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    After Fusion's assault on the Agency, Midas details his contingency plans and starts his Doomsday preparations. Everything has lead up to this moment...
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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. Jay Joe Nedelec

      okay this video is great but it´s also crazy because why everything MIDAS touch it turn in to gold but when he touch his phone it don´t turn to gold

    2. Spook Spook


    3. Ahmed Gomaa


    4. Omar Hossam

      I have bushranger on my acc and I just realized it from season 1


      I really like Midas. It was funny when he punched the girl in the face 😂

    6. Ottaviano Wallace

      I love the emote

    7. Nathaniel

      Is there a part 2

    8. Mohamed El Hajoui

      If you dont know the agency is in creative

    9. Angelynn Vargas

      10:15-10:50 made me cry... also I wish Midas would've stayed in his new look but, a nice and sweet person but instead he became evil, a criminal, killed, jealous and serious guy. SHOUT OUT to whoever voice cast Midas's voice. You have a deep and cool voice.

    10. Sam Sicolo


    11. I'm a VNTR

      54:15 Bruh it sounds like Midas speaking his own way of "Call an ambulance! But not for me."

    12. Maison King

      I love you midis

    13. Alex Ruiz xxchentitoxx

      Ryan your very good at acting as midas your the best actor I seen

    14. Farnaz Osama

      And aura is not midas's girl jules is midas's girl

    15. Farnaz Osama

      Midas's voice doesn't fit on him.

    16. Sebastian Slay

      Oh yea one more thing Midias: “our lives will never be the same again” me: more like Jules life will never be never be the same

    17. Sebastian Slay

      Marigold sounds like skye

    18. Nicholas Mckee

      you know when he said i hate tomato's i'm like but you have a tomato in his burger head

    19. sean playZZ

      Question how does Midas not change himself to gold with the gilded touch

    20. Andre Wrotten

      Midas should of already of turned himself into gold.

    21. Keith Osborne

      lo midass dinner date

    22. Jason Holland


    23. TTG LE Gaming YT

      How come u can touch the phone without turning it gold

      1. TTG LE Gaming YT



      i hate skyes voise

    25. DevonGames4325

      I just realized this is a movie

    26. Melissa Santangelo

      Midas is my favorite skin

    27. JJ Clark

      I like how fishsticks does the good burger voice

    28. C-SNIPERX & Feline-actress

      Time for galactus lol

    29. hazely Gonzales

      Ima watch this again

    30. VOIDS_ TRAX

      Is it just me or this is like thanos

    31. VOIDS_ TRAX

      Midas be kinda simpin

    32. Paturo YT

      57:12 and now the agency are not more than ruins

    33. Aiden Mex

      Midas rip ☹️

    34. BadKarma YT


    35. Deborah Klein


    36. Creeper Creeper

      I mis the chapter2 season 2 I loved that season it was the best

    37. Toi GaminGurl

      Midas is THE MOST SAVEGE character EVER midas just be like on Saturday now you die oro lol

    38. Alexander Fisher

      At the start why would u make rio die it’s so sad 😭

    39. Midas Rex

      Don't get me started on beef boss...


      Well better than the Bonus Shorts Midas

    41. Greenieplayz

      the emotes are great in the movie 9:48

    42. Lélé

      Its so God

    43. Angely Guerra


    44. Liam Lavallée


    45. Its Just ALEX

      10/10 so good

    46. Crystal Koehler

      Please call me mr m. to Skye. Please call me midas. he says to rook

    47. ꧁SuperFnafYøshi꧂

      23:24 his phone doesn't turn into gold XD

    48. Kevaughn Jackson

      hey can i be in ur vids

    49. Marshall Hyde

      Bet you skye was the daughter tho

    50. lazer zapshot502

      Poor Rebecca she never got to use the restroom......RIP

    51. Sean Horan


      1. Sean Horan


    52. Emma McC

      I love how midas’s tone towards Rook completely changed when she found marigold :,(

    53. Brandon Flerry

      Wow 😣 cool

    54. Chase Loesche

      midas's device is a midas's drum gun rip in the chat

    55. sheila couzens

      Midas was fired after 8 minutes of work, wow, he must be bad...

    56. League Of Anomalies

      This proves villain's aren't all black and white they don't hate everything down to the bone.Some are monster's for a reason and midas is proof of this

    57. Hudson Hillis

      rip fishstick

    58. You Play

      2:28 that’s racist just braces he’s Chinese don’t mean he eats tareocky meat 🍖

      1. You Play

        Who liked

    59. Marwin Blume

      52:33 they act chill

    60. richycool 19

      The coin was is sadly the same has midas

    61. country_ guy99

      I have compliant if everything Midas touch's does that mean his bullets are gold and should turn what they touch into gold as well

    62. Amin Ahmed

      Newscape pro shorts 1h long vids

    63. pzam

      that wasnt yebuddy in the video, why are you using him for clout in the movie?

    64. Carlos Roman


    65. Afternoon Doggo

      wtf is this

    66. Draven Diaz


    67. Draven Diaz


    68. Draven Diaz

      It reminds me all of the good times I had midas

    69. Draven Diaz

      I’m so sad this video makes me cry a little because I miss the Midas skin

    70. Draven Diaz

      I hade Midas but sombody hacked my account I lost all my skins

    71. aspc41b

      midas sees an airplane he has gernades so try throwing them inside the airplane

    72. Levi Croker

      Hi there. What is the order of your Midas series? I see multiple recommendations of them. Don't know which to watch after this.

    73. Tyrodins true apprentice

      Joe mama lol why she like in 5 minute? kinda sus

    74. Meta Reaper The Gamer

      51:29 My reaction about this: 6 ' ) 6

    75. Isaac Espinoza


    76. Nozova Hesan


    77. BLIXTEN 670

      New scape pro

    78. Woken Cult Member

      congratulations you looked in the comments section

    79. Darthzilas

      It’s cool

    80. drepy burger studios

      R.i.P wife 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    81. Ellen Co

      Midas is not the name of that skin its flare skin

    82. Jukku2

      I LOVE FORTNIGHT!!!!!!!!

    83. Your Mortal Master Shade

      Ooh savage Meowscles me liky evil,evil more evil hahahahaha

    84. Your Mortal Master Shade

      Skye:watch out boss man Midas:SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

    85. Robert Heite

      midas looks awesome before and after he got his power

    86. Zain the shark boy

      Come back

    87. Zain the shark boy

      I miss you midas

    88. xxXEP1CSPYMA1NXxx

      ep ic!

    89. spoozle_gaming


    90. kelly detrez

      Wtf sometimes this videos are weird But that's just my apinion

    91. Marcus Bullock

      This story makes me feel for Midus.

    92. Alexander Petkov

      00:01 00:47 music is great. Name of this music?

    93. Silence pain

      *me who ships midas and skye but meowscles ships Midas and rook * 👍😃👍

    94. Mohsen and Qusai Wonderland

      Midas your doomsday is awesome

    95. Sherry Rekhi

      I miss midas very much

    96. Clumsy Chaos

      This is beyond stupid

    97. Landon Schultz1213

      I misspelled the comment I mean Midas

    98. Landon Schultz1213

      What happened to Marcus's girlfriend

    99. Fortnighte God Boss King King

      Keep up the good work