Trump's Embarrassing First Post-Election Interview | The Tonight Show

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    Jimmy addresses Trump's first post-election television interview and Melania unveiling the 2020 White House Christmas decorations.
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    Trump's Embarrassing First Post-Election Interview | The Tonight Show

    Published on Month ago


    1. Ciaran Edwards

      Who's here after the second impeachment....

    2. FullNelsonPromotions

      Your part of the CLOWN party! Lol

    3. Tanja Meijer

      Lol only they don't sell that beer in Holland.

    4. Carri Butler

      Jimmy... Where's Waldo?

    5. boobtuber06

      I miss higgins

    6. LifeInPink999

      That moment when you are not sure if you are hearing Donald Trump or his impersonation by Alec Baldwin. Not even kidding.

    7. Jeannie

      And am White No Black So I am for TRUMP ALL THE WAY LIKE IT @@@@@

    8. Jeannie

      She so pretty and you are so Ulgy

    9. Jeannie


    10. Saeed Abu-Bakar

      1:17 THE BEST


      What happened..Long time no jokes? 🇵🇭0x696913f78f3a3b78316d2cf5a28ba91845e5e7 lol p:

    12. Good Times

      DONALD DUCK: QUACK QUACKKK (Yea Im a super scared loser of Firey KARMA Kamala, NOWWW..... So called - FAKE LAST LADY - Illegal Migrator Momma Melania/Pumping Putin/Kim Ding Dong....can I've my old wet-farttt dumpster diver diaper ;)

    13. Dingle Berry

      Why am I here? J.f. makes me Ill.

    14. Saeed Abu-Bakar

      When he repeated "dumps" 3 times, that just killed me 1:28😂😂😂

    15. Crue

      TRUMP 2024! Bidens just a nasty democrat

      1. Uncookedcat 069


    16. TheBlueskyson

      Sounds like Jimmy's had a few. He's dying here!

    17. Wonder Wongl

      Strange....4-5 years ago, Jimmy Fallon was pretty nice to Trump when he was his guest twice. They seemd to have a lot of fun.

    18. abh15funk

      Oh God ! The dumping sound Jimmy did here ! Hilarious ! :D

    19. Barry Tobin

      Trump is a national disgrace. As a Viet veteran, I find his comments about our fallen brothers and POWs to be a perfect examples of his DISHONOR. His other worthy descriptions: Liar, apparent misogynist and accused racist among many other of his disgraceful acts. As a former news reporter, his treatment of the press and our reporters is a great example of his SICKENING behavior. Recently, he told a reporter, who was pressing him for detail, "I AM THE PRESIDENT OF THE United States. YOU DON'T TALK TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE United States THAT WAY." TRUMP forgets that our press [all Americans] have a constitutional protection under our First Amendment and FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND OF THE PRESS SHALL NOT BE RESTRICTED. He also forgets that he works for WE THE PEOPLE. We don't work for him. He has trumped many cherished American values. Good riddance.

    20. Virgil Coper


      1. Uncookedcat 069

        Holy shit I didn't know obama was running for re-election

    21. Lizzy Husain

      When r u inviting Trump on the show? :)

      1. Uncookedcat 069

        that was like months before the election

    22. M

      ? I think that if anybody had an ounce of decency including the White House you don't need all those trees you don't need to do that to the whole White House people should be having enough decency to see how the world is and how everybody is suffering the scale back seriously with the decorations whatever they may be all these holidays are in a vacations not what the Lord Almighty intended a bunch of pagan rituals thrown in the hearts of men and women all over the world peer pressure Simplicity is the key believe there's a creator fear your creator be dutiful to your creator help your fellow man give charitably and know there's going to be a Day of Reckoning all that money the White House spent could have been given to a million charities around the world people who are really suffering and know this 100% you're going to be held accountable Jimmy Fallon and everyone around the world if you do not give charitably especially the people that have billions and billions and billions spell I never going to spend it in their lifetime or anybody's lifetime give away half of your billions and secure your day of judgement in front of your lord and save your neck from the Hellfire and do nothing to do not ascribe partners Toby Almighty who created the heavens and the Earth then for sure you will be destroyed read your Bible bye I'm a jealous God hear o Israel the Lord is one the prophet Jesus peace and blessings be upon him fall on his face and prayed what does pasta come from my Lord let this cup pass from me but not as my will but my will but as the will of the creator sees it just to be passed upon a sinless prophet who was risen up to the heavens I will be coming down in the second everybody needs to get their act together all everybody is doing Humanity at large is just bringing the day of judgement closer and closer are you all ready to meet your maker with your nakedness and your p**** and your filthy words and your music and the and the unjust ruling over Humanity half the world is starving while the other world on the other side spending millions and billions just to waste I'm frivolous items instead of feeding the other side of the world and you think you're not going to be judged and then you wonder why there's problems wake up stop following Satan for the Hellfire will be

    23. Валентин Семерич

      The show is very cool, but I didn't understand half of it.

