I Opened EVERY Box Of Pokemon Cards


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    Today we are opening every box of Pokemon Cards from the Sun & Moon era! 16 booster boxes total.
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    1. 南国ふりかけ


    2. Ian C.

      Can I have all of them

    3. Smok592

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    5. London Birch

      That’s not nearly all of them

    6. Gain Velocity

      You’re the reason I can’t find Pokémon cards smh lol

    7. Billie Kinley

      I have a shiny charizard gx

    8. Retro Ware

      How much is one box of those?

    9. David Swed


    10. Rooboo

      Can you help me pls I want to be Like you but i may not buy pokemon cards so i do it with pokemon TCG online and i hope that i can buy someday pokemon packs by making yt vids Like you

    11. Felix Eriksson

      My childhood dream 😢😲

    12. NJ Videos


    13. TheGamingGopher11 B

      wow you must be rich lol each box costs like $200

    14. Louise Nolan Hehir

      this is kool Im jealous 👁👄👁👌

    15. Milo Moreno-Canavan


    16. Maria Ledezma


    17. Papes

      Thank you Ali!!!

    18. Marc-Antoine Gagné

      Thanks Ali!

    19. lost-_- player

      There’s a total of 5,760 cards there. (Not including the detective Pikachu packs.) that’s just insane

      1. Louise Nolan Hehir

        @lost-_- player omega Bruh Tiny brain can not comprehend

      2. lost-_- player

        @Louise Nolan Hehir that’s a lot of cards

      3. Louise Nolan Hehir


    20. TrokerosPerronesdeDallas

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    22. JimmyTheGrease

      You are the best poker ever

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    24. jason Banach

      i love this channel

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      Love your videos omg

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    29. Rowdy Dawg

      How much does it cost to get into some of these?

    30. matt the king

      Where do you get the protectors at

    31. Aaron Lawrence

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      1. Fallout

        What? ...

    32. Johnny Lee

      Let me open some please!

    33. Elite RTX

      Your missing crystal guardians

    34. Jason Ball

      i cant believe I'm watching you open packs of cards.Really cant believe people pay you to open cards. Dont get the hype but more power to you brother...

    35. RED


      1. BussinPacks_

        Shit I’m still looking 😂😂🔥 I got the regular one tho 😭

    36. Besim Veseli

      Thunder ! (Then he remembers if he continues he is gonna get copy rights problems ) 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. Shepherd99

      Base set 2 charizard dirt cheap!! www.ebay.com/itm/402596341025

    38. Reese Cascone

      I was watching this at night then I realized that it was 3 hours lol😂

    39. Pokémon PlugPacks

      The Kevin’s and the marks had the best and most Pokémon cards back in the day 😂😂

    40. Adam Murray

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    41. LOGAN KEMP


    42. LOGAN KEMP


    43. LOGAN KEMP


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    46. BenjaminplaysYT

      I came across the channel bc I like to see people open a lot of stuff Pokémon wise

    47. Gaming legends 123

      You are a legend keep up the good work🥰🥰🥰🥰

    48. Chris George

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    49. Javier Ortiz

      I don't feel like he actually likes pokemon I'd rather watch leonhart

      1. Lisa Ison

        Shut up

    50. KK SaVv

      hi we love u

    51. Chino Latino

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      1. Fallout

        Are you a bot?

    52. tubenachos

      I don't even collect Pokemon but this is where I am 😅

    53. Joe D. Castilleja

      So I found this channel from watching leonhart. I saw a video of him opening packs and your video was the next one up. Been subbed since

      1. Jai Sarkar


      2. TheGamingGopher11 B


    54. Raziel

      Love the genuine tone you have! Thanks for making watching these fun. How much was this to enter? I don't want to miss the next one.

    55. Sneaker Money

      in Italia your live start late and when i work i can't partecipate , but when back home...... a slice of pizza ( maybe 2) fresh beer and pokerev time

    56. Chris George

      I’ve been collecting and doing the same thing but with one single pack of each

    57. devyn

      I’m confused does he give them all the cards even the expensive ones?

      1. Iaia Haja


      2. Iaia Haja

        Yes, I think you can but sets and packs where he unpacks them and sends them to you

    58. Mason Denney

      Hey can I please get a ship ment I just started Pokémon collecting I was really wanting to get a booster but it’s out of my price range

    59. Dalton Olson

      I’m confused does he give them all the cards even the expensive ones?

      1. NorsiXa

        Streamers buy boxes, reduce it from tax as "its work material for streamers" and they sell it on social media and viewers per pack. Kind of smelly.

      2. Kermit The Frog


    60. Kingwafflexx

      Thanks pokerev love your content bro! thanks ali for the donating the packs!

    61. Rebecca Marquardt



      I pulled a rainbow rare charzard and golden sogalo

    63. gamer evie

      im new to pokemon and ur channel just makes it like i have loved pokemon since i was ung

    64. Brandon Cunningham

      Yesss! Love the poke cave and the poke positivity!! Thanks for helping me get back into collecting an starting a channel:)

    65. Tracy Kerekes

      Hi PokeRev I love Pokemon . I have about 4,000 cards in only 4 years

    66. Gaming Channel


    67. Charmander kid

      I'm new to the channel and I hope u have a good day and be awesome

    68. Marcus Waters

      How the hell you get all these cards ?????

