Can This Chef Cook A 3-Course Meal With A Waffle Iron?


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    “This is definitely wrong...this is DEFINITELY wrong.”
    Watch this video to find inspiration for what you can make in your waffle maker!
    Watch this video to learn more about making okonomiyaki!
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Iri

      Love the black forest but you could do also a cake 🎂

    2. Ysa is a pizza

      you should do it on the stove or the oven

    3. MiasCrafts AndMore

      Do a weird cooking gadgets video

    4. Josephine Cruz

      her: who actually measures vanilla extract how to cook that tutorials be like: USE A MEASUREMENT !!!!

    5. Rahul Macwan

      Salt part was hilarious I’m gonna watch that video right after the microwave video

    6. Jade Pearl

      She could have dipped the scallions in the fish juice... That will definitely add more flavor tho❤️

    7. nadhifa r

      me and my cousin made pancakes in a waffle maker 😌💔

    8. once_but_twice

      every time alexis uses salt or sugar... everyone watching holds their breath

    9. Corrine Grace

      Can you use only a stand mixer???

    10. Vera Virta


    11. Smurf PS4


    12. The Awesome Blossoms

      It triggers me that she didn't cut the ends of the scallions

    13. Vipex.

      Can I get 1 like

    14. Andrea Ene

      I have the same waffle iron!!!!!!!!!

    15. anitha nair

      Next use a blow torch!

    16. Nana Nana

      Hit me up I have a idea for you to cook with! A fire place 👇🏻

    17. Eishal Munir

      Petition for her to make over a camp fire

    18. Adrian Villanueva

      Wait. This is cooking different meals with a waffle maker, not leggo my Eggo.

    19. Adrian Villanueva

      Cyborg and Beast Boy love waffles.

    20. Ojasvi Ahluwalia

      Stand mixer

    21. supra gang

      use a solar powered homeade oven!

    22. Karabi Poddar

      My mom never measure vanilla extract

    23. naillnewg warrior

      I haven't whached yet but... MAKE Bread dogh If you haven't already

    24. Shantae Allen

      She triggered me when she didn't give a score for the dessert.

    25. Lola Lola

      And next up folks: Cooking a three coarse meal with a hand mixer! (No heat included) XD

    26. SIN PEI LIM

      since she mises her stand mixer, lets give her a stand mixer next episode lmao

    27. Isabela Aponte

      Way is the kitchen full of tools you can't use

    28. Lila Berinsky

      Do a candel

    29. yo bro

      The way she put the glass bowl on the waffle maker is giving me so many anxiety

    30. beth goldman

      Pronounced Woo-ster-shy-er

    31. Vladimír Petija

      Congratulations Alex you deffenetely passed a student-hunger-crisis test :D

    32. Rahul Navjot Sharma


    33. Toan Lam

      Is that her real life kitchen?

    34. Rajit Singh Gour

      1:07- I always thought that was a wallpaper......

    35. Lucía Gómez

      It's been over a month since the last video, is the season over?

    36. Mosammat Jannatul Pervin

      3 course meal with only a mixer

    37. Armaan X

      Don’t have a blender I got you Use a drill gun attached to the whisk and you got a home-made blender

    38. Yuki Rabbit

      Give her a challenge by giving her an appliance you can't find in an everyday US market. Have her cook with a Takoyaki maker.

    39. On Chen

      I’m Japanese and I just wanted to mention that if you do want to make okonomiyaki or お好み焼き (Btw in Japanese okonomi means customized and yaki means cook or fry.) please follow a real recipe because it is easier and it should be thinner (ps don’t use your hands to mix please)

      1. On Chen

        Hope this helps!

    40. cupcakeuee

      Next episode she should use a oven

    41. tia N

      Why she didn't cut scallion's root?

    42. Kei _

      You should give her a lefsa iron to cook with next time

    43. Salma Shaikho

      Cook on a cars engine

    44. Reese Johnson

      She should make something with only one pan

    45. zohanay vlogs

      can u make 50 dishes with carrots

    46. Kajal Kiran

      She looks like Millie Bobby Brown

    47. Hae Soo

      Try cooking with a rice cooker!!!

    48. Sarah Smith

      could someone please explain to me why sugar is a wet ingredient?

    49. Erainah

      Did anyone not see the fish moving 11:18 to 11:22

    50. Mo n

      Is she on a green screen??? What in the Marvel is going on with that background

    51. turkeypopcorn

      Ooh I'm so curious about the black cod and scallions. This is incredible. I've always preferred waffles to pancakes (pancake fans, don't come for me, I like pancakes but waffles are, I find, more satisfying. And to know that a legit meal can be prepared on a waffle Iron is amazing).