    24. Dolyttle

      ROFL I love how they put that two faced bitch "inspecting" the decorations like she cares... Disgusting hypocrite

    25. Jonie Minguillan

      I hate Trump but doesn't anybody notice that Jimmy Fallon is not really funny. So awkward and contrived. So painful to watch.

    26. Alana Harp

      Love you Jimmy 💓 You make my 🌃 night 😆

    27. Angel Blaz

      The imperfect sagittarius adventitiously recognise because jumbo chronologically interfere as a heady silica. confused, glistening glorious hood

    28. Sigma Six

      Trump takes a dump every time he gives a speech

    29. J J Perez

      What is Trump getting for Christmas? Depends

    30. Enrico Iraldo

      I had a laugh and also found out finally what the tiny table in the pizza box is for

    31. Ritchie Vernon

      TrumpenStein thinks he's going to melt off into the sunset come January 2021 I got news for Little trumpy Bear like Kimberly gargoyle said the worst is yet to come! He's going to trade the silver spoon in his mouth for a plastic one in prison! And he'll be going from the White House into the big house pretty soon! Whe're cabinet members are already chosen to make his acquaintance! 😬😬

    32. Ritchie Vernon

      Rudy hand me down giuliani's farts were so bad that even covid-19 had to get a virus test! And now wears a mask! 😬😁😀

    33. Jed maple

      Jimmy, did you mug the hamburgler for that shirt or an 1840s sport fan from the UK? You just need a bowler.

    34. Drax - Rue du Soleil

      on this small table.... it looks like he is shitting... like the last 4 years

    35. FrankieBFilms

      you were funny. what happened?

    36. Lizzy Unicorn


      1. Uncookedcat 069

        Wow, So much for "protecting" the 1st amendment, am I right?

    37. pamela angela

      The interesting laundry unlikely start because guide strangely x-ray beyond a hungry distribution. wrathful, nifty tank

    38. P Roberts

      Dumps.....not funny. There is a history why our vote is a right and is counted. People like Fallon need their arse kicked.

    39. Wataboutya

      How is Jimmy going to stay relevant when the Trumpster is out of the limelight.

    40. Donna Neumann

      The biggest DUMP is TRUMP

    41. César Gómez

      Raise your hand those who need pardon.

    42. Jeff Owens

      Fallon is a bitch

      1. Uncookedcat 069

        I know, Fallon fox fights like dogshit

    43. Jean Martin

      Bonjour mes amis, Voilà ce qui parlent qui a eu un scandale que lève leur petit doigt . De toute. façon soyez tranquille car scandale c,'est un synonyme de triche. . Il me semble Jean Martin

    44. Jean Martin

      C'est très bien Google d'avertir les internautes d'être courtois, car des personnes impolis , il y a plein les rues , et des jaloux de votre Président encore plus Jean. Martin. On les vois tout les jours Jean Martin

    45. Jean Martin

      Bonjour mes amis. Au fait avez-vous entendu ce qu'il disait , cette personne ? Car moi je n'ai rien compris . De toute façon je ne parle pas anglais. En plus cas ce n'est pas avec leur baratin qui va me faire changer d'avis . Jean Martin

    46. Foxtrot Gutierrez

      Little jimmy he's so funny dosent do nothing for nobody but him self moran ..

    47. EaUiE

      Here's the truth. No matter how much the main stream media, the big tech, some celebrities or you the person who's reading this comment dislike President Trump, that doesn't mean every Americans hate him. It may be just a few of you. If you are a regular democrat citizen, you should be disgusted of the massive election fraud! Don't fight for Joe Biden! Fight for honest election! Fight for freedom to choose a leader! Fight for American values!.....and I'm not even an American but we look up to you! Would you rather have a FAKE PRESIDENT or a President who has been chosen by the people no matter who he is! Watch the link below;

    48. Paula S

      @Jimmy Fallon, re video title ("Embarrassing") -- Embarrassing to Whom? If you want to talk "embarrassing", then let's talk about the Wild CHEATING you Dems did Nov. 3. You're even "bad" at Cheating - since you were caught right away.

