Rio Da Yung OG - “Molly” (Official Video) | Prod. Wayne616

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    Rio Da Yung OG - “Molly” (Official Video)
    Rio Da Yung OG

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Bob Charlie

      0:26 good guy Rio looking out for the feigns

    2. Joe Dirt

      Aint been a rapper this consist since Gucci when he was dropping mixtape after mixtape

    3. Joe Dirt


    4. Joe Dirt

      Wayne 616!

    5. Bobby Chungus

      Yo was strugglingggggg to spark the blunt🤣

    6. Mac entertainment enterprise. M E E

      👍👍 up, Flint it’s Muzik Movement.

    7. YBL VANI

      Most underrated rio song no bap

    8. notsogood

      "... was the hardest'es" 0:15

    9. Cortez H

      800 a zip folks calm down

    10. B l u e c o o k I e Nacho

      Kids please don’t look up to these damn people dont matter about the money he’s showing all that trust you can make has much or even more believe that definitely possible definitely keeping it all the way 100 . And don’t even have to have people all in your Business with cameras following you every where you go even the bathroom lol . Anyways manage a store . Open a store something I mean it’s a whole lot of things out there beside sitting there sucking like something your not and possibly get ya ass killed . Just be smart kids really . also the 1st thing come to y’all heads is Hateing nahhhhh I have kids my self and this shit is sad . What’s even more sad is dude most likely have kids his damn self talking about all that damn drug use then dude die on a damn over dose now ever body wants to say yaaa kick ye cup slow down . Shit somebody have to die . Smh just be smart man . Dum ass rappers .

    11. B l u e c o o k I e Nacho

      This shit is sad all these rappers talk about is damn perks and lean. Like damn have some type of meaning behind it . Who the hell cares we get it your a junky damn day something else ... if you notice listin to this dude most every song he’s on not even 20 seconds dude all ready mention perks or lean god damn .....


      Pimp c ain’t drink more lean than me, I’m finna go ask himmm

    13. ahmed nasar

      ay come to the west side

    14. C J

      If dog survive this face shot, blow the hospital up

    15. Wavy Uno

      That Benz so clean

    16. Tay Mccleary

      This his hardest song

    17. deih choiar


    18. Malcom Shaw


    19. Deneen Brown

      Geto boys got it

    20. Mallory Granrath


    21. OG Jamaiican


    22. Tatoo Wasy


    23. gangaza boss

      he said okay like yn jay in the in there

    24. Dewayne Hill

      He goin tf off folks

    25. Geez Francisco

      Lol bro be abusing the shit outta Ashley

    26. Joey Swipes

      You ain robbin shit 👹

    27. Robert Vasser

      I wanna be a ghetto boyz movement

    28. Juju Espino

      Who came back to the music video after hearing that weird ass version on the tape

      1. Toxic Jay YT

        No kap this one way better

    29. pennthebaker

      This is rubbish

    30. JVKE

      no one knows how hard this is lmao

    31. Blaxkdominican

      I use to be broke. Now I walk around like oh that’s just a dub.

    32. David Frazier

      I got igot a 1000 grams of molly bout 2 party wit the college kids

    33. 2001 Vonthadon

      Whipped the gun out on my son made him say his whole alphabets

    34. David Frazier

      My chaps is lippy damn,,, i mean my lips chappy

    35. #TTG Brainiac

      What if this is Biggie reincarnated 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    36. Shadow Makin Beats

      They said the shit I dropped at E crib was the Hardestist 🥶🧊

    37. Kameka Moore3


    38. Tevin Spencer

      Wayne on the beat bitch #616 #BITCH

    39. A Guy Named Kevin

      Best word play I've heard in years, fr fr 🔥🔥🔥

    40. Bryson Ruggs

      My chaps is lippy, dang I mean my lips chappy

    41. Robert Rosenberger

      They just don’t know Rio

    42. Luis Reyes

      “I dont pour hi-tec in pops i pour my pop in red”🚀🥤

    43. Alex ander

      Stupid hard

    44. Vincent Olguin

      "Tuesday I'm puttin cheese on the beef like a taco man"!! ☠️🤭

    45. Abdinasir Adan

      Bitch stop taking bird baths n go get in da tub 🛁 😂

    46. Coochiescout Butta


    47. Vonceil Lewis

      I used to be broke ain't have no pape to get in the club now days I walk around with pape like this a 20

    48. Vonceil Lewis

      I probably got corona I just pissed and ain't wash my hands 💯

    49. Frederic Reid


    50. Safe Refuge

      Told bro put me in the studio and lock me in

    51. nhojyelbom

      flossing in that SL550 Mille Miglia 417!