    52. I Hate My Life

      if she can cook in a waffle iron, I might be able to cook food in the fridge

    53. Mizuki Horiguchi

      I love her but that is not Okonomiyaki.... Rie is SCREAMING😂😂

    54. Duyên Võ

      Whats the waffle iron maker brand you are using ? Im looking for one now but still struggling which brand i should pick. Thanks.

    55. Seira J. Loyard-Kertia

      *NEXT UP: Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With Body Heat?*

    56. Official Banksy

      Sous vide machine/ water bath would be great

    57. Its.LePains


    58. ThoseElliotts

      sh should use a lightbulb

    59. Holly Heaphy

      It is actually Waffle Maker

    60. A'Junaecoleman 03192008

      It sounds like she's wolf iron

    61. Charly Parsley

      Do an episode with a fridge or something or a kettle

    62. boeingfreak1

      I like her with shorter hair

    63. Dr. Duct Tape

      Hmmm, the audio in this episode is off


      alexis: tries to pronounciate worcestershire me, a local person from worcester, worcestershire, screaming at my laptop: "NO- ITS WOR-CES-SHIR"

    65. Hakaan Bughio

      Me: Cant even make a meal with waffle iron Chef: *Makes A meal with waffle iron*

      1. Hakaan Bughio

        PART 2 COMINGN UP!!

    66. Z Chef

      After watching this video, “Hey mom, can I use the waffle maker?”

    67. Megan Rose

      I know that you hate whipping cream, so why don't you just put it in a jar? I doesn't take that long and it's easier.

    68. LeAny


    69. Vspacks

      Yes she can

    70. Sofia Ayala

      Is it a waffle maker or a waffle iron I think it’s a waffle maker

    71. liz willis

      my girl went ALL OUT for this one

    72. april Guscott

      Can we get the successful instructions for cooking these meals with the alternative appliances?

    73. Annie Paul

      Can you cook breakfast like pancakes, scrambled eggs, cheese omelet and fried eggs in a Taiyaki maker, please?

    74. Llamma Lover

      she bites the silverware 😭

    75. Charlie C

      woostashah sauce

    76. Alvin Fernando

      Lets grant her wish. 3 course meal with a handmixer only 🙂

    77. blair

      can this chef cook a 3 course meal using an electric fan

    78. Elly Stone

      What about a clothing dryer or an electric space heater?

    79. Jubilee N

      Omg the last time i watched a vid with alexis her hair was SHORT NOW ITS SO LONG OMG

    80. Ida Jonsson

      You know what she should do? She should do a 3 course meal with a mixer or food processor. I mean c'mon it would be awesome. 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

    81. Nathan Jones

      The Sauce she tried to pronounce is Worchester sauce and it's pronounced exactly as spelt "Wore-Chester"

      1. HS L

        Lol no it's pronounced wooster-sher.

    82. Shanzeh Jaral

      Hey people at tasty .... Do not ever stop this series .

    83. QuietQuilla W

      Bacon or meat in it may not be a waffle

    84. Heidi Smith

      The woman needs a hand mixer!!!!

    85. Sunset._. Bloom

      I literally use waffle makers to make everything now; bacon, grilled cheese, quesadillas, eggs, and obviously waffles lmao

    86. Cuisine Crush

      Nice 👍

    87. wmf831

      In a typical blackforest cake (Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte) there is NO sirup in the cherries, or cherries in sirup. I am sure it is very tasty (pun intended), but as a german I feel I should point this out.

    88. Aysha Kalam

      Next ep do an handmixer plsss

    89. TuftyPlains

      I feel like she always complains she doesn't have a stand mixer so why can't she make a 3 course meal only with a stand mixer

    90. Ciaran Danson

      you are over confident, still looks good though

    91. PinkPumpkin Gaming

      UV LIGHT

    92. addressjess _

      3 course meal with a toasted sandwich machine?

    93. Subhan Tariq

      i haven't ever eaten a waffle

    94. Subhan Tariq

      you guys eat??

    95. Kate song

      This is awesome I’d try it all

    96. Leanna Hearts

      Can this chef make a 3-course meal with ONLY and stand mixer XD

    97. ahjgbhlahgaohgl

      I like that she forgets it's a cake and not a waffle at the end lol

    98. Amruta Alwar

      I can't even make a waffle even with a waffle iron. She out doing this.

      1. Contessa

        What? How can you not make a waffle from a waffle iron?? 🤨

      2. Maria Oldenburg


    99. Muhammad Sadiq Ali

      Alexis = "I haven't made waffles for two years ." Me = " Eat waffles literally 5 times a day 😛

    100. Muhammad Sadiq Ali

      Her hair has grown sooooo long WOW