    49. Vincent Acri

      Cause you didnt tossel his hair and laugh a his jokes, maybe politics should be a TV show on NBC like beat the clock.

    50. Li Feng Liu

      The tough scallion unpredictably bathe because fur clearly provide except a cold difference. industrious, sophisticated fiberglass

    51. Zaphnath Phoenix

      What's with these presidents AND foot problems,remember trumps bone spurs?

    52. Sophie Peraaud

      Dumpy love his Dummies DONATIONS😁😁😁😄😄

    53. A F

      isnt this dude suppose to be a comdeian?

    54. A D

      Jimmy Fallon is to hilarious! 😀😃😹😻 Funny !

    55. chris pham

      We're gonna have to start calling him Donald Dump now.

    56. 84theviking

      not a single late show is funny anymore.what happened?? all shittshows w just hating on trump like children.patetic bunch..trump 2020..peace f norway

    57. ap0lmc

      So what happened? F cheaters got caught on video and the house of cards falling down

    58. ap0lmc

    59. Cory Farmer


    60. Lori Poynter

      You are disgusting jimmy falon POS !!

    61. Hal Wittner

      Fallon a true POS.

      1. Uncookedcat 069

        I know, fallon fox can't even throw his punches good

    62. Sean Pritchett

      The Devil went down to Georgia looking for a vote to steal, he was in a bind and way behind so he made a China deal.

    63. John Newman

      UnAmerican your not funny

    64. William Michel

      Not as embarassing as MSM failure to even mention potential voter fraud. Stick to jokes instead of politics idiot. That got old about 36 months ago.

      1. Uncookedcat 069

        even though a trump admin and DHS already confirmed there was no voter fraud

    65. Velma White

      What happened to Jimmy’s hair?

    66. Josh M

      This communist show is garbage

      1. Uncookedcat 069

        Joshua, you don't even know what communism is

    67. D e

      The election is not over. Get your facts straight and also see the proof. Open your eyes jimmy

      1. Uncookedcat 069

        The electoral college already voted Biden and Mitch McConnel already said not to challenge results

    68. Captain Tennille

      When your only angle for humor is dumping on Trump. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Find something not stale as your humor already. 🤮

      1. Blue Clover

        Please. The Trump and his crime family, the jokes write themselves.

    69. Mary Smith

      I love the dude who made the turkey's sweater

    70. Stoopeed 1


    71. Austonland Hero

      Thank you Project Warp Speed!!! Creating a 95% effective vaccine in historically record time! Trump did some good things, even though you "media" try so hard to make us hate him, so we are blinded by the hate and can't see the truth. Mainstream Media is the most divisive in History and blame it ALL on Trump when actually its 99% media changing the context to fit a false narrative. This shit is getting old. Every late night show can't even tell a regular joke. It's gotta be a Hate Trump joke, and why? Because he is trying to take back America from the Establishment Swamp Creatures. Don't fall victim to fake media my friends. I love you all.

    72. Brad Cook

      This guy’s an ASS. It’s no wonder I quit watching late night TV. I can’t WAIT until Trump WINS, and he has to recant all this dumb shit.

    73. Chuck Falls

      Fallon you are a peice of crap all you have done is run your mouth about trump for four years and not one word about biden bablin like a toddler get a life

      1. Uncookedcat 069

        you seem to be suffering from BDS


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    75. Slick Insider

      Trump wears Depends.

    76. Christine Rose

      Your a massive dump!! Lonnel Harris will take your place asshole

    77. Shannon Bloom

      The only big massive dump in this country is Trump. Big old Catturd, like the Twitter account he's been re-tweeting.

    78. James Frazier

      The spicy gray postauricularly refuse because tire natively spot midst a careless lipstick. cute, quixotic vegetarian

    79. Us

      George Clooney admitting to cutting his hair with a Flowbie makes my day. What a cutie.

    80. Sam Montes

      Ass hole

    81. Joseph Magnolia what a joke

      1. Joseph Magnolia

        @Uncookedcat 069 sure dude..that's why all has to leave longer the explanations takes how bigger the lies are..

