I Found My Lost $55,000 Charizard Pokémon Card


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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Leonhart

      *I'm grateful*

      1. aka amzar

        got other video about this?

      2. Abhinav Sharma Gaming

        @Matthew Pablo Plush about a month ago he unboxed Pokémon cards and somehow, don’t ask how and it’s real, he got like 3-4 of them

      3. Matthew Pablo Plush

        @Abhinav Sharma Gaming do you mean those and plus what dose Typical Gamer have to do with this

      4. Abhinav Sharma Gaming

        Typical gamer has 4 of these

      5. Jster 83

        You’re my favorite USfilm

    2. michael hicks

      If you’re working for the government and a congressman is calling your boss, things get done

    3. TRxSH AsH

      i was very confused when i heard my name asher at 7:18 i was like "wait thats my name"

    4. XMoh_14


    5. iiXeno

      Why not use Beckett? Since they're more strict, wouldnt it make the card more valuable?

      1. byVenosity

        PSA is still more sought after unless you're lucky and get a black label from BGS. Although PSA really is degrading themselves recently with long return times and of course now everyone knows cgc and bgs is more strict. So slowly they will surpass PSA i'm sure.

    6. Bishesh Rai


    7. Killer Goat

      when I clicked on this video I didn't think i'd get a whole police investagation . LMAO

    8. Felisha Tinker

      I really want a 1st edition pokemon pack its been my dream to open it

    9. Xxtentacion_juicewrldfan

      May26 is my birthday

    10. REZ

      He find's 1 Glurak Holo in Pack (Heart Attack) a random Guy find's whole Folder of IT Oh Shit... Those are my old Glurak Holos... Mh lets throw IT away

    11. Rylan Hgdghhgv

      He mailed it a day before my birthday

    12. Imagination Hobbies

      Dude I would drive down there to pick it up in person at this point!

    13. Mittens561

      Late comment:... I would have flown myself out there with the card in hand if it was worth even 10k! Glad you got it back

    14. Flamingo poke FAN

      That was lucky

    15. Frex

      I actually had one of these and I sold my whole collection some years ago for nothing... I really get your frustration!

      1. Frex

        @TG -_- TIGRA I'm sad. I wish i didn't sell my cards 😅

      2. TG -_- TIGRA

        That’s crazy

    16. ziv kaminski

      What a journey.

    17. A Girl

      I remember when u only had 52k subs, congrats on ur substantial growth!

    18. Stoner Gaming

      So the USPS opened your package and separated the cards by value? Why didn’t they just send it back to you if there was any type of confusion about it at all? Instead they open it and see it’s Pokémon cards and send them off lmao

    19. katojikutaa

      I’m so proud!! Keep up that good work man 😊🙌🏼

    20. Stephen Willard

      Never never EVER send stuff with usps I’ve had this very same problem and never got my item and or refunded my money they are garbage period

    21. Gooch Sweat Enthusiast

      I will never mail something worth more than 1000 bucks. Private shipping companies are miles better than the USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Id rather hire a moving company to drive it across country in a uhaul truck than for it to pass through dozens of hands and journey across the nation in the mail systems. If possible I'd jsut bring it myself.

    22. 22hintstheman

      USPS in general is a joke...

    23. Gooch Sweat Enthusiast

      its annoying when the music cuts out everytime you pause in speaking. I was gutted to hear the mail lost your card, genuinely psyched you got it back. ignore my username.

    24. Mike Sylvestre

      Rip me

    25. Todd Klimson


    26. Paolo Francesco Sorrentino

      It was just sitting in the Coppell facility waiting to be c Shipped to CA simple answer.

    27. K3HMAR


    28. TripOverThis420

      PSA seems like a scam same with bekkit

      1. Ky


    29. Poké Bud

      That charizard card is worth $300,000

    30. Bmac74207 psn

      Do you have a video explaining on how to send a card off to get graded? Need to get my rainbow Pikachu graded

    31. Thomas Belmudez

      I love you so much and I will always watch your videos

    32. Jose Lazo

      Bro, USPS is the absolute worst! Use FedEx or UPS.

    33. Surfin Neptune

      Where u send ur card to get evaluated?? (Psa) ??

    34. Stewart H

      Staged lol

    35. Wes Best

      Never use usps it's terrible

    36. Tori Jane

      Man, I cannot imagine the amount of stress you were under those 5-6 months.

    37. Nick Zitzow

      I find it very strange you’re a lawyer, but didn’t know registered mail is the safest way to send things??? 🤔🤔🤔

    38. Ricks Gaming

      Who is watching this in 2021

    39. M.d Nasif Milky

      I have this charizard anyone want to buy

    40. Galarian Knight

      Finally you found it bro congrats

    41. Thomas Genti

      I recently lost £100 worth of cards to an ebay buyer, they claimed it never arrived and me being an idiot i didn't have the tracking number. I was devastated over the loss of £100 especially before christmas, but i can't imagine how much this would've destroyed you. Glad to hear it's all gonna work out man! happy new year

    42. trevcon 3

      Damn thank goodness your charizard is coming home

    43. trevcon 3

      Damn USPS really fucked you up and lied for some free cards of money ? 😢

    44. Joshua Arias

      I have that one

    45. General Slug

      I had that card and lost it

    46. Blake Gracia

      I'd send it via FedEx idc how about how expensive it is.

