Overwatch Archives 2021 | Overwatch Seasonal Event

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    Experience the past. Fight for the future.
    Take on story-driven co-op missions from pivotal moments in the past, test your mettle against deadly new Challenge Mission modifiers, and earn historically-inspired loot from April 6 to April 27.
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Nelogenazea

      Another year, another warmed up event. Great, really hyped for OW2 at this point, you guys.

    2. Kyr

      My favourite event 😀😋

    3. su besing

      Super suck game

    4. Mehmet Çetinkaya

      Are they going to release new champion or what ?

    5. Lior VR

      what happened to overwatch 2?

    6. su besing

      Super suck game

    7. su besing

      Very suck game

    8. su besing

      Suck game

    9. su besing

      suck game

    10. jUppers

      you already couldnt satisfy both casual and competitive player bases at the same time with your mixed releases catering to only one side. now with OW2 you're going to crumble under the big nothingness that your updates will bring to the players

    11. Vilas Surjuse

      Nice video brother

    12. Redemrald Vlogs

      So when are we getting a real update

    13. CarterIzBoon

      I'm not sure how to complete the quests and I missed the guy fieri into a lucio skin.

    14. eioshen boboi

      0:44 Indeed Reaper. Indeed.

    15. David DeBroux

      Wake me up when something good happens.

    16. kolim jone

      0:44 Indeed Reaper. Indeed.

    17. Gandalf

      I feel like all the moira skins are bland and boring. My dad is a moira main (for now) and he only likes the banshee and blackwatch skins

      1. eioshen boboi

        i find the story missions to be incredibly boring... So much so that I'm not sure if I really want these skins.... :/

    18. Lucia Finstra

      How about an actual new PvE map instead of just regurgitated old stuff?

      1. kolim jone

        Swe need Tf2 X Overwatch.

    19. swallowedinthesea11

      I bought 150 boxes with my stimulus check.

    20. E R M

      I've never got weekly challenges before.

    21. Kazuki F.

      Nah... skins and how about new character?

    22. asioe kiou

      No new SYM SKIN?🤩What the fawk?

    23. bozzwick

      I've been away for 2 years. i thought I'd find new PvE content...nope same recycled stuff... see you in OW2 i guess

    24. su besing

      Super suck game

      1. su besing

        @asioe kiou if you are old player you would know what I mean. That is a ver suck game for team match work.

      2. asioe kiou

        What's the point in even having the event if they don't add anything new

    25. Jacky's Highlight Videos

      Honestly as much as I love Archives and most OW events, I’d be willing to go a year without events if it meant they could just focus their time on OW2 and get it out soon.

    26. Brodix

      Dead Game xd

    27. Zinthas Mori'Dagnir 'FlyingToastr'

      So how do i get the 'curse you all' voiceline?

    28. sehhi vooty

      0:44 Indeed Reaper. Indeed.

    29. Jackson

      I need legendary

    30. su besing

      Very suck game

    31. chding zuure

      Can we appreciate how they have bastion an emote

      1. sehhi vooty

        Thanks for the symmetra skin

    32. newyorkmeable

      i find the story missions to be incredibly boring... So much so that I'm not sure if I really want these skins.... :/

      1. gtoss chddy

        That’s cool but where’s overwatch 2. It’s been almost 2 years since it’s reveal and we’ve gotten nothing

    33. masoncorlettiom

      I like the mood

      1. masoncorlettiom

        I know

      2. masoncorlettiom


      3. chding zuure

        That’s cool but where’s overwatch 2. It’s been almost 2 years since it’s reveal and we’ve gotten nothing

    34. Sonic The Hedgehog Sanic Kirkman

      Swe need Tf2 X Overwatch.

      1. Sonic The Hedgehog Sanic Kirkman

        @gtoss chddy lol

      2. gtoss chddy

        Everyone gangster until soilder becomes british

    35. gtoss chddy

      0:44 Indeed Reaper. Indeed.

    36. Nirezar

      As a russian myself i must say its pretty good representasion of a russian "knight" from a folklore. Also her weapon has 3 dragon heads because its a reference to a classical slavic folklore beast - Zmey gorynich - three-headed dragon

    37. mohamed zahalka

      0 wins in every mode why the ....

      1. gtoss chddy

        L'manburg skins right there lmao

    38. Mobeyfringey

      Such a disappointing update for 2021 My opinion for this is ok

    39. Harpy

      Wasted opportunity, it’s not too late to fix it; 1) Delete Widow and tracer skin because they have nothing to do with the character except nationality 2) Add Mansa Musa or just ‘King’ Doomfist and Traditional or ‘Saree’ Symmetra. 3) Add short descriptions like with other archive skins to relate the skin to the character 4) Make the special game modes exclusive by only releasing 3 per week 5) I know that your expecting this to be over watches worst year with popularity and income because hopefully your releasing ow2 next year but you still could’ve made a bit more of an effort.