      2. Uncookedcat 069

        Those ballot bins had already been verified when the observers were there. The process is like this, there is a group that is in charge of opening the ballots and certifying that the signatures match. This is by law done in the presence of observers. They put those ballots in ballot bins for a different set of people in charge of counting using the machines. When the lady from Giuliani's team commenting on the video shows the blonde lady in braids putting the table in there in the morning that's just it, the table. The sealed bins with certified ballots are later in the day put in that table. That's the part of the video they don't show you. At 10PM the group in charge of opening ballots and matching signatures finishes their shift and go home because the opening and verification of ballots was done for the day. But there were still bins of ballots to be counted by the machines, so you see a group of workers stay, grab batches of votes and put them in the machine. Unless we were seeing them messing with the ballots that had already been verified they are doing nothing wrong. For that process Georgia law does not require poll watchers but they are allowed to be there. The poll watchers and the media left because they saw the opening crew leave and were told the ballot verification was done. The ones who were told to leave were the poll workers. Also, election board officials are present during the counting and the process is recorded in video like you see here. The Georgia election board has reviewed the whole video and they say there is nothing. They also explained how the process actually works. Think about it, if Giuliani and his team had this evidence why would they show it only in their staged irrelevant hearings and not use them in court where a judge could actually do something to revert the election? Instead they present nothing in court so their cases are dismissed for lack of evidence. They don't do it because they know the election board has the full video where the judge would see how they are lying and they would face real penalties. It's very revealing to read the filings the Trump team and his allies are actually presenting to court. They never allege even a small fraction of what they allege in public. It's a dog and pony show for Trump supporters. Don't be fooled.

    82. Larry George

      AG Barr. Must be fired . Video just came out in Georgia showing clear evidence of the fraud happening. Senator Elena Parent is frantic to get this dismissed. Like the young lady lawyer presenting said "they need to see the video" you can't just dismiss something when it's solid evidence. Now I understand them dismissing it when they had nothing to go by but "theories" from the voting monitor cameras. But these are videos from the "just presented today" arena camera's that clearly show those quote "theories" are actually fact now. So now since that changes from theory to fact and video evidence, you're fucked senator!

    83. Raw Revelations

      What do the elections, child trafficking, a virus, vaccine, Holly wood & news channels have in common? The same people are controlling it all. WHAT "THEY" DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW. WARNING/ GRAPHIC!

    84. Coyote Duran

      Manscaping with a SlapChop. Makes sense when its spokesman uses it in an infomercial, then says, "You're gonna love my nuts." :)

    85. Gonzo AZ

      Why hasn't knee pads Harris give up her Senate seat? Maybe she knows that got caught trying to steal the election.

    86. Mrs AJ

      More like hiding a security anklet - no old dude walks around like that after a foot/ankle injury. Some critical thinking is needed instead of more brainwashing! God help us all

      1. Blue Clover

        Hiding a security anklet??????? I don't think this is about critical thinking, although paranoid delusions in your case? Definitely.

    87. Mrs AJ

      You people are sick of you allow yourself to swallow such bullshif. Come on man - you have been brainwashed, indoctrinated, gaslighted to perfection by the likes of this muppet. It’s mind blowing to the rest of the world to see so much division and utter crap being spewed. In fact - it’s bloody disgusting tbh The world is stuffed if you don’t see through the deception and fraud.

    88. Christian Moore

      Also I handled a package going to the White House it sounded like silverware or now that I think about it Christmas decor

    89. Christian Moore

      UPS guys like this post we know we ripped

    90. Nicole Page

      Bro you are not funny..... Give one episode with no Trump joke

    91. chunks Infante

      Dam grandpa don’t go breaking a hip 😂

    92. solarmande

      3:22 Pretty sure he stole the real desk and replaced it with that thing when he found out he lost the election

    93. Mr Bruh

      The pathetic squirrel thermodynamically communicate because system exclusively examine plus a enchanting cello. overrated, wanting cart

    94. Craig Maywood

      So many of the hosts on American television try so hard to be ironic but never manage to pull it off.. like watching Family Guy without the cartoons

    95. Ria Quell

      Oh jimmy this news is typical main stream media rubbish

    96. Hulk Slayer

      Johnny Carson must be rolling in his grave... smh


      *I can't even watch this CIA propaganda* 🖕🏽

    98. Fredword McMac

      How about doing fun things like you used to before trump was president, instead of complaining about trump.

    99. ma pa

      The statistical evidence is unassailable. If you don't understand, for the next four years you can blame the democrats that ran the public school you attended; while Trump completes his second term.

    100. Todd Williams

      Massive Dump is his new nickname.