    47. galaxy gamer

      ngl ur channel is kinda of a last name in aot i just saw this on recommended

    48. Taylor Price-Ellis

      Also, to note you didn't have 5k insurance. The base insurance for priority is $100. I buy/sell vintage collectable masks all the time and have never once heard of 5k base insurance.

    49. Taylor Price-Ellis

      Also if you didn't put additional insurance on that package then.... Idk what to tell you.

    50. Dan LaBrecque

      Is this why he only uses Becketts now? Lol

    51. Enrique Jose

      Me who literally has that for 2 years and lost it and didn't knew it was that rare: welp... guess i'll die

      1. Enrique Jose

        @General Slug indeed...

      2. General Slug

        I feel your pain

    52. Ole’tyme Poke lover

      So happy for you! I cried a little when I watched the lost vid. So this has given some renewed faith in humanity. 🤞🏻 for a 10

    53. Mr Pot

      $55000 I would have drove it their in person. But anyways you should sue the hell out of them.

    54. 3rdandlong

      People stopped putting $5 bills in Birthday Cards 30 years ago. USPS are crooks, hands down.

    55. YT Ghosty

      comment Me if you have that charizard

    56. Goon_Man

      I see a hellcat right there boi

    57. Michael Palladino

      The established US systems are fuckingggg annoying to deal with people just ignore you. This is proof of that

    58. mlgboss114 Plays

      Home sweet 🏠

    59. justin kyle Jularbal

      Leonhart Just didn't get a 55'000$ card and i congratulate you for that and he's on his underwear XD

    60. Valorr Price

      Oh my god Leon..

    61. laura bondy

      I send it back

    62. Jared Smith

      what a roller coaster of emotions

    63. Goliath Z

      Never forget the shorts and suit XD

    64. O


    65. O


    66. Phil PBOY

      Someone, somewhere, made a huge boo boo lol

    67. Logan Rasmussen

      I lost my whole binder of cards for 7 years... I found them at my brother's in a taped up box last weekend! I know how you feel to a lesser extent. Congrats!

    68. Mean Athena

      Yea your are grateful

    69. Da Piggy Friend

      july 16 my bday lol

    70. TylerTheNerd

      Next minute its fake

    71. Pulse_U7

      Clean up your nails for a channel focused on opened cards 🤣 oh my lord

    72. Poke'vet Here

      Man.you and the suit tops and short bottoms.....cringy boss

    73. Raptor The Rapper

      this video pisses me off. makes me feel like it maybe better off flying to drop a card off that valuable.

    74. william moreschini

      Why would you not overnight ship it? They watch the overnight packages like hawks.

    75. Aiden Clark

      I’m so glad you found it man.

    76. M C

      Do he doesn't wear pants

    77. syrup chugger

      This had a better story line and end than the entire Disney star wars sequel trilogy.

    78. Random Gamerbro

      i have a 1st edition base set char I wanted to send in. back when I lived in Cali I asked if I could just hand deliver and pick it up and they told me no so I never sent mine because I'm nervous of this exact issue.

    79. Zack WallonDrums

      Good to note how useless and pathetic our government and mailing system is.

    80. Ireland potato1234 Boi

      Bro this a filler episode when season 2 coming out

    81. KevLar Da Don

      Bro, true story: I know a Murderer, Gang bangin, Drug-Dealer who had a holographic Charizard, that he touted, when we were little kids. To see the innocence turn into what he's become is so mind blowing. True story.

    82. Project New Moon

      I blame pandemic

    83. Swegish

      The fact this card was 50,000 dollars two months ago

      1. Wubalub Collects

        Whats it now?

    84. Ron Selimi

      Oh wow two of my favorite USfilmrs on hear

    85. H9ismyname


    86. Tim Greulich

      Why would you put 55k in the mail once let alone now you are letting it get mailed again and now it’s 220k...

    87. taylor escobar

      Ok so the moral of the story here is do not trust usps. Buy insurance and use fed ex or ups :)

    88. Adam Mirza

      I love your channel

    89. roger posada

      I'm happy for you. I lost my charizard so I feel the pain

    90. Stephanie O'Leary

      Lie I have that card and is worth. $800

    91. GD LEGEND

      OMG 😱

    92. Jacob De Groot

      Oh my gosh! congrats!

      1. Jacob De Groot


    93. Tyler

      Sorry, but never use USPS or FedEx. UPS is the most reliable.

    94. M Fariels

      Something fishy bcs original mail didnt actually sent to psa

    95. FREE WRLD

      And yet people trusted USPS for voting. So laughable.

    96. Charbel Sayah

      You are my USfilmr in the world

    97. Anthony Weiss

      You losing your charizard all while the market started booming was the exact reason why the Pokémon market started booming. It was fate, but it was hidden!!

      1. Jax Gaming 413

        🤣it took a minute but I got the joke 🤣

    98. Mr. Funkodelic

      Should have had tracking and insured

    99. HULK

      F them

    100. Sick7camaro

      USPS was having a lot issues at the start of the pandemic.