    40. the dragon 249

      What's the point in even having the event if they don't add anything new

    41. Bolia Fops


    42. Artsbrainsmoke

      cosmetics.... sheep love that

    43. Luca


    44. overwatch

      Hello blizzard I love your game but the biggest problems is phara is op sooo you need to nerf phara and the April fools patch note is amazing and you need to add the reaper and doom and hanzo and orisa and Lucio and mercy and brig buffs are Amazing market to the live servers ok

      1. overwatch

        @Bolia Fops I know the skins are bad

      2. Bolia Fops

        meh this event

    45. Soinas Doyi

      0:44 Indeed Reaper. Indeed.

    46. Serpent intelligent

      Thanks for the symmetra skin

    47. Xavier

      this event wasn't worth the wait.

    48. Sami_Blueboy

      Everyone gangster until soilder becomes british

      1. Sami_Blueboy

        Yeah id rather every character had a different historical theme instead of 3 of the SAME THING. But i think the historical for Archives is cool.

      2. Soinas Doyi

        They really are running out of ideas

    49. prince of 3 saiyans -Galaxy-

      That’s cool but where’s overwatch 2. It’s been almost 2 years since it’s reveal and we’ve gotten nothing

    50. NoamEG

      I feel like the green visor does not go well with the the rest of the color scheme of the samurai outfit, but nevertheless AMAZING JOB!

    51. bilisha coli

      The art team deserves alot of claps for the recent skins they've been putting out. Props to ya guys and girls

    52. Kiyu

      0:18 Daddy

    53. So Pheaktra Lucifer

      0:48 every women in hentai

    54. Sam White

      I wonder if this year we get some good Hammond skins..... I mean a Christmas bauble would do it but maybe that's just me...

      1. Sam White

        You know rather than the same 5 characters always getting a new skin because they all share almost the same body mesh....

    55. ical monyet

      Suddenly, Reinhardt gets a skin based of his country's action in 1941.

      1. Trudox

        Called Reichswehr😳

      2. Mustachio

        Oh no

    56. Mariocat99

      Cool at first but no new mission :(

    57. TheMystic Pyro

      Honestly a comic where tracers chronol-accelerator malfunctions and puts her way back in time would be amazing

    58. Jully Owo

      meh this event

      1. mijuo roui


    59. Z E R A 非常識です

      great, now unban my account pls

    60. Pouyan Alz

      I garam isken gnje

      1. mijuo roui

        Finally !! I started playing in feb and I’ve fell in love with a mad scientist... Just got the archive skin for my main, Moira and I couldn’t be happier .

    61. bilij pdan

      Oh it's this time of the year again. opens wallet

    62. CYRiUS

      They really are running out of ideas

    63. Salvador Alves

      So, the skins are actually not lore related this year? That’s the point of Archives but I’m kinda digging the skins ngl lmao

      1. TimTime

        These bots are getting good

      2. bilij pdan

        I wish that every Overwatch hero had a Talon skin, I love Talon's design.

    64. Jedi Padawan Shaggy

      Retribution is the best co-op mode in overwatch Change my mind

    65. Колян Маликов

      Now I have to play archives to unlock weekly skins?! And if I DON'T WANT to play archives, then what? I won't get anything?!?! Blizzard are you completely idiots?!?!

    66. Ekaterina

      What?? Will there be no lore? Will there be no new story? Will there be a new assignment? Or at least maps ?? The Archive Event was created to reveal the story, and where is it? They feed again with the same skins. Yes, they are great. But the archival event has always differed from the rest with its lore. Not even a comic book or story

      1. TimTime

        They're really focussing almost all they've got on Overwatch 2 to get it out as quickly as possible. Until we'll get the game, we won't see anything bigger anytime soon

    67. Foxx1019

      I want goth mercy to step on me.

    68. Leevi Heiskanen

      I think these skins are good, but they do not fit Archieves event I mean Archieves is lore event, and I doubt that anyone of these characters actually wore these on any occasion

    69. mijuo roui

      I'm just so hungry for anything Overwatch. Thank you for the crumbs, Jeff. I'll eat every bit

    70. Krifi Gaming

      Why is the genji skin so beefy?

    71. kun in ne

      Add cross platform please, and more information about Overwatch 2

      1. mijuo roui

        (you can find it on wikipedia)

    72. Steven Gooding

      Finally another Zarya skin!!! Yay!!!

