Escaping The Dream SMP's Most Inescapable Prison (pandora's vault)


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    Can I escape the Dream SMP's most inescapable prison? Let's find out...
    Huge thanks to awesamdude for making this prison, huge thanks to my cousin who cosplayed awesamdude:
    Huge thanks to Creavite for making the map that I used:
    And of course, huge thanks to all of you watching! It makes my day, being able to entertain you all :)
    0:00 - intro
    1:04 - setup
    3:32 - security measures
    6:10 - phase one: entry
    6:59 - phase two: preparation
    8:05 - phase three: execution
    Execution - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
    Slave To The Grid - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
    The Void Is Calling - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
    Something Wicked - Ross Bugden
    The Rebel Path - Cyberpunk 2077
    V - Cyberpunk 2077
    (now obviously since we don't know what pandora's vault completely looks like then some of my methods here might not work on the actual prison, but its as close as we could do)
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    Twitter: Mythrodak
    Until next time, ladies, tootloo!

    Published on 24 days ago


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    20. ItsRaingee

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    21. Anime Nerd

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    42. TheAngelDemon

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      1. Heitor Bergamaschi Pimentel Vieira

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      2. hugo teruel

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      3. Heitor Bergamaschi Pimentel Vieira

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