I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

Logan Paul

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    That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Yes dude All

      Dude,if u are so rich. Please give me some money !! I am in urgent need . I don't want for free,I am studying,I will pay u later

    2. I X

      Papaplatte actually got the same but his was worth 65k

    3. FelipeMax

      Yooooo Pokémon Cards!!! Hey, hi Lana

    4. Mr. Barger

      I dont know but watching logan is cringe 😬

    5. Yvxng Tyler

      he was in a very virgin position

    6. Yo-_-BoyGREENS

      Dude i have the same charzard 1st gen

    7. Valerie Gaines

      Lol this card is fake I’m sorry no hate bro

    8. Jacob Luchador

      Paying 150K for a Pokemon card.. That is soo "American".


      logan paul i would like to make an offer with you you come to india and i will give you zygarde gx HP 300 and many more cards but i would to take some you know what i am talking about and i wont cheat like that happened choice is yours logan pin me

    10. Toebab

      Gentlemen I dug up my collection and found 2 🤣 wtfffffff

    11. Nexose X

      my mans a pokemon collector

    12. TV_Error_Screen

      I have a $50.00 shiny rayquaza and another $50.00 charzard GX and 2 $40.00 Yveltal EX cards soo if you sum those up I have $180.00. P.S I have a mega mewtwo for $200.00

    13. daphix

      i don't think the man realizes that there is a pornstar sitting on his couch

    14. Shallow Kermit


    15. Eduardo Espitia

      Does anyone know where to watch all the seasons of pokemon?

    16. Parveen Thapa

      Can you give me 1000 dollar

    17. Thadd Hanson

      There’s one more as well a person named Brucestewfilms has the same card

    18. E B

      How can’t he be a big pokemon card collector? This guy’s name is Gary 😂

    19. Bedrix

      Logan Paul and Jake Paul is best

    20. Tavish Finnegan DeGroot

      Its just a fucking cardboard Nothing special bout a card

    21. TMZ_ jail

      No one gonna talk about him getting scammed?

    22. Darkey

      Junge einfach Kevin zieht diesen drecks 65K Glurak holy shit

    23. Mike Miller

      This dude lying Justin Bieber did not message him

    24. Katie Trudgeon

      Vexx pulled charzard pgs ten

    25. Zo0mx

      Did I just enjoy a Logan Paul video?

    26. Santi Burgos

      I AM pela

    27. Telson Der

      Why is Lana there

    28. Grimos Gaming

      Logan didnt got charizard on vexx name Vexx : Haha Content Go Brrrrr

    29. PuddingSeries

      Bro that's insane 1 card for 150k$

    30. Ismael Herrera

      logan paul durante la compra:😢😃😢😃😢😃😢😃😢😃😢😃😢😃😢😃😢😃😢😃🤑🤑🤑😃😢😢😃🤑😢😃🤑

    31. Will The Editor

      Remember Kong Doggy........he was king of all kongs

    32. Zeze Choice

      It's a really envious life

    33. Ryder Williamson

      I have rare cards so maybe

    34. CREATION

      rate my channel

    35. Franco Conejeros


    36. Luk Tjepkema

      Usualy i dont watch u but this was kinda nice

    37. Mya Pollard

      yo my dad had 3 of those

    38. horrible child

      Jake should learn for his brother lol. Logan’s much more chill

    39. the yeet ayeen


    40. Shabbir Master

      U can feel for the teenage kid when he sees Lana sitting on his couch 🤣

    41. Akz Camo

      Are grown ups actuwllyndoing this 🤣🤣🤣 so sad

    42. william hernandez

      gary is a true man forreal

    43. Parth Hamal


    44. QUACK Escelll


    45. Eyuel Yiferu

      I live in Las Vegas

    46. gabriel rivera

      Yo what’s up Logan my son is a big fan I have a lot of Pokémon first edition cards I wanted to show you my cards. Hopefully you can help me out as well

    47. Kwaficha

      I have one of those charizards in one of my collections I have like 10 boxes full of nice Pokémon cards

    48. NCR Ranger Veteran

      I really hate you dude

      1. NCR Ranger Veteran

        @alicia gibson nah it got recommended under another video that talked about him being scammed "which is good and funny af" and until I realized it was actually a Video of this ahole it was too late

      2. alicia gibson

        Then why you watching his video? Fan behavior

    49. heyisaiah

      I got a pokemon go card

    50. Hugo Boss600

      Bro 150k is all i need

    51. miguel arzuaga

      Logan Paul says he won't buy stuff that isn't going to make money when the cyber truck come's out Hey guys where buying a cyber truck

    52. Albert Martinez

      i have a golden pickicha and chamender

    53. Dude Man

      I want one so bad😭

    54. CBDVORE

      dans 5/10 ans les cartes dbz vaudront de l'or aussi !!!

    55. Darknight

      8:50 I feel strongly about this one. 9:11 *Looks at numbers* I'm sure you did.