    73. brandon Rivera

      I got stuck for Sympathy Gains!😭😡 Thank you you said" Curse you, all!" Reaper!🤣😅

    74. Lúvrene Bebe

      Finally !! I started playing in feb and I’ve fell in love with a mad scientist... Just got the archive skin for my main, Moira and I couldn’t be happier .

    75. Blizz


    76. F4 RL GAMING

      I can't wait till they announce cross play

    77. jaluscornerious

      Why aren't the Archive missions always playable?!?!? Some of the best content in the game only happens once a year...

    78. Killer Flame226

      I didn’t see much skins in this game

    79. One Sensitive Artist

      I wish that every Overwatch hero had a Talon skin, I love Talon's design.

      1. One Sensitive Artist

        @Ximena Abrego Yeah kinda like that.

      2. Ximena Abrego

        Like a reverse au?

    80. Lostpockets 222

      I don't even wanna play the game anymore I'm just here to look at the new skins, the Blizzard design team is amazing

    81. Jakedoesfpv

      Could u just release OW2?

    82. akxne

      Everyone being in their archived suits: Zarya: *check out my gun lmao*

    83. webheadgr

      This is just sad, many heroes don't have a legendary archive skin some don't even have an epic one, and they brought skins for everyone that already has 1 epic and 1 legendary, blizzard sucks bad.

    84. Ragnaf0x

      Literally just make it more difficult than adding more to the story?


      I miss when this event added new lore every year, it was easily the most hype event every time. Least the skins are solid as always.

    86. Max Clausen

      Came out and ends the same time as the tartaglia banner

    87. heg pxl

      For those who are interested I have some knowledge on Zarya's skin to share with ya'll, since I am Russian: this skin is based on the heavy cavalry class called " Bogatyr' " - very prominent slavic army figures that have many ties to nordic-slavic traditions. They usually commanded the tzar's army and subdivisions of that. They are like knights but usually have more similarities with vikings in historical descriptions - in that they are more physically buff and are prone to handle conflicts bare handed. But in Russian folklore and slavic mythos there is a specific bogatyr named Dobrinya Nikitich who defeated the dragon named "Zmey Gorinich" which had seven heads - that's why the gun has a red dragon motif. And the overall design of Zarya herself and her color scheme is similar to 20 century painting that depicts the same warrior mentioned earlier fighting the dragon. (you can find it on wikipedia)

    88. Mapdyne

      I want to play and get these skins, but I have finals and the event ends when I finish my finals.... 😔

    89. Algernon

      Okay, but is the game balanced and fun to play?

    90. Aeron Corpse

      Finally some new content

    91. • Sanoth •

      Just the same recycled thing again this year i guess. This is why overwatch died

      1. • Sanoth •

        @Ximena Abrego the best thing about ow right now is the custom games. The queues for comp are too long because nobody plays anymore due to the lack of new events and heroes. You’re right, I’m not happy with everything because everything in overwatch has pretty much stayed the same for so long that it’s stale. I’ll still play ow 2 when it comes out and probably stick with it for years after just like i did with ow 1

      2. Ximena Abrego

        They are working on ow 2, especially on the lore and gameplay, you are not happy at all boi with everything

    92. God has come into my body, as a angelic fire body

      God entered into my body, like a body. my same size. holy ghost baptism. God attacks me, God rips my face, shoots into my mouth, gum disease. Jesus appears and laughs.

    93. Jaybox005

      Whens overwatch 2 coming

    94. RubS0311

      The skins are kinda boring

    95. ThorsHammer 1377

      And nothing for hanzo

    96. Blue Pearl

      Overwatch can you give us actual content instead of flashy skins and cheap challenges

    97. Egemen AthenaSenior

      So? Archives is lore you remember? There are no new maps and no new modes since 2019. Sorry but whole 2020 and 2021 "events" are only for adding skins and sprays. Nothing more. I used to argue with guys who say Dead Game to Overwatch. Now, I agree them.

      1. TimTime

        We'll get there again!! :/ As a diehard overwatch fan myself the wait is super hard and the devs are doing a pretty bad job at communicating with us. They want to impress us with the results, not talks. Judging on everything they've said in interviews throughout the years, Overwatch 2 will be huge. Events will be renewed, some removed, some new added, lots of new content with more than just cosmetics. It still takes time, for now all we can do is wait.

    98. Brian Garmendez

      Man archives story mission trailers used to hype me up so much, now we only get "heyyy, look at these skins haha" 😔

    99. Mini Grizzz

      We will never get a new story ever again

      1. TimTime

        They're developing an entire campaign with Overwatch 2... but no, we won't get anything else for Archives

    100. Mikey M

      People still play this?