you mr beast

    10. Matthee Hernandez

      I have a question what inspired you to do this?

    11. Lia Guajardo

      Hi peeps I’m trying to watch every single mr beast video

    12. XlusfferX

      اخ بس لو كان مسلم كان باخذ اجر اكثر من وقت الكون

    13. LCRob

      Man bill is a good guy

    14. Daniel Ogaz

      Philanthropy for the win💪🏽

    15. sanita ellie

      am I the only one who just found out about this channel?

    16. Deku fanboy ;-;

      Dislikes came from satans alt accounts

    17. Tyber_Den

      tareqq: How much food are you eating! jimmy: *that was a little mean*

    18. EG - 06BK 847671 Glenhaven Sr PS

      When people go to mars - “today I will be buying all the food on planet earth and giving it to poor people in mars” Comments: u have the biggest of the hearts u helped my family a LOT ❤️ ❤️

    19. Nazario D Luna

      Love all the great moves you make with helping the people in need, along with the fun other videos you make Jimmy, I mean bill. Keep doing you and ill keep supporting when i can!

    20. Shuuush

      If u disliked ur truly the lowest scum in history

    21. rip robbie wahh

      Hey is new

    22. Gini Sue

      I’m subed to all of your channels

    23. Nighthickory


    24. lorik rexhepi

      Just think this is the small mrbeats acche have almost 3 mil and is the smallest acc he have

    25. The Gamer

      SUB TO MR BEAST Philanthropy

    26. Rockthunder30 Locher

      me waiting for the vide on himdoing the autism thing markrober is doing: AHHHHHHHH CMON GET GOOD

    27. Kelly

      The man has a heart the size of a planet.

    28. Johnny Moose

      You just became a legend, congrats

    29. Kickstartmy bff

      Jimmy Donaldson a nice guy..maybe able to help someone real need link on my video

    30. Amir Prince

      i love beast's.

    31. Niko

      Mr beast next video tie: Feeding a country in need

    32. Sami Yeet

      :people: FFFFOOOOOOOODDDDDD :MrBeast: yea

    33. Craig Unger

      Mr. Beast is living the dream. @mrbeast If you are looking for people in South Carolina to expand I would be honored

    34. The Tola Show.

      Well done jimmy

    35. sis team rule

      I sub and make more vids #charitymrbeast

    36. weimer s

      Make a donation to cancer research

    37. Xavier Castaneda

      spam this to everyone and every mr beast chanel it is for Mark rober who helped ALOT with team trees and he is doing a fundraiser for people with autism @

    38. RedJay

      I don't understand how there are people that dislike this

    39. Sylvia Schubring

      So many times I’ve seen people saying that Mr Beast could solve world hunger… This is the first step I guess ❤️

    40. TJ Rex

      Im still questioning why "Beast Philanthropy" stole this video from "Bill Philanthropy" like, wtf, this is Bill's video

    41. 089roblox1

      MrBeast does more than the US government lol

    42. i legit don't know or care

      ur a good man bill and jimmy

    43. szialoo

      Most of the billionaires are rude, and just show off, but you, your kind, help people in need, your a good person MrBeast, a good one.

    44. william smith

      totally awesome, great job, congrats,, god bless........

    45. King Castillo

      I don’t like adds

    46. Poodle Life

      Do a Holmes Shelter

    47. Jan Rylan Castro

      If MrBeast wasn't born the homeless be like: NO FOOD, NO WATER, NO NOTHIN'

    48. Literally An Egg


    49. ABDI'S GAMEZ 23


    50. pugotron09

      petition to get darron his own channel

    51. Gacha Meme YT

      1000000 million points in heaven

    52. Peter


    53. roshan kumar

      Watch irfans view USfilm channel

    54. Julian Casale

      I have a fun idea for a video, for 3 weeks do what CGP Gray says in this video: usfilm.info/fire/gLJqo4Z8g9GbmNQ/video.html

    55. MademoiselleRia

      Proud to live here

    56. Jurassicgamer

      one question how many times has people said god bless you to you

    57. jason brilliant

      USfilm should remove the dislike button in this video

    58. Beth Mayer

      I'd like to know why people disliked this video I mean if they think mrbeast is annoying I can understand that but any other reason doesn't make sense to me.

    59. Oliver Nagle

      Is it me or I’m still wondering what philanthropy is

    60. Imthisan

      Keep up this Great work Jimmy !

    61. PREM

      I Love him untill last breath

    62. D3M0L15H3R

      Bro please lrart how to drive a truck

    63. Souless Reaper 70

      I wonder how many play buttons he has

    64. Ks johnson

      I just found his another yt channel

    65. Ignacio Molina Pico

      we need more people like this than a president saying things he never does

    66. Harith Danial

      Love how he use the money like how it suppose to

    67. pat polglaze

      i watch ur ads all the way thru

    68. Fhoel Justine Coleta

      I don't skip ads on Mrbeast, watching ads can contribute much to what he's doing.

    69. Fall :D

      Ew my dad kill a man

    70. Goku Saiyan

      Where’s Chan Chan

    71. doliio volay

      Make sure to not skip ad or anything , we are helping him lets be a party of history!

    72. Bob Ross

      Don’t you do this everyday?

    73. Izuku Midoriya fan

      It this real Mr beast

    74. Hitesh Mohapatra

      Make this Chanel more subs than Jimmy’s main chanel

    75. how to parody

      @Narker Bros i deleted my ad blocker

    76. Freya Alexander

      every friday before covid we did that.

    77. Freya Alexander

      more than oncec!

    78. Freya Alexander

      I wonce helped feed the homelees even on thankgiving!!!!!!!!!

    79. itsmeChase

      i turned my adblock off just so he could earn more revenue from this vid

    80. Monster game play


    81. daIQgamer

      to ppl who dis like. WHY JUST WHY

    82. Jesintha Charles

      God bless him for his good heart

    83. Your Mum

      This guy is a genius, he gives away all the revenue and keeps the button. Free button

    84. MrBeast IQ

      #in one day 100K subscribers

    85. MrBeast IQ

      #in one day 100K subscribers

    86. Psycho Boy

      my sub is only for u

    87. Solomon Johnson

      You're a good man beast. Keep up the God's work.

    88. iPhone UsR

      *casually turns off Adblock *

    89. Ann Magondu

      I love all your channels..Am subscribed to them all..From Kenya Africa with love

    90. Kyle Ha

      only if jeff bezos had a heart like MrBeast, then the world wouldn’t be starving

    91. PinoyFunny Videos

      i always watcing you video,hope u can visit here in my country philippines and hope you can help here

    92. VEATHAN

      Always buy his merch not the one at best buy

    93. VEATHAN

      Guys i am saving money to buy mr beasts merch

    94. Richard Emmanuel Garme

      Hi! Bill!

    95. I live on earth zr

      The dislikes are those who don’t have food to eat

    96. REAPER

      Mrbeast: feeds a city Me: cant even feed my chickens in minecraft

    97. Alhassan Bangura

      Keep on doing this it is a good deed god blesses you

    98. Mukti Kumar Rana

      But I like your videos

    99. Mukti Kumar Rana

      I am from India