    52. Sot Fhendi

    53. Ballinglikeimkobe

      Do I suck at rapping🤔

    54. Flame 357 Official


    55. TheyCallMeEco

      Is that a C197 I see

    56. D1O

      i listen to this eeryday

      1. Robert Rosenberger

        There’s nothin more hard in this world

    57. Arthur Fields

      My auntie overdosed off pills that’s why I pop perc 10s😂😂that boy a fool😂🔥🔥

    58. Kobe Walters-jones

      I got tired of arguing wit al my powder HeADs!💯🤫🤣

    59. Cayman Bryan

      Lets have a Mercedes, not an amg, Oh we should throw a challenger in this, make it a V6. How about a Catty, make sure its not a CTS-V. Y'all whips look like you borrowed them from your gramma.

    60. owen


    61. CheeseBall

      a white crystalline alkaloid obtained from opium

    62. Wop2wrds / Sleep off the lean out now

      Tuesday I put cheese on the beef like the taco man

    63. give away channel

      This shit out cold rio go to the store rio

    64. grabman

      "I know it sound dumb but fuck it. That's the life I live..."

    65. grabman

      Mix Biggie with Twista and I am not sure who else to compare him to. Very original flow. Salute from NY.

    66. Stribzavision

      “A white crystalline alkaloid obtained from opium”-Dr.Rio


    68. Bigboi Nutbaggins

      He always beating tf outta Ashley 😂😂

    69. Kyle Patton

      Yo for real rio top in the game right now! I ain hearing nothing at all that can fuck wit him! Flint

    70. Robert Vasser

      Best rappers are from Michigan

    71. Jesus Angel


    72. Sienk Beats


    73. Abk Keemie

      No cap repeat🔥

    74. Blake Crawford

      Anybody else play that shit back immediately...🤘🤘🤘🤙🔥🔥🔥

    75. SauceyEnt

      “I prolly got corona I just pissed & ian wash my hands.” 😂🤣 man I wash my hands but shit I be wiping my eyes like a mf, I prolly got it too 😂


      Pulled a gun out my son made him say his alphabets 😂😂😂

    77. Rx Sosa

      A white crystalline alkaloid obtained from opium, that’s codeine 🔥🔥

    78. Konrad Fitzgerald

      Rio Up next

    79. Boss Life

      Bro was angry of dat cup wen he made this bit

    80. la. reece

      Nigga stay sneak dissing in songs with they how asses😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥

    81. Tarzan Montana

      I swear it don’t matter how mad I am once I listen to Rio My whole attitude changes 🤣🤣

    82. Dee Miller follow my instagram

    83. Marco Colo


    84. Gumaro Cuellar

      I really fuck with rio But he fucked up on the line “Pimp c ain’t drink more lean than me, I’m finna go ask him cause Imma overdose this week” I’m from Texas and I’m telling you that ain’t sitting right with dudes

      1. Gumaro Cuellar

        An it ain’t about beef it’s just respect

    85. Vonnie DOMx

      damn it's been a month already 😭

    86. Afra Rostamy

      Before 1M views 🙃

    87. Sterlin Lunzo

      Whip the gun on my Twinz was 7x7! Lol 😎

    88. Julian G

      This slept on

    89. Maso Linton

      "Whipped a gun out on my son and made him say his alphabet"

    90. Lil buie

      gah damn shii hard ash u underated

    91. Shaka Bandzz

      Nigga be killing shit ‼️💯👹

    92. KickBack Rick

      He fucked my vibe up with that dumb ass line tho “chaps lippy I mean my lips chapped”. Nigga What ?!!?!

    93. Yo Momma

      This is the truth

    94. DetroitRebuildz

      He got another human growing from his right cheek

    95. Sheba the Fawn Pitbull

      😂 not the gun on the kid

    96. Chow Kozart

      Bitch stop asking why my pop dirty and go wash yo ass 🤣🤣🤣🤔

    97. KingRamsay

      damn this shit littttttttt

    98. BANE

      “ Bitch stop taking bird baths n get in the tub “ 🔥Fuego🔥 😩😫😩🤣😂🤣

    99. Waite Tucker

      I put cheese on the beef like the taco man lmaooooo. haven't been excited for someone like rio in a min

    100. Johnpaul Swim

      Been on here since 1k he running it up