I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

Logan Paul

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    That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

    Published on 17 days ago


    1. VC シ MEGMA


    2. Efeanıl Uru

      enes baturrr

    3. Dario A

      I come back three years later to see where the man who made the biggest mistake on USfilm, and here he is looking like a hobo buying pokemain cards for one million dollars. Honestly, what else did I expect?

    4. Habe

      Get scammed lmao

    5. Matthew Garza

      you should make a video watching all of your music videos with mike and the crew

    6. Mickey Seymour

      I'm still waiting for Logan to go see his dog once again to see how it's doing

    7. Noobility

      *I love seeing 2 different generation boomers talk to eachother specially the nostalgia that i know. I liked logan more like this where he doesn’t just go out in youtube and ask for beef* I love the part where Gary: im not selling it *Logan: so you keeping it for cloth*

    8. jason Gutierrez

      Don’t let nobody steal that dude

    9. GS GAMING


    10. CorruptedWhisper

      Give the man Lana, she is invaluable. She is a black credit card if you know what I mean. Her value has no limit.

    11. Adrian Garcia

      I can’t believe he bought a fake card from Gary the fat boy

    12. Harley Lawson


    13. Pablo Torres

      Is this the fake one?

    14. Hallooos

      His life is such a mess and its getting even more messier

    15. EzRa LeE

      Not lieing

    16. EzRa LeE

      Mike and Lana broke up not clikbait

    17. Arockia Shajan A

      Bro iam studying 11th standard bro I want some financial help for my higher studies pls help bro if you can

    18. David Wijaya

      Big flex brother!!!

    19. Mr.noobpro789

      Logan when u going to do a new music?

    20. Josuke This is just tis going to be great.!

      Big waste over for a card


      I heard this was *FAKE* Pokémon card in other video.

    22. Xx Françoise xX

      Kids in the world starving and logan buying 100,000 pokemon cards

    23. Nick Klaus

      Wtf happened to jake why did he stop posting on his channel jake paul

    24. Lavardo Simmons

      Me waiting on Logan to post: 👁👄👁

    25. Subie Brother

      Jesus the cancer in the comments lmao. Cringe af

    26. Meet Panha

      Subscribe to meet panha

    27. kaiser ASMR

      Congrats on buying a fake card LOL

    28. Sophresh

      That girl in the back looks so farmiliar....

    29. Kyle Tillman


    30. bella jones

      Are u still friends with ayla?

    31. eggshi

      Lol shows the outside of his house

    32. Amber Farr


    33. Amber Farr

      Man soooooooooo fire

    34. Itznanith Daniel

      Shave your beard please

    35. Deep Senpai

      people buying a CARD for a HOUSE what?!!!!!

    36. WarStrike B

      Fake, im srry

    37. Andrew Bernier

      Hey logan I have a 3000 doller pokemon card I wanted to see if you wanted to make a zoom so I can talk to you about the 3000 pokemon and I can give it to you on August 7 on my birthday cause you don't have a egiption mew I love what you do with pokemon bro

      1. Ralph the pizza maker

        can you give it to me

      2. MK4 Production


    38. Thirty Eight

      Logan paul is doing good :) but jake paul is getting worse than he was before....

    39. Doge Doge

      Gotta show off that merch you know what I’m saying 0:03

    40. Why should You Know?

      My mans playing shark tank

    41. Julz Rüdiger

      what is lana rohades doing there?

    42. RageElixir

      It also helps that you're Logan Paul lol

      1. Kalido

        Hi rage

      2. excalibur

        I think that's a negative rather then a postive

      3. TylerGH

        i miss your videos, i love u

    43. sluggthesnail

      Every like this comment gets, i will dislike one of logan pauls vids

    44. 0 1

      somebody needs to ban your ass from youtube

    45. ellie Jones

      Where’s the big pumpkin 🎃

    46. Stephanie Connor

      I feel like that man was kinda being pressured to say yes. No hate at all to Logan. he seems so kind and heart felt.

    47. Braden seerattan 3-O

      Hows ginger Logan?