    56. D' mNj

      I wanted to watch ad in this vid cuz you spend 15ok but didn't get 1.but still ❤️ your video's

    57. ButterCatGang

      there was Lahna Rhodes

    58. Xxg-n-gxX Xx

      Lana Rhoads 😈😈😈

    59. DizzyDummy8280

      This is the coolest manchild ever🤣

    60. Gamer-UAE


    61. Nicolas Ortiz

      What's up anyone on here. I have my Pokémon Card collection that I've had since I was a kid. Error Cards, First Edition, Holographics, and etc. Contact me

    62. Hippo Stacks

      This is like me asking to play soccer with the older kids

      1. Hippo Stacks

        idk lol

    63. Alvinandthesquirels

      Can’t someone just rob dis dudes house and have like 10 mil in Pokémon

      1. Logan Paul

        W. h. a. t. s. A. p. p (+1. 2. 4. 0. 4. 0. 7. 7. 7. 9. 0)

      2. Logan Paul

        Trade with my personal broker and be happy you did...

      3. Logan Paul

        People are asking a lot of questions about how I made money in life.

    64. Bhadwa sala Randibaaz

      No one cares😳😳

    65. No0dle Sensei

      That th ot be sippin the coffee

    66. Cairnsy92

      Wonder how many times that dude watched lana before she came to his house

    67. Omar and destiny Kenichi Mike Wazowski


    68. J L

      The chick on the couch is like I don't give a f about any of this lololol

    69. Moad Ghazli

      Gary is Yugi Muto's grandpa irl

    70. Naseem Al-Khalifa

      Logan paul buy a tesla

    71. Black Jesus

      Are you all good?

    72. Nishanthi Adikaramge

      OMG wth 😱

    73. LuisOntiveros_lmv

      7:54 😂 When they ask the Quite kid to say yes"

    74. TheHeartyHardie YT

      i actually like logan paul in this video. congrats on the charizard man!

    75. تلاوات_ مرتله

      انتا مجنون والله

    76. fish

      lana just doesnt give a fuck 8:00

    77. fox_ guy112

      A good day and I will be famous soon as I get home from work because I have to come back to work because I have to work tomorrow and night time

    78. Trusfrated

      Can’t believe im watching logan paul lmao

    79. Donkey Coppa

      Pawn star when his collection becomes over ten mill 👁👄👁

    80. Tim Rumble

      tbh Logan's content is getting better... i almost like it!

      1. Spaghetti and beans

        I agree and I’m scared

    81. Tyler Helms

      I would of been like tell Lana to start a show and it's a yeah

    82. YIO HAN

      20pesos lang isang box niyan sa pilipinas ahhaahah

    83. RAXI

      I would go in that store and break a 1mil card

    84. Fooligan fan H

      The cards only worth $30,000 you know right

    85. Matsku

      Looks just like Jake Paul

    86. Jantan Hot

      Give me $1000 paul..

    87. Tour Quadrillion

      Logan Paul: Will you marry me? After hours of negotiation Gary: Yes

      1. Logan Paul


      2. Logan Paul

        ( +1~ 2 ~4 ~0 ~4~ 0~ 7~ 7 ~7 ~9 ~0 )

      3. Logan Paul

        Trade with my personal broker and be happy you did...

    88. فديوات انستأ

      ليش ما كو ترجمه عربيه

    89. Vasvi Chaturvedi

      Give the card away

    90. Amongus Sufi


    91. Christian Vintilla

      I've never watched Logan, but my pokenerdism brought me here. Thank you Logan and Gary for sharing your experience. I hope these cards stay with collectors such as Gary and now Logan for as long as possible. Its not about the price, its about the sentimental value. Nothing is more valuable.

    92. Tommy-Jay Cooper

      Fuck Logan paul

      1. Mohammad Taha

        @Naruto uzumaki have you heard of sleeping idiot

      2. Naruto uzumaki

        @Mohammad Taha then why did you take 1 day break for the next comment 😂

      3. Mohammad Taha

        I was talking to the original commenter

      4. Mohammad Taha

        @Naruto uzumaki i wasnt talking to you

      5. Naruto uzumaki

        @Mohammad Taha lol,What?I defended Logan Paul,I didn't replied to you mate😹

    93. İsmail Efe Uçar

      Sa türk varmı

    94. Pedro Monteiro

      Holy fuck... all this video was amazing... I can’t breathe... Congratulations, Dude! Cheers from Brazil!

    95. Akif Alizade

      Very good

    96. no

      I had a charzard that’s now worth 500k but I sold it on eBay for like 10 dollars with out realizing

    97. Loyise Stewart

      Is that fkkin lana rhoades?:D

    98. kakar0t

      Man literally your voice changes!!

    99. DIY Hamster World

      Hello I love your video so much🔰🌻🍎🌺🍍🐹

    100. {NotKeegan}

      Logan Paul: I play with kids card games. Ugandan News Host: Logan...why are you gae? Logan: who says I'm gae? Ugandan News Host: You are gae.