    69. Kyle Horbitz

      I'm new here, and I just want to say. You're content is amazing. Today is Nov, 19th, 2020. I watched your live show yesterday and it was my first time. I will say that other then Nelk you're the only other channel I have watched live.

      1. Kingwafflexx

        Im here before you got 1m subs

    70. Amy Hanna

      I have the shadow less mew two

    71. Joel Burggraff


    72. SilverStrafe

      Great video, long video! I just recently got back into pokemon but I need to check all my old cards

    73. Coochie Man

      U def built different...appreciate the channel

    74. MA ST

      This is why is the best on youtube

    75. Mike Raad

      Thanks pokerev love your content bro! thanks ali for the donating the packs!

    76. Hamilton Arraou

      PokeRev is such a BEAST!! 1M in no time 🙌🏻

    77. 《PÛNIŠHER》

      I need the codes man

    78. animations basic

      oh my dream is to get one booster box i wish i had one

    79. Sgt FuckOff

      Every time there’s an opening it’s the same questions: 1. Can I buy one of these packs? 2. Where can I buy a pack for this opening? 3. How much was a pack? Is it that hard to get that when he’s doing an opening live, that you CAN’T get any packs? The mods should really post that every few minutes because the lack of understanding of these viewers is crazy 😂 The complaining too of “why can’t I buy any of these packs he’s opening? It says they’re sold out 😢” makes me die laughing. Do you not get the work it takes to put one of these openings together? He wouldn’t have the opening if he still had packs that weren’t sold. He has to create a list of people who purchased and make it organized. To throw people in last minute and have no organization of who bought what or how many would not only be stupid but impossible to maintain. I don’t know if it’s just kids not understanding how it works or troll just purposely being ignorant.

      1. Gav Fitzgerald

        for real i have to mute the chat while watching the stream sometimes bc 50% of it is ppl spamming how do i buy packs

    80. SuperMarioLogan PSD


    81. Stephen Odell

      Dude fastest growing youtube channel. Crazy I been here since 17k and that was like just a few months ago! I knew this dude was going to blow up when I knew what his collection and access to Pokemon TCG consists of . Congrats man you deserve it. You prepared your entire life for this .

      1. Jay P

        Hi. Man

    82. karlo del rosario

      I need that 3 charzards...

    83. TY and LO show

      wow.. alot of cards

    84. Roald

      absolutely legendary stream with that give away haha! GG my dude and good luck

    85. Brandon Cunningham

      usfilm.info/fire/jdqMY6mRj7eQrqo/video.html Incase you didn't get the notification, from the views at the start. I can youtube didn't send out much.

    86. Daniel Merced

      How much do booster boxes cost

    87. Joseph Melvin

      dude you go too fucking fast. terrible viewing quality. legit awful. slow tf down, seriously. I mean you're dropping shit on the ground and just skipping over 80% of cards you open??? Extremely unattractive content. Definitely the worst Pokemon opening channel I have ever watched.

    88. Levon Gazdzhyan

      Thanks pokerev love your content bro! thanks ali for the donating the packs!

    89. Jonathan Myers

      Hope that was all Free lol.

    90. Rambos Collectibles

      you will hit 1 mill subscribers by 2021... grats

    91. Lysander Miles

      Don’t collect Pokémon cards but this is addicting af

      1. Brandon Cunningham

        A little channel update, I will now be uploading old videos that's either underrated or didn't get many views in the past till the next DLC or next month. The main reason Im doing this is because I can't really stand playing gta much at the moment, and I really can't stand putting effort into making content on this game atm. I think a lot of the older vids Im going to upload are really underrated and some are better than even some of the videos I make today. Take note, I probably make a new video about once every week, these would be totally new vids, not old vids. Also I will give that account away today to someone that followed the steps on twitter. Have a good day everyone, stay safe.

    92. Adam Murray

      I'm racing Ronald, who won? usfilm.info/fire/hZh9bGOmnqWnktA/video.html

    93. Bob Bobby


    94. Poké Swerv

      My goal is to have a set up like you! love your content!!

    95. Sarah Barton


    96. foam queen

      Why are you going through the cards so fast in this opening? We can't even appreciate them like in your other videos

      1. Sgt FuckOff

        It would be a 12 hour stream if he went through every single card slowly just so you could see them. I’m sure there are other videos for that but this video would suck if he slowly went through every card. He can’t accommodate everyone, it’s not that big of a deal.

      2. foam queen

        @Sgt_ Deno I had to stop watching because there was no point if I can't see the cards. I'll just watch the older card openings since we can appreciate those cards

      3. Sgt_ Deno

        cuz its too much its already over 3 hours the video, what are u expecting a 6 hour video but yea i know what u mean

    97. swiftlee

      so many booster box!!!!!

    98. OneVs125000

      How do you get the booster packs opened for yourself?

    99. Leonardo Scarpulla

      I’ve pulled the burning shadows charizard

    100. Kevin Cramer

      Apparently I need to be buying packs in Rev breaks haha!