    48. Salim Al-Jabry

      Where is the video where he spoke about khabib

    49. Bayanda Mhlongo

      Every one comment keegen goorden and logan plz contect him his a fan and lm a bigger fan

    50. Zack Fogarty

      Did this video just change my opinion on Logan Paul?

    51. Organic Potato

      Who’s here after the breakup :(

    52. Kaleb Dupuis

      Can I get a shout out please I’m a big fan

    53. Jazlyn Garcia

      You logan you good i havent seen you post in like 2 weeks just wanna make sure

    54. Syntex

      Old Logan Paul limited edition

    55. Marie Evans

      I cast and bind your Pokemon hexes voodoo and rituals in Jesus name

    56. KL Huffman

      Your a fucking goof.

    57. I hate anime


      1. Ralph the pizza maker

        that is rude

    58. Professor Stonks

      I just made a video with Gary (The dude with the cards) check it out

    59. Cassie Trigg

      We’re ginger?

    60. Jacobo Galindo

      Do more choch tales and best friends

    61. TJM playz

      Imagine he opensbhis next pack and gets the card

    62. Legend

      Yoo Logan please come back don’t be like David don’t leave us noooooo lol

    63. Fusion FNXD

      So is the card real?

      1. tony _adoptmefrost

        It was fake 🤣

    64. Deswa

      where is the new video

    65. Kelvin Larrimore

      Scammed 😂

      1. Tionne2x

        This is the fake one

      2. tony _adoptmefrost

        Yup 🤣

    66. Victoria Gonzalez


    67. Victoria Gonzalez

      I mean bierd

    68. Victoria Gonzalez


    69. glamoda ethinic

      I pray whoever read this become successful

    70. Zachery Allen

      Lol imagine buying a fake card for 150,000 dollars lol he got owned

    71. Sebas 2.0

      Ksi gonna frick up ur lil bro Logan like he beat you.🤣🤣🤣

    72. Drew Marcucci

      @LoganPaul I have the only BGS 9 1st edition base set Thick 3-D grey stamp squirtle in the world! You interested in copping this bad boy?

    73. Diego Buentello

      Yo ligan wtf 2 weeks it's getting boring😂post

    74. Pink Flush

      I think Logan is ded

    75. Antonio Quintas

      Imagine getting scammed lmfao

    76. The Zeno

      I have a question why you vids so trash?

    77. Bryan Sanchez

      You got scam I know😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    78. islandfred

      Who the fuck is Logan Paul? (And who fucking cares?)

    79. ant_nee_ 14

      He hasn't uploaded two years

    80. Alda Garcia

      Make a song whith drake bro 😜

    81. Conejo Malo

      When Logan realized his card was fake 😂

    82. HoLeeSheet

      “If a PGA 10 is Eminem, PGA 9 is drake” 😂 Stay away from analogies

    83. Boss Rose

      Bro Ur crazy and that's why I love you

    84. Thomas Brewer

      I like how Amara just doesn't care at all.

    85. Sehduwk WASD

      Could Mr. Logan give me headphones?

    86. The Griffin

      Please upload I know ur not a slave to ur audience but like ur videos are fire and super fun to watch.

    87. A Day With Clay

      Wanna change my life Logan?

    88. fernie C

      I'm just here to say your a fuckin idiot that other idiots look up to.

    89. Katherine rojas

      I came here after I saw the video of him saying the n-word

    90. The dumpster Men

      Hire arrike 2020

    91. itachi uchiha

      Normal guys: uhh i have lana with me Logan: i take her to las vegas where i buy a pokemon card

    92. Yespleas_YT

      Can u upload more?

    93. Mr hamster

      Am I the only one who realizes Paul has less subs then dantdm

    94. jay bell

      Money Better Spent ON Your Hairline..... 💵🙄

    95. EliteGamer14

      Didn’t you get scammed ?

    96. Anthony on fire

      Money really ruins life

    97. marlon medina

      Wait you didn't get the lambo

    98. marlon medina

      We demand more vlogs :(

    99. TAK Accounts

      Hate to st it

    100. TAK Accounts

      Thats fake 😿